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Winter 2006

IBIS Mobile ID System Makes an Impact

with Two More U.S. Counties


hat first started out as a great idea to help law enforcement officers address the problem of encounters with individuals who lack proper identification, is now a must-have. Early adopters in Hennepin County, MN; Ontario, CA and Portland, OR are now joined by four other law enforcement agencies across the US that are in the process of deploying IBIS pilot programs, including Riverside County Sheriff’s and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s departments in California. Riverside County with an estimated population of 1.8 million and San Bernardino with 1.9 million are part of the Greater Los Angeles area. San Bernardino County Sheriff Gary Penrod and Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle have been working together to launch this

pilot program, which when fully deployed in January 2006, will consist of 20 handhelds units that will be distributed throughout various agencies identified by Lt. Danny Feltenberger of Riverside and Lt. Jeff Rose of San Bernardino. Just a few weeks into the pilot program and both agencies are, reaping the rewards of the IBIS system. In one case, while working a body dump homicide case in Riverside County, a sergeant in charge of the scene used an IBIS handheld in an attempt to identify the victim. Three minutes after capturing and transmitting the victim’s fingerprint, the officers received a positive ID. This allowed them to jump forward in their investigation much faster than the normal day or two that it would take. In another case, a female driver was diverted to the secondary screening area after she was unable to show her California driver’s license. She displayed a birth certificate as her only form of identification, which came back clear. Another officer was about to let her drive off when he remembered that partner, Deputy Fred Bommer had the IBIS handheld with him.

“I ran a check and her prints came back to a different name. When we checked that name, it came back with a suspended driver’s license.” This prompted the officer to look closer at her birth certificate and voila, he noticed it was fake. As a result of the IBIS identifying her—in two minutes flat—she is now in custody for the fraudulent ID document and for driving with a suspended license. “If it wasn’t for the IBIS, she would have been allowed to drive off with a smug look on her face for getting one over us. The deputies were at first a little skeptic of this new ‘toy’ but now realize its value,” says Deputy Bommer. IBIS is the most trusted and comprehensive mobile ID solution, providing remote users with the most accurate ID information and

data sharing capabilities. It uses a handheld device that captures forensic quality fingerprints and photos, and wirelessly transmits them to centralized databases for search. Results are sent back to the handheld within minutes. For more information on IBIS, visit: http:/


Product Spotlight: TouchPrint 4x4 Slap Live Scan Fast and Easy Fingerprint Capture

Customer Service: Our Customers’ Success is Our Success

CEO Letter: Making an Impact

Building an Identix Solution with the TouchPrint 4x4 Slap Live Scan

Identix Helps Put Katrina Workers on the Job Faster

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Fast and E


Making an Impact As our offerings have expanded over the last year, we have moved from being a live scan and facial recognition provider into a multi-biometric solutions company, allowing us to fulfill a customer’s biometric need, whether for mobile ID, voter registration, criminal booking or enterprise ID management. But our commitment to meeting customer needs is not just about product offerings, it is about servicing and supporting our system integrator and end user customers to ensure success. One of the things that makes Identix unique in the industry is our service and support organization – a team made up of more than 150 people with wide ranging capabilities in program management, professional services, field services and training, not to mention our 24x7 call center. This support team becomes particularly valuable to the system integrator that takes our offerings to deliver a full solution to the marketplace. Our approach is having an impact. With momentum growing on various ID programs worldwide, Identix has been front and center working with local partners and integrators all over the world. The new passport issuance program that the Swedish government recently rolled out across the country utilizes Identix face and finger technology, becoming one of the first countries to meet the new e-passport requirements. Encouraged by their results in implementing Identix solutions, a customer in the Middle East recently added Identix’ fingerprint ABIS® biometric matching platform to upgrade and expand their country’s existing border security identity management system. Back on the home front, IBIS, our mobile identification system, continues to get good reviews from law enforcement users who are reaping the rewards of accurate identification in minutes from remote locations. Our IIS subsidiary now operates over 190 fingerprinting centers in ten states and expects to fingerprint more than 600,000 people this year alone. And of course, the Department of State rollout with the Identix ABIS system, the world’s largest facial recognition system, implemented in a very fast timeframe, is a testament to the strength of the system’s architecture, sustaining continuous operations of 2,000 searches per hour coming from more than 200 consular offices around the world. The ABIS System has also brought results. In the last visa lottery, a separate DOS project using the Identix ABIS System, Identix technology was credited with identifying close to 6,000 people who had attempted to defraud the system. What all this demonstrates is that working with Identix lowers the risk associated with implementing biometrics. We do what it takes to ensure success, we are committed to standards and interoperability, and most importantly, for our customers, we deliver what the market is calling for. These are exciting times for the industry and especially so for Identix. We are pleased to have you at our side as partners and customers as we fulfill the vision that has been more than 20 years in the making. — Regards, Joseph J. Atick, President and CEO

apturing fingerprints for civil applications is subject to many of the same challenges that law enforcement officers face when booking subjects. People need to be processed quickly, fingerprint conditions may vary widely, and subjects may not want or know how to place their fingerprints correctly on the device to get a good read. However, unlike law enforcement environments, government officials managing

Ideal for: Civil ID enrollment • ID verification at border crossing • US government credentialing pr • Applicant background checks TouchPrint 4x4 Benefits • Fast, simple capture • Captures images in seconds • Works well with sweaty and dry fingers More than a dumb box • Visual and audible cues signal when capture is complete • LEDs signal correct finger placements • Minimizes the effect of latents for better quality submissions Reliable performance and no-hassle maintenance • Long-lasting platen • No moving parts means less to break or replace • Sealed unit protected against dust and debris

Our Customers’ Success is Our Success …

t 4x4 Slap Live Scan ™

Identix’ commitment to customer service was again validated with a 97% customer satisfaction rate in a recent survey.

Easy Fingerprint Capture ID programs may not be

fingerprinting experts. With the TouchPrint™ 4x4 Slap Live Scan, that does not matter. With better technology and advanced product design that makes it smarter than the average box, the TouchPrint 4x4 Slap Live Scan gives untrained operators and users the confidence that they are capturing fingerprints correctly. LEDs guide the user to correct finger placement and a beep sounds when the capture

is complete. There are no buttons to press, and no need to know what constitutes a good capture. The device does it all automatically, making it easy to process subjects, especially in high traffic environments, like border crossings and airports. Maintenance is easy too. The unit is sealed and protected against dust and debris and with no moving parts or silicon pads to change, there is less to break

or replace. The TouchPrint 4x4 Slap Live Scan’s compact, narrow design makes it ideal for tight spaces like customs booth terminals or kiosks. It is available in multiple configurations, with photo and iris in a standalone multibiometric capture station, or with just a device driver, for integration into a larger ID management solution. For more information, visit: pro_livescan_4x4.html

Thanks to the customer service staff, all of the customers polled agreed that they were extremely satisfied with the installation process and found that the site survey was very helpful in ensuring a successful rollout. In addition, all the respondents found that they were given adequate training and that the trainers were technically competent. The results serve as testament to the dedication of the Customer Service Department and the entire Identix organization to exceed customers’ expectations.

Meet:   Dalton Buck, Director Field Service Engineering Dalton has a unique 360-degree view of the biometrics world; he has been a customer and contractor, and now the vendor. His exposure to biometrics and Identix started in 1994 as a customer with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina. In 1996, he became a Field Service contractor servicing North Carolina and surrounding states, after which he was hired as a full time employee in 1998. Several promotions later, he is now Field Service Engineering Director, responsible for Identix’ 24/7 Call Center, Tier III Support, Installation Project Management Team and Field Service.

gs rograms

Building an Identix Solution with the TouchPrint 4x4 ®

The TouchPrint 4x4 Live Scan can be easily configured as part of a multibiometric capture solution along with face and iris, and demographic capture. Customized software to handle standards formatting, record transmission and audit functionality can also be incorporated to streamline workflow. Fingerprints can be sent to an existing third party AFIS system for background checks or enrolled into the Identix® ABIS® System, a web-based scalable search engine that also houses the biometric records. The ABIS® System can be used to search for duplicate entries and can also serve as the data repository for subsequent identifications.

“It is my

Dalton was hesitant at responsibility to first when told about this ensure that [the saying customer] receives feature there’s nothing what they paid exciting or extraordinary for and that they about him. have the utmost Having been confidence in raised on a tobacco farm Identix.” and graduated from a small 60-person 1A school in a onestoplight-town. On hindsight, he said that his small town background has helped him a lot in solving some of the customer challenges he has faced at Identix. To him, every customer is just like a neighbor. “In every situation, the customer simply wants to be heard and get what they have paid for. It is my responsibility to ensure that they do receive what they paid for and that they have the utmost confidence in Identix.” Dalton counts solving customers’ problems as part of the perks of his job at Identix. He said that he enjoys the interaction with customers, the occasional travel and most of all, the people at Identix.

In a year that saw several major hurricanes crossing the US, IIS was again called to help process the fingerprints of additional personnel hired to help with Hurricanes Rita and Wilma in late September and October respectively. The project involved processing about 700 applicants in four of the call center’s offices over a two week period.

center or within the facilities of a customer to help in cases of backlog, hiring surge, or opening of a new location. In addition, IIS is also available to convert ink and paper records into electronic format for faster criminal history processing. For more informtion on IIS, visit:

IIS offers a complete suite of

electronic fingerprinting services designed to provide businesses and governmental agencies with the capability to obtain fingerprintbased criminal history checks for job applicants and licensees. IIS’ services are designed to provide customers with a fast, simple, convenient, and professional fingerprinting experience. With IIS, fingerprint processing can be done at a convenient IIS fingerprinting


28-2 : Miami, FL The Winter 2006 Biometric Summit Speaking Engagement

February march

17-20 : Arlington, VA Intelligence Summit Speaking Engagement


29-2 : Palm Spring, CA CA Police Chiefs Association


10-12 : San Diego, CA AFCEA/USNI


Armed with state-of-the-art Identix TouchPrint™ live scan systems known for capturing high quality fingerprint images which results in fewer rejections, the IIS team worked 12-hour days throughout the week, including

Saturdays and Sundays, to get the job done.

10 : Wellington, New Zealand Biometrics Institute New Zealand Conference

A week after Hurricane Katrina struck, IIS was asked by a Federal Emergency Management Agency subcontractor to facilitate Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint background checks for new hires for its call center. Responding to the task, IIS dispatched teams of professional fingerprinting technicians across the US to capture and process the fingerprints of additional staff hired in support of the Katrina relief efforts, as mandated by federal law. Two fingerprinting centers were set up immediately in California where 1,100 people were processed in the first four days alone. The other locations were in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa and Missouri, where IIS already maintains its own facilities.


he ability to respond quickly during an emergency can make all the difference. Identix Identification Services (IIS) made all the difference by processing electronically, in only four weeks, the fingerprints of approximately 6,100 call center workers hired to handle inquiries from those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, dubbed as the largest and costliest natural disaster ever in the US.

Identix Helps Put Katrina Workers on the Job Faster

25-29 : Dubai, UAE ID Summit Dubai 2006 Speaking Engagement


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