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Winter 2004

Full-Hand Scanning – Helping Law Enforcement Solve More Crimes W HAT’S I N S I D E IBIS Update: Spotlight on Ontario Police Department The Facial Dimension: Results from a Large City Police Department Commercial Agencies Move to Live Scan Submission for Background Checks

Advantages of the TouchPrint 3800 Full Hand Scanner ™

• Solve more crimes • Save time and money by ensuring high quality enrollment images • Minimize potential errors and integrity issues associated with stitching multiple parts of the hand together • Speed processing time with single-step full hand capture • Maximize return on AFIS investment

Focus on: Indianapolis Police Department Last June, the Indianapolis Police Department became one of the first law enforcement agencies to adopt the Identix® TouchPrint™ 3800 Booking Station with an Integrated Full Hand Scanner. The purchase of the Full Hand Scanner from Identix was made as part of a new integration of a Palm and Fingerprint Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The TouchPrint 3800 Full Hand Scanner from Identix is the only commercially available, IQS Appendix F certified system that captures the entire hand from the carpal crease to the fingertips in a single step. Because of its patented, curved surface design, it is able to capture all the critical areas of the hand, including the cup of the palm, the interdigital region and the writer’s edge. This capability is important because forensic examiners report that up to fifty percent of all crime scene “latent” prints are not from the fingertips, but from other parts of the human hand. And, while these images are rich in friction ridge detail, most of them go unmatched because of the relatively small number of databases of on-file hand image exemplars that have been collected from arrested subjects. Since last summer, the Indianapolis Police Department has been using the TouchPrint 3800 Full Hand Scanner to build these databases and to compare the records of new arrestees against their unsolved latent files. “From June through December 31, 2003, we have had 96 palm identifications. This equates to roughly a fifteen percent hit rate against our searches–a phenomenal record, considering we have a relatively small database,” said Royce D. Taylor, Identification Section Manager at the Indianapolis Police Department. He attributes the success in searching the unsolved latent database to the 1000 dpi resolution image captures, as well as to the state-of-the-art optics that © 2004 Identix Incorporated. All rights reserved.

ignores moisture on the fingers or prints that are left behind on the platen. “The database is seeing more minutia with clearer ridge detail than ever before, thereby creating a better arena to match those prints and solve more crimes,” Taylor said. The Full Hand Scanner is integrated into the TouchPrint 3800, a compact, full booking station that operates on Microsoft® Windows® software. The user interface is very intuitive, making it easy for users to change easily from fingerprint to full hand capture and vice versa. Real time image quality preview software helps to ensure that correct images are submitted each time.

“ We have had roughly a 15% hit rate against our searches – a phenomenal record.”

- Royce D. Taylor, Indianapolis Police Department Identification Section Manager


Taking Pride in our Customers’ Successes


s we look ahead to the upcoming year, we also take the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments as well as our customers’ successes over the past year. Adoption of our latest product lines have taken hold in law enforcement as well as in new commercial markets, and massive identification programs to enhance border security are finally starting to take shape across the globe. We are proud to be behind many of these accomplishments and to share them with you in this issue of Inside Identix. Recent coverage in The New York Times and other media, highlight the value of full hand scanning, a capability delivered only by Identix® through our innovative TouchPrint™ 3800 Full Hand Scanner. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle published on January 15, 2004, Sgt. B.W. Emmons with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, states that nearly fifty percent of latents found in crime scenes are palm prints. Statistics coming out of the Indianapolis Police Department, one of the early adopters of the TouchPrint 3800 Full Hand

Scanner affirm our belief that this new product will have an enormous impact on law enforcement.

of Revenue has attributed facial recognition to thwarting at least 1-2 attempted cases of fraud per day.

Commercial entities like banks and casinos are also beginning to realize the benefits of live scan for electronic submission of fingerprints to the FBI – where the time for companies to obtain employee information has been reduced to as little as 1-2 days, from 3-4 months using ink and cards.

Users of IBIS, Identix’ patented mobile identification system, across San Bernardino County in California, Hennepin County in Minnesota and Portland, Oregon, are quickly reaping the benefits of being able to identify subjects in approximately two minutes in the field, an enormous time savings, that also increases officer safety and prevents false arrest.

In the last year, ING Direct became one of the first institutions to submit fingerprints electronically through the American Bankers Association, a trend that is quickly taking hold in the banking industry. Now, the National Indian Gaming Commission is also accepting electronic submissions, making it easier for gaming Tribes to take advantage of all the benefits that live scan has to offer. Our facial recognition and mobile ID customers are also experiencing unprecedented successes. The Serbian Ministry of Interior has completed their integration of facial recognition for their national ID program, and the Colorado Department

These positive results are a testament to our commitment to leadership, innovation and customer service. For more than 20 years, our goal has been, and continues to be, to provide high quality products that help to improve the efficiency and productivity of our law enforcement, government and commercial customers. We take pride in your success stories, and look forward to serving you in 2004 and beyond. Regards, Dr. Joseph Atick President and CEO

IBIS UPDATE: Spotlight on Ontario Police Department


n Ontario, California, individuals pulled over at a traffic stop can no longer be deceptive about their identity because police can verify the information provided by a subject in approximately two minutes. What initially started out as a pilot in Ontario has been expanded to many neighboring cities over the past few years largely due to the phenomenal results and increased efficiency that IBIS delivers. IBIS is a patented, mobile

identification system that is made up of 2 main components: a wireless handheld device and a central server


RESULTS FROM A LARGE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT A large city police department was interested in assessing the feasibility and performance of facial recognition. The department’s mission was to determine whether facial recognition could improve internal facial search capabilities and serve as a tool for investigators. The Identix® ABIS™ System


was selected as the facial recognition search engine and was integrated

 The ABIS System offers significant investigative and processing value.

with an existing database containing approximately 460,000 facial images. An unfiltered database search was performed using 3,000 probe images. The probability of a correct match occurring in the top ten results was 80%, while the probability that a correct match was displayed in the first (rank 1) position of the top ten matches was 74%. A state identification number was used to verify a correct match, eliminating the need for manual verification. Average search time was 17 seconds.

 The ABIS System allows investigators to gather identity information on subjects more quickly than is possible manually.  Identix® facial recognition technology – FaceIt® – is highly accurate and reliable for use in large scale databases.  The ABIS System is easy to integrate with existing databases.

MEET… that interfaces with standard law enforcement databases such as AFIS, warrant files, mug shot databases, etc. The handheld unit has a oneinch by one-inch forensic quality optical sensor that captures non-proprietary, NIST standard fingerprint images. It also has a camera, and incorporates a standard wireless card. Its interoperability with neighboring law enforcement communities and quick response time has led to quantifiable results. “We were able to couple the technology with our own AFIS system, allowing us to ID people in the field with fingerprints in less than two minutes,” says Chief Lloyd Scharf of the Ontario Police Department. “We have conducted over 3000 searches, identified more than 700 people, which led to about 170 arrests.” Ann Punter, forensics manager of the Ontario, CA Police Department has worked in law enforcement for the past 30 years, recently shared her observations regarding IBIS. “Police officers hate change,” she commented. “But the fact that they were asking for it and using it, means they accepted it.” Punter further reinforces the value of on-the-spot identity information in the field by sharing recent usage statistics.

Tom Wesner Field Service Supervisor, Northeastern U.S.

“We have seen quite an increase in use… resulting in at least forty-five arrests of individuals we would not have been able to identify by any other means [in the month of September 2003 alone].” At the same time, IBIS is making life on the streets safer for police officers. “It has become a necessary tool for our department,” states Officer Jim Renstrom. “Before we had IBIS, we could be talking to a murderer and not know it.” Lastly, IBIS helps to prevent false arrests by providing the officer with information right away that a person is NOT wanted, helping to ensure that random encounters with unknown subjects are no longer a guessing game. “With IBIS we are able to run their prints and immediately determine who they are,” says Renstrom.

This project was supported by Award No. 2002RG-CX-K006 awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. The opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice.

Tom oversees the service and installation activities of 13 Field Service Engineers (FSE) in ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, NY, PA, MD, MI and OH. He began installing and servicing live scan systems in the 1980’s.


Helping to Help You Our MN Call Center is staffed 24/7, ready to receive inbound calls for service and information. It is our front line. The mission of the Identix Call Center is to facilitate service requests and to deliver timely solutions for our customers. Call Center personnel work with customers to determine the appropriate path for call management, escalation and/or resolution. In addition, Identix has over 125 field service technicians that provide on-site support across the United States –unparalleled in the industry!

As a veteran in this industry, and a former customer, he remains well aware of the challenges live scan users may experience. As a result, Tom has groomed his team to be ready for anything, and his crew has the experience and energy to get the job accomplished. Each FSE on Tom’s team has a spare parts depot, ensuring a speedier resolution when hardware issues arise. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges the Team faces this time of year is the weather as the Northeast has been getting its fair share of snow and cold again this season.


Commercial Agencies Move to Live Scan Submission for Background Checks


ue to time and money savings, electronic submission of fingerprints is rapidly becoming the preferred method for commercial institutions like banks and casinos to process employee background checks. Faster results from the FBI enable organizations to have the information they need prior to hiring employees and also prevent them from wasting valuable training dollars. Mark Gibbons, Head of Risk Management at ING DIRECT – one of the first banks to submit fingerprints electronically via the American Banking Association – stated, “at ING DIRECT, we are focused on security and privacy for our customers and internally, this begins with our employees. [With Identix® live scan systems] we have greatly reduced the number of rejections of unreadable ink fingerprints… and have also reduced the turnaround time in getting fingerprints to and results back from the FBI. What used to take four to

six weeks now just takes four to six business days.” Similarly, James McClain, the IT Administrator for Viejas Tribal Gaming Commission – the first Indian Gaming Commission in the country to successfully transmit digital fingerprints to the FBI via NIGC, and receive criminal history records electronically using Identix live scan technology – stated, “[Identix live scan systems] eliminate potential problems from prospective employees before they become costly. This is especially satisfying when you are trying to protect Tribal assets.”

With a wide array of live scan products available, it can be challenging to determine which product is best suited for a given organization. Image quality, reliability and ease of use are at the top of the list when evaluating live scan systems as these factors have such a significant impact on system performance. Other important selection criteria are peripheral offerings, ability to integrate with existing internal database tracking systems, and customer service options. Even the “look and feel” of the system is important, so that the background check process is more friendly to applicants

and more conducive to a human resources environment. Identix’ new TouchPrint™ 3100 Stylized Live Scan Terminal is uniquely designed to meet these requirements and maximize performance in civil applicant environments. The TouchPrint 3100 consistently captures high quality images, which reduces the risk of rejections and ensures the desired result – AFIS hits – the first time records are sent. The software interface is intuitive, guiding users through the fingerprint capture process stepby-step. Real-time previews ensure correct images are submitted each time.

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