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BIOMETRIC SOLUTIONS FOR MANAGING TODAY’S IDENTITY CHALLENGES Civil ID • Criminal ID • Travel & Border Security • Enterprise ID Management

Standards-Based / Interoperable / Modular

Managing Identity in the 21st Century Biometrics, no longer just a tool for law enforcement agencies and the military, is increasingly being used by government and enterprises around the world to help solve their identity management needs. Facial recognition and fingerprint technology are now being used in national civil registries, voter’s lists, social security programs, driver licensing and travel documents to help address duplicate applicants and vet an applicant against watch lists.


Trusted Identit There is also a trend towards a standard identification system for government employees both civilian and military. Banks, hotels and casinos, big oil companies and others where secure access to facilities and confidential information is of paramount importance are now using physical and logical systems with biometrics to ensure trusted identity


Is someone making up an identity? Is someone attempting to obtain multiple identities? Is someone stealing someone else’s identity? How do you know if that person is wanted for a crime?

YOU NEED a Trusted Advisor Identix can help. With more than 20 years of experience deploying biometrics to governments and corporations, Identix is your low risk biometric solutions provider. Why Modular and Standards-Based? • Lowers future risk • Provides higher return on investment • Results in more rapid deployment • Fits easily into enterprise systems


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*Iris option also available

TouchPrint™ Enhanced Definition 3000 Series Fingerprinting and full hand scanners that incorporate product design breakthroughs and state-of-the-art technologies. Our Live Scan systems provide the highest image quality in the industry – paramount for the success of any identification system.

Capture Modules

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The face capture module reduces the potential for error by handling all aspects of managing image capture: • Automatic face finding • Hands-free camera control and cropping • Centering and measuring all aspects of facial quality in line with ISO/ANSI/NIST requirements

Shredded ridges


TouchPrint™ 4x4 Fingerprint capture made fast and easy for applicant processing or busy entryexit stations where people need to get processed quickly.


Accurate ridge flow

Clearer ridge definition

Intuitive design makes it easy for non-experts to capture images in seconds.



1:N Multi-biometric Identification

The ABIS  System ®

A web-based, enterprise level search engine platform that provides more robust performance and makes it easy for solution providers to integrate fingerprint and facial biometrics into new and existing civil ID applications. Use the ABIS® System to help: • Prevent the issuance of duplicate IDs • Prevent the issuance of IDs to those on watchlists


• Ensure the integrity of database records

• Lowers implementation and development costs through the use of open standards, off the shelf hardware and built-in applications • Provides maximum biometric performance through latest generation facial recognition technology with skin, proven fingerprint technology and fusion techniques • Lowers future risk through highly scalable architecture that can handle the most demanding speed and throughput requirements and built-in failover protection for continuous operation

A dual biometric (fingerprint and facial) mobile identification system that utilizes a hand-held wireless device for search against centralized databases:


Multi-Biometric Mobile Identification

• Provides ID information in minutes–from remote locations • Hits multiple databases simultaneously • Enhances officer safety • Helps prevent mistaken identity and eliminate false arrest



Incorporating all the capabilities of FaceIt, the leading facial recognition technology, this automated facial recognition system has proven to be an effective investigative tool in helping to identify individuals on a watch list. More accurate identifications through the use of cutting-edge processing techniques and superior FaceIt速 algorithm Results in more effective use of resources by giving operators actionable intelligence on possible suspects Easy integration by interfacing with legacy databases and off the shelf cameras and hardware

Use FaceIt 速 ARGUS at: Airport and railway security checkpoints Border crossings Entrances to government buildings and critical infrastructure facilities

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER KITS Combining proven, cutting-edge technology with simple developer tools to enable you to create high-performance biometric solutions. BioEngine® Fingerprint SDK -

Fingerprint matching and recognition capabilities FaceIt® SDK - Face finding, quality analysis and face recognition capabilities

FaceIt® Quality Assessment SDK with Standards Formatting Module

Evaluating facial image quality and placing biometric data in standards-based data structures

INFORMATION SECURITY Provides fingerprint and password support, integrating seamlessly into a network’s operating system for central administration, configuration and maintenance of user account and security policies. Accepts multiple user account login methods, including smart card/PIN combinations. Provides increased security, lower administrative costs and added convenience.


The Identix® DFR® Series single finger readers combine superior image capture and an easy-to-use design for more accurate matching performance and faster processing. These readers are the perfect choice for all types of largescale fingerprint programs – enrollment, verification and identification.


Choose Identix for‌ Biometrics One Stop Shop

Broad range of biometric systems components and services Superior Technologies

Industry leading algorithms that perform at the top of independent evaluations Strong Partnerships

Strong global alliances with systems integrators, developers and OEMs Standards-Based Components

Interoperable systems driven by our active participation in standards-setting bodies Unrivaled Experience

More than 20 years in a broad range of industries and markets

Superior Service and Support Offerings

As biometrics increasingly becomes an integral component of everyday security applications, Identix is uniquely positioned anywhere in the world to provide end users and their preferred systems integrators a broad range of scalable, interoperable, multibiometric technologies and products for integration into specialized solutions. No matter where you are, you get the same superior service and support that creates more end-user value. Our research and development efforts create the core competencies, which allow Identix to offer systems integrators superior support through project consulting, custom solutions, system integration and program management. With more than 150 service and support personnel at your disposal, our offerings range from system analysis and design, application development, software customization, installation, training, 24/7 help desk and field service support.

Global Experience

Did You Know? • More than 60% of live scan users today work with Identix

• The world’s largest live scan deployment with the US Department of Homeland Security with 1200+ machines uses Identix solutions

US Dept. of State

US Dept. of Homeland Security

US Dept. of Defense

US DMV Offices

Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept.

Korean Foreign Workers Registration

New South Wales Police Dept. Panama Voter Registration

Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police

• The world’s largest facial recognition deployment at the US Department of State uses Identix systems

New Jersey State Police

Swedish Passports

Philippine Alien Registration Card

Saudi Aramco Employee Management System

Spain TASS Payout (Social Security)

Mexico Voter Registration

• Identix face recognition technology uses skin biometrics for maximum accuracy • Identix has issued more than 100 million BioEngine® fingerprint templates to secure identification programs worldwide

Costa Rica Voter Registration

Australian Passport Trial

United Arab Emirates E-Gate Project

South Africa Pension Payout

UK Passports Trial

Belgian National Police

Dutch Passports

Derbyshire Police

West Midlands Police

Serbia National ID

El Salvador Driver License

• In addition to technology solutions, Identix has a cuttingedge professional services team to ensure successful implementations

Puerto Rico Prison System

Japan-Korea SPT Trials

• Our Identix Identification Services (IIS) subsidiary offers a complete suite of electronic fingerprinting services for authorized businesses and governmental agencies to obtain fingerprint-based criminal history checks for job applicants and licensees • 5600 Rowland Road Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA Phone: +1 952-932-0888 Fax: +1 952-932-7181

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