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The ABIS速 System

The ABIS System: 速

The Low Risk Platform for Building Large-Scale ID Solutions

The ABIS  System ®

Managing today’s ID challenges require next generation solutions that are scalable, standards-based and easy to integrate. Closed end-toend systems are too risky and too expensive to develop and maintain. Integrators and end users looking for an innovative platform that helps to minimize human intervention in ID processes need look no further. The ABIS® System from Identix is your solution.

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More Robust Performance Lower Implementation Costs Maximum Accuracy through Superior Algorithms Less Operational Risk

Use the ABIS System to Eliminate Duplicates and to Screen Watch Lists: Passports and Visas

The ABIS System uses an open standards-based architecture that relies on COTS hardware and databases. The innovative data caching architecture maximizes biometric processing speed and avoids the bottlenecks of drives and databases. The modularity of the biometric architecture allows system growth in easily-added units, as and when you need it. The result: more robust performance, lower implementation costs, maximum accuracy and less operational risk.

How the ABIS System Delivers:

Driver Licenses

More Robust Performance • Scalable architecture • Low latency • Superior biometric algorithms • Built-in image quality controls Lower Implementation Costs • Web services interface for integration

Entitlement Cards

• COTS hardware and databases • Built-in applications for simple load and search tasks • Menu of support services available Less Operational Risk • Built-in fault tolerance


• Technology upgrades without application change • Compartmentalized functionality for easy maintenance • Your choice of COTS hardware - no lock-in • Standard-based biometric data formats - no lock-in

Voter Registrations

Mug Shot Systems

More Robust Performance ABIS® System Architecture Lower implementation costs. Less operational risk. Here’s how: The ABIS System architecture consists of three layers: 1. Biometric Services Layer ABIS XML-based web services, in one or more applications servers that provide ABIS services such as search and enrollment requests to business applications.

2. Biometric Processing Layer The ABIS biometric engine, an array of biometric servers that provide template matching and creation behind the web services.

3. Biometric Data Layer ABIS biometric database, an off-theshelf database server that provides ABIS’ permanent biometric record storage.


• Adding more application servers increases the web services throughput • Adding more template matchers reduces a system’s response time • Replicating matchers increases a systems’ search capacity • Adding more template creators increases a system’s enrollment capacity Built-In Fault Tolerance • Multiple application server provide redundant web services • Templates are placed redundantly on two or more matchers • Replicated templates provide a second layer of redundancy • Multiple template creators provide redundant enrollment function • All these features are designed to minimize loss of capacity upon failure

Lower Implementation Costs MANAGE YOUR ROLLOUT COSTS Quickly integrate ABIS standards-based XML web services into your business applications. Use lowest cost commodity hardware, not expensive proprietary devices.

MANAGE YOUR OPERATIONAL COSTS Compartmentalized web-based functionality means that each individual component is easily controlled, monitored, repaired and/or enhanced remotely and with no service interruption. Fault tolerant configuration minimizes loss of capacity during hardware failures.

Lower Your Risk LESSEN FUTURE RISK Minimize impact on your business application investment as biometric needs change. ABIS supports multiple biometric modes and is designed for addition of new biometrics. Moreover ABIS supports multiple generations of biometric templates to simplify transitions. The ABIS biometrics use open standards biometric formats - you are not locked in to closed proprietary biometric formats. CONTAIN OPERATIONAL RISK Contain your operational risks and achieve your Service Level Agreements with ABIS extensive fault tolerance and near-continuous uptime capability.

Maximum Accuracy Through Superior Algorithms Identix’ Multi-Biometric Algorithms: • Support 1:1 and 1:N matching • Offer face and fingerprint biometrics • Use fusion algorithms for enhanced multi-modal performance • Accommodate alternate biometrics as needed


The only facial recognition technology to utilize the microfeatures of the skin for maximum accuracy Traditional facial recognition systems analyze the geometry of the face or the relative distances between predefined features. Identix FaceIt® technology combines that approach with a novel breakthrough in skin biometrics – which analyzes the texture of the skin for random features and areas of uniqueness – boosting overall accuracy by significant levels and resulting in extremely low false match rates. Built-in facial image quality controls at enrollment check for factors such as pose, focus, and resolution, follow best practices to help ensure maximum facial accuracy and database integrity, and comply with ISO standards.


Proven fingerprint technology for civil ID programs worldwide Consistently a strong performer in government evaluations, Identix BioEngine® technology uses multiple algorithms to deliver state-of-the-art performance. Minutia-level quality controls help ensure enhanced accuracy, as well as compliance with ISO standards.

Commitment to Customer Success

Real-World Experience



With nearly 150 employees dedicated to service and support, working with Identix means you have a partner that has a vested interest in your success. Working with our first-class services team helps to ensure faster and more effective integration of the ABIS System into a large-scale ID environment, increasing productivity, lowering costs and maximizing your return on investment.

• Identix University: Provide regularly scheduled training courses given either at Identix locations or on-site. • Professional and Field Services: Provide a full range of offerings including system design consultation, project implementation support, proof-of-concept support, application development services and installation, training and onsite support. • Help Desk: 24/7 availability for level 3 support. • Partner Internet Portal: Online access to latest information and software updates.

System Integrator Support Identix provides Systems Integrators with timely and professional proposals for optimum use of ABIS identification infrastructure and Identix FaceIt and BioEngine biometric technologies. Identix specialists consider customer requirements for search throughput, search response time, level of redundancy required, size and growth of database, and size and types of images to be stored. Identix proposals include detailed hardware requirements for System Integrator fulfillment. Systems Integrators can look forward to the benefits of unmatched biometric performance and simple-to-implement integration of the ABIS System with their business applications.

• Costa Rica Voter Registration • Dominican Republic Voter Registration • El Salvador Driver License • Mexico Voter Registration • Panama Voter Registration • Philippine Alien Registration Card • Serbia National ID • South Africa Pensions Payout • Spain Social Security Payout • United Arab Emirates E-Gate Immigration Clearance System • US State of Colorado DMV • US State of Connecticut Welfare • US State of Kansas DMV • US State Department Visa Issuance

Built-in Applications for Easy Integration and Enterprise-Level ABIS® System Management Localizable, web-based applications make the ABIS System easy to control and maintain from remote locations: System Administration • View event logs, system messages, operating statistics and adjust ABIS System parameters such as thresholds Security Administration • Add, edit and delete ABIS users and their roles Data Center Utilities • Browser tool for viewing ABIS database by biometric or demographic data types • Bulk loader tool for importing large amounts of initial data loading/enrollments Calls to the ABIS System are easily integrated into a business application using a simple programming interface based on the XML-RPC standard.

ABIS® System Technical Specifications ABIS SYSTEM ENTERPRISE EDITION The Enterprise Edition of ABIS System is distributed on multiple server systems. This distribution architecture allows ABIS System to be applied in wide range system capacities, from modest sizes to the largest enterprise-level applications. There are three major components: ABIS Search Core Server An array of template creators and template matchers that collectively handle the biometric tasks. ABIS System accommodates an unlimited number of demographic fields that can be used as search filters and automatic fault tolerance that ensures the continuous operation of the core. ABIS search engine software runs on Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or 2003 Server. It is typically hosted on servers with dual Intel® Xeon processors, with 2GB to 4GB RAM. ABIS Application Server ABIS System’s easy-to-use web service software provides an XMLRPC interface to business applications, plus web-based tools for ABIS System operations. Multiple ABIS Application Servers can be deployed to support higher search rates and to provide a redundant configuration. ABIS Application Server runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. It is typically hosted on servers with dual Intel® Xeon processors, with 2GB RAM. ABIS Database Server An Oracle 9i Database that stores biometric and demographic data for up to 100 million biometric identity records on Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. The Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) feature is an option for non-stop database operation. It is typically operated on a server with dual or quad Intel® Xeon processors and 2GB to 4GB RAM.

Any programming language may be used in the calling application. The interface provides intuitive enroll, search and delete functions that are quickly learned.

ABIS SYSTEM SINGLE SERVER EDITION In the Single Server Edition of ABIS System, the three major components – Search Core Server, Database Server and Application Server – all operate on a single hardware server. This configuration is applied to smaller scaled systems of up to 500,000 biometric records. Computer Operating System Database

Typical hosting is a single or dual Intel® Xeon processor server, with 2GB to 6GB of RAM Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or 2003 Server. Small-scale systems can use Windows XP Professional Oracle 9i Database, with 30GB to 150GB available disk space. Small-scale systems can use MySQL 4.1 • 5600 Rowland Road Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA Phone: +1 952-932-0888 Fax: +1 952-932-7181

3975 Fair Ridge Drive Fairfax, VA 22033 USA Phone: +1 703-259-5000 Fax: +1 703-259-5001

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