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13-11-1989 Coccaglio (Bs) - Italy 0039 333 8686638 stefano.saloriani Urban planning and policies design

CURRICULUM VITAE Professional experiences # Sept. 2014 - June 2015 Mapping San Siro - Spazio “trentametriquadri� | link : # Febr. 2015 - May 2015 Tutor _ Urban studies | Statale di Milano

Politecnico di Milano

# April 2015 Mapping the sociological and urban planning situation of Lorenteggio # Oct. 2014 - Dec. 2014 PRIN - Post metropolitan territories link :



Fondazione Politecnico

Politecnico di Milano

# Febr. 2010 - Jen. 2013 Desk clerk of the Urban planning and public works office


Comune di Coccaglio



# Jen. 2015 - present Cross Road Cafè, Urago D’Oglio (IT)

Seller of insurances and desk clerk

# Nov. 2008 - Jen 2010 Alleanza Toro S.p.a, Calcio (IT)

Cook and barman


Italian : Native English : Good


I’m an open-mind person, adaptive and enthusiastic to do new experiences, working in team and individually, in order to increase my abilities and to explore new environments also abroad. I really like everything that is tecnological because will be the future of our profession. So I’d like to improve my skills in this field.


July 2015 # Master degree in Urban planning and policies | Politecnico di Milano (IT) Thesis in Infrastructure and planning : “ Beyond the break. Interpretations and strategies to re-think the BreBeMi territories� _ 108/110 # March 2014 Workshop | Politecnico di Milano (IT) Knowledge and Appropriate Technologies for Sustainability in Planning # Jen. 2013 - Jen. 2014 Internship | Politecnico di Milano (IT) Georeferencing and mapping the public housing stock of Municipality of Milan link of the entire research : # Aug. 2013 - Febr 2014 Erasmus student |

Rijkuniversiteit of Gronigen (NL)

Politecnico di Milano (IT)


# Jen. 2013 - March 2013 Mapping San Siro workshop

# Febr. 2012 Politecnico di Milano (IT) | First level degree in Urban studies Thesis in participatory policies “ Urban center : which partecipation? Finding new ways of interaction in Turin and NY cases _ 103/110

ITCG Einaudi, Chiari (IT)


# July 2008 Highschool studies in surveyor

Municipality and regional scale planning

Data and mapping

Urban design and city analysis


Master thesis Beyond the break. Interpretations and strategies to re-think the BreBeMi territories

Contemporary cities Copenhagen - Nordhavnen _ From logistic citatel to planning district pattern

Urban plans studio A Strategic plan for the Municipality of Seregno

Urban design London : Strand East

Internship of research Vuoti a rendere - Empty to reuse Managing a database & mapping Mapping San Siro - Space 30sqm


Urban planning Portfolio

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