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Business- law and ethical issues P5

IntroductionIn this assignment I will be talking about the legal issues which are computer missies act, freedom of information act, the data protection act. I will also be talking about the ethical issues which are whistleblowing, use of email and the use of internet.

MainTheory: In John Lewis there are many laws and ethical issues. One law in John Lewis is the computer misuse act 1990. The computer misuse act is a law that was put in place to stop people to going onto any website they want in a business and if you are caught doing this you could face prison for up to six months or a fine. John Lewis use this law so that their employees are not going on any websites during work that may be or offensive or may get involved with their job.

Computer misuse act The Computer Misuse Act 1990 is a law passed by the British government. It was introduced to try to fight the growing threat of hackers and hacking. The law has three parts. In the U.K., it is now a crime to • Access a computer without permission • Access a computer without permission, hoping to break, another law • Change, break or copy files without permission People who break this law can be jailed for up to 6 months. It is very difficult to prove that people have committed any of these offences so the law has not worked very well. There have been very few successful prosecutions there have been no cases in john Lewis about the computer misuse act as it is a very serious law and is taken into precaution by John Lewis.

Freedom of information act 2000 A second law that relates to John Lewis is the freedom of information act 2000, this is a law that was put in place so that a customer has the wright to know all information that the person in front of them is typing on a computer or writing down. This applies to John Lewis

because they are often on the computer with their customers showing the deals on latest products and when doing this the customer has the wright to see what they are doing.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (c.36) is an Act of Parliament of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that creates a public "right of access" to information held by public authorities. Around 120,000 requests are made each year. [4] Private citizens made 60% of them, with businesses and journalists accounting for 20% and 10% respectively. [4] Journalists' requests took up more of officials' time than businesses' and individuals' requests. [citation needed] The Act cost ÂŁ35.5 million in 2005.[5

In john Lewis there has been cases of freedom of information act. One example of this is 2008 when MPs were claiming on expenses such as housing items. The MPs were seen not guilty and charges were dropped however some MPs were sacked.

Data protection act

The data protection act in act that was introduced in 1998. It was introduced to so that companies could not go through your details or use them without you giving it to them or giving them permission to use them.

In john Lewis if the data protection is taken very serious such as if you wanted to buy a TV you would need to give them your details and this is them following the data protection act. The data protection act is not just only used in this situation but in many others such as if you wanted to buy kitchen appliances and it was to be sent to you, john Lewis would need your details. One example of when john Lewis broke the data protection act was when big names such as orange Barclays and most importantly john Lewis were misusing the data protection act and were not taking it seriously. This resulted in a number of complaints and was taken very seriously.

Ethical laws In companies such as John Lewis there are also ethical laws such as use of email, whistle blowing and the use of the internet. Like the other laws these are also taken very seriously to and if a company are caught doing these things can face going court.

Whistleblowing is when a company holds back information on something important and does not tell its customers. Such as if a product had nuts in it and the company did not write it on their product, then and employee went to the press and told them this would be whistleblowing and the company would be sued


In John Lewis whistleblowing is taken very seriously and up to know there has not been a case of whistleblowing at John Lewis. The use of the internet means that to be sensible whilst at work and on the computers. This involves not looking at the wrong sites and only using it for work. It was set up so that people could respect the rights and property of others on the internet. John Lewis takes the use of internet very serious and if an employee is to be looking at the wrong things on the internet they will be kicked of the job.

Fair trade John Lewis sponsor fair trade and sell products at fair trade. One product they sell at fair trade is their fair trade flowers which can be bought at the store. Not only does john Lewis sell flowers at fair

trade but sell fair trade bed sheets and fair trade cotton. This is good because more people would want to by their products because they now it has been made without anyone getting hurt John Lewis also sponsors charity’s and sells Christmas cards each year to raise money. One charity that they sponsor and give 100s of thousands to each year is the British Red Cross disaster funds.

Health and safety In every company health and safety is taken extremely serious. In john Lewis it is taken very seriously and they have a whole team behind them who check that everything is being run safely in the business, such as there is no leak on floors and if there is a sign is put up. John Lewis also makes health and safety products such as beds with no sharp edges and no toxic materials.

Conclusion In conclusion I have spoken about what eat business does in order to keep it a good business with no problems such as, make sure to follow all ethical laws and laws that are put their so you cannot go

through your customers personal things such as the data protection act 1998. I have also spoken about health and safety this is to make sure there is nothing dangerous going on in the store and that everyone is in safe hands and there is little room for errors. To also make sure not to bad with customers and always ask for permission to access their data and to be friendly with them.

P6To make sure a business and all its information is run appropriately, a number of policies and procedures have to be put in place. One of these procedures is to make sure they have back-ups of all important documents such as documents saying there earnings and how much they spent that month. The reason for this is because if a company had and important document that was lost and it was saying there earnings, they would be in trouble because they would need to know if they were running at a loss or a profit that month. They would also need to it to show to their accountants. What john Lewis do and every other big businesses do is make sure to always have back-ups of their most important documents just incase it gets lost of if its needed in the future. Companies like john Lewis will take all policies and procedures into consideration, such as the security of information policy. This means defending the information of unortharized access. Companies like john Lewis make sure they follow these procedures and take it very seriously, they do this because they want to have a good name and not look like a bad company. Another policy that john Lewis has are organisational policies. One example of a organisational policy is if you wanted to return something. This is john Lewis return policy which is on their website, john Lewis put this on their website because it makes it easier for customers if they want return a item and it doesn’t make them confused because they have guidelines telling them what to do. This make john Lewis organised because there staff won’t be running around confused unsure what to do if a customer walks in shouting because he is unhappy with the store. All big business like john Lewis all have business continuation plans, this basically means the businesses plans for the future. John Lewis is plans for the future would be to maybe make a new store at a different location or do up all the stores in the UK so it looks fresh. If they were to build a new store of fix up their stores they will need to know how much its going to cost. Not only would they need to know this but they would need to figure out out how much new staff they are going to need and what technology to put in their new stores. They would work out the cost of their development and see if it’s worth it. All companies make sure to increase sophistication within the store such as by changing technology. When they change their technology they change things such as their tills and their checkouts to make their stores look more modern. By doing this it makes all ages go to the store because it appeals to everyone.