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INTEGRACION DE INGLES Porcal Nicolas Depetris Stefano 4 “C”

Stefnicol The Company is called “Stefnicol” it is Argentinean Company .”Stefnicol” was founded by Porcal and Depetris in 1998.It is a located in Rio Cuarto .It is American company. The company has factory and has 50 employees. It produces and distributes shoes and trainers. Its main competitors are Puma, Adidas and Nike. It had a turnover of $ 5.000.000.It is well known The company have an office . The office is big and old room but well lit. there are four windows , two pictures and two flowers . There is a computer , desk and the office chair The is a filing cabinet , telephone and cabinet .

The shop is very big and is well lit, it is a modern and very comfortable There are many shelves,There are two counters and there is a television.

Prohibitions: - Do not leave shoes on the floor - Do not shout in the shop

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