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Whitelk Srl was started in Bologna, Italy, in 1996. Goal of the company was to export and supply the customers with a wide range of gears, components and soft parts for the most common gearboxes and axles, both light and heady duties. In the years, we specialized in axle parts and differential repair kits, which we designed, reverse engineered, produced and inspected to suit the quality the customers were expecting from us.

We developed our own designed gears for gearboxes, and differential repair kits and complete assembled units, and nowadays our hugest customers on these MADE IN ITALY products are: MERCEDES-BENZ: Genuine fleet repair shops for Sprinter and MB609 differentials BREMACH: OE supplies for hypoid bevel gears and transmission gears JEEPERS: hypoid bevel gears new ratios in-house developed suitable to Jeep differentials

Whitelk Srl, via dell’Artigianato, 44 – 40057 Granarolo (BO) – Italy – Phone: 0039 051 705959, Fax: 0039 051 705678 – Email: – Web:

In the year 2006 Whitelk set up the manufacturing JV company IIYOU Industries, in Chongqing, China, to produce transmission and differential gears to the domestic OEM, and OE Service Parts mostly to USA. We did split our productions, and Whitelk, in Italy, collected all the most advanced and skilled quality manufacturers in a network for the development of 100% Made in Italy drivetrain components, to the “quality sensitive” clients and markets. When Whitelk Srl is committed, design, engineering, process development and quality controls are all of them made in Italy and suitable to Bologna, Italy, Chamber of Commerce certification, and Italian product warranty. When requested, along with the regular certifications we commonly issue, steel grade released by the steel/forging supplier, HT datasheet and final result, measures report and involute datasheet, at customer request and charges we entitle the company Modus 97: to release a third party conformity certificate of inspection stating the discrepancies or conformity to the genuine blue print received from the OE, or the drawing we reverse engineered from the customer sample.

Whitelk Srl, via dell’Artigianato, 44 – 40057 Granarolo (BO) – Italy – Phone: 0039 051 705959, Fax: 0039 051 705678 – Email: – Web:

IIYOU Industries has been set up in the year 2006, and started producing transmission and differential gears in the year 2007. Turnover in 2011 has been a little bit more of RMB 30.000.000, expecting an increase in 2012.

IIYOU is a small scale manufacturing company, placed in a 9000m² facility built in a 25000m² IIYOU owned land in the Industrial Wansheng, Chongqing, Area. IIYOU Industries employees are, so far, 85 people, working based on 3 shifts, 6 days per week. We planned huge investments in automation, in order to keep the same employment level in a sensible OEM domestic and abroad - production growth forecast, according to the increasing demand for quality parts from the domestic Industry. Currently 65% of the company turnover is OEM production. Products: we specialize in transmission gears, synchronizers, parts for bus and truck gearboxes, but we also have a remarkable production of planetary gears, hypoid bevel gears from 7” up to 16” diameter, shafts and unfinished parts for the Industry.

IIYOU main customers: Qijiang Gear Transmission Co., Ltd. - for synchro parts and gears DANA Transejes for ring & pinion gear sets MERITOR USA for planetary gears. Whitelk Srl, via dell’Artigianato, 44 – 40057 Granarolo (BO) – Italy – Phone: 0039 051 705959, Fax: 0039 051 705678 – Email: – Web:

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