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an illustrated insight to some of the best pranks ever played.

by Stefanie Sword Williams

“the last thing I remember was passing out on the sofa.�

“100 cups of water, a dark hallway and a drunk victim.”

“three weeks later and they told us the smell was coming from the kitchen cieling.�

“I ended up just climbing out of my window so I didnt miss my lecture.”

“I smelt of gravy all day.”

‘they wrapped me so tight in cling film, I thought I was in a coma’

“from my computer to my bin, my whole desk had been moved outside.�

“even when I found my keys, I still couldnt get to them.�

“I went for a sip of Fanta, instead I got ketchup.”

‘they fluffed up my pillow so I didnt notice.’

“I couldnt get the flour out of my hair for two days.”

“apparently all you need for cress to grow is cotton and water.�

‘they even changed the time on my car’

“they put porn on my laptop whilst we had a house viewing.”

‘by the end of the holiday, my sunburn was the least of my worries’

“they scanned the QR code to find out more about Prankzine”


A Zine based on Pranks by Stefanie Sword Williams

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