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Amy's Neighbor Chapter 1 I walked through the door unwillingly. My dad was watching the football and my mum was sat beside him. ''Do anything good today?', she asked ''Not really, why? Did you want me to bring you something?'', I asked ''Cigarettes, and some bread wouldn't have been such a bad idea either.'' ''I'll bring you some tomorrow I promise'', I replied ''No, go get them now with your pocket money'', mum said angrily '' Okay but you pay, after all, they are yours'', I said calmly trying to ignore my mom's anger. '' Go, Now!'', mum shouted ''But I'm 10, how can I get them!?'', I screamed '' Go get them right now Amy, I mean it'' she replied with disgust ''Okay!'', I cried. I shut the door abruptly. I stopped. I heard a glass hit the door and smash into pieces scattering across the floor. I ran away from the door and didn't look back at the house. I walked towards the shops. At the checkout, I saw a woman behind me looking at a magazine and counting some coins in her hand. ''E xcuse me'', I whispered ''Yes?'', replied the woman '' Please, my mom won't give me any dinner if I don't have her cigarettes and bread and I'm underage so I can't buy cigarettes, can you please buy them for me, I'll pay I swear, just please, I can't go hungry!'', A tear rolled down my cheek. ''Okay, shh I'll get them, give me the money'', said the woman quietly I handed her the money. ''My name's Amy by the way'', I said informatively.

''what's your name miss?'', I asked '' Elizabeth, Elizabeth Allen, I live next door to you'', she replied There was no one else left in the queue and Elizabeth stepped forward and discontinued the conversation. '' one packet of cigarettes please'', she said as the cashier ran her magazine through the scanner. It worked. Elizabeth handed the money over to the cashier and stepped to one side '' I'll meet you out there'', she whispered and pointed to the door then walked out. I payed for the bread and went outside to meet Elizabeth. I met her outside and she gave me the cigarette's '' Okay, hurry home now, if you ever need anything or someone to talk to, come find me.'', Elizabeth said reassuringly and handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. ''Take care'' she said then walked into the distance.

Chapter 2 I Walked home slowly pacing the floor on my way. I looked up to the mountains and saw snow. It doesn't snow where I live because I live in a warm part of Austria. My ski school and my regular school has snow so I have to take my ski's to get up and down the slopes and for training sessions. At my regular school, I do acting but I'm going to be a professional ski jumper when I'm older. Well, hopefully. I walked through the door and put the bread and the cigarettes in my mom's lap. The glass had been cleared up. My mom has some serious anger issues. ''Thanks'', she called after me. I sat at my desk and started on my homework. I could hear the television from upstairs. It was too loud. I stared at the blank page on the desk and sighed.

''I'll never get this done!'', I thought angrily I opened the window, stepped onto the roof below and climbed down the ladder. The roof was wet so it was slippy but I made it down okay. I sat by the tree. The noise from the television had gone and all that was left was the sound of me writing and the birds calling in the distance. Chapter 3 Night fell. I'd fallen asleep under the tree. I looked up and realized it was dark then I looked at the page. The homework was complete. I rose from the floor, climbed up the ladder, clambered onto the roof and came in through the window all without slipping. I heard thunder and looked up at the clock 11:30 pm ''Well I've missed dinner'', thought Amy. I got changed and climbed into bed placing the homework on the floor. Next morning.. '' Amy, get up your gonna' be late for school!'', Mom called I woke with a start and called back to her. ''Okay mom'', I sighed. I sat up and slowly climbed out of bed. It was cold and looked like it was going to rain. I got ready for school and gathered up my outfit for drama practice and put my homework into my school bag. I ate cereal in silence only to hear the muffles of my parent's voices upstairs. It wasn't long before the school bus arrived. I heard it approach the house then make a loud noise indicating that it had stopped. As soon as the doors opened I rushed for the bus. it started to rain and the bus left without me. I groaned and ran inside. I got my coat from the peg on the wall by the front door. I walked out of the house and began to walk down the road. Two inches away from my house was all I got to when Elizabeth Allen from next door came out of her house and called after me. ''Amy, long time no see!....aren't you supposed to be on the bus?''.

She asked. ''It went without me'', I said hopelessly. She put her arm round me ''Oh, well come on, I'll drive you to school instead'', she said reassuringly. ''Thanks Elizabeth!'', I said cheerfully. I hopped into her car. It smelt damp. ''So, what are you doing at school today?'', She asked ''What do you mean?'', I said bewildered ''Your Kit'', replied Elizabeth '' Oh!'', I said excitedly, Realizing what she meant. ''I'm rehearsing for a play and then the performance is tonight, I'm so nervous!'', I said in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice. ''Aw, well you never know, your teacher might fall through the trap door!'', We laughed. Chapter 4 We pulled up to the school gates. I thanked Elizabeth and stepped out of the car and ran into school through torrential rain. I rushed into the hall where the rehearsal was. ''Sorry I'm late'', I said, out of breath. ''Its okay Amy, get into your costume and lets start the rehearsal.'', Miss Stanley replied. I got changed with no regard of my uniform. I knew I had to be fast. I walked onto the stage adjusting my microphone as I went. ''Okay choir, from the top!'', Miss Stanley instructed to the choir behind me. They began to sing as I stumbled around as part of my act. I'm supposed to be acting like the wind is blowing me away. The play is called '' Weather changing James'', A play about a boy who can change the weather just by bathing in a lake. After a long day of rehearsing, I ran onto the bus hesitating to confront the driver. My friend Johanna greeted me and we spoke about the play as a catch up.

'' So, I heard your in a school play'', said Johanna cheerfully over the noise of the people in the bus. ''Yeah the play's tonight, I hope it goes well. I said nervously, staring out the window. ''Well I'd like to come, I'll try to come down to watch it.'', she informed me cheerfully. ''Great!'', I replied happily. The bus came to a halt as dozens of kids rushed for the door excitedly. I couldn't get out of my seat for a while because of the rushing and pushing of my classmates in the aisles. Beneath me was a short haired boy looking for his glasses. I handed them to him and he wandered off out into the street ahead. I finally stepped out of the bus. It had stopped raining. It was still cold outside but I ignored it. I hurried into the house and shut the door behind me. ''Mom, Dad, I'm home, the school play's tonight doubt that you'll come but you can'', I asked excitedly. There was no answer. Just silence. This is my first play I've ever acted in and yet they don't even care. They never come to my skiing competitions either but that doesn't bother me. I checked my phone. There was a message from my parents. They are at the pub with friends. I decided to go to the play on my own. I walked and walked and by the time I got there I was exhausted. I stepped onto the stage and then the show began. The crowd was filled with everyone's friends and family.. everyone's except mine. I looked out to the audience and felt petrified. Not a familiar face to be seen. No one to focus on, no one to look at. Just 1,000 unfamiliar pairs of eyes staring at me. I began to shake. And that then was when it threw me. I began stuttering and as I was walking, I tripped over the scenery behind me. The curtains came down and shielded the view of the audience. I started crying and ran off the stage. The curtains opened again and out came my understudy, Gretel, A snot

nosed inconsiderate girl who always gets what she wants .This annoyed me more than ever. Chapter 5 I ran as fast as I could. Thankfully it was still light outside. I reached my house only to find police cars outside. I approached a police man. 'What's going on!?'', I Cried ''Murder, turns out that a woman murdered her husband, She was on drugs and a dangerous amount of alcohol.'', replied the police man informatively I began to cry. ''That was my parents!'', I screamed. Elizabeth drove past the scene and saw the police cars and me in tears. She pulled over and hurriedly got out of the car and ran to me. ''What's going on!?.'',Elizabeth shouted to the police man. '' My mom got angry and killed my dad and she was on drugs and lots of alcohol!!'', I cried '' That's it, I can't stand to see you being in difficulty every day. Your coming to live with me, at least you'll have a happy life!'', said Elizabeth angrily '' Live with me!'', Elizabeth said persistently. ''I'm afraid that's against the rules ma'am'', the police man said quietly. He dragged me into the back of his van and drove away without looking back at Elizabeth. I cried and put my hand against the window as I helplessly watched Elizabeth chase the van then stop and break down crying in the middle of the road. Chapter 6 It was dark and we were heading later and later on into the night. We had been driving for at least 40 minutes We approached a house with a sign ' meadows heath children's home' I stepped out of the vehicle disorientated. A teenager opened the door and told us to come in. he fetched a social worker and the police man began talking about what happened and my school and parents. I found an empty bed and sank into

it helplessly, still in my top and shorts from the play. I woke up to the sound of shouting from the children in the house all hurrying down to breakfast. I grabbed a piece of toast from the side and rushed for the door. ''Hey, where do you think you're going?'', asked the social worker. ''I can't stay here. If I stay now then I'll end up being stuck here forever'', I said angrily. He blocked the door with his huge muscular body. ''Come on, now I know you've had it hard lately but that's why we're here, to find you a loving family where you'll be safe.'', he said reassuringly. I sniffled uncontrollably at the sound of his voice and ran into one of the rooms. 2 days I'd spent there. Two whole days of boredom and stress. I wasn't going to give up, not yet. It was midnight and everyone was in their rooms asleep. Everyone except me. I was going to make a run for it. I climbed out the window on the ground floor and ran to Johanna's house just 10 minutes away from the children's home. I looked through her window, her and her family were watching television in the living room. I knocked on her door. She answered it. ''Amy, what are you doing here, how was the play, sorry I couldn't come'', she said. '' My mom's murdered my father and I've just ran from a children's home and now I'm running away to Elizabeth's, she's my next door neighbor.. oh and don't worry about the play, it was a disaster. Anyways, don't ask me what happened and stuff, I really need your bike. Its 30 minutes away and I can't make it there without it.'', I said swiftly ''No, your not going alone, come in and my parents will drive you there tomorrow.'', she said concerned ''Okay, thanks Jo'', I agreed.

Chapter 7 Rain fell hard across the skies as I woke. The window with raindrops and the sound of it pouring down outside is what I woke up to. It was the calmest morning I've ever had but I still had the thought of running away in my head although I was too tired and very content being sprawled across Johanna's floor. Johanna found me awake. '' Hey Amy, I was wondering when you'd wake up. I'm a bit lonely, wanna' come and watch TV with me? She asked happily '' Okay'', I yawned and rolled over onto my side. '' Come on!'', Johanna insisted '' Alright'', I sighed we went downstairs, me still half asleep. She gave me a plate of toast and jam and then fixated herself on the TV screen. It was 11 am, I was desperate to get to Elizabeth's house. We rushed out the door and got into the car. Johanna gave me her number and I gave her mine. ''I'll call you soon'', I promised ''Okay'', she replied We pulled up at Elizabeth's house. My eyes tearing up at the sight of my parents house. The doors were boarded up and covered with tape saying 'crime scene, do not cross' I began to feel empty. I jumped out of the car and Johanna and her dad drove away waving as they went.

Chapter 8

I knocked on Elizabeth's door. She answered. ''Amy!, I'm so glad your okay! Where did you go?'', she asked ''To a children's home, I was stuck there for 2 days with the social workers guarding the door and nobody could get out so I waited till midnight'', I said sadly. ''Poor you! What happened after you escaped?'', she asked concerned '' I ran to Johanna's to ask for a bike to get here because it would take me ages to walk but Jo insisted that I stay at her's for the night and then get her dad to drop me off here in the morning. She gave me her number and I promised I'd call her soon'', I said informatively. '' Okay. The rent's up on my house so I thought that we could move away from Austria and start a new life. I found a nice house in Switzerland and we can ski there if you'd like. There's a shortcut through the mountains. The removal van has took all the furniture!.. well? What do you think?'', she began to smile I stared at her in excitement. Finally away from everything! ''That's great!!!!! oh Lizzie, your the best! That's great! I'll call Johanna .... Johanna! I've got to leave Johanna! I'd better call her and say goodbye... I'm Gonna miss her so much! I cried I began to dial the number on Elizabeth's mobile phone. ''Hello?'', Johanna answered ''Jo,Jo! I'm moving to Switzerland! I will always come and visit you and I will always miss you!'', I bellowed in excitement. ''Oh, well.. I don't know what to say, I am going to miss you so much, good luck in Switzerland'' she replied sadly ''I'll call you every day I promise.'', I said

Our conversation was interrupted by Elizabeth's call '' Come on Amy, We've Gotta Go!'', She said hurriedly ''Okay'', I replied I picked up the phone again '' Sorry Johanna, gotta go now, Elizabeth's waiting'', ''Bye Amy, I'll miss you.'', she muttered. ''Bye''. I replied I Hung up the phone. I walked out of the empty house and climbed into the car. Chapter 9 We arrived in Switzerland. It was beautiful, and a whole lot more snow here than in Austria! I helped Elizabeth with the unpacking and we eventually had all the furniture out and in its new places...well, on the ground floor anyways. We ordered a pizza and decided to call it a day as the sky grew darker. We had to sleep on the sofa that night. The sofa felt cold under my fragile body as I slept. I woke to the next morning in a daze. It was another day of unpacking. But there was one of the rooms I wasn't allowed to go in. Elizabeth had workmen upstairs in the forbidden room but they kept me out. Three hours later, I was watching the television when I heard Elizabeth say goodbye to the workmen and close the front door. She came in the room and found me. ''Hey Amy, come and see something', she said excitedly ''Okay'', I replied obediently. We raced upstairs and came to the door of the forbidden room. ''Amy.... this is your new bedroom...'', she said as she slowly opened the door. I gasped the room had yellow walls and green carpet and matching gingham bedsheets and curtains. And in the corner of the room was a cat!

A lovely white cat with green eyes. I ran over to it. ''Thank you thank you thank you!'', I screamed in excitement, hugging the cat. Elizabeth came to us and crouched down. she stroked the cat. ''What are you going to call it Amy?'', asked Elizabeth ''Snowy'', I announced ''Snowy It Is!'', Elizabeth replied From that day that on, I knew that my new home was here to stay. I can now grow up in a safe environment with a loving home. And it was all thanks to Elizabeth. The End.

Amy's Neighbor  

My first book =] hope you enjoy x This book is dedicated to J Campbell For All Her Help And Encouragement.

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