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Stefanie Kuhn (+44) 07595 355327

Stefanie is currently completing an M.Phil in Architecture & Urban Design at the University of Cambridge and is a member of Kings College. She graduated from the Oxford Brookes School of Architecture in 2012 under the tuition of Sara Shafiei and Ben Cowd with 1st Class Honours in BA Architecture. She was the Oxford Brookes recipient of the Riach Architects Prize for Sustainable Design, and shortlisted for both the Doric Club Oxford Prize for Best Portfolio and the Hunter Johnston Prize for most notable contribution to the life and spirit of the Department of Architecture. Stefanie’s design work delves into the relationship of new architectural interventions in order to produce a contemporary style rich in textures, patterns and layers. In 2012 she received the Ramboll UK Prize for her innovative use of sustainable materials for her project entitled ‘The Blooming Tea Farm’. Here her interests in excess baroque ornamentation translated into a project that harnessed the use of existing site materials to create an ornamental Tea Farm influenced by perspective alignment. Her work has been exhibited in The Link Gallery with Tryptych 5, and at Chetwoods Architects under the Oxford School of Architecture. Stefanie has also been published in the ‘Oxford Architecture Year Book’ and BD online. During her spare time, Stefanie has undergone several expeditions, from 4 weeks trekking in Peru to a 7 month tour over 5 continents. Her interest extends beyond the simple pleasures of travelling, and into the joys of experience gained from personal challenge. Stefanie has learnt to appreciate her observations of different cultures and surroundings, and been enlightened as to how space can provoke one’s senses and influence their emotions. Such interests and experiences have influenced her work and led her to focus key themes within design projects and essays on the relationship between spatiality, behaviour and proxemics. Since 2008 Stefanie has been a Midshipman in the Oxford Royal Naval Unit (RNR). Through learning leadership skills and professional team work, she has gained the sort of discipline that the UK military provides to its officer training teams. Adventure training, at-sea deployments and competitive sport all form part of the extensive training she has taken advantage of, much of which can be positively applied to civilian and specialist professional life. Stefanie is both an accomplished team player and team leader, whilst retaining the ability to work successfully alone. She show’s astute attention to detail and performs well under pressure. She is a lateral thinker with clear focus, energetic motivation and a positive work ethic.

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