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December 2016 Kislev/Tevet 5777

SHINE A LIGHT By: Stephanie Helms

“May the good Lord shine a light on you, warm like the evening sun.”— Mick Jagger & Keith Richards It is probably uncommon for the Rolling Stones to remind someone of a Jewish holiday. I don’t know if it is the hopeful lyrics to “Shine A Light”, the theme of redemption or that it’s a track from the album Exile on Main Street and we Jews know a little something about exile, but to me it sounds like a perfect theme song for the celebration of Chanukah, our annual Festival of Light. In the Jewish calendar, Chanukah’s eight-day observance takes place during the month of Kislev, usually in December. Because Kislev is always close to the winter solstice, Chanukah takes us into, through and out of the literal darkest days of the year-what a reason to celebrate! No Jewish holiday is complete without food and during Chanukah we eat oil-based treats like latkes, potato pancakes Perhaps the most widely celebrated of all Jewish holidays, eaten with applesauce or sour cream and jelly donuts called Chanukah commemorates two very important happenings; the sufganiyot. Other customs include playing a game of dreidel, a victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian-Greek forces who four-sided spinning top printed with the letters nun, gimel, hay tried to wipe out Judaism in the second century and the miracle and shin which are initials for the phrase Nes Gadol Hayah during which one day’s worth of oil lasted for eight days in the Sham meaning “a great miracle happened there”. Players take sanctuary lamp called a ner tamid (eternal flame) during the turns spinning to win gelt, gold and silver wrapped chocolate rededication of the Holy Temple. In a larger sense, the holiday coins. We sing songs about heroes, love and kindness and give marks a reaffirmation of spiritual freedom and recommitment small gifts to our family and friends. It is also a traditional time to our Jewish community. The word Chanukah itself means for tzedakah, giving to charity, which is a key component of “dedication”. Judaism. Although the menorah is a popular symbol of the holiday, menorah is really a word for a seven-branched candelabra and the nine-branched one we use to kindle the lights during Chanukah is actually called a chanukiah. The nine branches represent one candle for each night plus the shammash, the center candle used to light the others. Blessings are recited over the lighting of the candles, which is done from left to right. Some families have a chanukiah for each family member, others take turns lighting the candles and in some households everyone holds the shammash and lights each candle together.

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Dear Congregants,

President’s Message

On October 30, 2016 the JCC held its Annual BBQ. Temple Sinai was unable to find any members to operate our booth. The members of Boy Scout Troop 770 volunteered to help. They cooked the food and interacted with visitors to our booth. They did such a good job that they were selected by the judges as the Grand Champion. This award comes with $1,000 prize which will be used for equipment needed by the scouts. Congratulations! I would like to thank all of the individuals who contributed to this year’s Kol Nidre Appeal. This has been the most successful Appeal in the history of Temple Sinai. A special thanks to Steve Haberkorn for volunteering to match new and increased contributions. High Holy Day services this year were magnificent. Thanks to Rabbi, Heather and the Temple Sinai staff and volunteers for making this possible. Please make sure to read the Shofar and the Eblast to find out about programs and event at Temple Sinai. Until next month. Shalom, Les Sherman President


Rabbi Malcolm Cohen Soloist Heather Klein Executive Committee Les Sherman, President Ivan Lambert, 1st Vice President Marty Hagans, 2nd Vice President Ricki Greenspon Treasurer Shel Kolner, Recording Secretary Board of Trustees Isaac Cohen Stephanie Helms Jack Kaufman Jay Kenyon Mordecai Labovitz Ilana Shapiro Steve Weiner Immediate Past President Julie Ann Littmann Sisterhood Marge Nordell, President Men’s Club Les Gilbert, President Education Director Dr. Sharon Knafo Temple Staff Phil Scully, Executive Director Lori Dougherty, Controller Kim Israel, Executive Assistant And Shofar Editor Bailey Vreeland, Event Center Sales


Temple Sinai Is A Constant

December 2016 The world is an ever changing place and change is usually very difficult. I have seen a lot of turmoil in the Jewish community before and after our most recent election in November. I am acutely aware that there are both Republicans and Democrats who are members of Temple Sinai and that makes for a much richer and more interesting environment for me as the Rabbi here. In addition, turmoil or conflict in the Jewish community is mirrored in the globe. The overwhelming winds and forces of change

can be frightening. How do we respond to that? Firstly, Temple Sinai will always aspire to be a place where different views can be exchanged in a safe environment, symbolized by our vision of being “Your Family, Your Home”. Secondly, Temple Sinai’s values will not change whatever the changes there are in the world around her. We will still do everything in our power to be a warm and welcoming community. We will still inspire with worship that touches the soul and connects to the Divine. We will still value taking people from one chapter in their Jewish journey to the next through deep and engaging learning and educating our kids with sound moral values to prepare them for our future. We will never surrender our commitment to social justice in and outside of the Jewish community. We will always rejoice in our connection to and support for Israel and its people. Those things will never change. Republicans, Democrats, men, women, Israelis, our interfaith partners, the LGBTQ community, mixed faith families and others are all welcome to share in those constants. Whatever the shifts and cycles around us, that is and will be, what Temple Sinai stands for. In the meantime, I would appreciate folks from all parts of our membership spectrum taking the time to reach out and continue our never-ending conversation. Hineh tov u’manayim shevet achim v’achot gam yachad. How good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together, as the book of Proverbs says. We all live in America together and will strive to do what is best for our country and its future. We must have faith and hope in each other to accomplish that much. L’shalom/To Peace Rabbi Malcolm Cohen


December Events Calendar Every Friday Night Worship - Shabbat Service Worship at Tuesday, December 13 7:30pm Except First Friday (Friday Night Live 6:00pm) 12:00pm The Lunch Bunch Every Saturday Morning Worship 9:00am Shabbat Study Group 10:00am Shabbat Morning Service Every Sunday 9:30am Religious School 3:00pm IAC Keshet Activity No Religious or Hebrew School over the Winter Break Every Tuesday 4:30pm Hebrew School/Confirmation Every Wednesday 6:00 pm Beginning Hebrew Class 6:00pm Cub Scouts Meeting 7:00pm Boy Scout Meeting Every Thursday 9:00 am New Pathways Café 6:00 pm B’not Mitzvah Class Thursday, December 1 1:30pm Brandeis - Sephardic Jews in the Balkans Saturday, December 3 7:00pm Senior Meet and Greet Dessert 7:00pm Year of the Dialogue Sunday, December 4 9:30am December Dilemma 10:30am Membership Committee Meeting 12:00pm Bowl-A-Thon Tuesday, December 6 1:30pm Brandeis - Learn Something New 6:00pm Ritual Committee Meeting 7:00pm Election Debrief Friday, December 9 6:00pm Congregational Dinner Sunday, December 11 10:00am Men's Club Breakfast

Wednesday, December 14 6:00pm Sisterhood Chanukah Party Thursday, December 15 6:30pm Men's Club Board Meeting Friday, December 16 6:15pm Tot Shabbat Sunday, December 18 Senior Committee Event (T) Wednesday, December 21 5:30pm Social Action Committee Meeting Saturday, December 24 Chinese Dinner / Adult Chanukah Party Tuesday, December 27 1:30pm Brandeis - Israeli Contributions to Humanity 6:15pm Temple Sinai Board Meeting 7:00pm Book Club Meeting Wednesday, December 28 3:00pm Dine Out Bagel Cafe

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December 2016


Cantorial Soloist Heather Klein Back from my journey to Europe, I feel excited to move forward with the year and open my arms to the holiday season. It seems to come so fast that I feel barely prepared for all the Christmas trees that have already arrived the minute Halloween was over. I always appreciate when Hanukkah comes at the end of December, because the separation between Thanksgiving and the 3 1/2 weeks before the next holiday gives me a minute to digest the heavy food, and makes each celebration seem more relaxed and fulfilling. This month Shabbat After Dark is taking a hiatus until the end of January. After three successful Shabbat services it feels great to know that we are supporting our community of young adults in Las Vegas, and that there is a spiritual and social place for them.

Going forward, I am looking forward to working with community members and always hearing from you about what you would like to see this year at Yiddish Las Vegas. As I write, we are planning our Festival for March 17th-19th and hoping all of you will save the dates! If you want to be involved, please speak up. It is so important to bring the Jewish culture into the Las Vegas Valley. Our adult choir and junior songbirds are looking forward to getting out into the community to sing for the holidays, and we hope to have your support at our public events. Sukkot under the Stars went beautifully. Thanks for your support!

Warmly, CS Heather

Shine A Light cont… On Friday, December 30 during our 7:30 PM Shabbat service, we will have a congregational chanukiah lighting, so don’t forget to bring your family’s chanukiah and eight candles to light that evening. Our Cantorial Soloist Heather Klein notes: “Chanukkah is the festival of lights during the darkest time of the year. We celebrate by lighting candles and singing songs that retell the story of Judah and the Maccabees, reminding us that miracles are all around us even in the darkest of times.” Expect to hear both classic and contemporary tunes during the service. “May the good Lord shine a light on you, make every song you sing your favorite tune.” May the glow of the Chanukah candles shine a light on everyone this holiday season, reminding us of the persistent miracle of light through the ages and the warmth of family and friendship that surrounds us.


From Dr. Sharon Knafo Hebrew Studies Our Tuesdays at Temple Sinai Hebrew School are evolving into enriching days, which aim to establish several core skills of the Hebrew Language. For the lower grades and new students, we focus on letter recognition, pronunciation and recognition of vowels. After mastering these skills, we continue to enhance the students’ reading fluency as we emphasize the correct decoding of the required words for each specific grade. Reading fluency requires collaboration of multiple language skills (letters and vowel recognition, strong memory, decoding and correct pronunciation.) Research shows that learning a second language contributes to multisensory development of the student. Through colors, pictures, music, shapes, videos and more, the students are able to decode, read, write and ultimately speak a second language. Our team is comprised of classroom teachers, support and enrichment teachers as well as excellent students. “We like to answer the needs of the individual learner in and out of the classroom” says Rona Schwartz, 4th year Hebrew Specialist at Temple Sinai Religious School. Our 5th grade teacher (Morah Yael) sees a wonderful change in the quality of Hebrew as students come more prepared, and able to read full sentences at a younger age. Shabbat Shalom, Dr. Sharon Knafo Education Director

Tot Shabbat Friday, December 16th 6:15 PM to 6:45 PM Bring your little ones, ages 1-5 for a lovely service just for kids (and their parents)!

Please Welcome Our New Members Carrie & Andrew Enk Ian Bradford-Friedberg Dolly Salant Laura Teisch

Committees & Chairpersons Caring - Laurie Kelman— Education – Sharon Knafo – Fundraising—Jack Klein— Marketing & PR – Stephanie Helms – Membership – Jeff Maren – Music – Heather Klein – Programming—Jackie Kolner— Retreat – Dale & Irwin Thall– Ritual – Les Gilbert – Senior Social—Myrna Brown— Social Action – Robyn Roth – Tzedakah – Shel Kolner –


December 2016

From Your Sisterhood Sheryl Honig and I attended the WRJ Pacific District Convention. The convention was held at the Rio Thursday through Sunday, November 3rd through the 6th. On Thursday evening, we participated in the WRJ Kickoff Event. I was privileged to introduce our very own Rabbi Malcolm Cohen, who opened the convention with a marvelous story and opening prayer. We enjoyed many informative workshops and met some absolutely wonderful women. On Friday, the 185 attendees were bussed to Temple Ner Tamid for Shabbat services followed by a delicious dinner. On Saturday morning we attended sessions, one of which was led by our Rebbetzin Sarah Stewart, on The Changing Role of the Clergy’s Significant Other. Sheryl and I were delighted to spend Shabbat services with Sarah, which were followed by the installation of the new WRJ Pacific District President. These conventions are held biannually, as the term of office is two years. It was a marvelous learning experience for both of us and we are bringing back many new ideas to our Sisterhood. At our November 13th meeting, we screened the film “The Tribe”, followed by a discussion and lunch of movie theater food. Our Annual Hanukkah Party will be held at the home of Lana Schwartz, on December 14th at 6:00p.m. It will be our usual “Pot Luck” meal, which means bring your best, and as we are going to be at her home, reservations are a must and seating will be limited. Please come and celebrate with us. We always bring a gift card to be given to the Rabbi for his Discretionary Fund. More info will be forthcoming. Please remember to shop for all your Hanukkah gifts at our “Gift Shop”. The money earned by our shop provides funds for the Temple, the Youth group and Special Projects for the Religious School. Orders for 2017 Mah Jongg cards are being accepted at the gift shop. B’shalom Marge Nordell


From Your Men’s Club


Chanukah Giving Tree Amazing that we are thinking of Chanukah! Although it comes late this year we have to start thinking of those Jewish families who are in need our Tikun Olam. Again this year Social Action will put up our “Giving Tree� in the lobby. Please be mindful of what you take. We do not want any child to not have his/her Chanukah wish if we can fulfill it. Last year some cards were taken but we did not get the gifts back. Possible suggestion would be to partner with a friend to share the cost of the gift as some are pricey. We also give each family a grocery gift card in the amount of $25.00. We have 13 families so far, one of which has 7 children! If a gift card is more convenient for you please give them to Phil Scully who will pass them on to me. We want to thank you in advance for being so generous in your giving. The deadline for all gifts to be brought unwrapped with the tag attached is December 18. Watch for the tree to go up! Eileen Bellsey-Levin Social Action Committee

December 2016


Temple Sinai’s Second Annual Poker Tournament Our Second Annual Poker Tournament took place on November 6th at the home of the co-chairs, Marsha Genard and Vera Ginsburg. Thirty poker players from the poker world, as well as the Temple Sinai community tested their skills. The professional dealers made the event a great time for the pros as well as the amateurs. Support for the co-chairs was supplied by the Shapiros - Ilana and David and the Kolners - Jackie and Shel. The thirty players went at it for a couple of hours and when the number of participants was reduced to twelve, they ‘chopped’ the prize money. They made out well and so did Temple Sinai. Pictured with the co-chair and Tournament director is the chip-leader at the chop, our very own Richard Lober. Richard claims he never played Texas holdem prior to the event. There is more here than beginner’s luck. Well done Richard and well done Vera and Marsha!


December 2016

Happy Chanukah from your Family of Friends at Temple Sinai May the Lights of Chanukah shine brightly for you and yours! Linda Aker & Richard McCarron Rabbi Malcolm Cohen, Sarah Stewart, Elijah and Rachel Dorothy and Mitchell Cohen and Family Barbara and Les Gilbert Dee Glick Ricki and Howard Greenspon and Family Marty Hagans, Deanne and Noah King The Helms Family Donna and Rick Hollander Meira Jehassi Ann and Ed Jenner Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kaiser Meera and Minao Kamegai Elvin and Jean Kranen and Family

Elaine and Jack Kaufman Heather Klein and Eli Segal Susie and Jack Klein Jackie and Shel Kolner Jacalynne and Howard X Kramer Marcia and Ivan Lambert Julie Ann and Eric Littmann Sondra Platt Rhoda Ring and Pamela Joy Ring Sue Schucker and Family Rona and Larry Schwartz Ilana and David Shapiro Eileen and Les Sherman Amy and Stu Stein Steve Weiner and Michelle Blank



December 2016


Kol Nidre Donations Mr. and Mrs. Gary Abelson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Addis Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Altman Ms. Debra Arin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bachant Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baker Mr. and Mrs. Morton Berg Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Sid Blum Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Blutman Ms. Ellen Bodner Ms. Myrna Brown Jeffrey Buchbaum & Jennifer Boske Carl Burlin & Rosalind Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cole Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Coleman Mr. Robert Davis Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dickler Mrs. Tina Drago Dr. & Mrs. Barry Duman Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Everakes Dr. and Mrs. Martin Feigenson Ms. Phyllis Feinberg Mr. and Mrs. Peter Feinstein Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fine Ms. Shirley Fisher Ms. Faye Fulton Richard Frankoff & Laurie Robinson-Frankoff Mr. and Mrs. Bob Frankenberg Mr. David Friedland Mr. and Mrs. Morton Friedlander Mr. Larry Frost Ms. Sharon Gainsburg Mr. and Mrs. Dale Galsky Mr. Jonathan Gatsik Ms. Paula Gelman Marsha Genard and Vera Ginsburg Mr. and Mrs. Les Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gissing Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gleicher Mr. and Mrs. Edward Goldenberg Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldstein Mr. Mark Greenberg Ms. Sandra Greene Mr. and Mrs. Howard Greenspon Mr. Stephen Glucoft & Ms. Debbie Gregory Mr. Aaron Groner Mr. Stephen Haberkorn Mr. Marty Hagans & Ms. Deanne King Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hakes Ms. Cynthia Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Harzstark Dr. and Mrs. Ian Hassin Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heflin Mr. and Mrs. John Helms Ms. Terri Hirschfield Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hollander Mr. and Mrs. David Hopgood Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Israel Mr. and Mrs. Lon Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jenner Mr. Maurice Jones Mr. and Mrs. Minao Kamegai Michael Kantar & Marjorie Williams Dr. and Mrs. Michael Karbal Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kelman Jay Kenyon & Tina Yan Mr. Bruce Kesselman Ms. Esta Klatzkin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klein Mr. and Mrs. Jack Klein Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klein Mr. and Mrs. Owen Kline Ms. Louise Kloner Dr. Sharon Knafo & Dina Rudaizky Mr. & Mrs. Arnie Knepper Mr. and Mrs. Scott Knox Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Kolner Mr. Todd Koren Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kosowsky Ms. Ann Koss Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Kranen Mr. and Mrs. Leonid Kupis Eric Labastida & Sharon Roth Mr. and Mrs. Mordecai Labovitz Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Howard Landers Ms. Noreen Lane Mr. and Mrs. Scott Leader Ms. Sharon Leibowitz Mr. and Mrs. Ari Levin Mr. Toby Librot Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lipman Mr. and Mrs. Eric Littmann Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lober Ms. Gladys Lowenthal Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Mann Mr. and Mrs. Donald Marcus Richard McCarron & Linda Anker Brian Messing & Karen Bye Mr. and Mrs. Kasey Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller

Mr. Robert Modugno Mr. and Mrs. Martin Myers Ms. Marge Nordell Adam Ogle & Heather Avner Ms. Sabrina Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ort Ms. Rickie Orzen Dr. Patricia Pierce Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Pockey Ms. Florence Pollak Ms. Julie Postler Ms. Rochelle Pyle Mr. and Mr. Adam Reisman Dr. and Mrs. Ilan Reizes Ms. Pamela Joy Ring Ms. Rhoda Ring Mr. and Mrs. Renato Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Asher Rogow Mr. and Mrs. James Roth Mr. Mitchell Roth Mr. Irwin Rosen Merle Roth & Carl Fuhr Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rubin Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rush Ms. Dolly Salant Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sample Dr. and Mrs. Steven Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sanders Mrs. Elaine Schaffer Mr. Peter Schellberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schoengold Ms. Sue Schucker Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Scott Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Seiden Mr. and Mrs. David Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Sher Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sherman Ms. Joan Shiff Ms. Amy Shulman Ms. Jan Shumow Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Silber Mr. and Mrs. Jon Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Mark Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spencer Ms. Helene Spiegel Ms. Barbara Stallone Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Stein Dr. and Mrs. Todd Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Sol Steiner Mr. Erik Steinman Ms. Amy Stevens


December 2016


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

General Donations

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Blum Ms. Mindy Rabinowitz IMO Ernest Rabinowitz Mr. David Friedlander Marsha Genard and Vera Ginsburg IHO participation in Rosh Hashana Service Ms. Rickie and Laurie Orzen Dr. and Mrs. Steven Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Mark Snyder IHO Jeannie Arin's 80th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Stein IMO Louis M. Hirsch

Mr. and Mrs. Eliah Atlas IMO Sarah Atlas Mr. and Mrs. Sid Blum IHO Vanessa Hopgood Mr. and Mrs. Sid Blum IHO Marge Nordell's Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Edward Braverman IMO Mildred Braverman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Braverman Mr. Allan Herman Mr. Philip Goertzen IMO Phyllis Mr. Mike Fletcher Ms. Elaine D Steinberg IHO Roslyn Levitt Mr. and Mrs. Denny Deutschkron IMO Rachel Deutschkron Mr. and Mrs. Denny Deutschkron IMO James Deutschkron Mr. and Mrs. Denny Deutschkron IMO Urbania Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Denny Deutschkron IMO Fernando Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Martin Feigenson IMO Philip Feigenson Mr. and Mrs. Martin Feigenson IMO Bertha Feigenson Mr. and Mrs. Martin Feigenson IMO Helen Levenberg Mr. and Mrs. David Fishman IMO Patrice Finnerman Marsha Genard and Vera Ginsburg IMO Irene Arial Levin Marsha Genard and Vera Ginsburg IMO Irving Diamond Mr. Mark Greenberg IMO Roslyn Levy Greenberg Ms. Sheryl Honig IMO Oscar Lauren Ms. Julie Howald IMO Jerry Mendell Mr. and Mrs. Minao Kamegai IHO Jean Arin's 80th Birthday Michael Kantar and Marjorie Williams Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kaufman IMO Irving Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Shel Kolner Todd Koren and Jessica Poole IMO Norton Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kosowsky IMO Rae Engel Ms. Ann Ross IMO Thelma Baum Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Pockey IMO Esther Kay Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Pockey IMO Basia Pockey Dr. Ilan and Varda Reizes IMO Zipora Goldberger Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schwartz IMO Dorothy Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sherman IHO Julie & Eric Littmann's Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sherman IHO Marcia & Ivan's Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sherman IHO Eric Littmann's Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Archie Weitman IMO Anna Rogovin Ms. Vivian Yager IMO Leo Weinstein Ms. Risa Zucker IMO Max Narby

Richard Greenberg Memorial Fund Ms. Cheryl Bame Mr. and Mrs. Authur Greenberg IHO Cindy & Jack Davis Mr. and Mrs. Authur Greenberg IHO Asher Rogow Mr. and Mrs. Authur Greenberg IHO Marlee & Asher Rogow Mr. and Mrs. Authur Greenberg IHO Elaine Lipman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kelman IHO Jean Arin 80th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kelman IMO Irene Levin Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kelman IMO Laura Kelman

Cantorial Soloist Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Klein IHO HaShem Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Stein IMO Louis M. Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Herb White IHO Jean Arin's 80th Birthday

Kol Nidre Fund—Cont. Laura Sussman and Wendy Kraft Steve Taylor & Evelyn Brunner Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Thall Ms. Penny Trottmann Mrs. Joan Weil Mr. Stephen Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weitman Winter Family Ms. Risa Zucker

Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Sid Blum Mr. Ronald Israel Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sample

All donations received after the tenth of the month will be included in next month's publication


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December 2016

A great big ‘toda raba’ to our Holiday Bazaar committee for planning and executing such a wonderful event! Now it's time to start planning for next year!


Shabbat Flyer Sponsorship - For just $18 your personal messages are displayed in the flyer. Sponsor in honor of an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion. Contact Shel Kolner at 702-228-4744 or 702-334-8914 or

What’s ahead in our Torah? December 2-3 Toldot - Rebecca gives birth to the twins – Esau and Jacob. Jacob steals the birthright and the blessing of the first born. Jacob flees to Haran to escape Esau’s wrath.

December 9-10 Vayetzei Jacob’s famous dream of Angels ascending and descending a ladder. Jacob makes ‘a deal’ with G-d. Jacob works for Rachel’s hand in marriage but is deceived by Laban; in all, Jacob works for twenty-one years.

December 16-17 Vayishlach Jacob’s name is changed to Israel as he prepares to reunite with Esau. His daughter, Dinah, is raped in Shechem and her brothers wreak revenge. Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin. She is buried in Efrat/Bethlehem. Jacob dies and is buried in Hebron.

December 23-24 Vayeshev Jacob favors his son Joseph over his brothers. Joseph is sold into slavery. Our 400 years in Egypt begins. Joseph rebuffs Potiphar’s wife and is thrown in jail.

December 30-31 Miketz (Shabbat Chanukah) Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and ascends to a position of great powers. Joseph marries and has two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Joseph withholds his identity from his brothers and demands to see Benjamin.

Temple Sinai’s Ritual Committee Join us for text study and worship every Saturday morning at 9:00AM.


December 2016



From your Ritual Committee The Ritual Committee is your liaison to our clergy – Rabbi Malcolm Cohen and Soloist Heather Klein. If you have thoughts and feelings about Ritual matters here at Temple Sinai – both positive and negative – and you don’t feel comfortable speaking directly to Rabbi or Heather, the Ritual Committee is the place where you will be heard. But if you do want to register a thought, you must ‘own’ your thought. That is, you cannot make an anonymous comment or complaint. We will respect your confidentiality, if you so choose, but we will need a way to get back you. Talk to any member of the Ritual Committee, our names are listed below. OR you can contact Les Gilbert, the Committee Chair, via e-mail at Ritual Committee members: Stephanie Helms

Shel Kolner

Howard X Kramer

Gale Labovitz

Ivan Lambert

Marge Nordell

Rona Schwartz

Amy Stein

Lindsay Watt Thank you.


December 2016

Lifelong Learning At Temple Sinai Temple Sinai is a warm and welcoming Reform Jewish community engaged in lifelong learning, social justice, and soulful worship. Lifelong Learning (Torah) – Wherever you find yourself, we want to help you get to the next stage of your Jewish journey. We offer formal and informal opportunities for learners to find genuine meaning and answers to keenly felt moral questions and personal issues within the Jewish tradition. You will notice that we have a wonderful range of events from stand-alone events to three-session mini-courses to a two-year in- depth study. For this congregation, the social experience of learning is extremely important alongside the content of our study. We hope that you will deepen your connections to our heritage and each other as you move to the next stage of your journey. For more information on specific classes, please visit

L’shalom/To Peace Rabbi Malcolm Cohen



December 2016



Temple Sinai Shofar - December 2016  
Temple Sinai Shofar - December 2016  

The Shofar is the monthly newsletter of Temple Sinai of Las Vegas, a warm and welcoming Reform congregation located in Summerlin, Nevada. Jo...