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When you create an interior one the most important aspects is the furniture. This kind of design can devolop itself in innovative and interesting ways.


We created an an emergency rescue jacket to prevent or help in case of a natural disaster. We decided to improve the clothes of the rescue teams instead of creating a system or a furniture. These teams are the ones that risk their lives to rescue people in danger, so they should work as quick and efficient as possible.

lateral pockets close up

fluorescentic cross close up

upper pocket close up

The complexity and the efficiency of the jacket stands on the layering of the pockets. In these we put the basic elements that are needed in every kind of scenario. Another important aspect is the colour of the jacket, which provides immediate recognition and more modern looks. course: furniture design students: battistella stefanie, bandi beatrice, distefano dario, freile valentina, trapletti dario year: 2013


The brief requested a complete set of furniture for an hotel’s emotional roof garden. We created a new type of service to attract locals and non locals. We started to analyse the non locals, the travellers, and saw that the majority of travellers insmade of young people. So we decided to create a service for these young travellers. We analyzed all upcoming trends and saw that there was a great attention towards outdoor cooking. Our goal was to create a major aggregation between people, while maintaining the need to stay outside.

whole view of the roofgarden

detail of the kitchen area

Our project started from the hexagon because we could use it as texture and it represented the best aggregation between different pieces. Over the hexagon we created the form of the kitchen, tables, seats, bar, market and the pattern of the floor. This gave us the possibility to maintain a continous and dynamic design. The total space of the roofgarden is 400 mq, with 150 mq indoors and 250 mq outdoors.

The kitchen has this particular form because we want the people who use it to interact with each other. Keeping an industrial look.


1 2


1. concrete 2. wood 3. metal tubes 4. metal net

The furniture consists of tables, small and large, various chairs and seats, a bar, a kitchen and lights. We chose to give it an industrial look in order to create an urban and modern feeling. Six kitchens with six cooking positions occupy the roof garden, with incorporated tables and seats. We used only five materials for the whole project: concrete, wood, metal net, metal tubes and grass. Less materials mean less waste. course: furniture design students: battistella stefanie, bandi beatrice, sasso martino year: 2013/2014

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