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• •Warm Warmcolors colors create a create warm,a sunny warm feeling and and sunny feeling advance toward toward the advance the viewer. viewer • Cool colors • Cool colors produce produce a cold, a icy cold, icy feeling feeling and and create depth create depth .

The Color Wheel COOL COLORS





Colors like pink, red-violet, gold, peach,etc. are all members of the WARM family. The dominant hue in these combination colors is a

Neutral colors are not warm OR cool, but they will take on the look of both. Brown can look cool if it has a bluish tone in it, but it can also look warm if it has a yellow or reddish tone.

Colors such as lavender, bluegreen, plum, indigo, etc. are considered to be cool colors. The dominant hue in these combination colors is a

WARM color.

COOL color

WARM colors will make people feel happy, excited or sometimes tense.

Neutral colors will make people feel happy, or anxious if they are with WARM colors, and sad or peaceful if they are in with Cool colors

C00L colors will make people feel calm,relaxed , peaceful, or even sad.

WARM COLORS • Yellow, orange, and red are called warm colors.

Cool Colors • Blue, green, and purple are often labeled cool colors.

My painting in Mondrian’s style

My picture using warM colors

My picture using cool colors

My clil digital portfolio (s boschi)