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RIBA Collection by B-fragile studio

“However it is a beautiful manifestation that from left to right. Balance, but dynamic refinement. And flat at the back... I imagine the school of RIBs washed on sandy beach. Black pedestal from Kubrick movie immersed into the greyness of the Ocean is raising the art to the Sky by one step... two more, and Zeppelin.�

Decorative fish sculpture by Stefan K Hepner. Minimalist form inspired by Brancusi. Cast Thassos marble, MDF, steel. Hand made in Brooklyn NY.

Pike from RIBA Collection Overall size: 20.75”x9”x2”

Pike sculpture was featured in WEST ELM Spring 2011 catalog as a result of collaboration between West Elm and Etsy.

Flounder from RIBA Collection Overall size: 11.5”x15”x2”

Snapper from RIBA Collection Overall size: 11”x13.5”x2”

B-fragile studio is a workshop created by the artist and designer Stefan K Hepner. It’s an outpost for one-of-a-kind design, experiments with modern materials and traditional techniques, with attention to detail, functionality and aesthetic value of created pieces.

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