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MOCHI noun | mo·chi | \ˈmō-chē\ A soft, pounded rice cake used in Japanese cuisine as an unbaked pastry wrapped around a sweet filling. .


noun | mo·chi ice cream | \ˈmō-chē īs krēm\

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OCT 2016


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Living in The Mode - 14 -

The regular football season comes down to a little over 3 months - 13 weeks. The preparation, strategy, and focus is intense. For every NFL player, their story, journey and reason for being on the field is as varied as those who play the game. We took a moment to chat with New Orlean's native, 2015's NFC Champion Carolina Panther (#70) and Pro Bowler, Trai Turner. In his 3rd season in the league, he has been noted by Sports Illustrated (he also nabbed a cover) as one of the NFL's best guards. He's also a man who knows how to live in the moment, stay humble and loves wowing off the field with his sense of style.

TT: You couldn't prepare yourself, it was one of those things where each time, I was stuck in the moment. So when I was at practice, I was focused on preparing for the Super Bowl. When I was doing media, my mind was focused on talking with the press about the game. When it was time to chill, I was in the mode of chilling before the game.

ATHLEISURE MAG: When did you know that you wanted to be a football player? Share your journey of what the past few years have been like?

AM: Your nickname is "The Professor" how did you get the name and who makes your eyewear?

When you play, you always think about the moment of being able to play one of the biggest games, but I always stayed focused in my moments and mode. It's ultimately the greatest day of my sport.

TT: My GM, Dave Gettleman gave me that nickname. I don't really like to go through a lot of he say, he works for me. It just came about one day (his glasses). I try to go a little square, because I'm a big guy and I have a pretty big face. I like to go with the square as it offsets everything else.

TRAI TURNER: I started playing football around 6 and I was like, I just want to do this. In short, I didn't really know how I would get there, but I knew that that was where I was going to go and I was going to do it. Some of my steps included playing football at St Augustine Highschool, which helped me out. I started in 7th grade and continued until 12th grade, excluding the crazy period of time with Hurricane Katrina that came. After the hurricane, I came back and finished up and got a scholarship to Louisiana State University for 3 years and boom here I am! That's what happened.

As far as brands, I have been wearing Tom Ford frames. What I usually do is I get sunglasses and then get my lenses perscribed to them. Before that, I had some Gucci's - I love adding various frames to my rotation. My favorite frames would have to be from Cartier - I love the elongated square frames that they make.

AM: You run a mean 40 yard dash - how did you get so fast?

AM: Clearly you're a man who makes statements (which our Style Director, a Statement Stylist can appreciate) - s0 we have to ask about your red carpet appearance at this year's ESPY Awards, who were you wearing and what was the thought process behind the look - you're definitely comfortable in your own skin!

TT: I think I credit that to my mom and dad and just having good genes. Being the big guy that I am (6'3" 310lbs), you don't really expect that I think - especially from an Offensive Guard at least. My parents gave me the gift and I just work hard.

TT: I appreciate that. I know a lot of people look at big guys in a certain mode. I know I don't fit that mode but I'm just trying to build my own - that's all.

AM: What was it like going to Super Bowl 50 and how did you prepare for that? 2016.Oct

- 15 -

Elba designed the suit. I just told him that I wanted something in green (green is my favorite color). I looked at Kenneth Love's suit which was real casual and that's me, I'm not too over the top with too much going on. I just wanted something simple, nice and clean. The shoes were a special snakeskin print from Gucci.

it just looks nice. A lot of people don't see someone of my stature doing those kind of things. It's eye opening because of my size but it also looks good.

AM: Will we see you design your own suits or do a collaboration?

TT: Mon we come in to see what happened - what went right and what went wrong. Just to see what happened in the game. Tuesday will be updates. We have practice on Wed through Fri. Sat you come in and put it all together and fine tune it. Sunday is go time and how you put it all together.

AM: What's your day like when you're practicing for the big game and what's the week look like?

TT: As far as my own line, right now I don't really think about that kind of stuff. My ultimate goal is to be some kind of brand ambassador - I would love to as I don't see many people who look like me doing those kinds of things. I would love to take on that task.

AM: I'm sure it's less intense, but what are your off-season days like?

If I could take on a collab and just share my input as well as have my name on it that works too. But as far as me having my own name on it, I'd rather to stick to wearing other people's nice clothes.

TT: Off is not the same type of intensity, but it is still a pretty good work. I get up early in the morning to workout, take a nap in the afternoon and then kind of go shopping or something!

AM: Besides eyewear, do you have other accessories that you like to include in your style?

AM: You really liked how accessible Curren$y was to you and how you felt that was important - to be accessible to your fans. How do you do that with your fans?

TT: I like watches - I think everyone has a go to watch. Mine is a simple gold one. I have 2 chains that I like to wear that signifies me - my SuckaFree chains which I wore at the ESPYS. But my glasses - that's my thing. I'm really getting into my frame game now and I'm starting to expand them.

TT: I'm trying to do a better job through social media. It's kind of tough in my position as I play Right Guard as people are not always looking at me necessarily. People who do look at me and do recognize me, I try to be open and approachable. I feel like I just play football honestly. My job is just broadcasted. Everybody has a job and so do I - I just don't watch you file papers or write articles - you watch me play football.

AM: What is your personal style when you're off the field? TT: I like to put on clothes. I feel when you put on clothes, you look good and you feel good. I started thinking that I have all this stuff, but then it just sits there - so I just put it on. So I try to look snazzy wherever I go - even when I go to work. I shop by pieces and not by the outfit. When I select my outfit, I say "I want to wear this piece today" and I throw on this look and 2016.Oct

AM: When Cam Newton is celebrating with his Dab, how do you jump in? TT: I kind of take the background on all of that. That's not really one of my fortes to get involved in the celebration. The reason why I say that is so much stuff be go- 16 -


- 17 -

ing on because of the rules and I don't want to make any mistakes. I'd rather just do my job and once we get to the sidelines - we can cut up. Then when we get to the locker room, we can go all the way to get celebrations going. AM: How do you stay balanced with so many things going on? TT: I think it goes hand in hand with me putting on clothes. Think about it, you have to work extremely hard to afford nice clothes. I don't care what pricepoint you're at. To afford nice clothes on a daily basis you have to work extremely hard. Then the feeling that you get when you put them on, it just feels good - you look good. All of my energy is there. My vibe and my smile is there. It just brings them together and it makes my day that much sweeter.


- 18 -


- 19 -


- 20 -


- 21 -

It's all about having clean and pampered skin, which means that you want to ensure that it's clean and healthy. This month's Athleisure Beauty includes a must to remove makeup, a device that cleans and pampers the skin and an oil that maintains your glow that can be used for the entire body. | ARBONNE Genius Ultra | IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Makeup | JĀSÖN Smoothing Coconut Oil | KIKO MILANO Pure Clean Scrub + Peel Wipes | EOS Berry Blossom Body Lotion |



PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Cordero STYLIST Kimmie Smith MUA Kat Osorio HAIR Rue Mendez MODEL Jam/Wilhelmina Models MODEL Jordan/Wilhelmina Models MODEL Kaci Tansey/Major Model MODEL Mike Press/MSA

| COVER, BACK COVER | ULTRACOR Motion Lux Knockout Print Unitard | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Necklace + Ring | | LEFT | ULTRACOR Level Amp Pixelate Crop Top | X BY GOTTEX Mesh + Zipper Embellished Leggings | NIKE Sneakers | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Necklace | VICTORINOX Alliance Watch | | THIS PAGE | X BY GOTTEX Sports Bra | ULTRACOR Ultra SIlk Pixelate Leggings | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Necklace + Ring |

| LEFT | X BY GOTTEX Sports Bra | ULTRACOR Ultra SIlk Pixelate Leggings | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Necklace + Ring | UNDER ARMOUR Sneakers | | MIDDLE | ULTRACOR Level Amp Pixelate Crop Top | X BY GOTTEX Mesh + Zipper Embellished Leggings | NIKE Sneakers | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Necklace | VICTORINOX Alliance Watch | MADE BY FRESSKO Tour Fressko Flask | | RIGHT | PRJON White Criss Cross CLassic Sports Bra | ROXY X COURREGES Running Jacket | X BY GOTTEX Python Print + Mesh Legging | RYKA Aurora Shoes | VICTORINOX Architecture Urban Voltaire Tote/ Backpack | MISFIT Ray | SEQUIN JEWELRY Talisman Necklace | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Ring |


- 33 -


- 34 -

| SPENGLISH Tee | LUCY CLOTHING Leggings | NIKE Sneakers | VICTORINOX Alliance Watch | ICE + JAM Lipstick |


- 35 -


- 36 -


- 37 -


- 38 -

| LEFT | SPENGLISH Tank | LUCY CLOTHING Leggings | NIKE Sneakers | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Necklace | VICTORINOX Alliance Watch | COTOPAXI Chumpi Travel Duffle | | THIS PAGE | X BY GOTTEX Sports Bra | LUCY CLOTHING Jogger | MISFIT Ray | SEQUIN JEWELRY Talisman Necklace | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Ring | 2016.Oct

- 39 -

| LEFT | X BY GOTTEX Black/Gold Tank | ULTRACOR Ultra Silk Slash Leggings | | MIDDLE | PRJON High Perfomance Leotard with Mesh Sleeve Bodysuit | PRJON Form Fitting Leggings with Calf Zigzag Mesh in Pink | | RIGHT | ULTRACOR Sports Bra | SECRET LIVES OF TECHNO WIVES When the Sun Goes Down Leggings | PROPS ATHLETICS Props Freedom in Grey/Neon Yellow |

| LEFT | IMAXSHIFT We Ride Tank | X BY GOTTEX Black + Gold Mesh Leggings | NIKE Sneakers |

| X BY GOTTEX Black + Gold Sports Bra | ROXY X COURREGES Running Pant |

| COTOPAXI Llama T-Shirt | VICTORINOX Alliance Watch | ULTRACOR Ultra Silk Stylist Pixelate Leggings |

| ULTRACOR Motion Lux Knockout Print Unitard | VICTORINOX Erika II | UNDER ARMOUR Sneakers | QUILTED KOALA Luxe North South Bag in Grey Camo | STERLING FOREVER JEWELRY Necklace + Ring |


- 50 -

Our ATHLEISURE LIST features premier fitness gyms and spas with you. We share the methods, offerings, amenities and more. On Oct 17th, we launched ATHLEISURE LIVE which features a fitness method of note that we host a session and select curated goodie bags for our fitness and fashion influencers and media. We kicked off our first one at IMAXShift and took a moment to find out more about this DUMBO gym.

industries that all seem to follow the same approach. We partnered with two of the leading indoor cycling instructors in NYC, Jesse and Bree, to ensure that IMAXShift is a performance-driven workout that is as fun as it is effective. AM: In addition to the current location, are their plans to open additional ones? BM: The first IMAXShift location in DUMBO is a pilot designed to prove out an entirely new approach to fitness. Early customer response has been extremely positive. If this concept proves successful, our goal would be to expand to several new locations along the east coast such as Boston or DC in the backend of 2017.

ATHLEISURE MAG: What is IMAXShift and what is the meaning behind the name? BRYAN MARCOVICI: IMAXShift is all about getting away from the repetitive and monotonous workout routine. The name is about getting people to ‘shift’ their expectations about what fitness can be and expect more from their ride. We want people to expect the magic of IMAX, to understand how being fully immersed in a visual experience can change the way they perform, the effort they give, and the enjoyment and results they get back. It’s about transporting your mind while you transform your body.

AM: What amenities are offered? BM: In staying true to the IMAX brand, we sought to make the entire experience in our studio a premium one. We offer Redken products in the locker rooms as well as Detox Dry Shampoo. More importantly, we’ve partnered with Glam&Go to open a salon within our space that offers express styling services to our riders.

BREE BRANKER: IMAXShift is indoor cycling powered by IMAX. We have the great fortune of IMAX branding, giving us their theatre geometry, sound technology, and that big famous screen. Our goal is to use the screen to enhance your workout, immersing you in inspiring footage to help you achieve next-level results.

AM: Do you sell apparel in your studio? BM: We have a small, but growing, line of private label apparel designed to showcase our brand and give a shout-out to the amazing DUMBO community around us.

JESSE ALEXANDER: IMAXShift is a visual, physical, emotional, visceral journey that takes you sprinting, jogging and climbing all over the world BEYOND it. Our name comes from the basis of "Shifting" your reality. Prepare to lose yourself and gain everything.

AM: What types of workouts are offered? BB: We have our signature ride, which is an eclectic blend of scenic footage, digital performance based worlds, and music videos; giving you a variety of high intensity bursts of energy balanced with internal and emotional moments. We have a music video ride which is a mix of fun and current music videos, inspiring more of a let go and have fun vibe in the studio, never leaving out our beloved intervals.

AM: Who are the creators of IMAXShift and what are their backgrounds? BM: Mark Weinberg (COO) and I (CEO) are seasoned managers who look for opportunities to disrupt existing businesses or 2016.Oct

- 51 -

And lastly we have theme rides, some based in music such as a Beyonce ride, and some based in visuals such as the Around the World in 45 Minutes Ride. We have also done current event themes such as the Olympics Ride showcasing all of the summer events as well as a Suicide Squad ride, featuring footage from the movie and the soundtrack. Last but not least we have strength and recovery workshops in the lobby after certain classes in a series called FLOORPLAY, educating our riders on their bodies and ways they can use the studio space before and after class to enhance their performance and increase their social activity. JA: At IMAXShift we offer our "signature ride" where you will hear all the beats from Hip hop, Pop, remixes, EDM and a throwback or 2 that will make you either shout, smile or flex (I like to flex!). You'll see visuals ranging from racing over the oceans in Hawaii, riding the beat through the Galaxy (note-avoid the asteroids!), or sprinting through our music reactive digital worlds. Theme rides for the holidays include Disclosure V Diplo, East Coast v West Coast Hip hop (we will be TAKING YOU to those coasts), and of course Beyonce V Jay Z. Not like any theme ride you've taken before. Come Ride Beyond.


- 52 -


- 53 -


- 54 -


- 55 -


EAST END ROW East End Row is a boutique rowing studio founded in Southampton NY. The Hamptons is a region of Long Island that is colloquially referred to as “The East End,” known for it’s world class beaches a perfect spot to conceive a fitness class based on a water rower. East End Row was founded by husband and wife team, Liza and Alan Benson. Liza has been a boutique fitness addict since the late 90s. Liza introduced her husband, Alan, to her obsession and they both found rowing to be the most effective total body workout that treated their joints kindly! Alan and Liza are joined by master instructor Jess Lynn who designed the unique program that focuses on rowing choreographed to music in “waves.” Southampton’s premier rowing studio, is opening its first NYC location on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in mid-October. East End Row launched on to the Southampton fitness scene in May of 2016 and quickly became one of the “hottest workouts in the Hamptons” according to the NY Observer and the “It” workout according to Beaches Magazine. The first Manhattan outpost will be docked on East 74th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues, just three blocks from the 6 train, making it a convenient fitness destination for more than just Upper East Side dwellers. East End Row’s classes are conducted on The GX Water Rower, a high-end rowing machine outfitted with a water-filled flywheel. The new studio will maintain the same high standards and amenities to which East End Row’s Southampton clientele has grown ac2016.Oct

customed to including complimentary bottled water and fresh towels in a beautifully executed boutique studio setting. Their own high end apparel is also sold. The East End Row method consists of an instructor led class on low-impact water rowers, incorporating weight-based strength training. This unique format choreographs traditional rowing pyramids to hit music – these “waves,” as they are known at East End Row, promise a heart pumping workout. - 56 -


- 57 -


PHYSIQUE 57 Physique 57 is a boutique fitness studio that offers group fitness classes with its signature barre method. The first studio opened on East 57th Street in Manhattan with a signature class of 57 minutes, so it seemed like a perfect name. Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi and Tanya Becker are the co-founders of Physique 57. Jennifer came from a background on Wall Street and Tanya has always been a dancer and fitness instructor. Physique 57 was born when Jennifer’s favorite studio, The Lotte Berk Method, announced it was closing its doors. Jennifer recruited Tanya, a beloved and leading Lotte Berk instructor and the two joined forces in an effort to reinvent the fitness industry. Currently, Physique 57 has 8 locations – 4 in New York City, 1 in the Hamptons, 1 in Beverly Hills, and 2 internationally (Bangkok and Dubai). It plans to continue expanding to various cities internationally. In the meantime, anyone can access anytime and anywhere via our VOD platform. All of the NYC studios have separate locker rooms for men and women with showers, towels, shower caps, hair dryers, brushes and all the essential (and not so essential) toiletries one would need to get ready for the day (specifically shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, deodorant, dry shampoo, hairspray, cotton swabs, etc).

then stretch them for relief. The effective process, called Interval Overload, includes muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves, and fluid stretches. Each class blends the most effective elements of cardio, strength training, and stretching to sculpt your body and burn fat. Plus, workouts target all areas of the body, from head to toe, and all the small and large muscle groups in between, to get every inch cinched in just 57 minutes. No two classes are ever alike so you’ll never reach that dreaded fitness plateau. Expert and inspiring instructors make sure your form is correct so you're sure to get in the most effective, safe and challenging workout. Special holiday classes and workshops are offered around the holidays. Some of these include a “Sizzle and Soothe” workshop around Thanksgiving and a “Barre Crawl” around St. Patrick’s Day. Plus special Black Friday promotions in both our studio and on VOD are offered to give our clients some extra motivation to stay committed during the festivities.

Most Physique 57 locations have retail; they sell both branded merchandise as well as fitness and athleisure brands such as MICHI, Alo, and Spiritual Gangster. All of the workouts are based on the essential principles of Physique 57: using your own bodyweight as resistance to target all the mucles in your body to the point of fatigue 2016.Oct

- 58 -


- 59 -

f o t r A e Th Snack e th

OATMEAL Oatmeal isn't just for breakfast and it includes a number of sweet and savory ways that it can be consumed. We have a fun mix by, Maple and Oat Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches and Agua de Avena. 2016.Oct

- 62 -

Photo on the right, courtesy of


- 63 -

TUSCAN BEAN AND KALE Via Grainful Ingredients: Water Kidney Beans Garbanzo Beans 100% Whole Grain Steel Cut Oats (Gluten Free) Tomatoes Kale Tomato Paste Onions Garlic Olive Oil Salt Granulated Garlic Parsley Oregano Basil Directions: The Art of the Snack always looks at various treats that one can enjoy with shared ingredients and we include a recipe so you can make it yourself! But every now and then, it's nice to have something that is already made.We love that Grainful focuses on savory meals using Steel Cut Oatmeal. For our Gluten Free friends, this is a must to have in your freezer! Simply follow the directions on the back of the box to heat this conveniently (and easily) in your microwave.

MAPLE AND OAT BANANA ICE CREAM SANDWICHES Via Lorie's Mississippi Kitchen Ingredients: 4 tablespoons butter 1/2 cup maple syrup 3 cups quick oats 1 1/2 cups finely chopped walnuts 5 medium very ripe bananas, peeled and cut into small chunks and completely frozen 5 teaspoons maple syrup Directions: Heat butter and 1/2 cup maple syrup in a small sauce pan, whisking until melted and smooth. Place the oats and walnuts in a large mixing bowl. Add the maple syrup mixture and mix to evenly coat. Line two 8 x 8 inch square pans with foil letting foil hang over sides, then lightly spray with cooking spray. Divide the oat mixture between the two pans, pressing firmly and evenly into the bottom of the pan. Freeze until very firm, about 3-4 hours in deep freeze. Place the bananas in a food processor with 5 teaspoons maple syrup and process until smooth and creamy. Immediately spread the banana ice cream evenly over one frozen oat layer. Carefully lift the other frozen oat layer out of the pan by using the foil, then peel the foil off and place on top of the ice cream, pressing down slightly. Freeze until firm. Remove from pan using the foil to lift it out, then cut into bars quickly. Tip: Peel very ripe bananas and freeze them on a baking sheet that has been lightly sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. When they are frozen they go into a ziplock bag to store in the freezer for smoothies or ice cream.

Courtesy of Lorie's Mississippi Kitchen


- 65 -

Photo courtesy of Vida + Bienestar

AGUA DE AVENA Via Vida Bienestar Ingredients: 1 cup of oatmeal 1 green apple 1 tablespoon of flaxseed 2 cups water Directions: Cut the apple into cubes with the skin and seeds. Blend all ingredients.


- 68 -

Whether you purchase your favorite Kombucha from your local Whole Foods, Farmer's Market or make it yourself, there has been an increase in demand of this beverage has taken with a wellness plan for your lifestyle. Stephen Lee, co-founder of Tazo Tea and the founder of Wonder Drink, created a book that looks at Kombucha as a lifestyle with over 75 recipes of homemade brews, elixirs, mixers and even sauces for meals. In his own words, Stephen shares insight on what led him to creating this book and sharing the revolution with fans around the world. In addition, if you're looking for ways to infuse Kombucha in different ways, we have selected a recipe worth trying.

something strange. There, on the nightstand next to Mrs. Lisovski’s bed, was a one-gallon jug of brownish liquid with cheesecloth stretched over the top. I felt ridiculously guilty peering into the bedroom of an eighty-year-old woman, but I couldn’t resist taking a closer look at that jar. Straining my eyes in the dim light, I saw something really odd. There was a pancake-sized gelatinous blob floating on top of the fluid. When I returned to the kitchen, I admitted to Peter that I had looked into his mother’s bedroom, and then rather sheepishly asked what was in the glass jar. He laughed and then reached into the refrigerator. He pulled out a pitcher and poured us both a glass. “It’s kombucha. My mother calls it mushroom tea,” he told me.


Kombucha. It’s been called the “elixir of life,” a cure-all that detoxifies the body, aids digestion, reenergizes the mind, and even helps reverse the symptoms of cancer. Drink several glasses of this fermented tea a day and, according to some, its healing properties will lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, reduce hot flashes, and create a general sense of well-being. Its origins are shrouded in mystery. Twothousand-year-old fables tell of exhausted warriors rejuvenating their weary bodies by drinking a fermented concoction infused with tea leaves. Even its name, pronounced com-BOO-cha, connotes something both alien and ancient. Nobody seems to know where it came from or how long it’s been around. I discovered kombucha on one of my many tea-selling trips to Russia. I had been in the tea business for more than twenty years at the time, and while I had heard about this exotic tea drink called kombucha, I had never tasted it. One night I was having dinner with an associate at his St. Petersburg apartment. Peter lived with his mother—I knew her only as Mrs. Lisovski—and after a wonderful meal of borscht, piroshkies, and lots of pickled vegetables, I excused myself to use their loo. On my way down the narrow hall, I looked through an open door on my right and saw

When I tasted Mrs. Lisovski’s brew, I was amazed. There was effervescence to it— the lightly carbonated beverage tickled my tongue—with a tanginess that my taste buds told me was like an apple cider flavor. The finish was slightly acidic, yet the overall mouth feel was very pleasurable. I had never experienced anything like it. I begged for the story behind this wonderful drink. Through Peter’s translation, Mrs. Lisovski related the story of how her great aunt from Siberia had passed down the recipe for her chainii grib. She received her “mother” culture in 1939 and had been making a batch every week since. I later did the math and marveled at the fact I was drinking batch number 2,860 of Mrs. Lisovski’s personal brew. What blew me away was before I left the apartment, the lovely little lady presented me with a peeled-off section of this grayish-white patty (think bottom half of a hamburger bun). I knew what it was (after all, I had spied it on her nightstand), but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it. Peter explained that it was common practice for anyone who made “mushroom tea” to peel off the top layer of the “mother” and give it to a neighbor or friend so they could use it to make their own batch of kombucha.


- 70 -

GREEN PAPAYA SALAD The two papayas commonly grown are red and yellow in color, but pick either early, and it’s called a green papaya. The unripe green fruit isn’t sweet; it is actually kind of sour, which works well with the tanginess of kombucha in this ultimately savory dish. Combine with tastes common to Thai cuisine— fish sauce, hot chiles, salt, sugar, and sour lime—and you have a bowlful of complex flavors sure to please as a precursor to dinner or as an entrée that can stand alone. If available, you can substitute fresh Thai chiles for the chili paste. Serves 4 to 6 1/2 cup plain kombucha 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 2 tablespoons Thai or Vietnamese fish sauce 1 tablespoon sambal olec chili paste 2 tablespoons lightly packed brown sugar 3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced 1 large green papaya, peeled and shredded or finely julienned 2 cups grape tomatoes, halved 1 bunch cilantro, coarsely chopped 1/2 cup macadamia nuts, chopped and toasted Combine the kombucha, lime juice, fish sauce, sambal olec, brown sugar, and garlic in a bowl and mix. Add the papaya, tomatoes, cilantro, and macadamia nuts and toss until well mixed.

CREDIT | Kombucha Revolution, by Stephen Lee and Ken Koopman (Ten Speed Press, 2014) PHOTOGRAPHY COPYRIGHT 2014 by Leo Gong


- 72 -

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- 73 -

When you hit your studio of choice, it's about having what you need to optimize your workout as well as when you transition from the gym to your next location! Regardless of the premium amenities, it's all about the ones that you know that you love! We have this month's must haves that you'll enjoy having on hand. | HFACTOR Hydrogen Rich | BRAVEN Braven 105 | LIPAULT Lady Plume Weekender Bag | FITBIT Charge 2 | KORRES Greek Yoghurt Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes | THE BODY SHOP Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream | TATA HARPER Recovery Gel 2016.Oct

- 74 -



- 75 -


P. 76/77 | DBRIE SWIM Bikini Top | KIRA GRACE Grace Yoga Tights in Gold Brocade | FOREVER 21 Tortoise Necklace | MELA ARTISANS Gold Necklace + Cuff | MONET Wrist + Finger Bracelet | THIS PAGE | DBRIE SWIM Swimsuit | AMANDA SMITH Scarf | FOREVER 21 Necklace |

LEFT | DBRIE SWIM Bikini | FOREVER 21 Bracelet; bottom right | MELA ARTISANS Necklace + Bracelet; left | H&M Bracelet; top right | AMANDA SMITH Scarf | THIS PAGE | DBRIE SWIM Swimsuit + Choker | ECOTE Scarf | FOREVER 21 Long Necklace + Ankle Bracelets | OLD NAVY Ring |


- 82 -

| DBRIE SWIM Bikini | FOREVER 21 Bracelet | MELA ARTISANS Thow in Navy + Intensity in Blue Pillow | TARGET Mint Green Striped Pillow | HIPTIPICO Cotzal Weekender Tote Bag |


- 84 -

We truly enjoyed chatting with the founder of Healthy HooHoo, Stacy Lyon who is a 20 year ski veteran turned, feminine care brand. As we chatted about parabens, women's bodies, fitness and her gypsy soul - time and time again she continued to echo her sentiment of "you can't pick your lightbulb moment." ATHLEISURE MAG: Why did you create Healthy HooHoo? STACY LYON: I always say, it was the perfect storm. One of the main reasons I started a few years ago when my roommate from college called me up and said she had breast cancer. It was one of those conversations where your inner eagle comes out. I had never had a friend who had cancer and so you start asking all of these questions. You want to know, what did she do that I don't want to do that causes cancer? So I asked her, "now that you know that you have cancer, what are you doing to change your diet - what are the doctor's saying?" She explained that the doctors found a paraben in her breast tissue biopsy. I had never heard of that word "paraben" before and I felt that I was pretty aware - but it caught me off guard. She explained that it is a preservative that is found in a lot of our products and that they found this toxin in her breast cancer tissue. It lives in fatty tissue like in our breasts and reproductive areas where women carry all these fats. She joked that she had changed all of her products, except for her feminine wash. I thought, "who still uses that?" That was early in the week and by the middle of the week my triathalete buddy was training with me for the Danskin Triathalon and she complained that she had issues down there and what I had done. I explained that you should let it be and not douche. But it made me research this. Then that Fri, my gynecologist said she was getting

out of the practice and that a lot of people were getting vaginities and vagitosis. She said that 10 - 20 years ago she didn't see this because women now have a high sugar diet, we're over cleansing and we wear tight synthetic fabrics. At the time, she was referring to the tight polyester thong. As the pelvis moves, the thong moves from back to front as you walk and it relocates microscopic bacteria. I'm here in Bend, Oregon, home of the most fit human beings - and I will be heading to the gym and am already in my active clothes. Everyone runs around with kinseology tape because we're home to some of the best runners and it's all about active leisure. I walk a fine line, because I wear all of this stuff but then I have to also tout the fact that I am here for one thing only - vulva and vaginal health. AM: We love wearing the gear when we're running errands or hitting our studio fitness centers. Various workouts put you in more contact with bikes and other apparatuses. SL: You hit it right on the head. I found this because I had a light bulb moment after this strange week of hearing from women. My background comes from spending 20 years in the ski industry. I came up with the idea 7 years ago and we launched 4 years ago. All my ski industry buddies now joke that I used to talk verticals and now I talk vagina! I always joke that I wished it had been something in the wine industry but you can't pick your lightbulb moments. Parabens actually do their job as they keep bacteria from growing in our products. Many times, the bacteria is worse then the parabens. My semi-business partner who is a retired gynecologist, she figures out that the parabens' fragrance is the worst chemical of them all. We run into problems when we layer this stuff on everyday. So think about your makeup,

skincare, hair products etc - it's not just one product that we're using but the culmination of the mass use.

healthiest option out there.

I had never used any wipes before. Years ago, I did a long backpacking trip in Nepal which meant being out there for weeks without showering. So I thought I would use a feinine wipe and I literally used one and immediately got a rash! I threw them out.

SL: pH is the alkalenity of the vagina. The big thing here is, I spend much of my day educating people on the difference between the vagina and the vulva.

So the wipes were created as I love to travel and have a gypsy soul and needed something for those times. The other products are for the shower obviously. What I like to say is that my gynecologist and partner says that we should all be washing with water, but the vulva has a lot of sweat glands and creates a lot of heat. When you are sweaty, you need to remove the sweat as that is where the bacteria grows. So if you are working out, you have to do a little more then just water and this is the

AM: What is pH and what is the best range?

The vagina is all the inside bits. It's a self cleaning oven, we leave it alone and don't need to touch it. It's really similar to the inside of the nose (we wash our faces but not the inside of our noses). You wash your vulva. So it's the vagina's pH that is the whole key to keeping everything happy. If you can keep the pH of the vagina in a certain range - it keeps it at its age appropriate acidic environment. I say age appropriate because it changes. We're very alkaline as little girls and then when our periods start, we drop to a very acid state sometimes as low as 4.2/4.3. That acidity goes up and down everyday based on our thyroids, hormones, stress

LIGHTBULB MOMENT A Conversation with Stacy Lyon

levels, what we have eaten etc. The pH can change without our massive intervention by messing it up with soap and other things like that. Periods really can kick off the alkaline and some people receive yeast infections at that time because during menses the pH can rise. As she goes into menopause, the acidity starts to climb and she will go from the low 3s to the low 5s. 7 is right down the middle (it goes from 0 - 14). So if you think about it this way, the vagina's acid environment is there as a protective barrier. The bacteria can't multiply in this environment so it is brilliant by design. It's there because the neanderthal gal was getting bread and she was protected by her acid environment. The key is to keep it as acidic as possible and it is affected by dozens of things. We can control it by our diet, exercise, what we wear and how we cleanse ourselves. AM: Will there be additional products? SL: These products are the core and I have 3 products that are in development now in the hands of the coolest gal who really loves to work out! She's a Yale graduate and natural product chemist and she is the one that comes up with the formulas. She tests them and then we test them on friends and then perform stability tests, pH tests, paraben tests - and third party laboratory tests. These care products will be out late Spring '17. They are there to help women who have a few more issues. They are not FDA - they're really gentle and mild. AM: Where is Happy HooHoo sold? SL: Right now we're expanding within Whole Foods as we're in 5 regions currently. We're not in the NYC region just yet, but from Connecticut all the way to Maine. We have been expanding in the natural world. I love my products being sold in natural homeopathic clinics as it seems to be doing really well there. Since we're there, the doctors will say, we know

you're using something more then just water and you can't talk many patients into just using water. We're weeks away from launching our brand new Shopify website. So we've always been wholesale, pharmacy, etc but this is one of those products that women want to buy from the comfort of their home. We know that we do well on Amazon so we were like, ok if we're doing this well, we need to sell direct. Anna Kaiser just called me up as she has our bottles in her gym shower. We did a trunk show with her last fall so we included the single wipes within her AKT in Motion Road Show swag bag. She's a big fan and she has that great A list clientele. AM: Do you guys work with any charities? SL: I don't have a direct charity but we do a lot of philanthropy. We work with #HappyPeriod, they do menstratuation kits for homeless teens and women. We donated 20,000 wipes to Togo Africa for their Clitoral Mutalation Clinic. We work with a lot of homeless shelters!

By Ron Mwangaguhunga

perfect metaphors, one cannot fail to note, for the zombie banks which depressed Japan two decades ago, ravaged the global economy in 2008 and that now haunt the shell-shocked European landscape still.

As we move uneasily through this season of Election and Halloween as well as All Souls and All Saints, the veil between the living and the dead is now at its most narrow. It is perhaps instructive in this season to be a little reflective about the apocalyptic tone of all and everything nowadays.

Things Sci-fi, visions dystopian as well as this whole post-apocalyptic gamut overwhelm not just our televisions and mobile devices. Twenty-two of the highest grossing domestic horror films of all time on the big screen have occurred since the Great Recession of 2008. That number shouldn't be entirely surprising, however. Films that most accurately reflect the political and economic realities of their age generally do well at the box office. The horror genre, as an art form, reflects the country’s psychic trauma. The Exorcist, according to that little theory, is perhaps

Clearly we are in the midst of a post-apocalyptic TV renaissance. Some of the finest examples of this chilling genre, suffused with icy elements of dystopian-realism are, in no particular order: Black Mirror, Mr. Robot and The Leftovers. Two television shows I personally admire the most are the ratings record-breaking Walking Dead and The Strain. Both shows fearure guts galore but also reanimated corpses, 2016.Oct

- 92 -

the most magnificent artistic representation of post-Watergate America. To find the reasons for the horror/dystopian/post-apocalypse saturation one need only look to our most recent economic trauma. The last time the horror genre in particular was so culturally relevant in these United States was during the 1980s, at the height of Ronald Reagan’s then-astonishing budget deficits. Is there, one might ask, some direct mathematical correlation between our collective national financial peril – underemployment? The industrial and manufacturing job suck? Our alarming budget deficits? – And our felt-need as a people for sanguinary satisfaction? Is there some phantom algorithm that could solve the link between Trump and gore? That brings me to the goriest of all blood sports: Election 2016. It takes a strong stomach to handle this hot mess. In the gladiatorial fundament this year we have Donald Trump representing the freakishly Third Reich-Ian alt right and, on the other, more Establishmentarian side, another Clinton in that dynastic, power-hording succession. Charmed, I’m sure (Averted Gaze). In this most unusual and unprecedented of elections – when was the last time the Grand Old Party chose a previously unelected businessman to represent the party nationally – we have been “treated” to an ugly, low-rent reality TV show with Weiners and (Billy) Bushes aplenty. Even The Learning Channel, which always stoops to conquer (Exaggerated cough), would pass on this … probably.

was executed slowly. In Season Three, he had his leg amputated on the grounds of the old pig-with-a-pegleg joke: you don’t kill a good pig like that all at once. Evil Corp might as well be Goldman Sachs (wink, wink) where Hillary Clinton gave three closed door speeches at $225,000 apiece (nod, nod). Finally, no figure in the history of American politics embodies so perfectly the sleaziness of the post-apocalyptic landscape more than the Dickensian-named Trump. If this were indeed a musky, unholy, catastrophic Walking Dead-like scenario Trump would clearly be a regular old “Immortan Joe,” with an assortment of wives and grasping heirs to take up the cause after he ascends to the chrome-plated afterlife in Valhalla. An so let us all hope, hand-on-heart and tongue-in-cheek, that one dynastic Establishmentarian defeats the wretched right-wing Great Beast that riseth up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, hoping to establish his own dynasty. Apocalypse, apocalypse forever!

Ron Mwangaguhunga is a Brooklyn based writer focused on media, culture and politics. His work has appeared in Huffington Post, IFC and Tribeca Film Festival, Kenneth Cole AWEARNESS, NY Magazine, Paper Magazine, CBS, and National Review online to name a few. He is currently the editor of the Corsair.

What about Bernie? It is no surprise then that Mr. Robot (catchphrase: “Our democracy has been hacked”) was and is so popular still with the Bernie Sanders demographic. Bernie, to pure to be a winner, reminds me most of the quintessential farmer Hershel Greene of The Walking Dead, killed (of course) in Season Four. The virtuous death of Hershel, however, 2016.Oct

- 93 -


Bingely Books AROUND THE WAY GIRL Taraji P. Henson Simon & Schuster

From Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner, Taraji P. Henson, comes an inspiring and funny book about family, friends, the hustle required to make it from DC to Hollywood, and the joy of living in your own truth. With a sensibility that recalls her beloved screen characters, including Yvette, Queenie, Shug, and the iconic Cookie from Empire, yet is all Taraji, the screen actress writes of her family, the one she was born into and the one she created. She shares stories of her father, a Vietnam vet who was bowed but never broken by life's challenges, and of her mother who survived violence both in the home and on DC's volatile streets. Here too she opens up about her experiences as a single mother, a journey some saw as a burden but which she saw as a gift. 2016.Oct

- 94 -

THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH Kermit Alexander Simon & Schuster

In this gripping memoir, former San Francisco 49er Kermit Alexander shares his thirty-year-journey to redemption after the brutal murder of his family in South Central Los Angeles. With vivid detail, former NFL All Pro and president of the NFL Players Association Kermit tells the full story of the murders that took his mother,

sister, and nephews. The Valley of the Shadow of Death begins when his father moves the family from Louisiana to LA. After his career with the San Francisco 49ers, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles, Kermit returned to LA and lived a short drive from his beloved mother.

HUNGRY HEART Jennifer Weiner Simon & Schuster

Jennifer Weiner is many things: a bestselling author, a Twitter phenomenon, and an “unlikely feminist enforcer” (The New Yorker). She’s also a mom, a daughter and a sister, a former rower and current clumsy yogini, a wife, a friend, and a reality-TV devotee. In her first essay collection, she takes the raw stuff of her life and spins it into a collection of tales of modern-day woman2016.Oct

hood as uproariously funny and moving as the best of Nora Ephron and Tina Fey. Born in Louisiana, raised in Connecticut, educated at Princeton, Jennifer spent years feeling like an outsider (“a Lane Bryant outtake in an Abercrombie & Fitch world”) before finding her people in newsrooms, and her voice as a novelist, activist, and New York Times columnist. - 95 -


Bingely Streaming INTO THE INFERNO Netflix

In addition to original Netflix programming, the streaming network has a number of orginal documentaries that they will continue to roll out over the next few months. Into The Inferno focuses on the science, wonder andvolatile nature of volcanos. Werner Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer embark upon a global journey exploring some of the world’s most mythical volcanoes in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Iceland and North Korea. Speaking with scientists and indigenous peoples alike, they seek to understand the complex and deeply rooted relationship between mankind and one of nature’s greatest wonders. Produced by Werner Herzog Film and Spring Films, Into the Inferno artfully blends reportage, history and philosophy into a riveting cinematic experience.


- 96 -


If reruns and bingeing on House has been apart of your routine, you can now catch Hugh Laurie on his next show which brings him back to the world of science - with a number of twists and turns. He swicthes from east coast's Gregory House to the west coast as Eldon Chance. The differences between the characters and stories are vast!

er, a San Francisco-based forensic neuropsychiatrist who reluctantly gets sucked into a violent and dangerous world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness. Consider your weekends changed.

Based on Kem Nunn's novel, Chance is described as a provocative noir pyschological thrill-


Amazon Prime's original show starring Billy Bob Thorton and William Hurt - is one that will fill up your weekend of choice. Created by David E. Kelly and Jonathan Shapiro, this court room drama has a stellar cast. Once a powerful lawyer, Billy McBride is now a drink who is burned out and washed up, spending more time in a bar than a courtroom. When he reluctantly agrees to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the biggest client of the massive law firm he helped create, Billy and his ragtag 2016.Oct

team uncover a vast and deadly conspiracy, pitting them all in a life or death trial against the ultimate Goliath. In addition to the case, complications exist as he fights for a case he believes in from the law firm that he created which his ex-wife and former partner continue to work at.

- 97 -

Next month, the TSC NY Marathon kicks off in its 45th year on Nov 6th when over 50,000 runners will tackle a day of running through NYC's iconic 5 boroughs. Many are still prepping for their inaugural or anniversary runs and we have a few items for this month's #Athspo for our Marathoners! Make sure to stay connected to the action by following #TCSNYCMARATHON. For our runners in training, we're obsessing with New Balance X J Crew's new active line that just dropped as you can never go wrong with colorblocking!


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Beauty Essentials

with Celebrity MUA, Rae Morris 2016.Oct

- 102 -

We took a moment with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Rae Morris who is renowned as one of the most influential Makeup Artists in the world. She is not only a number one best-selling author, but also a four times Australian Makeup Artist of the Year, the longest serving Makeup Director for L’Oreal Paris (2003-2013) and has been inducted into multiple Halls of Fame. With the success of her new book, Makeup Masterclass, which took 2 years to shoot in Australia as well as NYC, we talked about her new release, her must have tools that she designed and what makeup is an essential that we should know about. ATHLEISURE MAG: How did you know that you wanted to be a makeup artist and who were your inspirations? RAE MORRIS: In the 80’s, I was a model for about 5 minutes, and that was a time when faces were transformed to look “unrecognizable.” That’s when my love for makeup began. I was also blessed to be around the birth of Culture Club, Marilyn, and Ziggy Stardust, where men wore as much sometimes more makeup than women! AM: Makeup Masterclass is such a powerful and comprehensive book that showcases tools, maintaining skin, methods and the end result of creating a large number of looks that are popular whether they are rocked on the streets, or in a number of shows/movies that we watch. How did you go about putting this project together? RM: The experience from the previous five books really helped, but the aim was to create a book that not only combined but also eclipsed all my previous books into one big bible. Probably the hardest bit was putting into words some of the creative processes and techniques that I’ve developed and use everyday. Normally, I would just demonstrate them, but for the book I had to illustrate with words

and diagrams. I’m really proud of how my “Eye Phi” turned out. The project itself ran over 2 years. We shot first in Sydney and then in New York. Then the real work started. In the end, it was almost over-engineered. It had the best paper, rose gold embossed hard cover, dust cover… Our lead designer even flew to the printer and slept there for five days to make sure they got the color grading right! AM: It's been 7 years since you wrote your first book, what do you feel has changed in the industry since then? RM: I can't even believe how much has changed in the industry in the last 7 years since Makeup Guide was released. If I could turn back the clock and be told in that seven year’s time, 13 year-olds will have their own “channel” in the form of youtube, etc and women who never even knew what a contour cream was, would not only know ten types, but they would also know the makeup artist’s secret of applying it. There is so much “free information” available. AM: You have your own line of tools, and in the book you go through the kinds of brushes. that one should have - what are 3 tools from your collection that you suggest that every makeup kit should have? RM: No.3 Ultimate Cheekbone - I believe the most powerful anti-aging thing a woman can do is contour, but it can be confusing. This brush takes all the guesswork out of it for you. It carves the perfect cheekbone in less than 3 strokes. Radiance Brush (26) - I honestly believe no foundation brush comes close to this one. It’s the softest (but still firm) and it works with all foundation types (from liquid to cream to powder) by applying foundation in seconds. It is a favorite of Kelly Roland, Paula Abdul, and Sarah Jessica Parker just ordered one. Also, the Radiance was seen all over the back stage at the McQueen show in Paris.

No 7. Deluxe Point Shader - This brush will change the way you do your eye makeup. It’s super soft, perfect for creating the perfect socket, but just by adding pressure to the brush you can create the best Smokey eye in seconds. NO.14 Perfect eyeliner - Eyeliner brushes are essential, you can use them for the obvious “Eyeliner” tasks or just to intensify your chosen eye shadow around the lash line. I have three sizes in my brush range, as one size does not fit all! You may want a precise fine line or a bold "Audrey Hepburn” line, so I recommend using the the right size brush to achieve the line size that you want. AM: Even skin tone is something that is essential to any makeup look. You share a great tip on how to ensure that you are matching your skin correctly; can you share this with our readers? RM: It’s a myth to match your foundation to your jawline; your neck is usually much paler than your face due to it being blocked from the sun. You always want your face and body to be the same color, so always match it on the décolletage area and if you fake tan you need to darken your base. AM: What makeup/skincare brands do you personally advise that we should have? RM: For makeup I love Nars, M.A.C. and I’m so in love with the I.T concealers and foundations, and Ellis Faas creamy eyes are my favorite. For skin care I love Ultra Cuticles MD, or anything that’s active, I love the little tingle I get when I use the vitamin “A’ and “C’s” and I love having omilux light and gentle peels, I would rather spend the money and go to a dermatologist or a cosmetic physician and see results, than spend so much money on hype. AM: Of the looks that you create in Makeup Masterclass, which ones are your fa-


- 105 -


- 106 -

vorites and which ones do you personally wear yourself? RM: I do love the cover of Shanina Shaik. I love the femininity and the prettiness of the makeup. For me, I don’t actually wear makeup (rarely) to work. I don’t want to show off to my clients what I’m capable of, but if I had to pick a look it would be the second look I did on Shanina. It’s all about the eyeliner, with everything else paired back. AM: What is a day in the life for you as a Celebrity Makeup Artist? RM: Four makeup bags, two assistants, and everyday is different. It’s a balancing act between the photographer, the client, and the model; what they want me to do and what I want to do. So it’s constant consulting and decision-making. It’s more stressful than you might think, especially with all the egos involved (including mine). The makeup is the easy bit. AM: Are you able to tell us celebrity clients that you have worked with and/or those that you would like to work with? RM: Some I can tell. Others I keep quiet for confidentiality reasons, so I don’t get hammered with questions about them when the cameras are off. My “keeping them private policy” is why these clients keep booking me. So here are a few of my faves: Pink, Jessica Biel, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Roland, Paula Abdul, Shanina Shaik, Miranda Kerr, Cyndi lauper, just to name a few… AM: Paula Abdul wrote the forward for your book and we know that you did her makeup on So You Think You Can Dance, Australian edition - how did you get her to be involved with your book? RM: Some celebrities you work with become close friends. I consider Paula a friend, rather then a client now.

Yes, it was on that show that we met and we just started a great friendship. She always had this way of complimenting me and my work. She would say the best quotes about me, to me, so she just was perfect for the job. AM: How do you stay balanced with so many projects that you work on and what fitness methods do you do? RM: I’m actually completely out of balance (balance has never been a word anyone has used to describe me) and I have never exercised. I'm always too exhausted. I was brought up in a gymnasium, my mother was an instructor so it traumatized me for life. It’s always all or nothing, so I’m either working on the most creatively challenging jobs with 5 assistants, or I’m sitting at home watching “Peppa Pig” and playing Play Dough with my two year-old. Or I’m sleeping, so I suppose that’s balance?...



- 108 -



- 109 -

The temperatures are beginning to shift to cooler weather. That means, it's all about your favorite soups as you stay in for a cozy evening. In the spirit of the fall, Athleisure Kitchen presents Pumpkin Soup with Spice Pumpkin Seeds. This dish uses almost all of the pumpin - including the seeds which can be roasted and enjoyed in the soup or eaten separately for a perfect snack. In addition, to showcasing a number of vegetables and fall finds, this shoot is accented by great cooking and plating options as well. This recipe was adapted from Williams-Sonoma Soup of the Day, by Kate McMillan (Weldon Owen, 2011) and made by Chef Rosalie. PUMPKIN SOUP WITH SPICY PUMPKIN SEEDS Prep Time: 35 minutes Cook Time: 75 minutes Servings: 6 Ingredients: 1 small pumpkin, about 3 lb., such as Sugar Pie, peeled, seeded and chopped (seeds reserved) 2 tbs. olive oil Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 3 tbs. unsalted butter 1 yellow onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp. ground cumin 1/2 tsp. ground coriander 4 cups chicken broth For the spicy pumpkin seeds: 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds, cleaned 1 tsp. canola oil 1 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp. ground cumin Pinch of ground cinnamon Directions:


- 114 -


- 119 -

Escape to a Fitness Paradise In The Art of You Luxury Retreat with Terri Walsh By Joseph Pastrana The cooler, winter months, hectic with festive and indulgent holiday parties and dinners, make it particularly easy to gain weight. You can avoid this all too common likelihood, get into the best shape of your life, and enjoy a week-long getaway to a tropical paradise at the same time. The Art of You – created by acclaimed New York celebrity fitness trainer Terri Walsh – is luxury fitness retreat in sundrenched Costa Rica. Custom designed to suit individual needs, Terri takes you on an eight day and seven night journey that explores your strengths, challenges your stamina and ultimately leaves you feeling and looking amazing. "I designed this retreat as a total experience that brings together the best circumstances for achieving incredible results," says Terri. Having trained so many different people through the years, I know how important it is to engage, not just your body but your mind and soul as well. First, removing you from your natural environment and surrounding you with nature’s breathtaking beauty gives you a sense of renewed purpose, to help focus your emotions and intent. My assessment of your physical state then allows me to create a program suited to your needs. The retreat includes your stay and healthy meals (fresh, locally-grown food, also carefully planned by Terri with due accommodation of specific dietary requirements and preferences - including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and paleo based diets), overall fitness assessment, daily measurements with images to visually track progress, custom workout and strength training prescription based on a prior Facetime or Skype consultation with Terri.

As a base of determining precisely what you need, Terri provides three fundamental categories from which to choose: Detox & Push is intensive and goal-specific for brides-to -be or those with upcoming photo shoots or events in mind; Reset & Renew is for rebooting healthy habits and overall rejuvenation; and Jump Start & Focus is geared toward serious fitness and weightloss. Your needs will determine how Terri will designs an appropriate regimen, using her very own ART (Active Resistance Training)® Method – a definitive fitness practice that engages the body’s four active resistance points. The Art of You Luxury Fitness Retreat starts at $15,000.00 for individuals to $20,000.00 for a couple (there’s only one villa) Sunday to Sunday (or custom date range available at additional cost) and requires booking 30-days in advance to properly plan everything. The flight into Juan Santa Maria International airport in Alajuela, Costa Rica is not incuded, but after arrival, the connecting domestic flight to the retreat is covered and will be arranged by Terri. From the moment you arrive at a private villa in Manuel Antonio, you will be swept away to a meticulously crafted blend of strength training and conditioning workouts amidst a beach, waterfall or jungle setting, alternated with endurance adventure hikes, activities, and massage treatments to support energy levels and recovery. After a transformative week, you may never want to leave.

| SHOT AT Joschi Yoga Institute | PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Gasparro Studio | MAKEUP Norah Salazar |


- 123 -


The Clarisonic is an essential in our beauty routines with a number of styles that target he face, body, and feet. In addition to great design, they are personalized with fun prints and hues. We took a few moments to chat with Clarisonic's Co-Founder and President, Dr. Robb Akridge. ATHLEISURE MAG: Prior to Clarisonic, what did you do prior to creating this beauty device? DR. ROBB AKRIDGE: Prior to Clarisonic, I was a senior scientist for Sonicare toothbrushes. I spent over 25 years in medical and global health research, specifically HIV/AIDS research. AM: What was the eureka moment that took place to create Clarisonic? DR. A: The original intent of Clarisonic was to try to figure out how to unclog a pore. When we first started out, we created all of these different prototypes to test. We gave these to spa owners and estheticians and asked them to test them as well. When we had to start prying the prototypes out of people’s hands…we knew we landed on something awesome. AM: What is Clarisonic's technology? DR. A: When developing Clarisonic devices, we discovered a unique frequency and range of frequencies. To date, we have over 50 patents that protect our technology. There are a lot of handles out there, but they are not equipped with the power and ability to cleanse like Clarisonic devices are. Right now, our biggest competition are people’s hands. Clarisonic devices cleanse 6x better than hands alone, so once we are able to educate consumers that they aren’t cleansing properly with just their hands, we are able to showcase Clarisonic's technology and what makes us so great.

AM: What makes Clarisonic an essential tool in beauty routines? DR. A: A proper skincare routine consists of cleansing, treating and protecting. What I have learned is that people are phenomenal at treating and protecting their skin – they find great serums, moisturizers, SPFs, etc. that work for their skin and develop their own regimen. On the flip side, when it comes to cleansing, everyone thinks they are doing a great job, but they aren’t! As mentioned before, cleansing with just hands, or even a washcloth and cleanser isn’t enough. Clarisonic devices and their unique technology help to remove everyday impurities, sunscreen, dirt, makeup and more 6x better than our hands alone. This is huge! Just after 1-minute of Clarisonic sonic cleansing, you can truly notice a difference in how much better your skin looks and feels. Also, when you use Clarisonic devices, not only is your cleansing elevated, your skincare products put on post-cleanse are actually absorbed better, so you are getting more out of that beloved skincare routine you’ve invested in. AM: Do you have any Clarisonic favorites? DR. A: Over the years, we’ve developed different devices that all have a variety of features. Right now, we have Alpha Fit for men. This was actually a device that was five years in the making because we had to take the brains of the original Clarisonic handles and put them into this smaller, more compact design. We knew we needed to create a device just for the men out there, because more often than not I heard from significant others that the men in their lives were stealing their Clarisonic devices! Alpha Fit is very unique as it was specifically designed for men's skin - which is much different than women's (loer pH, firmer, increased seat production, etc). Alpha Fit features two settings - Setting 1 is for daily cleansing for clean shaven faces and to prep skin for a closer, smother shave, while Setting

2 is great for a deep clean and great for men with beards/facial hair. After creating Alpha Fit, we found that women were now loving this new, smaller shape too. So of course, we had to create something for the women as well, thus Mia FIT was developed. Mia FIT is awesome for the woman on the go and like Alpha Fit, features two settings that are designed specifically for women's skin. Setting 1 is a delicate daily cleanse, while Setting 2 is a power cleanse for post-workout or for removal of long-wear makeup. AM: Are there any upcoming collabs or special packaging that are coming out? DR. A: Well... good timing you have, because this week we just launched the Clarisonic Mia 2 First Aid Beauty Set! This set contains our pop-

Mia 2 device, alongside three First Aid Beauty products. AM: Any new Clarisonic innovations? DR. A: Research and innovation has always been central to Clarisonic’s success. We have a talented research and engineering team, as well as a clinical group that are constantly researching and investing skincare concerns. So, don’t be surprised if you see some cool stuff from us in the future. AM: What are the most asked questions that you receive about the device? DR. A: The questions I get asked most are regarding how to use Clarisonic. A huge misconception we face is that people think Clarisonic devices are exfoliators, but this is actually not true. Our facial devices do not exfoliate, but rather are gentle sonic cleansing devices that are gentle enough to use up to 2x a day. People are often surprised when they find out how much better their skin looks and feels when they stop using their hands and start using a Clarisonic. Our devices are great for all skin types, and should be an essential step in your cleansing/skincare routine. AM: How important is the QVC business in terms of educating consumers? DR. A: HUGE! I have been on QVC since 2007 and still continue to go on the show. The creation of brand awareness and the ability to educate consumers is honestly amazing and my favorite part of it. AM: What is the recommended number of times that you can use Clarisonic? DR. A: Clarisonic devices are proven gentle enough for up to twice daily use. AM: How do you clean the Clarisonic and when should you get a new brush head?

DR. A: After each use, we recommend that you clean the brush head with shampoo or liquid hand cleanser. Put the shampoo or liquid hand cleanser on the brush head, turn the device on and rub against your hand. Rinse off the soap and shake off excess water. Then, let dry. If you are packing up your bag on the go, you can also run the device against your towel to remove all of the excess water (that’s my go to trick!). Once a week, we recommend that you take the brush head off of the device and let the water from the faucet run on top of the handle where the brush head is attached. The devices are completely waterproof and this helps to clean the device handle. As for the brush heads, when you look at a Clarisonic brush head, there are tufts (groups of filaments) that each act independently, but over time the tufts start to act as one. After about 3 months, they are no longer acting independently and not giving the most effective cleanse possible. I always say, if you have fallen out of love with your Clarisonic, it is likely that you haven’t changed your brush head in time. AM: How does the Clarisonic assist in keeping your natural glow? DR. A: When you get into the fall season, the air is drier and cooler. Clarisonic is all about sonic cleansing, which helps to remove the skin cells that need to come off for that day. Also, because the Clarisonic device is cleansing your skin so well, it helps your skincare products absorb into the skin better. AM: Are there charities that are supported by Clarisonic? DR. A: Over the years, Clarisonic has donated millions to breast cancer charities to help find a cure, something that is near and dear to my heart.


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Lavender Beauty

The temperatures continue to dip and the season is definitely in transition. The fall is all about changing it up and taking more time for yourself. No ingredient does this better than lavender which creates a sense of calm and prolonging the longer nights for a better day. As always, we have just the right thing to add to your beauty arsenal! | LAVIDO Aromatic Body Lotion | BEAUTYKIND Smart Soak | SAGE TONIC Sleep | CARON PARIS Pour Un Homme Sport | YON-KA PARIS Eau Micellaire |


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Want to improve your memory? Sleep better? Improve your visual and verbal skills? Improve your mood and reduce depression? Exercise better and have more energy? What if you could gain these benefits at no cost to you? Music is the answer – the benefits come from listening, and particularly from learning to sing or play and instrument. There’s a reason why we use music in rituals – in religious ceremonies, chanting and mediation. Athletes use music to get themselves pumped up (look at Michael Phelps’ pre-race rituals for example). The benefits of music are multi-faceted, and there’s a growing body of scientific evidence exploring the how listening and playing music benefit mind and body. I’ve been a musician most of my life, growing up in a household full of music. I picked up violin and piano from the time I was 7 years old, and the skills and experiences from listening and playing – both for fun and professionally. There’s nothing quite like the high one experiences when playing music – it’s a sensation of getting “in the zone” – a state of heightened awareness, where you feel like you’re floating. It's great for your mood. Neuroscientists have found that listening to music improves positive emotions through stimulating hits of dopamine to the reward centers of our brain, making listeners feel good or elated. Listening to music impacts almost every brain center, suggesting there are widespread unexplored effects and potential uses for music. Music helps with language learning. A 2013 study of adults learning a foreign language (Hungarian) found evidence that singing can facilitate short-term phrase learning in an unfamiliar language. Sixty adult participants were assigned to one of three “listen-and-repeat” conditions: speaking, rhythmic speaking, or singing. Participants in the singing group showed the best recall on a collection of Hungarian language tests after a 15-min learning 2016.Oct

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Music can preserve your brain power. A recent study found that in people over the age of 65, 4 or 5 months of playing a musical instrument for an hour a week resulted in changes in parts of the brain that control hearing, memory and the part that controls the hands. The effects are long-lasting too: adults aged 65-80 performed better on tests of word recall, nonverbal memory, and cognitive flexibility the more years they had spent playing an instrument. There’s growing evidence that music helps with memory. In a 2008 experiment, stroke patients in rehab were assigned to listen to music, audiobooks or nothing in addition to regular care. Based on follow-up testing on mood, quality of life and several cognitive measures a week, 3 months and 6 months post stroke, those in the music group improved significantly more on verbal memory and focused attention than those in the other groups, and they were less depressed and confused. Musical training improves verbal skills in kids. A 2008 study found that children who received at least three years of instrumental music training outperformed counterparts on two outcomes closely related to music (auditory discrimination abilities and fine motor skills) and on two outcomes distantly related to music (vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning skills). Music is good for the heart. Studies of adult choir singers singing the same piece of music found they synced breathing and heart rates which produced a groupwide calming effect. A 2015 study of heart patients in India found that listening to calm music benefited the patients in multiple ways. The study found that music-listening produces significant decreases in the blood pressure and heart rate of coronary patients, music-listening reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, enhances life satisfaction, optimism and hope, and makes life more meaningful in 2016.Oct

both coronary patients and healthy controls. Notably, the benefits - decrease in blood pressure and heart rate were more intense in coronary patients than healthy controls. Music helps to control pain. There are a number of studies that show the beneficial impact of listening to music for patients dealing with chronic pain. A 2013 study of 60 patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia — a disease characterized by severe musculoskeletal pain found that patients were randomly assigned to listen to music once a day over a four-week period experienced significant pain reduction and fewer depressive symptoms. A recent study of patients undergoing spine surgery found that patients that listened to music before and after surgery experienced less pain than those that didn’t. Music can improve the immune system. An intriguing development from a Wilkes University research study found that music affects levels of IgA, which is a ley antibody for the immune system to defend against disease. The study measured undergraduate students’ salivary IgA levels measured before and after 30 minutes of exposure to either listening to a tone click, radio broadcast, soothing music or silence. The students exposed to music had significantly greater increases in IgA than any of the others. Music is great for exercise. Why do you think aerobics and Zumba classes blast up-tempo music. Listening to fast paced music can help improve your performance when you are running or biking, especially if you listen to “pump-up” music to improve your motivation beforehand. Listening to music also can increase endurance in a demanding workout. This works through distraction – when concentrating on favorite music, its easy to run an extra mile without realizing it. Lastly, listening to calm music can help the body recover faster by enhancing a - 134 -


relaxation effect post workout.

your pleasure centers.

A key point is that it really doesn’t matter what style you want to listen to – whatever genre works for you is good. Certain styles like classical music, have been proven effective to enhance learning or for relaxation, but any style that connects with you can create benefits. If you really want to get maximum benefits, pick up that instrument you played in school and give it a whirl. If you’re a beginner don’t be intimidated. You can get a starter guitar for around $100 and start taking lessons off YouTube. It’s the process of learning music as a new language that spurs new connections in your brain and fires up

Ed Maguire has worked as an equity analyst covering the technology sector since 1999 for a variety of firms including CLSA Americas, Merrill Lynch and CIBC. Previously he led sales for independent music distributor Twinbrook Music while working as professional musician performing on bass, violin and keyboards, composing, arranging and producing a variety of styles of music. Ed holds a B.A. in Music from Columbia and an M.B.A. from Rutgers in Finance and Management Information Systems. He lives in Millburn, NJ with his wife Lily, their two kids and the dog Spock.


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