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Discover Your Roots!

July 2012

In the early 20th century countless individuals from Valle San Giovanni (locally referred to as "Valle") left Italy in search of a brighter future for themselves and their families. Those left behind have never forgotten their fellow countrymen who decided through necessity or choice to leave Abruzzo. Over the years, many of these emigrants have had the opportunity to return and find members of their families who never left Italy, to visit places of their childhood, or just to see for the first time the location where their parents, grandparents and other relatives once lived. The nonprofit Discover Your Roots project was initiated to facilitate this reunification process and to honor the memory of Abruzzo's brave ĂŠmigrĂŠs. During the first two weeks of July 2012 those who departed Valle San Giovanni for faraway lands, as well as their descendants and families, are encouraged to return to Abruzzo for a series of festivities and entertainment. To make this happen 20 newly restored private apartments in Valle are being made available for a nominal fee. If sufficient demand exists, a second Discover Your Roots can be repeated during the last two weeks of July 2012. Three types of apartments are available: One bedroom - up to 2 people, 1 double bed, bathroom, combo kitchen/living room. Cost EUR 500 (approx. 685 dollars) Two bedroom - up to 3 people, 2 double beds, bathroom, combo kitchen/living room. Cost EUR 600 (approx. 822 dollars) Three bedroom - up to 5 people, 3 double beds, bathroom, combo kitchen/living room. Cost EUR 700 (approx 960 dollars) Prices are per apartment (NOT per person). Included are 14 nights lodging, travel assistance, several wine tastings, welcome party, opportunities to meet with extended relatives still living in Valle, visits to nearby historical and tourist sites, and transportation to planned group activities. Prices do not include meals although food is available at a cost of 10 euros/person for a two-course lunch or dinner. Not included (but available at an additional cost if desired) is transportation to non group-sponsored activities and airport pickup/dropoff (which can be arranged own your own or through Tierno Tours). Personal laundry services upon request at a small additional fee. ITINERARY Day 1 townsfolk.

Arrive at Valle San Giovanni. Welcome Party with local products and meeting with local

Day 2 Spend the day strolling through Valle and nearby places. In the evening there will be a photography exhibition, a display of historical coins, and a screening of historical documentary films.

Day 3 Morning visit to Saint Gabriel Sanctuary. Afternoon in Castelli, an old village famous for ceramics. Evening dinner featuring “pecora (sheep) alla callara” a typical dish from Teramo, followed by a Valle karaoke party. Day 4 Morning visit to the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, the world's largest underground particle physics and astrophysics laboratory. In the afternoon travel to L’Aquila, a beautiful medieval baroque town whose historical center was destroyed by the earthquake of 2009 and has still not been rebuilt. Day 5 Daytime visit to Giulianova, beach community located on the Adriatic Sea. Evening cultural presentation in Valle. Day 6 Repeat daytime visit to Giulianova. Evening theatre performance in the local dialect of Valle San Giovanni!!! Day 7 Possibility (if interest is shown and at an additional cost of 30 Eur) to spend the day in Rome, visiting the Forum, Coliseum and The Vatican. Day 8 Free day for relaxing, meeting relatives and enjoying the beauty of Valle. Evening “open wine cellars” with tastings of homemade local wines and olive oil. Day 9 Visit to Campli (featuring the sacred stairs for climbing on one's knees in order to receive dispensation) and the fortress of Civitella del Tronto. Nighttime dance. Day 10 Third visit to Giulianova (if interest exists). In the evening “dialect poetry” and open wine-cellars to taste local products. Day


Day visit to Teramo. Evening music with “du botte” (accordion-like instrument).



Walk in the mountains of Gran Sasso. In the evening “open wine-cellars”.



Free day to spend as you wish.



Free day and farewell dinner.



Depart Valle.

Due to the very low price and anticipated high demand, reservations are mandatory and should be made as soon as possible. For information and reservations email:


Discover Your Roots  

During the first two weeks of July 2012 those who departed Valle San Giovanni for faraway lands, as well as their descendants and families,...