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Trongate is undoubtedly one of the most unique spots in Glasgow. It can boast some of this city’s most popular bars, shops and eateries. One of the most popular establishments that can be found in this spot of glasgow is the 13th Note cafe which along with Mono serves up some of the finest vegan food in Glasgow, but if you prefer something a bit more substantial then simply take a walk along to the Trans Europe Cafe where you can tuck into a gourmet sandwich while admiring the cafe’s stylish kraftwerk inspired decor. After a bite to eat why not then sample the areas curious little clothes shops, Trongate is in a league of it’s own with it’s countless leather shops and it’s charity shops where you can find some dirt cheap gems. however the thing that makes the area unique is the people. The number of different styles that you see when walking around is what makes Trongate so interesting and different. One minute your looking in a tattoo parlour’s window, next your admiring a secret art gallery’s latest installation. Trongate is an area that should be explored, whether you’ve lived in glasgow all your life and want to rediscover the city’s charm, or your a newcomer to the city who simply wants to get a taste for exactly what Glasgow is all about and what makes it such an absorbing and infectious city that continues to surprise people.

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fig 1.0 Parnie Street Rooftops fig 2.0 Saltmarket fig 3.0 King Street Pavements fig 4.0 Green’s Hairdressers fig 5.0 Parnie Street fig 6.0 Doorway, Chisolm Street fig 7.0 Tron Theatre statue fig 8.0 Tron Bar, fig 9.0 Centre for Under 5’s shop window fig 10.0 CCTV on Parnie Street fig 11.0 Gateway on Parnie Street

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The Dragon & George Parnie Street pavement Saltmarket A Trongate local CAZA Barbers Saltmarket advertising Shop Window Collage ANGELS’ shop window

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King Street

Tot Spot Gramafon Bistro Green’s Hairdressers Trattoria Gia Treasure Bunker Glasgow Print Studio Gallery

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Chisolm Street

Nirvana Piercing Record Fayre The Aquarium Terry’s Tattoo Studio Esca Restaurant

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Static Games

Parnie Street Dental Practice

Centre for Uncer 5’s

The Dragon & George

Tatty Bon


Scotsmann Models

Trans Europe Cafe


Gallery 23


Art Exposure Gallery Hemphouse Ingram Security

Parnie Street

Angler’s Rendezvous

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Saltmarket Jamieson’s Models Alterations Caza Barbers Evening Times Newsagents

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Tron Theatre Angels G1 Interiors Drum Central High and Mighty Cash Generator The Third Step Cafe Prima Tron Theatre & Bar


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