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SFAT TEAM 33 NEWSLETTER Redeployment and Amber Cycle Planning-

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Salaam! (Hello!)

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Chutoor haste? (How are you?) The longer we are here the better our Dari is getting. Some folks (CW2 Johnson) are speaking a lot of the basic phrases, rather affectively. This simple act of learning some basic language or phrases goes a long way to developing a relationship with our counter parts and builds trust. Last time you heard from us we were just getting back from one of our mini-deployments. The Bushmaster Team left everything we had built to come back to more of our permanent area at the JRAC. As our counter parts left for “vacation”, this allowed the Bushmasters time to get our equipment and vehicles fixed. During our last mini-deployment, we were out over a month and a half, of which we spent a good amount of time on the road which worn down the vehicles and equipment. The trucks had to be taken to the shop for repairs, the radios cleaned and serviced…just like your vehicle needs a regular oil change and fluids checked. Over the last several weeks, SFC Caldwell and Team spent quality time fixing and getting the rest of the gear back in shape. This was critical as our counter parts will be returning very soon. Once they start returning, we will begin the train-up for the next deployment.

MAJ Crooks taking a break in the shade

CPT Martin and crew has been putting together the plans for this up-coming training cycle. He has worked with the rest of the Team to ensure a quality training plan will be ready for when the ANCOP returns. During this time, the Kandak (or battalion) received a new Commander. We’ve spent time getting to know him and his background. He’s a quality leader that will make a difference at this critical time as the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) take the lead for security in the area. We will be there to support and advise our counter parts to ensure they are successful. Just as the ANCOP needs more training, the Bushmasters have been conducting some refresher training as well. Our Security Detachment, led by SGT Hooper, received a week long block of training on personal security that culminated with a live fire range and the Soldiers doing some shoot’n and mov’n. They also learned offensive and defensive training moves as well as J and three-point turns. Hope they avoid doing this back in the States! See page 3 “& Continued Training”


Operation Enduring Freedom 2012-2013

Volume 1, Issue 3 1 Aug 2012

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NCO’s: Making It Happen To the Family and Friends of SFAT Team 33, another month has passed us by and we continue to stay busy with training and preparing ourselves for the return of our ANCOP counterparts from their well-deserved “vacation”. Since returning from our deployment with our counterparts we as a team have been in a re-set mode. We have been sending our vehicles through much needed services; as we put many miles on them from our missions that we executed while deployed. Along with the maintenance of our vehicles we have been doing refresher training to ensure that our own individual Soldier skills are where they need to be before we look ahead with the training phase for our ANCOP counterparts. We as a team have developed, with the input of the ANCOP Commander and Sergeant Major, a plan to better prepare them for their upcoming missions and to build their sustainment levels so that they as a Afghan team can employ and sustain themselves once they have completed their training and recovery. It is our hope that once our SFAT team departs Afghanistan, the ANCOP are capable of conducting their own training and missions with No input or “help” from the ISAF forces. We conducted a “Patch” ceremony with our Brigade Commander awarding combat patches for our involvement here in Afghanistan on the 13th of July. We also conducted a zero range on the 22nd of July along with concurrent training on our equipment to ensure that our team is mentally prepared when it comes time for us to deploy into southern Afghanistan with our ANCOP counterparts.

Future NCO of the Army, SPC Rodriguez conducts Afghan Drivers and Preventive Maintenance classes.

SGT Hooper at the M4 Rifle Range Train the Trainer: Assistant Instructor SFC Caldwell overlooks as SPC Rodriguez explains the major components under the hood of the vehicle. We have also been busy conducting upgrades to our own facilities here in “Mentor Village”. We had a camera system installed for better security of our compound as well as constructing many upgrades to our “Command Post” Constant maintenance to out living quarters ensure our living conditions are clean and a bit more bearable. We are working every day to improve Ourselves, our Afghan counterparts, and our team here in Afghanistan. I believe the team has a sense that we “SFAT Team 33” have made a huge contribution and positive difference in the people of Afghanistan that we have encountered. You are all surely missed by your Soldiers and your care packages, cards and letters keep the morale up every day. You are thought of daily and all your continued communications and daily prayers are much appreciated here in Afghanistan. I’d like to take the opportunity to say Happy Birthday to my son R.J, who turned 15 this month, I Love you Son and I’ll be home soon. And last but certainly not least our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and family members of the tragedy in Aurora Colorado. God Bless you and bring you peace in this painful time in your lives.

SFC Richard E. Darrow 2nd Kandak 2nd ANCOP SFC Darrow receives the 214 Fires “Combat Patch” from Major Crooks during the Brigade patch ceremony.

SFAT Team # 33 NCOIC

Volume 1, Issue 3

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Your Soldiers PICS Happy Birthday to PFC Guerreravazquez. 25 YEARS OLD in Afghanistan.

SFC Caldwell receiving a 214 Fires Commanders Coin for Excellence

SGT McWilliams smiles for the camera.

-& Continued Training Major Crooks: CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1:

Over the next couple of days, the rest of the Bushmasters will be going back to the range for more shooting, having classes on new radio equipment and other such refresher training. You can never shoot too much in my opinion. Team Bushmasters will wrap up this month and head into August training our ANCOP counterparts and preparing for the next minideployment. The training tempo will begin to increase and time will begin to move faster and before you know it, this deployment will be in the bag! Hang in their friends and family. If you have girls like mine, sometimes they had to dress up in dad’s cloths to remember him. This would have been a funny picture to see! What are some of the funny ways you or your family remembers your Soldier?

SGT Hooper working arm in arm with his ANCOP counterparts.

As always, please feel free to send comments or recommendations to . Until next time, baamaane khudaa (good bye) in Dari. Thanks again and have a Steel Warrior day! Kevin Crooks Major, United States Army Team Leader 1LT Schwen and PFC Page taking a break from of the sun at the M4 Rifle Range.

Your Soldiers PICS CW2 Johnson


CPT Martin, SPC Rani, SPC Rodriguez, and SPC Buckland working in the Ammunition Shed at the M4 Range.


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1LT Ostruske takes a picture break as MAJ Crooks, CW2 Johnson, and 1LT Horvath continue with push-ups.

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Team checking there targets at range.


PFC Morris with his assigned


rifle at the Small Arms Range

SGT Hooper, SPC Rani, PFC Page, PFC Ford, PFC Morris, and PFC Guerreravazquez conduct Advanced Personal Security Training at local area Afghan small arms range.


PFC Ford




thumbs up

CPL Johnson salutes after receiving his 214 Fires Combat Patch


Team building in the morning with some good old physical training.

ANCOP training.



SGT Bashant




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on 12 July


SGT McWilliams 7 AUG 12

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First Name, Last JRAC SFAT TEAM 33 APO-AE 09355

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The Team adjusting their individual sights at the rifle range

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Newsletter v1 Is3 as of 25JUL12 PDF