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From 25 September-19 October, Alpha Battery, 1 Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Regiment conducted a month long field training exercise (FTX) in Fort Chaffee, AR. The training focus was centered towards executing various ranges and qualifying platoon leadership by testing Platoon Leader’s reaction to IED attacks, ambushes, evacuations, and a number of wartime scenarios. The culminating event was a night fire where we shot 12 rockets down range, and a BN BBQ to congratulate the Soldiers on all their hard work and participation. We used the knowledge gained and lessons learned from the Fort Chaffee deployment to execute our own Platoon FTX from 27-29 November here at Fort Sill with 2nd Fires Platoon lead by 2LT Young and SFC Barker. The dynamic duos led their Soldiers through convoy operations, ranges, and tactical scenarios which enforced the training obtained while at Fort Chaffee. Concurrently, the team conducting training at Fort Hood HIMARS Support Mission was also finalizing the last requirements of training. From 30 November to 14 December, the Fort Hood Mobile Training Team will provide instruction and train the 2-20 FA Battalion on equipment and provide subject matter expertise on our HIMARS system for their unit sustainment training prior to their deployment. The Assassins would like to congratulate CPL Dickson, SGT Holmes, SSG Hughes, and PFC Rodriquez for their participation in the 214th Fires BDE Combative Tournament held at Honeycutt Fitness Center on 15-16 November. CPL Dickson received 1st place in the Middleweight division and SGT Holmes received 3rd place in the Welterweight division. Lastly, we will end the quarter with a Holiday Dinner provided by our Battery FRG at LETRA on 29 November. Soldiers and their families are encouraged to attend and celebrate the upcoming holidays so we can welcome the start of a new year with new feats to accomplish. Thank you and all your families for their support and we wish you a wonderful holiday season. WHO DARES, WINS! CPT Sean A Grevious


1-14th December Newsletter  
1-14th December Newsletter  

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