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Today Joyce uses her camera to store her designs and creations of her dresses. She works with all kinds of materials and fabrics which she finds in boutiques, flea markets, fabric stores and in second hand stores. Joyce Keasberry prefers “The Hippy Style, ...Flower Power.. With a romantic accent..... a little Naughty... but never Vulgar.. Always with a feminine aspect... ...her own style is a mix created with all these aspects applied.... Now, you may be wondering where is the Music connection as you learnt more about Joyce Keasberry; the Indonesian little girl that fled Java and created her own world in The Netherlands. So let me continue and demonstrate where the music is becoming Joyce’s partner in her creations of fashion here at the Rock n’ Roll Fashion Corner. I studied Fashion design in The Hague, The Netherlands. I moved in 1984 to the USA with my family and we settled in New Jersey which is close to New York City the Fashion and Rock n Roll Mecca of the World. Lucky me! As a TV producer and record label executive; I work closely with talented songwriters and recording artists. Songwriter Gar Francis and my business partner, released in 2014 an EP called “Shine On” which represents his music of Power Flower, Peace and Love, 60’s Garage Rock style music. His release nicely sets the stage for “The Hippy Style” of Joyce Keasberry.

When I saw Joyce’s photos and her modeling her own creations a few weeks ago, (did I mentioned already that Joyce was born in the 40’s?); I saw immediately the link between her fashion and Gar’s songs of his EP “Shine On” and specially the song “I’m Still Alive” caught my attention. Gar Francis is a prolific songwriter that produces “music designs” in form of songs. His Power Pop, Garage Rock songs are heard on radio shows like the Underground Garage Radio show on Sirius/XM Channel 21 hosted by Steven Van Zandt (Sopranos), as well as Teenage Wasteland on WFMU hosted by Bill Kelly just to name a few. Joyce Keasberry creations and the perfect song “I’m Still Alive” are each other’s Fashion and Music partner in this issue of Steel Notes Magazine. To demonstrate this visually and audibly to you; I produced a 35 second video clip. This mini music video currently broadcast on Television in Season 5 Episode 1071 “Measured Notes” | The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll Show. Watch Joyce Keasberry and hear Gar Francis song “I’m Still Alive”

The Rock n Roll Fashion Corner’s would like to introduce recording artist Septimius The Great from Baltimore Maryland USA – This International award-winning music artist and entertainer fuses Music and Fashion into an amazing sound and stage

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