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London 2012: Are you prepared?

The London   2012   Olympic   Games   will   be   hugely   beneficial   for   London.   They   will   bring   fun,   culture   and   economic   gain   to   our   city   and   throughout   the   country.   However,  they  may  also  bring  disrupBon,  delays  and  frustraBon.     Steelhenge   ConsulBng   is   a   Crisis   Management   and   Resilience   Services   company   and   we   are   currently   advising   our   clients   on   how   to   reduce   the   impact   of   the   expected  disrupBons  from  the  Games  on  their  businesses.       This   presentaBon   aims   to   provide   you   with   some   important   informaBon   about   the   Games   and   presents   some   ideas   of   how   you   can   minimise   the   negaBve   effects.   Although   we   appreciate   that   the   Olympics   will   cause   disrupBon   across   wider   areas   of   the   UK,   this   informaBon   pack   is   largely   focused   on   operaBons   that   will   be   affected  in  the  London  area.    

30 Days   46  Sports   32  Venues   4  billion  people  watching  


19 May 2012

28 July 12 August

16 July Media start arriving in London

25 June Media Centre Opens

15 July Official Opening of the Olympic Village

9 September 2012

30 August 9 September


25 July Olympic Route Network (ORN) begins

13 August Olympic Games Departures

Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Torch Relay in London

14 September Olympic Park Closes

29 August

27 July

21 - 26 July


12 August Closing Ceremony

9 - 12 September Paralympic Games Departures

London 2012: The Events

Olympic Games:   The  Sta@s@cs   ü  205  countries  are  taking  part   ü  There  are  55,000  members  of  the  

Olympic family.  This  incudes:    -­‐  Media    -­‐  Athletes    -­‐  Officials      -­‐  Delivery  partners   ü  There  are  8.8  million  Bcketed  spectators   ü  34  Olympic  venues  –  25  in  London  

Paralympic Games:   The  Sta@s@cs   ü  There  are  170  countries  taking  part  in  

the Paralympic  Games   ü  There  are  10,000  members  of  the   Paralympic  family.  This  incudes:    -­‐  Media    -­‐  Athletes    -­‐  Officials      -­‐  Delivery  partners   ü  There  are  2  million  Bcketed  spectators   ü  20  Paralympic  venues  –  17  in  London  

Addi@onal Events:     The  Torch  Relay   ü  The  Olympic  torch  arrived  in  the  UK  on  18  May   ü  The  torch  will  arrive  in  London  on  21  July   ü  The  torch  will  visit  every  London  borough  before  

travelling by  boat  to  the  Olympic  Park  

ü  When the  torch  arrived  in  Beijing,  in  2008,  

hundreds of  thousands  gathered  in  the  streets  

ü  The arrival  of  the  torch  could  result  in  road  and  

transport congesBon  

ü  On Thursday  26  July,  the  torch  will  visit  the  central  

London boroughs.  The  ORN  will  be  in  operaBon  on   this  day  

ü  The Paralympic  Torch  Relay  will  take  place  24  –  29  


Addi@onal Events:     Live  Sites   ü  There  will  be  large  screens  on  display  for  people  to  

watch the  Games  at  ‘Live  Sites’.  These  are  in:  

Hyde Park   Poaers  Fields  (besides  City  Hall)   Victoria  Park   Waltham  Forest   Woolwich   ü  It  is  predicted  that  large  numbers  of  people,  up  to   50,000  people,  will  visit  the  Live  Sites,  resulBng  in   addiBonal  problems  for  transport  congesBon  and   mobility   •  •  •  •  • 

ü  The area  between  Trafalgar  Square,  Victoria  

Embankment, Hyde  Park  Corner  and  Marble  Arch  is   expected  to  be  parBcularly  busy  

ü  There will  be  a  Live  Site  at  Trafalgar  Square  during  

the Paralympics  

Addi@onal Events:     London  2012  Fes@val   ü  The  Games  is  a  great  opportunity  for  cultural  and  arts  

displays. The  London  2012  FesBval  will  be  taking  place   at  locaBons  throughout  the  UK  for  nine  weeks  

ü  A number  of  events  are  taking  place  in  London,  

including BT  River  of  Music  (22  -­‐  23  July)  on  the   Thames  

ü  Some of  the  naBons  taking  part  in  the  Games  will  have  

NaBonal Hospitality  Houses  where  they  will  host   cultural  events  and  exhibiBons.  DisrupBon  may  be   experienced  at  these  venues.    

ü  NaBonal Hospitality  House  locaBons  include:   -­‐  French  Village  at  Old  Billingsgate  Market   -­‐  Irish  House  at  The  Big  Chill  in  King’s  Cross   -­‐  The   Italian   House   at   The   Queen   Elizabeth   II  

Conference Centre  in  Westminster  

ü  For more  informaBon  on  the  London  2012  FesBval  


Addi@onal Events:     Annual  Events   ü  As  well  as  the  Games  and  the  nine  week  

London FesBval,  annual  events  will  also  be   taking  place,  including:   -­‐  Trooping  the  Colour  (16th  June)   -­‐  Hampton  Court  Flower  Show  (3  -­‐  8  July)   -­‐  World  Pride  (23  June  -­‐  8  July)  Parade  on  7  July   -­‐  Wimbledon  Tennis  (25  June  -­‐  8  July)   -­‐  No]ng  Hill  Carnival  (26  -­‐  27  August)  

London 2012: The venues

London 2012:  Olympic  Venues  

London 2012:  Road  Events   The  road  events  will  be  held  on  public  roads  within  London  and  Surrey,  they  will  affect  large  areas  of   central   and   southwest   London.   Further   informaBon,   including   the   race   routes,   can   be   found   on   the   London  2012  website:     Road  Event  

Date of  Compe@@on  

Olympic cycling  road  race  (men)  

Saturday 28  July  

Olympic cycling  road  race  (women)  

Sunday 29  July  

Road Cycling  Time  Trail  (men  and  women)  

Wednesday 1  August  

Triathlon (women)  

Saturday 4  August  

Race Walk  20km  (men)  

Saturday 4  August  

Marathon (women)  

Saturday 5  August  

Triathlon (men)  

Tuesday 7  August  

Race Walk  50km  (men)  

Saturday 11  August  

Race Walk  20km  (women)  

Saturday 11  August  

Marathon (men)  

Sunday 12  August  

Paralympic Marathon  (men  and  women)  

Sunday 9  September  

Impacts of the Olympics: Transport

Transport: An  overview   ü  Over  17  billion  pounds  has  been  spent  on  improving  London’s  transport  system   ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü 

ahead of  the  Games,  however  disrup@ons  and  delays  are  inevitable   There  are  currently  3.5  million  journeys  per  day  on  the  Underground     There  will  be  an  esBmated  addiBonal  20  million  journeys  during  the  Games   On  the  busiest  day  there  will  be  an  addiBonal  3  million  journeys   Transport  will  be  busier  than  usual  anyway  as  it  will  be  peak  season   Not  all  areas  of  London  will  be  affected,  however  the  most  affected  parts  have   been  idenBfied  as  ‘travel  hotspots’   Londoners  should  account  for  6  weeks  of  severe  travel  disrupBons   School  holidays  will  end  during  the  Games  period,  heightening  traffic  at  peak  hours   The  Road  Events  will  lead  to  road  closures  across  London  

Transport: The  Olympic  &  Paralympic  Route   Networks  (ORN/  PRN)   ü  Drivers  will  experience  changes  to  driving  and  parking  regulaBons  i.e.  restricted  turnings,   ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü 

one-­‐way roads  (see  next  slide)   Clearly  marked  Games  Lanes  will  be  in  operaBon  on  about  1/3  of  the  ORN/PRN  –  these  will   not  be  open  to  general  traffic   Parts  of  the  road  network  will  also  be  closed  as  the  Olympic  Torch  Relay  travels  through   the  city  between  21-­‐26  July   The  ORN  and  PRN  measures  will  be  in  place  for  a  couple  of  days  before  and  ajer  both  the   Olympic  and  Paralympic  Games   Road  signs  will  be  installed  to  help  commuters  understand  the  revised  regulaBons   Vehicles  that  stop  or  park  illegally  on  the  ORN/  PRN  will  be  fined  and  potenBally  impounded   Some  bus  stops,  pedestrians  crossings,  loading  and  parking  bays  will  be  suspended   More  informaBon  on  the  ORN/  PRN  can  be  found  on  the  TfL  website  

Transport: Tube,  DLR  &  Overground   ü  It  is  expected  that  80%  of  spectators  aaending  the  Games  will  arrive  into  London  at   ü  ü  ü  ü  ü 

NaBonal Rail  staBons   Tube  services  will  be  running  for  longer  (approximately  21  hours)  and  more  services   will  be  operaBng,  however  there  will  be  a  longer  peak  period   The  Jubilee  line  will  be  the  busiest  of  all  the  Underground  lines,  the  Northern  line  is   also  expected  to  be  excepBonally  busy   StaBons,  such  as  Bank  and  London  Bridge,  which  act  as  popular  interchanges,  will  also   be  very  busy  and,  if  possible,  should  be  avoided   Some  staBons  may  be  exit  or  entrance  only,  for  instance  Marble  Arch  will  be  exit  only   for  the  enBrety  of  the  Games   For  more  informaBon  regarding  travel  during  the  Olympic  visit  the  Transport  for   London  website:  hap://  

Transport: Buses  &  Boats   ü  Some  bus  routes  will  change  during  the  Games  period   ü  There  will  be  an  addiBonal  200  buses  in  operaBon  running  a  24  hour  service   ü  Some  buses  will  be  running  more  frequently  to  help  with  demand   ü  Routes  are  expected  to  be  busier  than  usual,  parBcularly  those  along  or  near  

the ORN  and  PRN   ü  The  Thames  services  will  also  be  affected  as  they  offer  a  direct  route  to  Olympic   venues  

Transport: Cyclists  &  Pedestrians   ü  Some  walking  and  cycling  routes  may  be  closed,  parBcularly  in  the  Central  London  Zone  and   ü  ü  ü  ü  ü 

near the  Olympic  Venues   In  some  places  the  flow  of  pedestrians  will  be  managed  by  stewards  and/or  barriers   Cyclists  will  be  able  to  use  the  ORN  and  PRN;  however,  they  will  be  prohibited  from  using   Games  Lanes   95%  of  the  Games  Lanes  use  the  outside,  ‘fast’  lane  and  will  be  busy  with  Games  Family   traffic,  and  therefore  they  are  unlikely  to  be  suited  to  cyclists   Roads  will  be  excepBonally  busy  during  the  Games  and  this  will  impact  cyclists.  For  safety   Bps  visit  the  TfL  website:  hap://   A  smartphone  app  has  been  created  that  allows  you  to  collect  points  every  Bme  you  choose   to  walk  or  cycle  allowing  you  to  redeem  vouchers  for  haircuts  and  shopping  amongst  other   things:  hap://­‐route/id513926106?mt=8  

Impacts of the Olympics: Absenteeism

Absenteeism ü  Absenteeism  is  one  of  the  biggest  concerns  among  the  factors  affecBng  businesses  during  

the Olympic  Games     ü  Staffing  will  be  affected  by:  

-­‐  Rou@ne absenteeism  (illness/  childcare  issues  etc.)   -­‐  Peak  summer  holiday  period   -­‐  Staff  volunteering  at  the  Games   -­‐  Staff  wan@ng  to  watch  the  Games  and  get  involved  with  celebra@ons   ü  Employers  should  also  consider  the  level  of  producBvity  they  will  receive  from  their  staff  

during this  period  

Impacts of the Olympics: Deliveries & Collections

Deliveries &  Collec@ons   ü  It  is  predicted  that  approximately  70%  of  road  traffic  in  Greater  London  will  be  

unaffected ü  However,  in  the  areas  that  will  be  affected  deliveries  and  collecBons  (including   waste  collecBon)  will  be  more  challenging,  so  you  must  have  a  plan  in  place  to   deal  with  this  and  understand  the  repercussions  it  may  have  on  your  business   ü  There  will  be  no  stopping,  loading  or  unloading  on  the  ORN  from  6am  unBl   midnight  during  the  Games   ü  The  temporary  road  changes  could  affect:   -­‐  The  loca@on  of  your  delivery/  collec@on  points   -­‐  The  @mes  deliveries/  collec@ons  can  be  done   -­‐  How  long  the  delivery/  collec@on  vehicles  take  to  get  to  you  

Impacts of the Olympics: Security

Security: Threats   ü  In  no  parBcular  order,  the  key  risks  threaBng  the  Olympics  are  as  follows:   -­‐  A  coordinated  terrorist  aeack  i.e.  7/7  bombings   -­‐  Small  aeacks  i.e.  from  lesser  known  extremist  groups,  such  as  al-­‐Shabaab     -­‐  ‘Lone-­‐Wolf’  aeack  i.e.  Anders  Breivik  aaack  in  Norway   -­‐  Dissident  Aeack  i.e.  Northern  Ireland  republicans   -­‐  Cyber  Crime  i.e.  against  Olympic  sponsors/  tourists   -­‐  Ac@vism  and/  or  public  disorder  i.e.  London  riots  in  2011   -­‐  Physical  infrastructure  damage  and/  or  theg  i.e.  cable  thej  impacBng  transport   -­‐  System/  network  failure  i.e.  Overload  of  local  telephones  exchanges     ü  A  number  of  exercises  or  ‘run-­‐throughs’  are  being  conducted  in  the  lead  up  to  the  Games  to  

ensure UK  security  is  as  resilient  as  possible   ü  See  the  Steelhenge  Olympic  risk  arBcle  for  further  informaBon  on  this  topic    

Impacts to your Business: Are you prepared?

How will  you  be  affected?   The   games   are   likely   to   have   an   impact   on   four   main   areas   relaBng   to   your   business.   They  are:   -­‐ 

Travel to  and  from  work  for  you  and  your  staff  


Travel for  your  customers  and  other  visitors  


Deliveries/ collec@ons  and  other  suppliers  


Business travel  

Other factors,  such  as  absenteeism  and  security,  may  also  affect  your  business.     To   establish   whether   you   need   to   take   acBon   to   protect   your   business,   see   the   next   slide.   If   you   answer   yes   to   any   of   the   quesBons   you   need   to   consider   appropriate   measures  to  ensure  you  can  conBnue  operaBng  as  effecBvely  as  possible.          

Do you  need  to  take  ac@on?   Key  Ques@on   Are  you  based  near  a  sporBng  venue,  Live  Site,  road  event  route  or  near  the  ORN/  PRN?   Are  you  located  in  Central  or  East  London?   Do  you  rely  on  deliveries  or  collecBons?   Do  your  staff,  customers,  visitors  or  supplies  travel  by  road  to  and  from  your  premises?   Do  your  staff,  customers,  visitors  travel  by  public  transport?   Would  you  be  affected  if  staff  were  unable  to  get  into  work  on  Bme?   Would  you  be  affected  if  there  were  an  internet  or  mobile  network  failure?   Would  you  be  affected  by  alteraBons  to  on-­‐street  parking,  loading  restricBons  etc.?   Would  your  organisaBon  be  affected  by  a  sudden  surge  of  people  in  the  vicinity  of  the  business?   Would  your  company  be  affected  if  cash,  produce  or  merchandise  could  not  be  collected?   Are  you  located  near  a  venue  that  could  be  under  threat,  i.e.  a  NaBonal  House  occupied  by  a  country  with   poliBcal  issues?  

Yes/ No  

Impacts on your Business: Issues & Solutions

Impacts on  your  Business:  Issues,  Solu@ons,   Ac@ons   The  following  secBon  aims  to  idenBfy  the  many  issues  that  may  affect  your  business   operaBons   during   the   course   of   the   Olympic   Games.   The   informaBon   has   been     collaborated   from   conferences,   webinars   and   advice   workshops   aaended   by     Steelhenge,  in  addiBon  to  public  online  informaBon  and  internal  knowledge.   Each   issue   idenBfied   is   accompanied   by   potenBal   soluBons   and   acBons   for   your   consideraBon  and  is  presented  in  the  format  below:   Issue  

1. PotenBal  soluBon   2.  PotenBal  soluBon  

1. Follow  on  acBons  required    

Whilst  some  of  these  issues  may     not  directly  impact  your  organisaBon,  it  is  vital  that  

you are  aware  of  them  as  they  may  effect  your  suppliers,  and  therefore  produce  a   knock-­‐on  negaBve  effect  on  your  business’  performance.     The  soluBons  and  acBons  presented  are  centred  around  the  ODA’s  Reduce,  re-­‐@me,   re-­‐mode  and  re-­‐route  strategy.    

I don’t  know   how  the   Games  will   affect  my   business  

My working   loca@on  is  in   an  area  that   will  be   affected  by   the  Games    

1. Did  you  answer  yes  to  any  of  the   quesBons  in  the  ‘Do  you  need  to   take  acBon  table?’  If  so,  you   need  to  develop  an  Olympic  plan   SOLUTION



1. Can  you  work  from  home?   2.  Can  you  work  from  an   alternaBve  locaBon  that  is  not   affected  by  the  Games?   3.  Can  you  change  your  core   operaBng  hours  to  ease  the   strain  of  staff  gemng  in  during   the  busiest  Bmes?  


1. Download  the  free  advice  tool  kit   from  the  Get  Ahead  of  the  Games   website   2.  Aaend  free  workshops  and   webinars  informing  you  of  the   impacts  of  the  Olympics   3.  Assign  a  member  of  staff  to  be  in   charge  of  the  Olympic  planning     4.  Download  the  ODA  Olympic  AcBon   Plan  template   1.  Check  your  home  working   capability  and  that  increased   demand  is  supported  by  your  IT   2.  Hold  an  Olympic  trial  week  to  see   how  your  organisaBon  copes  with   different  working  hours/  shij   paaerns/  travel  to  work/  working   locaBons  etc.   3.  Produce  an  ac@on  plan  and   communicate  it  with  staff,   suppliers  and  stakeholders   4.  Test  these  arrangements  ahead  of   the  games  to  ensure  they  work   5.  The  Greater  London  Authority   (GLA)  are  offering  an  online  ‘Get   Games  Ready’  training  package.   (see  weblinks  slide)  

The transport   that  my  staff   and  I  use  to   get  to  work  is   going  to  be   affected  


1. Do  you  NEED  to  travel?   2.  Can  you  travel  at  less  busy   Bmes?   3.  Can  you  take  a  different  routes   to  work  that  may  be  less  busy?   4.  Can  you  use  a  different   method  of  transport  i.e.  cycle/   walk?   5.  Could  your  staff  work  from   home?   6.  Could  you  change  your  key   hours  of  operaBon?   7.  Could  you  stagger  staff  start   and  finish  Bmes  and  operate  a   shij  paaern?   9.  Can  your  employees  purchase   tax-­‐free  bicycles  through  the   cycle-­‐to-­‐work  scheme?    

1. Look  at  the  informaBon  available  on  the   Get  Ahead  of  the  Games  website,   parBcularly  the  predicted  impacts  on   the  Underground  (see  weblinks  slide)   2.  Help  your  staff  with  planning  their   routes  to  work  i.e.  could  they  get  off   one  stop  earlier  and  walk  to  avoid  travel   hotspots   3.  Encourage  staff  to  use  alternaBve   modes  of  transport,  parBcularly  ‘acBve   travel’  i.e.  walking/  cycling   4.  Communicate  the  impacts  of  the  Games   on  travel  to  staff  


5. Ensure  there  is  a  secure  locaBon  for   staff  to  store  bicycles.  Contact  for   free  cycle  stands   6.  Provide  staff  with  supporBng  materials   such  as  maps,  cycle  and  walking  routes   etc.  These  can  be  found  on  the  TfL   website   7.  Sign  up  for  TfL  travel  alerts  to  ensure   you  do  not  get  unnecessarily  delayed   due  to  travel  incidents  that  could  be   avoided   8.  Download  the  Travel  Advice  for  Business   Handbook  (see  weblinks  slide)   9.  If  cycling  safety  is  a  concern,  London   borough  councils  offer  free  or  heavily   subsidised  cycle  training.  Contact  your   local  borough  for  more  informaBon    

I’m worried   about  staff   absenteeism  


1. Can  your  staff  work  remotely?     2.  Could  you  supply  them  with  Wi-­‐ Fi  enabled  phones  to  connect   remotely?   3.  Have  staff  been  informed  of  the   opBons  available  to  them?   4.  Have  staff  been  given  the   opBon  of  taking  leave?   5.  Will  you  be  giving  staff  the   opBon  of  flexi  working?   6.  Will  you  be  allowing  staff  to   watch  the  Games  whilst  they   work?   7.  Could  staff  work  at  offices/   stores  closet  to  where  they  live?   8.  Could  staff  to  work  compressed   weeks,  for  example,  work  four   longer  days  as  opposed  to  five   ‘normal’  days?   9.  Can  you  work  shij  paaerns  to   allow  staff  to  travel  at  quieter   Bmes?   10.  Can  you  change  your  core   operaBng  hours  to  ensure  your   staff  are  in  on  Bme?   11.  If  you  are  short  of  staff,  can   you  use  agency  staff?    

1. Check  your  home  working   capability   2.  Hold  an  Olympic  trial  week  to   see  the  different  ways  in  which   your  staff  can  travel  to  work   3.  Discuss  the  working  opBons   available  to  staff  i.e.  coming  in   early  and  leaving  early   4.  Define  necessary  staffing  levels   required  to  conBnue  all   business  operaBons  


5. IdenBfy  which  staff  from  which   department  are  taking  leave   6.  Consider  allowing  staff  certain   Bmes  of  day  to  watch  the   Games   7.  Look  into  having  screens  put  up   in  the  office/  staff  room   8.  If  necessary,  engage  with  a   staffing  agency  and  book  staff   early  

I’m worried   about  staff   security   during  the   Games    


1. Do  you  have  robust  business   conBnuity  and  resilience  plans  in   place?   2.  If  necessary,  have  you  increased   the  level  of  security  to  deal  with   the  increase  of  people?   3.  Due  to  the  number  of  people   that  will  be  in  London,  is  it  worth   changing  your  emergency   procedures  e.g.  if  an  incident   occurs  staff  must  go  straight   home  and  report  in?  Is  your   evacuaBon  point  sBll  accessible?   4.  Have  you  undertaken  a  risk   assessment?   5.  Do  you  have  a  good   understanding  of  your  company   threat  profile?   6.  Have  you  recently  changed  your   office/  building  access  codes?   7.  Have  your  security  personnel   received  Olympic-­‐based   training?  


1. Revise  your  evacuaBon  plans  and   ensure  you  will  sBll  have  access  to   evacuaBon  points?   2.  Communicate  your  emergency   procedures  with  staff  ahead  of  the   Games   3.  Conduct  a  company  exercise  using   a  viable  scenario  that  you  think   may  impact  you  during  the  Games   –  this  will  inform  your  staff  of   procedures  and  may  inform  you  of   potenBal  risks  you  could  miBgate   4.  Use  the  Vulnerability  Self   Assessment  Tool  (VSAT)  offered  by   the  NaBonal  Counter  Terrorism   Security  Office  (NaCTSO)   5.  Ensure  you  have  secure   employment  screening  processes   in  place,  parBcularly  if  you  are   employing  temping  staff   6.  Ensure  that  your  staff  have  had   adequate  training  ahead  of  the   Games,  for  instance,  they  are   aware  of  the  procedures  to  follow   if  they  find  a  suspicious  package  on   site   7.  Check  your  local  police  website  for   informaBon  on  local  crime  updates   8.  Ensure  you  have  resilient  IT   protecBon  sojware  installed  on  all   company  computers  

What if  we   can’t  make/   receive   deliveries   and   collec@ons   during  the   Games    


1. Can  your  deliveries/   collecBons  be  made  at   quieter  Bmes  i.e.  in  the   evening?   2.  Can  you  collaborate  with   other  local  businesses  and   share  deliveries/  collecBons?   3.  Can  you  use  local  suppliers?   4.  Can  you  stockpile  non-­‐ perishable  goods,  such  as   printer  paper/  loo  paper?   5.  Can  your  staff  to  have   deliveries  sent  to  their  home   address  rather  than  work  to   reduce  the  amount  of   traffic?   6.  Can  different  collecBon/   delivery  points  be  used,   which  may  reduce   congesBon?   7.  Can  other  outlets/  offices   make  deliveries  on  your   behalf?   8.  Can  office  equipment   requiring  maintenance  be   serviced  before  the  Games   period  starts?        


1. Contact  your  suppliers/  contractors  and   find  out  what  their  plans  are  during  the   Games  and  whether  and  when  they  will   be  making  deliveries   2.  Research  the  delivery  restricBons   during  the  Games   3.  Stockpile  non-­‐perishable  goods   4.  Communicate  with  other  businesses  in   your  building/  local  area  and  see  if   sharing  supplies  is  a  possibility   5.  Keep  a  diary  of  all  your  deliveries  and   collecBons  so  you  are  aware  of  what  a   typical  day/  week  looks  like   6.  Visit  the  TfL  website  for  informaBon  on   the  TfL’s  deliveries  Code  of  PracBce,   which  aims  to  reduce  disrupBon  to   residents  from  out-­‐of-­‐hours  deliveries   7.  Review  ORN/  PRN  maps  to  understand   how  your  business  may  be  affected   8.  Try  and  aaend  one  of  the  free  Freight   Advice  Workshops  being  delivered  by   TfL  unBl  26  June   9.  Advise  your  delivery  drivers  to  upload   the  updated  versions  of  Satellite   NavigaBon  sojware,  which  will  include   the  ORN  and  PRN  road  restricBons   10.  Ensure  your  delivery  staff  are  aware  of   out-­‐of-­‐hours  and  overnight  delivery   restricBons    

I’m concerned   about  the   impact  the   Games  will   have  on   telecoms  and   the  internet  

1. Do  you  have  resilience  in  place  to   protect  your  company  against  cyber   aaacks?   2.  Can  you  provide  staff  with  mobile   phones  and  landlines  if  you  don’t   already?  


3. Can  staff  be  given  internal  projects   that  do  not  rely  on  phone  calls/  the   internet  in  the  event  the  telecoms   network  fails?   4.  Is  it  worth  upgrading  your  network   to  a  larger  bandwidth  to  cope  with   the  demand?  

1. Contact  your  providers  and   ascertain  what  the  predicted   impacts  on  the  networks   2.  Contact  your  provider  and  confirm   that  your  contract  will  remain  the   same    


3. Find  out  what  the  predicted  length   of  Bme  is  for  your  providers  to   respond  to  technical  problems  in   the  event  of  an  incident   4.  Ensure  your  IT  Disaster  Recovery   plans  are  up-­‐to-­‐date  and  relevant   5.  Advise  your  staff  about  the   importance  of  cyber  security  and   urge  them  to  change  their   passwords   6.  Consider  installing  television   screens  in  the  office/  staff  room  

5. Can  you  provide  televisions  to  allow   staff  to  watch  the  Games  as  video   streaming  will  greatly  reduce  your   internal  network's  capacity?   6.  Do  you  have  resilient  computer   protecBon  sojware  installed  on   company  computers?  

I’m going  to   struggle  to   hold  essen@al   mee@ngs    


1. Can  you  conduct  the  meeBng   before  or  ajer  the  Games?   2.  Can  your  meeBng  be  held  in  a   less  busy  locaBon?   3.  Can  you  hold  the  meeBng  at  a   less  busy  Bme  of  day  to  make   transport  easier?   4.  Can  you  use  an  online  facility,   such  as  Skype  or  GoToMeeBng   to  conduct  the  meeBng?  


1. Look  at  alternaBve  meeBng   locaBons,  i.e.  at  a  hotel  in  a   quieter  part  of  London   2.  Test  online  faciliBes  as  an  opBon   to  conduct  meeBngs   3.  If  your  meeBngs  require  you  to   travel  outside  London  or  the  UK,   ensure  you  book  travel  and   accommodaBon  well  in  advance  

What Next?   ü  Create  an  ac@on  plan   ü  In  developing  your  acBon  plan,  you  should:  


-­‐  Iden@fy  if  you  are  going  to  be  affected  by  the  Games   -­‐   Determine  how  you  will  be  affected   -­‐   Define  suitable  arrangements  to  allow  your  business  to  operate  effec@vely   ü  Use  the  ODA’s  AcBon  Plan  Template  to  help  with  your  planning:  


ü  Use online  training  tools,  such  as  the  GLA’s  ‘Get  Games  Ready’  training  package:  


ü  Visit  for  our  Top  Ten  Tips  on  Olympics  planning  or  contact  us  at for  informaBon  about  our  business  conBnuity  services  

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General Olympic  Informa@on   Olympic  Events  Timetable­‐and-­‐results

Get Ahead  of  the  Games

-­‐  Impact  on  the  London  Underground  

hap:// london-­‐public-­‐transport.html#

GLA Online  training  package  


London Prepared

Get Ahead  of  the  Games  Twiaer  (provides  up-­‐to-­‐ date  informaBon  about  Olympic  planning  and   travel  

haps://!/GAOTG @GAOTG  

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Travel Informa@on   ORN  &  PRN  informaBon  organised  by  borough  


ORN informaBon  

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Cycle-­‐to-­‐work scheme

InformaBon on  walking  in  London

InformaBon on  cycling  in  London

Travel Advice  for  Business  Handbook  

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Cycling and  Walking  informaBon  &  Advice    

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Travel advice  for  Business  video  

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Accessible travel  for  people  with  a  disability  

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Business Informa@on   Managing  deliveries  advice  

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Freight workshops  


Flexible working  informaBon  &  advice  

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Addi@onal Informa@on   London  2012  FesBval  informaBon  

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How to Prepare your Business for London 2012 Olympics  
How to Prepare your Business for London 2012 Olympics  

Steelhenge Consulting guides you through planning your business continuity for the London 2012 Olympics. This covers key statistics, Olympic...