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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wild Game Fish Conservation International Opposes Enbridge-owned Northern Gateway Pipelines Olympia, Washington (January 22, 2012) - Wild Game Fish Conservation International (WGFCI) denounces the proposed Enbridge-owned Northern Gateway Pipelines project on environmental, cultural and economic grounds. According to Bruce Treichler, WGFCI co-founder, “the Northern Gateway Pipelines project will have a negative impact on environmentally-sensitive river and stream ecosystems located between the tar sands fields near Edmonton, Alberta and the upper reaches of Douglas Channel at Kitimat, British Columbia. The region’s First Nation communities rely on these productive landscapes to support their unique cultures. Additionally, the fish, wildlife including the famous Kermode Bear and other natural resources in these ecosystems contribute billions of dollars and hundreds of jobs throughout this natural resources-rich region on an annual basis.” Jim Wilcox, WGFCI co-founder, states “as proposed, the Northern Gateway Pipelines project will deliver 550,000 barrels of crude oil daily from the tar sands fields via a 36” diameter pipeline to tankers berthed in Kitimat. Once loaded, these jumbo tankers (up to 340 feet long with a draft of 23 feet) will navigate from the terminal at Kitimat via the challenging Douglas Channel with its treacherous coastlines, many islands, strong currents and often hazardous weather. They will then encounter dangerous conditions in the open North Pacific Ocean on their way to service ever-expanding Asian markets. Additional tankers berthed at Kitimat will offload 220,000 barrels daily of condensate via a 20” pipeline connected to the tar sands fields.” Wilcox adds, “as with the river systems traversed by the Northern Gateway Pipelines project, the marine waters used to transport crude oil between Kitimat and Asian markets support diverse ecosystems, varied cultures and global economies.” The massive Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska and the historic rupture at British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico are but two reminders of the adverse and long lasting impacts associated with crude oil spills, leaks and ruptures to sensitive ecosystems, cultures and economies. Clearly, the risks associated with the proposed Northern Gateway Pipelines project and its marine-based transportation systems are many; they are long lasting; they are costly and they are irreversible. The long term lifestyle risks for many certainly outweigh any potential short term monetary gains for a few. WGFCI and our associates encourage the protection of this very special region and the many valuable benefits it provides year in and year out. ### Contact:

James Wilcox Co-founder Wild Game Fish Conservation International (360) 352-7988

WGFCI Press Release - Northern Gateway Pipelines  

WGFCI Press Release - January 23, 2012 Opposing Enbridge-owned, Northern Gateway Pipelines project

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