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STEELE SHIELD Vol. 8 Issue 4


December 2012


receives sophomore Kyra Collects Cash Student of the year scholarship Sophomore Kyra Lambert was selected as the Steele High School sophomore of the year, which led her to receive a $1,000 scholarship. Lambert received the scholarship from the ARC Kiwanis and they further sent her entry to their district to compete at the next level for an additional $600.

“I was watching the announcements and I decided I wanted to try for this scholarship-the sophomore of the year scholarship so I went to my gallery, got the paper and one night I just started typing away and they gave it to me,” Lambert said. Upon receiving the news that Lambert was

given the scholarship she didn’t hear it from the actual source. “Over the Thanksgiving break I heard about it,” Lambart said. “Like, they didn’t tell me directly, which I was kind of shocked, but my mom’s best friend told her about it and that’s how I found out about it.”

Lambert is a second year varsity basketball player, so being able to earn another scholarship academically allowed her to prove she is good at other things as well. “For me I guess it just shows that I’m more than basketball, because a lot of people think that I’m just a basketball player and

widens to let increasing traffic flow smoother through city New Expansion of I35 Highway The year and a half long project to widen I35 from Judson road to FM 3009 started in the fall of 2012. The purpose of this project is to expand I35 from six to eight lanes to reduce congestion. Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is reconfiguring the entrance and exit ramps, intersections and frontage roads for safety issues associated with overcrowding on the highway. This is an issue that TXDOT thought would be necessary to address to help with the blockage. “It’s a lot more unconventional with all

the construction going on, but it will be a lot more beneficial at the end so there won’t be as much traffic when people get off work,” junior Chase Dixon said. The expansion is supposed to decrease the high volume of traffic. As of right now it is causing more traffic with the concrete side barriers, but the project will reach completion before Christmas of next year. “A lot of traffic is going to take place for the next year and a half, but overall it will be better for everybody once

it’s finished. The biggest problem is for people going to and from work but I personally think it will cause a lot of chaos for now but none later,” junior Sydney Pfeffer. The contractor on this project is doing most of their work at night to avoid causing more traffic. Since they started this a little before the holiday seasons, they didn’t start any construction around the Forum for holiday shopping. They avoided this area to allow cars to move in or around stores in the Forum.




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that academics don’t really matter but in actuality we’re student athletes. So it just shows that the student part comes first,” Lambert said. Lambert hopes that because she received the money that it will take a load off of her parents for paying for college. -Jazmin Fonville Photo by Jazmin Fonville

“I think the widening of 35 will be a disaster during the holiday shopping. There will probably be more traffic and more accidents, especially during black Friday, and once this happens the highway gets backed up for hours. Plus there are no more shoulders on some parts so it’s even more difficult,” senior Kaitlyn Rhodes said. This project has a length of 6.015 miles and will cost around $21.59 million. The new turnaround bridges and turn lanes will be added. -Jesenda Villarreal





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December 2012

Sullivan Does Dance SA

Senior student performs on local talent based television show Senior Christopher Sullivan is one of the teen dancers who are on the television show Dance SA TV, San Antonio’s first teen dance show with celebrity guests. Sullivan was informed to go audition for the show at a teen club. He is not paid to be on the show, but feels happy just being able to dance on television. “The show gave me an opportunity not only to meet some amazing celebrities, it also has given me the chance to

receive advice and ‘cheat sheet’ ways to become just as successful,” Sullivan said. Guest ranging from Dev from Like a G6, AJ Hernz, Paul Wall and So You Think You Can Dance’s Hampton “Excersist” Williams has also appeared on the show. “I feel privileged to work, dance and associate with some amazing people,” Sullivan said. The show is looking for dancers aged of 1317. Information on a

chance to be on the show can be given by either Sullivan or the Dance SA facebook page. “It’s also a great help to the community. The host of 98.5 is also the host for the show. We play the hottest tracks and show how dancing is today. It’s pretty historic,” Sullivan said. The show is aired every Sunday on CW35 at 11:30 a.m. It’s on channel 7 for Time Warner and 35 for Dish Network. -Jazmin Fonville

Senior Chris Sullivan dances at the black out pep rally in November. Sullivan was the president of Hip-Hop, and performed at many pep rallies. Photo by Hayden Cardy

15 Percent Rule Postponed Governor and Senators work to ease student stress

According to the Texas Education Agency, the Commissioner of Education, Michael L. Williams announced Nov. 30, that a student’s score on the STAAR end-ofcourse exam would count toward 15 percent of the student’s final academic grade in each tested subject category for the 2012-2013 school year, has been postponed.

“Deferring the 15 percent rule for this school year relieves some of the pressure being felt in Texas districts as we continue the transition to a more rigorous accountability system,” Williams said. “This deferral also allows the Texas Legislature ample opportunity to address the various issues and concerns that have been expressed about implementation of the new system.”

While this measure does plan to lessen the academic blow students can receive should they score poorly, local school districts still have the option to move forward in utilizing the 15 percent rule, should they choose to do so. Districts will soon, or should already have received formal notice so they can plan accordingly. -Cierra Edmondson

Principal: Mike Wohlfarth, Adviser: Pam Banks, Editor in Chief: Renee Schuler Editorial Policy: The Steele Shield is a student newspaper produced by the newspaper staff of Byron P. Steele II High School, 1300 FM 1103, Cibolo, TX 78108; (210) 619-5005. The newspaper attempts to inform and entertain its audience, as well as the school faculty and staff, the administration and the members of the community, in a broad, fair and accurate manner on all subjects that affect readers. It also seeks to provide a forum for the opinion of students, the staff of the paper and faculty, to encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of prominence to the readers. Unsigned editorials reflect the staff as a whole, as decided by the majority of the editors. Letters to the editor and signed opinions reflect the views of the writer only. Students not on The Steele Shield staff are welcome to submit editorials and guest columns. Submission does not guarantee use of material. The Steele Shield reserves the right to edit guest submissions and letters to the editor for grammar, spelling and space considerations, as long as the meaning remains unchanged. Opinions expressed in the Steele Shield do not necessarily reflect the views of the official policy of Byron P. Steele II High School; the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District or its administrators or adviser. We reserve the right to reject or accept any advertisements and letters to the editor based on content and space considerations. See adviser for further details on submissions and advertising or call (210) 619-5005. You may also visit and click on Newspaper then Steele Shield student newspaper.

December 2012




Building Better Health Cane’s Kicks Off Store DECA raises money to supply children with teddy bears

Louisiana chicken strip restaurant opens in area

DECA is raising money to purchase teddy bears for children in a Corpus Christi hospital. Donations will be accepted until Dec. 20. “The project is really a state initiative for Texas DECA. In February we are going to have our state competition in Corpus Christi,” DECA Sponsor Calee Beissner said. “The advisers came together and said what we can help to do to benefit the community of Corpus since they are hosting this huge event for us. So we talked to the people at the Driscoll Children’s Hospital and

When Raising Cane’s opened its doors for employee training Dec. 5, the inside was packed and the drive through ran out past the lot as people came in droves for the fried food. “Last night when I tasted the delicious Cane’s sauce for the first time in months, it was like pure heaven. I usually only get when I go see family in Louisiana so I was really excited when they started building them down here. It’s hard to explain but it’s just good,” senior Ashley Villarreal said. The restaurant sent out many flyers to local businesses to attract new customers offering deals

they said it would be really cool if we could collect teddy bears for the kids, especially the critical care ones that are going to be here for an extended period of time or the ones that are in the hospital frequently. So, after talking we decided to raise money to create build-a-bears at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. They are also working with us to give discounts on their products, because we wanted them all to have really cool bears. Plus we have to be really careful about them being new they can’t have any germs.”

Many of the groups on campus have voted to donate to the initiative or to collect the $30 required to purchase the bears in the name of their organization. “I like the idea of giving teddy bears to the hospital because as a member of NHS, it’s important for us to give back to a community that has helped foster us into becoming our own leaders of character and service, which is what our club is about,” Senior Marie Sells said. Donations may be sent to Beissner at Steele with checks made payable to Steele High School. -Zachary Carter

like free combos on the training day. This allowed the company to have trained employees for their opening day Dec. 6. “Training with the trainers prepared me for opening day, there was a lot of people and I was nervous, but in the end

I had fun, I did well and I am looking forward to making money,” junior Alyssia Morrison said The latest fast food joint offers a variety of sizes to choose from while keeping the choices and orders simple. -Zachary Carter

Photo by Alyssia Morrison




Apocalypse Not Near People fret about how the world’s end will occur The talk of the end of the world is getting closer as the year progresses. The world is not going to end on Dec.. 21, 2012 at 11:11 a.m. It strictly states in the Bible in Mark 13:32, “But the exact day and hour? No one knows that, not even heaven’s angels, not even the Son. Only the Father. So keep a sharp lookout, for you don’t know the

timetable…” People who think they know when the world ends are mistaken because they are not God and the Bible says God is the only one that knows and has the power to end the world. There are too many theories going around about how the world is going end. They say since the Mayan calendar has stopped then the world just goes kaput. This is

a false accusation. The world will not just end. According to NASA, just as the American calendar ends every year on Dec. 31 and starts back up on Jan. 1, the Mayan calendar ends on Dec.. 21 and starts all over again as well. People need to just get over the conspiracies and continue to live their life normally. -Renee Schuler

Wish For New Cell Phone Policy Arguments on whether procedure is fair arise among students The cell phone policy is not unheard of, although it is seen as unfair to many. Students need to focus on their education and not be so dependent on a form of technology. According to the Student Code of Conduct, which can be found on the school website, there are a number of legitimate reasons why cellular devices are not permitted while on campus. They can be used to cheat on exams, they can be used to bully and harass and they cause distractions in the learning environment for both teachers and other students. Most students are aware of this, but continue to push against the

regulation and then on top of that, refuse punishment. It is a sad concept that most students cannot leave their phones alone for the remainder of the school day in order to receive proper education, which in turn will better their futures. A piece of technology has become more important to the majority of teens, but here is the truth: cell phones will not pay the bills, it will not put a roof over anyone’s head and it will not ensure a good future. Students will do well to remember this fact. When/if students are in college, cell phones

are permitted because college is an adult environment and they expect students to be able to know the difference between work and play. Should that student choose to pay attention to twitter, rather than a lecture, no one will take pity on him/her. It is up to the students to start breaking away now and build up a healthy, less dependent relationship to cell phones. Students need to accept what the cell phone policy is, and learn to get through the day without fiending like a crack head for their cell phones. -Cierra Edmondson

December 2012

December 2012


Here Come the Holidays



Photo courtesy Simon Ramirez

Excitement displayed over various traditional winter celebrations The holidays are an area of time where many people take one day off and celebrate their traditional customs. The holiday that is mostly celebrated is Christmas, since the United States’ population is mostly Christian, where people think about others learn that it is better give than receive and expect a visit from a guy in a red suit. Others may celebrate different holidays that are in the month of December, such as Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Any holiday they choose to celebrate they will most likely celebrate with others.

“The holidays are about spending time with your family and showing your love for each other,” sophomore Kimberley Lietzau said. “Christmas spirit means spend time with loved ones as much as you can.” To celebrate those momentous occasions, some students will be celebrating Dec.. 8, 2012 in observance of the Hebrew religion. Kwanzaa on the other hand begins the day after Christmas. All these holidays have something in common, they are celebrated by being with families. “Holidays just means family where you get to

spend time with the family and give people stuff,” freshman Sean Kerr said. “I plan on spending it with my family and donating to many different children’s hospital.” Many different holidays are marked by some kind of social get-together where people travel near or far and visit relatives they have not seen in a while. They are social bonding events that would be tarnished if some people did not celebrate them. “Holidays are for spending time with your family and a time for each other,” senior Justin Quinones said. “The world would be kind of in chaos or kind of

in dispense if we didn’t celebrate holidays.” A way for students to get prepared for holidays is by helping parents decorate the house for a specific holiday or holidays, helping people less fortunate by volunteering at soup kitchens or community shelters and dressing up like Santa Claus and singing Christmas carols at children’s’ hospitals. Some students who do not celebrate Christmas can get involved too, by performing the same for the holiday they celebrate; either holiday one celebrates they can help others. -Blake Saunders

Senior varsity tennis player, Nicholas Ramirez took it upon himself to build benches for the tennis team so they would have a place to set their belongings down and rest. The tennis courts have bleachers for the audience outside of the courts but they never put in benches for the players.

Ramirez wanted to make a difference for the team and future players so he came up with the idea of making the spirit benches for the team. Though he is in other extracurricular activities he found the time to dedicate himself to do this for the sake of the tennis team.



Senior Jacob Vasquez proudly displays his acceptance letter to A&M. This was his first choice for engineering school. Photo courtesy Jacob Vasquez.

College Education For All

Regardless of a student’s wishes to attend, schooling is needed Whether students decide to go to college, join the military or whatever else, having knowledge at a college level can only benefit the person and therefore, should be taught to everyone. All students should be taught or at least introduced to college material in high school. According to news site, the WashingtonPost. com, two-fifths of high school students are neither prepared for college or career training. Students would benefit from having a well-rounded education filled with extensive knowledge that only college material can provide. It is understandable that not all students plan to go to college, but having college level information has never harmed and/or prohibited a person from excelling in whatever career path

they chose. According to the NewYorkTimes. com, Americans with no more than a high school education have continued to lose jobs while those with a higher education, gain more jobs and millions of dollars. Many have differing paths that they plan to take, but with the economy in its current state, plans can change and so it is important to cover all possible bases and have a broad knowledge of the things around us. Elementary, middle and high school are great foundations of learning, but to really get in depth, explore the unknown and acquire new untapped information, college material is what is best for everyone. Students need to continue to be given high school material, but

incorporate college level work and material in as well. Also, every student needs to be encouraged to attend college and get the education that will continue to move this country forward. -Cierra Edmondson

Texas State University Tuition: Around $21,000 per semester. Majors: Education, Electrical Engineering, Accounting, Applied Arts and Studies,Criminal Justice, Nursing and Philosophy. Organizations: Student Organization Council, Student Multicultural Greek Council, Bobcat Weekly, Greek Affairs and Non-Traditional Student Organization.


Tuition: Around $25,0 Majors: Biology, Biolo Journalism, Public Rel and Sciences and Liber

Organizations: The Le Organizations, Honora Political Organizations, Harmony Longhorn A

Population: Approximately 34,000 current students enrolled.

Population: Approxima students enrolled. Distance: Approximately 33.9 miles. Texas State offers opportunities for discovery and innovation to faculty and students.

Distance: Approximate

The University of Texa one of the original eigh colleges institutes.

GettinG In! Seniors follow the necessary

steps to be admitted to college of Texas

Abilene Christian

Keeping Ability to Choose

Students should not be forced to take unnecessary classes 00 per semester.

Tuition: Around $35,000 per semester.

ogical Sciences, Finance, lation, The Liberal Arts ral Studies.

Majors: Education, Animal Science, Biochemistry, Education, Computer Science, Family Studies and Accounting.

egislative Student ary Organization, , Leadership, The Association.

Organizations: ACU College Republicans, PR Club, American Marketing Association, College Democrats, Filmfest, ACU Fishing Club, Black Student Association and Beta Gamma Sigma.

ately 50,000 current

Population: Approximately 8,000 current students enrolled.

ely 64.6 miles.

Distance: Approximately 261 miles.

as in Austin was named ht Public Ivy

ACU is a national leader in Christian higher education where most students will have the opportunity in a variety of fields.

Students decide what career or path they would like to take when the time comes, which is why they are given the opportunity to choose from an abundance of different classes. The person most familiar with what they’d like to do in life is the student themselves, which is why they should be able to decide what classes they should take in high school, instead of being forced. When thought about it, it may seem beneficial for students to leave high school with a more college heavy background, but it won’t happen. Taking away the choice level of difficulty for classes would make students resentful and would not be handled sincerely. Students are able to take pre-ap, honors, and AP classes. In fact if a student receives a 3 or higher on the AP test they

are not only saving money, but their future college may accept the credit. If one were to feel they are not capable of such a class they are free to take regular classes. There is no use to force a student to take a higher scaled class if they are uncomfortable or unfit. While students may not be prepared for college the fault is on them. They are given plenty of opportunities to put their future in order. Considering the fact that they already have a requirement of 26 credits, the ability to choose how they achieve said credits should be kept. Also if college is not their preferred plan when they graduate, they shouldn’t be made to take the classes that would be unnecessary to them. They should be taking classes that will benefit them for their plans outside of high school.

In reality society needs people who are garbage men, soldiers, bus drivers and food servers. Not everyone is and will go to college therefore it shouldn’t be mandated that all be college prepared and the ability to choose what type of classes and path that is fit to an individual, kept. -Jazmin Fonville



PlayOFFS are ON

December 2012


Football team makes it to round four in playoffs with eyes on state The football team looks for redemption this year by making it to round four with a record of 13-0. They plan to make it all the way to the state championship. In round one, the team played Marshall High School at the Alamodome. The Knights finished the first half with 35 points and didn’t let the Rams score once. In the second half of the game, the Knights scored another 14 points and the Rams scored 17 points. The boys won with a score of 49-17. “I feel like we need to improve on being more aggressive on both sides of the ball. Other than that we are improving every week,” senior Cory Staud said. For round two, the boys played at Heroes Stadium against Roosevelt High School. The team didn’t let the Riders score throughout

the whole game. In the first half they had a total of 35 points and then finished the game with a score of 45-0. “I like to see when we go in and some of those young kids get to go in and play, I’d like to see us be a little more consistent and not see a drop off in the level of production of a football team,” head coach Michael Jinks said. Round three of playoffs was against Edinburg North at Texas A&M Kingsville University. Throughout the first half the Knights scored 24 points and the Cougars didn’t score at all. In the second and third quarters, the Knights still kept the Cougars scoreless and got an extra 14 points to add to their score, finishing with 38 points and leaving the Cougars with 0. “Coach Jinks told us before the game that

he had never won in Kingsville which made it a whole different environment. So going into that game it was really what is has been all year, which is redemption,” sophomore Marquee Allison said. In round four, the boys played at the Alamodome against Brandeis High School. In the first quarter the Knights scored 21 points while the Bulldogs scored 3. There was no scoring in the second quarter for either teams. After half time the Knights scored a total of 7 points finishing the game with a total of 28 points These four wins, added to their undefeated record and the football team is playing Katy High School at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco on December 15 at 2:00 pm. - Jesenda Villarreal

Junior runningback Justin Stockton runs the ball in the game against Marshall. This was stocktons third year on varsity football. Photo by Madison Anderson.

Boys Basketball Begins Balls Out Knights start regular season with a 5-4 record in district

Senior Cody Wallace jumps for the ball at the beginning of the scrimmage against Churchill. This is Wallace’s second year to play on the varsity team. Photo by Jesenda Villarreal.

The boy’s varsity basketball season stated off this year on Nov. 13 with a win over Edison Golden Bears with a score of 55-44. The boys have an overall record of 5-4 and are under the coaching staff of head coach Lonny Hubbard and assistant coaches Michael Herrera and Paul Hartzog. “Basketball has changed my dreams,” senior guard Clinton Siples said. “We have bigger goals this year as far as what we can do as a team.”

The Knights most recent game was played against the Central Catholic Buttons. The team won the game with a score of 55-49. Team leaders were junior forward Austin Henry with 19 points, junior shooting guard and small forward Rashaun Kelly with 13 points including two three-pointers and senior guard Dylan Shick with nine points. “This year, being my senior year, I want to go out with something that people remember,” Shick said. “We’re a special

team this year so it should be a good year.” While playing Roosevelt the team kept a close game but in the end lost with a score of 57-60. The boys put up a fight out scoring the Rough Riders in the fourth quarter but came up just short of the win Recently, the boys participated in the New Braunfels Tournament on Dec.. 7 and 8 and their next regular season match will be held against the Harlandale Indians at the Harlendale gym at 6:30 - Simeon Longhway

December 2012




Next Generation Hoops Girls’ basketball season starts off with an undefeated streak The girls’ basketball team’s season started in the middle of November and had a record of 3-1. The team started off the season with a victory against Clark, 87-64, and another against Brennan, 43-39, coached by Kari Wallace. “The days in between games we kind of go back over our offenses and defenses and make sure everybody knows where they are supposed to be, when they are to be there,” Wallace said. “The day before a game we go over a game plan, how we are

going to beat that team.” During the Clark victory, the team had a lead in the first quarter with 29 points and in the final quarter they had 21 points total, led by junior team captain McKenzie Calvert who scored 18 points in the game. “The first game turned out pretty good and was a lot of fun, everybody got involved and we scored a lot of points, played some defense and played as a team,” Calvert said. For the Brennan game, the team struggled but was able to win in overtime

with junior team captain Erika Chapman having made five points and two free throws. “I think it was a test of our strengths and what we are going to do this year, but I think we came out on top as a team and get a win,” Chapman said. “We know what our goal is, our goal is to make it to state and we have to stay discipline if we are going to make it there.” The teams next game will be at Steele against Johnson on Tuesday Dec.11th at 7 p.m. -Blake Saunders



December 2012


Finger-Licking Good Feeling Love for Mahone Bush’s Chicken delicious assortment of fried cooking

Young singer tops charts and wins over the hearts of girls

The past few issues have explored the variety of pizzerias, but for this issue we are going to take a different route for lunch choices. Yes, most people go to Sonic and get a burger, a slushie or something like that, but some people like to travel, and there is one good place to go called Bush’s Chicken. Bush’s Chicken is a communityfriendly, familyoriented, quickservice restaurant, in Schertz with a pleasant dine-in experience and complete catering services. When I pulled into the drive-through and they had a variety of poultry choices

Austin Mahone, a 16-year-old YouTube sensation from La Vernia, Texas, came out with his second single “Say Somethin” on Aug. 30. Mahone started making YouTube videos of covers of different songs to showcase his vocal talents. His cover of Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe hit more views than the original song. Mahone’s efforts paid off because his first single “11:11,” released on Feb. 14, 2012, hit 19 on the Billboard Heat Seekers Songs chart and Say Somethin” charted 34 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart.

from regular fried chicken to chicken salads. I ordered a chicken value meal which consists of a three piece chicken, an order of fries, a roll and

medium drink. With all that my food came to a grand total of $8.65 including tax which was fair. I also

learned a few facts about Bush’s, their high quality, fresh poultry, marinating mixes, batter and cooking techniques are in the top ten best in the industry. They also have worked hard to develop a reputation for great fried chicken and freshly brewed sweet tea, extremely fast service and family cleanliness and friendliness. I would give them a rating of four out of five stars, the reason for that is because they need to work on is drive-through speed. -Blake Saunders

Mahone has a new song that is yet to be released out to the public but all the fans know is that it is featuring the

rapper Flo Rida and the song is called “Say You’re Just a Friend.” He is an American pop singer and his music is a spin off of Justin Bieber.

Since Bieber is Mahone’s idol they have a lot of things alike, though Bieber has a more mature sound nowadays. Mahone has a great voice and for a young singer he is very talented. Since he has been named the “second coming of Justin Bieber” Mahone has more of a young girl fan base. He has named his true fans “Mahomies” in reference of his last name, Mahone, and the word homies. Mahone’s songs are cute and there is a potential star in him. “Say Somethin” deserves four out of five stars. -Renee Schuler

December 2012




“Flight” Film Takes off at Box Office How Simeon Tale of a troubled airline captain catches the attention and hearts of audience Directed and coproduced by Robert Zemeckis, the rated R, two hour and 19 minute film “Flight” tells a story of the fall and eventual redemption of airline captain Whip Whitaker, a captain with substance and alcohol abuse. Whitaker is no normal, responsible airline captain, because he has on several occasions taken drugs just before planning and navigating flights. One morning, as Whitaker is taking control over a

flight, it malfunctions and Whitaker must act quickly as others fall apart around him. It was questioned later whether or not a person of a ‘sober’ mind state could have done the same thing. Whitaker gets caught under the influence and is taken under custody where he is put into a group and forced to become sober. Whitaker then admits that he does not regret anything and is glad he is free. As a fan of Denzel Washington since his 2004 film Man on Fire,

Sees It

this was definitely one of my favorite films of his. In my opinion, this is yet another successful movie he can add to his already impressive and extensive list of hit movies. Many of the details cannot be elaborated upon, as this is a rated R movie, but anyone who is able should take the time to see this movie first hand and experience the story unfold themselves. This movie deserves 5 out of 5 stars. -Cierra Edmondson

Emo’s East Excites Musical Fans

Concert at venue gives memorable experience to attendee’s Emo’s East is a venue in Austin that hosts events like concerts. On Nov. 10, it was my second time attending the venue for a concert there. It’s smaller than most, but provides an overall memorable experience. When you first arrive, the building looks a little out of place, and like it was nestled in. This could be due to the fact that it is the newer location from the original Emo’s venue. Around two or three hours prior to the opening of the doors, there was already a line that wrapped around the building. Upon waiting for maybe 45 minutes or so, security came to separate the lines from the early entries and general admission. Being


an early entry participant, I was able to wait up front before being escorted in. Aside from the separation, security also goes around and gives bracelets to those underage that indicates that they cannot consume alcohol because of the bars inside. Despite being able to enter before most, this didn’t prevent them from running in an attempt to make it to the barrier that separates the crowd from the stage. When you first walk in, ahead of you is one of the bars and to the right is the stage. The place in itself isn’t huge, but it is bigger than its former. If you have never been to a concert it is almost certain something out of the normal will be

witnessed. For example, while we were waiting for the opening band, a girl in front of me at the barrier passed out. At first those around the girl thought she was joking, but when she went limp security was called. The girl was quickly escorted out and not seconds after the girl and her friend were leaving and their spots were filled in an instant. Bands will sometimes encourage crowd surfing and once they get to the barrier security will help them down. There was a point in time where someone was crowd surfing and there was no one to catch him so he was dropped down over the barrier. He

was fine. After the show most bands will stay after and come out to meet fans, take pictures and sign autographs, the whole sha-bang. Though, if a band does a meet and greet prior to the show, their plans for after the show may be different. I was pushed, pinched, elbowed and called the most vulgar names in just one sitting. However, the concert was one of the best experiences I’ve had. If you haven’t been to a concert at Emo’s or even one in general, I recommended it highly, considering you’re an appropriate age and have parental permission. -Jazmin Fonville

Dec. 22 - Jan. 15

This is the season of giving and thanks, don’t hold back Scan the QR Code to the from giving your all. remaining horoscopes.

Photo by Jazmin Fonville

What are we going to do?! It’s happening! Save yourselves! Leave your friends and family and your little pet panda bear behind and get out of here! You know what I’m talking about. The celebration of Monkey day on Dec.. 14! No, not really (though I am excited about that). What I am really talking about starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes and aero planes. It’s the end of the world! We are all going to die and there is nothing you can do about it. I think this is all a ploy just to get people more family centered. Now everyone is going to be like “I never forgave them, I better go apologize before we all blow up!” Either that or it’s a terroristic ploy to get everyone to go do crazy insane things that make no sense, but hey! YOLO! Yeah and your family is going to remember the crazy things you do. The only even semi-logical thing that could really happen this year is a zombie apocalypse causing the end of the world and an enormous flock of orders to Hostess for their Twinkies (there’s a reference there). With all the extreme things people are doing, you know there is going to be that one person who is going to start taking shots of toxic waste to try and get superpowers in order to survive the end of the world but instead end up mutating himself into a living-dead, brain-hungry zombie! Then the radioactivity’s contagious nature will spread to all mankind through the horrendously violent means of chowing down each other’s cerebrums! Then the survivors would be forced to protect themselves in the most humane fashion ever: running around like a redneck with a shotgun and anything else that could be used as a weapon to defend themselves against the living dead! The only reason the end of the world is going to happen is because people believe the end of the world is going to happen. Since they believe that, they do crazy things, making the end of the world possible. You laugh, but I advise you, the end of the world will happen if we take it too seriously. I hope you choose to heed my solemn warning, because that’s how Simeon sees it.



Little Shop of Steele

Theatre is hosting their annual play starting the week students get back from winter break on Jan. 10 in the school auditorium. This year’s play is the Little Shop of Horrors. The play is going to feature the Steele Jazz Band, directed by Patrick Atkins.

This year Sanchez has double casted the play so students get more stage time since the school only does one musical a year. “Steele high school has an enviable diversity. We have multi-cultural, multi-ethnic student populations that allow

December 2012


us to use that and in this musical we have the ability to feature every single one of our populations,” Theatre director Martin Sanchez said. “It’s a very diverse group and a very talented group. I chose this musical because it allowed us to feature all these different talents

Theater department prepares for play with curtains set to open Jan. 10 for the first time

that we have across the campus.” Little Shop of Horrors is a Broadway musical from the 1980’s. It was inspired by a 1950’s horror movie. The play is about Skid Row flower shop and two individuals who come across a man eating plant who is

trying to take over the world. Skid row is just like the dumps and these people experience a slice of the good life and by eating the plant they had to make these decisions that propel them into really horrible things. Its science fiction mixed with musical theatre.

“The play is more graphic than the past plays,” freshman Tristan Ipock said. “It’s just a very vulgar play.” There are six show times all together, Jan. 10 at 7 p.m. Jan. 12 at 3 and 7 p.m. the 17 at 7 p.m. and the 19 at 3 and 7 p.m. - Renee Schuler

December 2012  

Steele Shield December 2012 Volume 8 Issue 4