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Katie Steele




Project 2: Sustainable Housing Project


3DStudio Max


Project 3: Urban Conditions

Project 2:Sustainable Housing

Site Model

photoshopped using layering, elements of downloaded images, lasso tool, hue-saturation, brightness-contrast.

Initial Sketches.

Concept Board.

Kant said...our whole way of thinking about left right, front etc is in relation to our bodies and we project that onto space. I started thinking that all of that can be inverted. Our bodies are created by the potential of three dimensions. We become registers of an idea about space that is only experienced by the body.

Illustrator Collage using a quote and clipping mask based on one of Anthony Gormley’s sculptures and inspirational images.

Proposed dwelling type in context using photoshop and photography.

Night-time facade study showing effect of u-glass and wood-slat front with first floor balcony.

Photoshopped photo of proposed artificial lighting within dwelling.

Photoshopped photos of dwelling model showing lighting.

Photoshop collages of the interior of the dwelling. On the left, the kitchen area beneath the mezzanine on the which the bedroom is and adjacent to which the double height studio area is situated (shown right).

3DStudio Max

Prospective model made using create, modify, boolean tool, materials rendering and artificial indoor lighting.

Paving Textures

Project 3:

Urban Conditions

Paving Detail

Use of photoshop to create a detailed bird’s eye view of the ground conditions of a chosen 5 x 5 metre square of the ground condition in Pontypridd.

Digital Portfolio  

Digital portfolio for wsa term 1

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