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publications f/w 2013-2014 toronto + vancouver, canada


1. DEAR ADOLF Daniel Scott Tysdal 2. FUCK IRONY Karen Correia Da Silva 3. PUBLICS ýta 4. MUTABLE MASCULINITIES curran folkers


is the F/W 2013-2014 offering from SB Collective Publications. This year we celebrate our 5th birthday, and would like to state a new course for our operations and publications. It’s no secret that we love print, and as we’ve grown in Vancouver in collaboration with our friends in Toronto, we’ve decided to focus our efforts in the future primarily on print publications. So, as we celebrate our 5th birthday, we are pleased to announce our committment to publish 4-6 titles a year in our ongoing—and newly numbered—series. As far as editorial direction goes, we are faithful to our mandate of publishing works by both established and emerging Canadian writers and artists. Expect at least two artist books or catalogues in each iteration, all possessing the characteristic quality and attention-to-detail we’ve cultivated over five years of successful work. Though you won’t see as many digital editions from us, we remain committed to providing accessible, free, and open events and publictions to the public. To that end, we promise to provide at least 25 copies of each publication on a PWYC basis. Art should always be accessible. We hope you will be as excited as we are for these upcoming titles, and that we’ll see you at some of our upcoming events in Vancouver and Toronto.

Karen Correia Da Silva Founder & Director SB Collective

Curran Folkers Associate Director SB Collective

5. Sew with Butterflies poems by Anna Veprinska “We collect pain like sand in the desert and hurl it down and away many times but the wind sweeps it back into our hands and ears and mouths until we are full of sand on the inside and you whisper something about William Blake and eternity and when I try to answer only sand comes out in great mouthfuls of hope.”

Poetry & Photography November 2013 ISBN: 978-0-9878219-0-4 $14.99 CDN 250 copies 60 pgs

Anna Veprinska is a poet who is currently pursuing her PhD in English at York University, researching empathy in poetry. Her writing and photography can be found in various Canadian and British publications. She also plays the mandolin in the Toronto Mandolin Orchestra.

6. A State, A Statue, A Statute poems by Adam Abbas “...a mouth opens in horror / And matures into a yawn...”

Poetry & Illustration November 2013 ISBN: 978-0-9878219-1-1 $14.99 CDN 250 copies 58 pgs

Adam Abbas was born in Winnipeg and currently resides in Toronto. He’s more interested in what’s muttered after the phone call than the phone call itself. A State, A Statue, A Statute is his first book of poetry.

7. Public Consultation for a National Flag of Vancouver an artist book by Curran Folkers Pamphlet issued by the newly formed government of the dominion of Vancouver.

Artist Book November 2013 ISBN: 978-0-9878219-2-8 $10.00 CDN 250 copies 30 pgs

Curran Folkers is a writer and independent publisher currently living in Vancouver, BC. He is the Associate Director of the Steel Bananas Art Collective, formerly a Curatorial Assistant at the Art Gallery of York University, and a Research Assistant at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.


8. Hate Letters from Buddhists stories by Dave Hurlow A collection of short fiction by Dave Hurlow, variously set in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax with a smattering of magic realism.

Fiction April 2014 ISBN: 978-0-9878219-3-5 $18.99 CDN 250 copies 200 pgs

Dave Hurlow is a Toronto-based writer and musician. He studied literature at King’s College in Halifax, and plays bass in the Toronto band The Darcys. Their second album Warring is forthcoming from Arts and Crafts in 2013.

9. Free Agent illustrations by Katrina Pruss This series celebrates one year of being single after dating different partners for ten consecutive years from the age of sixteen to twenty-six. Although the images chronicle my real relationship history, this is a story. My truth is twisted with symbol, melodrama, and personal mythology.

Artist Book / Illustration April 2014 ISBN: 978-0-9878219-4-2 $24.99 CDN 250 copies 78 pgs

Pruss graduated with an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto in 2009 where she majored in Visual Arts and English. She is currently interested in the work of Killofer, Jess Dobkin and Carl Jung. She is also a member of Bound, a Toronto based collective of six emerging artists.

10. East Van Sound recordings by Karen Correia DaSilva Sound poems and transcriptions of recordings taken in East Vancouver during 2012 and 2013. Performed by Karen Correia Da Silva featuring Andrew McEwan, Curran Folkers, and more.

7-Inch Vinyl April 2014 ISBN: 978-0-9878219-5-9 $24.99 CDN 300 copies 8 tracks

Karen Correia Da Silva is a multidisciplinary artist and Director of the SB Collective in Toronto and Vancouver, and is the author of text and performance based-works Neo-Harmonics, and Fuck Irony. She lives and works in SB’s Vancouver studio while pursuing her PhD in English as a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow at UBC.

contact us

Karen Correia Da Silva, Director

Curran Folkers, Associate Director

Anna Veprinska, Assistant Editor

N. Alexander Armstrong, Assistant Editor Ted Killin, Assistant Editor

ordering info You can purchase or pre-order these titles on starting September 2013, pick up at copy at QSpace in Toronto, or at any of our events in Toronto or Vancouver. Our guerilla distribution methods privilege selling our books at our events, and through small global distributors. For any inquiries, please contact the Director for more information.


SB Collective

204-1657 East 12th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5N 2A2

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