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What is Steam Clean Technologies? Steam Clean Technologies is a sub-division of Future Scenes, part of the Adkins Research Group. During February 2006, Future Scenes was hired to launch a new exterior cleaning company on behalf of one of its clients. Arranging new business appointments, and often demonstrating the system on behalf of the client, the team became experts very quickly. Having acquired the business from the client in July 2006, the team set about training in all forms of steam cleaning, including graffiti and gum removal, as well as learning about anti graffiti products and associated services. Steam Clean Technologies was created as a brand and began trading as of Monday July 3rd 2006. Within the first six months of trading, we were trusted partners for two councils, a host of businesses, as well as the NHS and Education sectors. By the dawn of 2007 we were offering our services to leisure parks, hospitals, universities and businesses across the West Midlands. The decision to expand was taken after the first year of trading with supplementary staff, vehicles and equipment being used to swell the ranks. Word of mouth has been an effective tool in the growth of the business although we still actively market ourselves hence we have sent this pamphlet to you and hope that there are services within that fit your needs, if not now then in the future. We understand that it is hard to break into new areas, and with trusted alliances already in place you may find it difficult to audition new providers. However, all we ask is that you give us 30 minutes of your time to demonstrate our services at locations of your choice; whether it be graffiti removal, chewing gum eradication or general cleaning, we are happy to attend. Having worked all over the country from train stations in Lincolnshire, to new builds in Liverpool, from 16th century farm houses in Chipping Camden to high rise flats in Wolverhampton, Steam Clean Technologies offers an eco friendly exterior cleaning service that we and our customers believe is one of the best available. For any enquiries please call: Office: 0121 362 3262 Mobile: 07747 488936 Email; Web:


Steam Clean Technologies ~ Customers We are happy to have worked with the following organisations and businesses, who have utilised our services since 2006, and who represent just part of our client base


Steam Clean Technologies (SCT) is based in Sutton Coldfield and specialises in exterior cleaning. SCT utilises the DOFF © Super Heated Water System which is able to remove stains and vandalism, without resorting to blasting or burning.

Our services include:

•Graffiti Removal ~ paint marker pen and scratched onto stone •Chewing Gum Removal – from all types of Hard Standing •Anti ~ Graffiti Coating – Matt and Gloss ~ suitable for brick, stone, plastic, metal, wood and many other surfaces

•Repainting Service ~ for doors, frames, street furniture etc •General Cleansing ~ including odour removal •PVCu Cleaning ~ including Conservatories •Block Paving and Drive cleaning 4

We Use The Doff Š Super Heated Water System Rather than blast and burn at graffiti, low pressure super heated water melts off layers of paint and marker pen. Used in concert with a series of eco friendly softeners the system can remove almost all types of graffiti, except, of course, those scratched into a surface; more on that later! The DOFF is a highly effective, yet gentle method of removing graffiti, soiling, oil, grease and bitumen. The system, Internationally recognised as one of the best restoration and cleaning tools available, uses a combination of heat and medium to low pressure which can remove unwanted surface pollutants without damaging the underlying substrates. Sadly, inner city life has a constant companion - graffiti. The Doff system is a powerful weapon in the fight to clean up the community, as not only are the results it provides some of the best current technology allows, its use of super heated water means that the results are 100% eco-friendly. SCT carry out cleaning and removal of external brick, stone and masonry surfaces. By using low pressure, we ensure that busy pedestrian areas are subjected to minimal disruption and low risk. As a multi function tool, the Doff provides us with the ability to remove not only graffiti, but also chewing gum, and with various attachments (rotary spinners etc) allows large areas to be first cleaned then spotted to remove all residues. Unlike high power jet washers, the low pressure super heated water penetrates deeper into the dirt layers yet removes very little grout or sand – a common complaint of the more powerful systems. Although projected at low pressure, steam is many times more effective than cold washers and will leave the area not only cleaner but free from germs and odours. Ideal areas are slabs, block paving, and dustbin areas, which are hygienically cleansed and freshened by the system


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Graffiti Removal ~1 Unlike conventional methods, the DOFF does not require high pressure to provide excellent results. By using super heated water in concert with a range of eco-friendly softeners, SCT has cleansed a variety of surfaces, including modern brickwork, 1000 year-old sandstone, concrete and all types of hard standing. Shown here are just a few before and after shots that illustrate the work that we provide. These photographs were taken two days apart, in February 2007, during work on the graffiti removal project of a church complex in Sutton Coldfield. The Walls were cleansed, and coated in matt anti graffiti product, whilst the team also provided house keeping duties, removing the weeds and bushes.

These wrought iron drain pipe protectors were repainted using Hammerite and coated with “box coat” specifically designed to adhere to exterior metals providing a glossy and long lasting graffiti proof coating


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for‌.. Graffiti Removal ~2 Unlike conventional methods, the DOFF does not require high pressure to provide excellent results. By using super heated water in concert with a range of eco-friendly softeners, SCT has cleansed a variety of surfaces, including modern brickwork, 1000 year-old sandstone, concrete and all types of hard standing. Shown here are just a few before and after shots that illustrate the work that we provide. These photographs were taken two days apart, in February 2007, during work on the graffiti removal project of a church complex in Sutton Coldfield. The Walls were cleansed, and coated in matt anti graffiti product, whilst the doors were repainted and sealed with the gloss coating These shots were taken during the same program, and illustrate how older brick can be revived once paint and years of city grime is removed. This wall is the old entrance to an air raid shelter which now forms part of the supporting wall for a 1960s – built car park.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Anti Graffiti protection Once a surface has been cleansed, particularly from the affects of graffiti, it becomes a blank canvas for vandals to strike again. An independent report has shown that the longer the graffiti is left on the surface the greater the risk for more and more to appear, whilst conversely the quicker it is removed the less likely re offending will occur. SCT offers the very latest in anti graffiti coatings, and there are three specific types available: •Matt Finish. This is ideal for brick work and masonry in general, and once dry has several key features. Firstly, it allows the surface to breathe meaning that there will be no trapped water or crumbling surfaces due to the coating. Secondly it forms a barrier which prevents pigment from penetrating the surface , and thus makes it incredibly easy to remove future attacks. This product is nonsacrificial meaning that we do not have to keep recoating the surface every time graffiti is removed – so once you have had the area coated its protected for years to come. •Gloss Finish. This is ideal for pre-painted surfaces such as garage doors, window frames, benches and many other items of street furniture. It is also an effective barrier to algae and moss that may collect in the corners of frames. •Box Coat. This is the product designed to protect metals and painted metals – for example telecommunications cable boxes, telephone kiosks and other street furniture will benefit from several coats of this product. As an added advantage, the product also repels bill posting meaning that those unsightly ads that get torn and dirty on the sides of cable boxes will simply peel off rather than adhere to the surface. The photographs show a box cleaned and coated by SCT as part of a campaign to restore over 400 units in the Autumn of 2007.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Chewing Gum Removal Chewing gum is a growing problem most prevalent in the inner city. Areas of concentration are bus-stops, main thoroughfares and shopping areas, but it seems that today, nowhere is free from the sight of wads of discarded gum. DEFRA the government body concerned with the environment has recognised the issue and released the following statement: “We have classified chewing gum as litter and as such all local authorities have a legal responsibility to remove it.” SCT are specialists in the removal of gum from surfaces such as hard standing (slabs and block paving) and concrete. Over the Summer months we operate a “clean up the Playground” program working with schools, colleges and even universities to remove wads of gum – some times in concentrations of 200 per square meter! We utilise the Doff system to cleanse streets, paths, pedestrian areas, malls, play areas and walkways. The areas that we clean are usually cleaned using a rotary device which cleans the entire area of dirt and debris, whilst a second unit follows each “spinner” spot removing the gum. Not only does this clean the surface to a high degree, it also removes very little of the sand between slabs and/or paving blocks, meaning that the minimum of follow up work is required. The area is also sterilised by the superheated water leaving it clean and odour free.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. College Clean Up Programs Steam Clean Technologies has already had the privilege of working alongside some of the most prestigious seats of learning in the West Midlands, including Universities, Colleges and Schools. Every site brings its unique challenges to us but the main areas we are called upon to cleanse are •Graffiti – from all manner of surfaces •Chewing Gum – from the walk ways around campus •General ~ including odour Removal at waste disposal and smoking areas We feel it is important that we complete the task as quickly and efficiently as possible bearing in mind that the area will have a high concentration of people throughout the day all of whom will be safe to go about their business as we clean the area. The team is used to working under such conditions and during 2007 spent the Summer vacation period working on a series of clean ups in time for the new terms to begin. We are also able to operate in term time and can revitalise surfaces and walls to your approval.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for‌.. Paint Stripping Steam Clean Technologies is able to strip back paint from metal surfaces using a mixture of softener and the Doff Cleaner These photographs date from January 2007 and show the team at work on the complete stripping of paint from over 40 sections of a log flume ride at the West Midlands Safari Park. This attraction was disassembled and delivered to he over flow car park, where each section was coated in softener and left for several hours before the layers were melted away using 1500 water. The team worked in extreme conditions in so far as they had to contend with snow, dark days, high winds and the occasional lion escape! The ride was completed and repainted in time for the park’s reopening and is now in full use for much of the year resplendent in its brand new livery. The Doff is an ideal tool to use in this type of work and returned the components to their original bare metal state. It can be used in a variety of situations such as paint on brick walls, street furniture and many other surfaces. 11

Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Specialist Cleanses Whilst the inner city has its fare share of office buildings and homes covered in graffiti, it is sad to see once great manor houses that have fallen fowl of spray cans, marker pen, and even more destructively, areas that have been gauged away. Such was the fate of the beautiful 200 year old Red House, located near junction 7 of the M6. Having negotiated for over a year with the owners and local Council, (who were working in partnership to restore the building) SCT got to work on the restoration in September 2007. The main issues were: •Graffiti in the form of marker pen and paint •Vandalism – large areas of the sandstone had be scratched, gauged and broken •General wear and tear •General grime •Affects of a previous cleaning program in the 1990s – which had burned in graffiti due to he use of brick acids, and an early form of anti graffiti coating which had stained the bricks milky white. We spent a week carefully cleaning down the exterior of the building (pic 1), and removing layers of grime, algae and graffiti (pic 2). We then rebuilt as much of the sandstone as possible (see pic 3 and next page) using our colour match technology. Finally, we sealed the surface with our own anti graffiti product The job took two weeks to complete and restored the house to a much cleaner appearance than it had enjoyed in decades.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Restoration and Colour Matching Although capable of lasting for hundreds of years, sandstone is sadly a very easy material to damage. The elements, city pollution and vandals can all take their toll on its surface Steam Clean Technologies are able to offer several solutions to damaged sandstone, and to help protect it for decades to come: •Removal of graffiti. This may take the form of marker pen or paint. The hardest inks to remove as of 2008 are "Grog“, "Nero d'Inferno" and "Stealth“ all of which seem to be the weapon of choice with today’s vandals. Each is renowned for its hard-to-remove nature and whilst some removal companies go to the most extreme lengths to remove such pigments, we like to out think the vandals. Using a special “poultice” we are able to draw the pigment to the surface and then steam it away using the Doff. •Scratched-in graffiti and general damage. SCT offers SCT Colour Match This is a non-cementitious stone repair product, made from fine limestone granules. This product is supplied as a powder and a liquid, pre-coloured to match the surface to be repaired and is completely non-shrink. It can be placed or cast to full thickness in one application, and sets within 20 minutes. SCT Match provides an excellent match for most medium grained limestone and sandstones, as well as brick. The top photo shows work in progress with the poultice being washed away, whilst the bottom shot shows the sandstone filled and protected with transparent antigraffiti coating. Note apparent holes in the top photo are now filled in the shot below.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for‌.. Specialist Cleanses ~ Grime and Other Staining Many older buildings are coated and penetrated with soiling, rust and other stains, that can be very difficult to remove without damaging the substrate. SCT offers specialist cleaning using a latex paste for cleaning internal surfaces where the use of steam or water may be prohibited – i.e. in a domestic setting. A thin layer of film-producing cleaning paste enables thorough cleansing of the pores, without leaving salts or other chemical residues, frequently found in the results of certain chemically cleaned surfaces. There are no chemical after effects and salts is not dissolved into the substrate. Once the paste product has been applied, which can be done by a variety of methods; brush, spray or roller etc. it is then simply left for 24-48 hours. After this period, it becomes modified into a 'rubberised film', which has absorbed dirt, stains and pollutants. This film is simply and easily peeled off from the surface which is 100% safe when disposed of. We utilised this film at a 16th Century farm house in the Cotswolds which was stained with tar and rust following the flooding in the Summer of 2007.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for‌.. Working at Height Not all cleaning is completed at ground level; during the Summer of 2007 the SCT team donned their hard hats, rigor boots and safety harnesses to ascend the exterior of a well-known department store in Corporation Street, Central Birmingham. The building was part way through a refit and before the contractor management installed a new level of white stone at street level they required the levels up to floor six to be thoroughly cleaned. The issues included moss on the ledges of floors two and four, plus an accumulation of city grime and traffic residues across the entire frontage of the building. Each floor was split into two levels, by the management team, allowing us excellent access to every level. Removal of 5mm thick moss layer on the 2nd floor

Completed ledge – moss removed!

Final wash-down on 6th floor

Using a special window protection coverage to allay water ingress the team worked from top to bottom in four working days. The photographs show Oliver Webster working on floor two, which held the ledge covered with moss up to 5CM thick. As you can see the Doff cut through the moss to reveal the stone beneath, leaving it a perfect match for the new 15 stone added below.

Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Specialist Cleanses ~ Statues Statues attract various kinds of problems, notably weathering, bird waste and of course our old friend, Graffiti. Steam Clean Technologies is able to offer you a full or partial cleanse removing any man made problems such as spray can or marker pen. The Doff super heated water system will also take off layers of animal waste, chewing gum and algae, but is sensitive enough to leave the pleasing patina of bronze in place, rather than making it look brand new. Shown here are some examples of the work we have completed on the “Lady Wulfruna” and “Prince Consort” (AKA “The Man on the Horse”) statues. The Lady Wulfruna was covered in marker pen as was the granite plinth on which she stands. We used our cleaning fluids, applied and worked by hand. All manner of graffiti including correction fluid was agitated until the surface was stain free. We then applied several layers of our anti graffiti product Similarly, the Man on the Horse had issues on its plinth, but also luminous orange spray paint on the horse itself, and a large amount of chewing gum at the foot of the base, a congregation point for pedestrians. Both the Man on the Horse and Lady Wulfruna are now protected by almost invisible coats of our product.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Specialist Cleanses ~ Monument Cleaning & Protection Even war memorials are not safe from the ravages of time or the vandal’s spray can Many of these monuments feature various materials such as stone, bronze and sand stone. Our pictures show the main Cenotaph in Wolverhampton that each November is the focus of the city centre’s Remembrance Day services. SCT were called in to remove profanities that had not only been sprayed on the monument itself but also the slabs that form the path around the edifice. As the material was very soft we utilised a variety of techniques mindful that making the monument look too clean by removing the city dirt and patina would rob it of its aesthetic value. So pleased was he with the results that the Lord Mayor himself contacted our employer – Wolverhampton City Council – to congratulate the team on the work. We were pleased to play a part in restoring the monument in time for the service.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for‌.. Play Area Clean Up Steam Clean Technologies offers many forms of cleaning and protection. Play areas are treated with particular care, as we first leaflet drop the entire area to notify residents that we will be in attendance on specific dates. When coating with anti – graffiti products it is important that the public do not use the equipment for several hours as not only is there a health & safety issue but also the risk of clothes being marked by the product. All these factors were taken into account when in January 2008 we visited the Candleford Green play area near Sutton Coldfield. Vestiges of graffiti were removed from the equipment and each unit surveyed as to which segments should or should not be coated; bearing in mind that a glossy coating may be slippery for children, the decision was taken not to coat any surface on which they may stand. Some repainting to the nearby goal post and basket ball hoop completed the task.


Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Insurance Work Steam Clean Technologies was proud to have been chosen to work alongside an insurance company on a series of ongoing assignments in the Oxfordshire area, from 2007 to present. These jobs mainly centred on graffiti removal, although we were also called upon to remove tar spillage from a 16th Century farm house conversion, that required us to work inside a chimney as well as in the customer’s home. The larger photographs illustrate the Doff at work on a retaining wall at a private housing complex, whilst the smaller pictures show the results of the machine after we were called in following a customer’s accident with a 5lt tin of gloss paint. We removed the spillage and also cleaned the drive area at no extra cost for a very grateful couple in their 80s!

These two jobs, carried out in Oxford in late 2007, show graffiti removal in a private estate and removal of paint spillage in the same area, on a block paved drive.


Why Should you use Steam Clean technologies for….. Exterior Domestic Cleansing Whether working alongside Environmental Services Departments, or completing private contracts, SCT is able to deliver a high quality cleaning program on domestic property. The majority of work falls into the vandalism category although we are able to revitalise tired exteriors using the cleansing power of super heated water. Dry in under an hour the area will retain a fresh and vital appearance improving kerb appeal and These photographs were taken in January 2008 and show the side of a domestic property, that form the entrance to a communal alleyway. Vandals had written in paint and marker pen. The team removed the graffiti, mindful of the white painted surface beneath, before sealing it with three coats of antigraffiti protection. These photographs show the concrete panels further down the alley, which due to the level of graffiti were sealed, painted and coated with three layers of the gloss anti graffiti product, which mean that even the hardiest marker pen inks such as “Nero d’Inferno” and Stealth will not penetrate the surface allowing future attacks 20 to be wiped off simply.

Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies for….. Cleaning Plastics •Ideal for items left out in all weather conditions such as salt grit boxes •Gives as new appearance to even the grubbiest plastics •Removes graffiti of all types •Ideal for garden furniture

Block Paving / Drives •No damage to surface due to low pressure •Deep cleansing action with steam and water •Very little sand removed from interstices •Restores original colour to hard standing •Removes gum and odours



PVCu / Conservatories •Latest industrial strength cleaning products used •Hot wash at the end makes PVC gleam like new •Gutters cleared •Drains washed down




Why Should you use Steam Clean Technologies •Personal Service •Realistic Costings •Fast Response •Great Results •Added Value Services •UK – Wide Coverage •Can~Do Attitude •Fully Insured •Latest Products Used •Latest Innovations Tested •Team Always Learning New Techniques •100% Eco – Friendly •Fully Self Contained Units –Onboard Water Supplies and All Tools Required On Each Vehicle •Restoration of Stonework •Repainting Service •Latest Anti Graffiti Coatings •Ability To Remove The “Immovable”

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