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CASE STUDY The Sky’s the limit for Glyde Metal Industries


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Many in our industry understand that change is a positive energy and the impact it is having across our businesses is nothing short of amazing. At BlueScope, as part of Our Bond we believe that Our People Are Our Strength, and Our Customers Are Our Partners. By engaging our best people, and always supporting our fantastic customers we look forward to constantly re-creating a bright and successful industrial sector in Australia. In this issue, we profile several customers who clearly understand that “Change is the only constant in life”. For example, we talk to the General Manager of Glyde Metal Industries, Mark Wood. Fresh back from a trip to Germany with a Victorian Industry delegation examining the effects of automation and digitalisation in that country, Mark tells us how Glyde is using cutting edge machinery to serve its customers. Then we hear from Tommy Ericson, Director of the Aus Ships Group, about how he is transforming his organisation into a unique onestop ship design and build shop, and he gives an insight into the build of the new Brisbane CityCat catamaran. Also, we profile Architectural Cladding Supplies, No1 Roofing, and Base Fabrication – three businesses from around the country that, in their own individual ways, are making big impacts.

WELCOME Welcome to the 19th edition of The Edge Magazine. Over the last year the industrial sector has been no place for businesses who have not been embracing change. The seemingly endless steps forward in areas like digital technology, automation, and supply chain tracking are offering businesses endless opportunities to embrace new and improved ways of doing things.

In Community Edge, we look at our site in Bibra Lake, which took out the ‘Process’ category at BlueScope’s 2018 Living Safety Awards. Specifically, we examine the project that took out the title – The Load Restraint Innovation, an initiative that not only saved the business time and money but also improved its overall safety. In Marketing Edge, we discuss how your Business Logo is possibly the most important marketing tool you will ever have. We explore some ideas on how to get the best business outcomes from your logo. On top of all that, don’t forget to check out all our other regular features – Book Review, Safety Edge, Economic Review and more. Happy reading! Sam Gerovasilis General Manager – BlueScope Flat Steel Products









No1 by name, No1 by nature

BlueScope shares expertise with growing WA manufacturer

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The Sky’s the limit for Glyde Metal Industries

One-stop ship building shop making waves in Brisbane




Award winner saves money, improves safety

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The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups

Five steps to a great logo design

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National Business Development Manager









Leading Melbourne-based cladding manufacturers Architectural Cladding Suppliers say they are on a very good wicket with the new painted aluminium offering from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, which is proving to be much in demand among their boutique cladding customers and also highly popular on their own installation projects.

Enjoying a longstanding relationship with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies through their sister company, Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC), Architectural Cladding Suppliers (ACS) has grown phenomenally since they first began manufacturing architectural cladding in May 2016 to serve the needs of both PPC and the market.


To meet the demand for the quality cladding products they manufacture using products from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, the privately owned business, based in Carrum Downs in Melbourne’s South East, has recently moved into new purpose-built premises, acquired more equipment and is now operating 24/7 to satisfy the needs of not only their cladding customers but also the projects on which they both supply and install their premium cladding products. Being leaders in their field and enjoying a strong partnership with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, ACS has enjoyed great success in bringing BlueScope innovations to their operations; first with the hugely popular new COLORBOND® steel Matt product which delivers a softer appearance and true matt finish in a range of contemporary colours, and now with BlueScope’s new painted aluminium product which is available in any custom colour required, as ACS’ Owner Daniel Bowman explained. “Other material options can come with a big price tag, whereas BlueScope can deliver a highly satisfactory alternative by colour coating aluminium feed to produce the same aesthetic effect with a cost saving. And with the specialist cladding installers, everyone likes working with aluminium because its flexibility allows you to create virtual art forms.“It’s also extremely durable, non-corrosive and great in difficult environments, so we’re looking at several projects currently that are right on the water where the flexibility, durability and performance of aluminium will be invaluable.” A recent project for which ACS has supplied and installed cladding is the $40.8 million Junction Oval Redevelopment in St Kilda, which is the exciting new home of cricket in Victoria. The state-of-the-art facility is a year-round elite training base for Victoria’s best cricketers and has been redesigned as a cricket-only facility to host domestic cricket, WBBL games and potentially international

women’s T20s and will also be home to Cricket Victoria’s administrative offices. It was a project where ACS’ strong collaborative partnership with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies certainly came to the fore, as Daniel Bowman explained. “The client wanted a specific material and we were able to go to BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies and ask if they could colour match or paint an aluminium feed in the COLORBOND® steel colour Surfmist® to service this project, because we needed to be able to curve material to certain radii which most people thought was unachievable. “BlueScope procured aluminium feed in the gauge we knew our curving unit could service to achieve those radii, we put a minimum run on their paint line and produced the coil and colour the client wanted, did a few sample sections and it was all approved. “We did a lot of curved, double lock Standing Seam cladding in the painted aluminium. We’d brought a curving unit back from Europe two or three years ago and had curved some projects for customers before, but never for ourselves until we rolled the cladding for that project and did a lot of curved facades which came up very well,” Daniel Bowman said. “The project also utilised weathering grade steel from BlueScope to create a lot of Interlocking panel around the building, which also looks very good. We did some sample sections and prepped it for a few months and watched the way the product reacted and changed colour over time. The client was very happy with the result and signed it off. “We also produced a lot of interlocking panel in standard COLORBOND® steel, so that job had pretty much a full book with a lot of our cladding, all produced with products from BlueScope, and it came up brilliantly with the help of BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies.”


Having worked with PPC since 2014, and now with ACS since 2016, Peter Tamvakis, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies Sales Manager, is pleased to know ACS is enjoying such success with the new painted aluminium product. “Through BlueScope’s worldwide business network we are able to bring in quality aluminium coil from trusted suppliers, and through our industry-leading experience in colour coating technology we are now able to supply it in any custom colour a customer wants,” Peter Tamvakis said. “It’s a particularly valuable product for the specialist cladders that ACS supplies, and also for ACS themselves on the projects they are servicing. They are a great business partner and we’re very proud to know BlueScope’s service, solutions and quality products are benefitting yet another Australian manufacturing success story.”

ACS’ use of painted aluminium from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies is a good option which benefits both our companies in the boutique cladding space which we are increasingly supplying. Daniel Bowman, ACS Owner

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NUMBER 1 BY NATURE No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies, a family business with many years’ experience behind it, recently expanded to two new locations. A BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies customer, the company has every intention of continuing to live up to its name.

BlueScope is readily recognised throughout the community. This is a huge plus to a business like ours. Their branding and marketing is very valuable.�


In 2002, David Scali and his father Tony Scali established No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies, a manufacturer and distributor of building supplies. Previous to that, David had served in the Australian army while Tony, a carpenter by trade, had worked in his own roofing business since the early 1960s. “I actually joined my father a year before we started the new business (in 2001). However, I didn’t want to continue concentrating on just roofing, so we decided to expand and change direction. Today, we manufacture and sell all sorts of building supplies across Sydney and the NSW Central Coast,” said David. From its inception until 2016, the business, which started at a single location in Narrabeen on Sydney’s northern beaches, steadily grew. It added four new Sydney stores, at Mona Vale, Seven Hills, Prestons, and Regents Park. Then, just recently in 2018, No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies opened two new stores at Caringbah in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire and at Somersby on the NSW Central Coast. As such, it is now one of the largest businesses of its type across the Greater Sydney area.

“The suburban locations of our stores, combined with the rapid turnarounds we offer, mean that we are very attractive to the residential market. However, while that’s where we do most of our business, we also work in the industrial and light industrial sectors,” said David.

RELATIONSHIP WITH BLUESCOPE David explained that, while No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies’ has worked with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies since it was established, Tony’s relationship with the company has actually lasted more than half a century. “My father has worked with a version of BlueScope since he started his original roofing business. We have both known a lot of their people for many years and have always done a significant amount of business with them,” he said. In fact, according to David, around 60 - 70 per cent of No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies’ work involves BlueScope products such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel. “We manufacture flashings, architectural panels, roofing and walling in COLORBOND® steel Ultra, Matt, Metallic, and so on,” said David, adding that BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies is one of his preferred coil providers. “We like these products and we like working with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. There’s a real strength to their brand. And there’s availability, which is important. We know that we can always deliver on our promise to our customers.” “BlueScope is readily recognised throughout the community. This is a huge plus to a business like ours. Their branding and marketing is very valuable.”


Asked about further strengths of the relationship, David said BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies are always happy to provide technical advice. “They lend their support where required and help us overcome challenges as they arise,” he said. He pointed to No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies’ use of COLORBOND® steel in architectural roofing panels as a good example. “Over the past three years, we’ve seen a massive increase in demand for traditional standing-seam European-style roofing. Prior to that, most of the interest was around coppers, zincs and so on. Luckily, we recognised that trend early on and decided to put a lot of energy into those types of products,” David said. “BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies was there to support us throughout this whole process. With their assistance, we were able to successfully meet this challenge. As a result, today COLORBOND® steel for architectural roofing and cladding is one of our key product offerings.”

A GROWTH DRIVEN COMPANY Asked about future directions for No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies, David said that right now, having just opened two new stores, the company is consolidating its position. “But overall, we’re definitely a growth-driven company,” he said. “My father still works from 6.30 in the morning until 6.00 at night. He loves his work and can’t stop. And I’m the same. We aren’t going anywhere. No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies is here for the long run.”

For more information, visit


BLUESCOPE SHARES EXPERTISE WITH GROWING WA MANUFACTURER BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies does more than offer quality product and supply chain reliability. As the example of Base Fabrication illustrates, the company is also always prepared to lend its experience and expertise to its customers as they develop and change.

Established in Kojonup, a small town located 256 km south-east of Perth, Base Fabrications manufacturers a range of grain tippers, dollies, drop decks, trailers and tankers. The company was founded in 2008 by its current Director, Neville Simpson. “Though about 80 per cent of our business is within the agricultural sector, we also serve the mining and forestry industries, as well as the general transport sector,” he said. “Originally I focussed all our energies on the local area. Kojonup is at the centre of a rich pastoral district, so from the outset there was plenty of demand for our products.” Then in 2011, Base Fabrication started to expand. This involved relocating to Perth and moving into larger facilities. The operation started in a 400m² shed and then moved, first to a 1,500m² facility, then into the 7,000m² premises it now calls home. In just 10 years, the company has grown dramatically. Increased scope of work, along with organic growth have enabled it to successfully take on competitors twice its size and win, all while maintaining its focus on its core agricultural base. “We have always sourced a lot of product from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. We use their aluminium trailer range, alloy extrusions and sheet, as well as a lot of their structural steel, wear plate and structural plate for special builds,” said Neville.

STOCK AVAILABILITY, PRICE, AND ADVICE Initially two important factors attracted Base Fabrication to BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies – stock availability and price. “Those two things very much go hand in hand, and over time we’ve come to realise that BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ reputation here in Australia is well-earned. They are a very reliable distributor,” Neville said. “Whenever we’ve required products at short notice, they’ve always gone out of their way to help us. In some cases, they’ve been able to bring material over from the eastern states to fill short supply. They work with us to solve problems, which is an important consideration when sourcing alloy. Their service has been great.” But as Neville explained, the benefits of Base Fabrication’s association with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies extend far beyond supply chain certainty. BlueScope has assisted Base Fabrication through its current growth phase; and has always been ready with timely advice as the company continues to evolve and develop new product lines. In this context, Neville gave particular mention to Damien Corich, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ Business Development Manager. “We only really became involved in aluminium trailer manufacturing three years ago, and

since then Damien’s support has been invaluable. He’s played an important role in getting that part of our business off the ground,” Neville said. “He and his team have always been available to help with things like choosing products – transport extrusions and so forth – that are best suited to our applications. “Coupled with the reliability they ensure, this has been critical to our success. It has meant we have always been able to deliver our products on time at a good price. It’s helped us remain competitive in a tight manufacturing market.” Neville offered the development of the Agliminator, a Base Fabrication ‘Special Build’, as a typical example of the type of assistance BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies provides. An innovative, all-in-one machine designed to handle seeding and fertiliser tasks and free up farmers for other work, the product is making a real mark in the agricultural sector. “BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies was able to advise us as to which of its products were most suitable for its construction. After much discussion, they suggested 3mm 450 grade XLERPLATE® steel for the sides and 700 grade XLERPLATE® steel of various thicknesses for use throughout the chassis,” said Neville. “As ever, this was the right advice. The machine has turned out to be everything we had hoped for.”


A DEDICATED ALLOY TRANSPORT SECTION What about future directions? “Within the next 12 months, we’re looking at setting up a dedicated alloy transport section. At the moment, we’re trying to operate aluminium and steel out of the same workshop, so that change will help a lot,” said Neville.

“It’s all about steady growth and evolution for us, though we fully intend to remain dedicated to the same markets. Directly and indirectly, I think agriculture will still account for around 80 per cent of our business. We are dedicated to transport and cartage directly for farmers.


So, while some things change, some stay the same. “We’ll never forget our Kojunup roots, and if I have my way, we’ll always maintain our relationship with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies,” Neville concluded.

For more information, visit


THE SKY’S THE LIMIT FOR GLYDE METAL INDUSTRIES Glyde Metal Industries, a Dandenong-based company that’s contributing to Melbourne’s Sky Rail project, has been a BlueScope Plate Supplies customer for more than 25 years. Established in 1965, Glyde Metal Industries is a steel manufacturing fabrication business serving the industrial B2B sector.

Though still based in the same Dandenong location where it has been for the past 25 years, Glyde Metal Industries has changed dramatically over the years.

“We have customers from the heavy transport, truck and trailer, power distribution, lift and elevator, healthcare sectors, and more,” said Glyde Metal Industries,’ General Manager, Mark Wood.

“Since the late 90s, the advent of new technology – particularly laser steel cutting and Computer Assisted Design (CAD) – has changed everything. These days, you can pretty much design any shape you want. You can cut shapes that were previously either very difficult or outright impossible to cut,” said Mark.

According to Mark, the company’s decades of experience means it is well-placed to respond to all these industries’ metal cutting and fabrication needs. Some of its most noteworthy recent work includes component supply contracts for Melbourne’s Sky Rail public transport project and the Australian Defence Force’s Land Program (an armoured vehicle project). Also, Glyde Metal Industries recently started supplying Melbourne’s Metro Trains with a range of steel products from BlueScope Plate Supplies to upgrade the Passenger Information displays around the metropolitan network.

As he explained, Glyde Metal Industries has three laser cutters of various sizes. “We’re just commissioning a Prima Power, Italian laser cutting machine. That’s very much at the top of the power curve. It’s a 10-kWatt machine, which means it can cut very thick steel very quickly. Our two other laser cutters, though of a lesser capacity, are still very capable of handling jobs that don’t involve the thickest steels,” said Mark.

STEEL PRODUCTS FROM BLUESCOPE PLATE SUPPLIES According to Mark, Glyde Metal Industries has used steel products supplied by BlueScope Plate Supplies since the current owners purchased the company more than 25 years ago. “We use Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS), Commercial Pipe (round fencing style pipe), Merchant Bar (a flat bar), Flats (round flat tubes of steel), Equal and Unequal Angles, and Channels – basically anything in the merchant bar and plate area,” he said. “I’m particularly a fan of TRU-SPEC® steel. As the name suggests, the specification stays true even after you apply heat and cut it to various different shapes and sizes. So, what you start with is carried on through the production process. You can predict how it’s going to behave when you cut it, press it and fabricate it.”


Asked why the relationship has lasted so long, Mark pointed to BlueScope’s people. “Our current BlueScope Plate Supplies Account Manager, Maddie Dharmapala, is doing a terrific job. She’s building on the legacy of her predecessor who was in that role for over 25 years,” he said. “The relationship is mutually beneficial. BlueScope Plate Supplies gets a reliable customer that consistently purchases a large amount of their products (of all types), while we get the confidence that comes with knowing that we will receive the high-quality steel product we need in the correct quantities.” Mark also emphasised the importance of BlueScope Plate Supplies reputation. “Just being associated with the brand is a benefit to us. All our customers have the option of using imported products, but we find that, for a quality result, most prefer Australian steel. It’s still very highly regarded,” he said.

“We get people trying to sell us imported material almost weekly, but we’re just not interested. Some of this may be a little cheaper but the quality of the BlueScope product, combined with the brand’s reputation, mean change is just not an option.” BlueScope Plate Supplies has a broad reach into different markets. This means that, if their stock is running low and needs balancing, they can easily supply what Glyde Metal Industries needs from another territory (for example, NSW). “That’s a big help to us. We know we’re not dealing with a small supplier who may be good at a handful of products but not very good at the rest. BlueScope Plate Supplies’ broad approach, and the fact that they can supply most things we want, is the advantage. It’s basically one-stop shopping,” said Mark.


“We’ve got most processes under one roof and we like the fact that we can get most raw materials from BlueScope Plate Supplies,” said Mark. “We believe we have an important advantage over offshore competitors. We are able to serve the local market more quickly than they ever could. Quick turnarounds, or the ability to order this week and get your product next week, is one of our key strengths.” According to Mark, the company has no intention of standing still. It intends to do all it takes to continue to lead the local market. “I just returned from a Victorian Government delegation to Germany to examine production processes and digitalisation and automation and how it affects the manufacturing sector. We’re dedicated to keeping up to date with all the latest industry developments.”

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS Coincidentally, Glyde Metal Industries itself is following a similar path; and is on the way to becoming a one-stop steel shop for its own customers.

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One-stop ship building shop

MAKING WAVES IN BRISBANE Aus Ships, the ship builder chosen to make Brisbane’s new CityCat, is a long-standing BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ customer. Director Tommy Ericson explained the secrets to the company’s success. Based in the Rivergate Marina & Shipyard precinct on the southern side of the Brisbane River, the Aus Ships Group is a maritime business dedicated to providing a comprehensive products and services portfolio to high quality clients. As Aus Ships Group Director Tommy Ericson explained, the business is made up of two distinct entities. “The first of these is the Aus Yachts studio, our design, professional services and consulting business, which is focused on everything from new design and owners’ representation for new buildings to technical consulting and advisory services. It involves a team of naval architects, engineers, draftsmen, and professional consultants,” he said. “Then we have Aus Ships which provides our manufacturing capability. This part of the business is involved in new building, refit, repair and component services.” Aus Yachts has operated globally since 2008, while Aus Ships was incorporated in 2011 and ramped up considerably in 2014. Overall, the Group employs 30 people, including over 20 in the manufacturing area. Aus Ships Group’s customers include large Australian public companies (involved in ferry operations and infrastructure provision), as well as smaller commercial operators and Government Departments (like Police, Fisheries, and Parks and Wildlife) that may only run a couple of vessels. “Then, we also serve ultra-high net worth individuals who make up the global super yacht market,” said Tommy.

A LONG ASSOCIATION WITH BLUESCOPE SHEET METAL SUPPLIES As Tommy explained, his relationship with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies goes back to the 1990s when he worked for another Brisbane-based ship builder. “That was where I got my start,” he said. “And that’s where I first met Regan Hess, the BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies account manager we still work with today.” “I’ve been working with BlueScope for 20 years now, and I’ve worked with Regan for over 15. She’s always been a big supporter of our business and the industry, and always provides a timely service.”

particular material. Then, on the production side of things, they always know they have access to the materials they need at a costeffective price point. “This has a knock-on effect. It strengthens the relationships between us and our own customers. It means we can deliver on our promises; and do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it,” said Tommy.

FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION TO COMMISSIONING Asked about the strengths and future directions of the Aus Ships Group, Tommy was equally positive.

Aus Ships uses BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ marine grade 5083 aluminium sheet and 6082 extrusion in the hulls and superstructure of all their vessels. On top of that, the company uses BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ router cutting services for the profile cutting of all their aluminium.

“We intend to become Australia’s preeminent ship designer builder. That’s our key differentiator. We’re not just a boat builder; we integrate the design with manufacturing and provide a one-stop-shop to our clients. From concept to creation to commissioning. We do all of it in-house.”

“We get very good support from the BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies team. They offer quality product, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing. Plus, the fact that they are an Australian company with a Brisbane base is a big plus for us. We always like to support local industry,” said Tommy.

The company’s continued involvement in highprofile projects is testament to its direction. More than two decades since the arrival of the first CityCats, Brisbane is set to welcome the latest addition to its high-speed catamaran fleet. The 22nd CityCat is on the way. Able to carry 170 passengers, the two-level boat will have 16 seats on its upper deck, as well as lounges and USB charging points.

“But the most important benefit of our association with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies is that it ensures we have a reliable supply of aluminium. Supply chain relationships like this are critical. We actively pursue them.” Whenever necessary, Aus Ships can call BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies and ask for mechanical properties or details on a

The vessel, which will be making waves on the Brisbane River later this year, will feature BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ marine grade 5083 aluminium sheet and 6082 extrusions.

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AWARD WINNER SAVES MONEY, IMPROVES SAFETY BlueScope’s distribution team in Bibra Lake took out the ’Process’ category of the 2018 Living Safety Awards for its Load Restraint Innovation, an initiative that not only saved the business time and money but also improved the operation’s overall safety.

“I need to complete that load configuration correctly because I’m the one who’ll be putting the restraints on it. It’s not somebody else’s problem, it’s my problem.”

“At Bibra Lake, we handle a whole range of BlueScope products. We’re transporting sheet and coil products, slit coil, aluminium extrusion, plate, TRU-SPEC® steel, and so forth on a daily basis,” he said.

For BlueScope, workplace health and safety is priority number one. More than just another consideration to factor into the workplace, it is integral to the company’s ‘way of life’.

“So, we worked with our partners, Kings Transport, and decided that our staff across the afternoon and night shifts would apply the restraints to the trucks before the drivers appear in the morning.”

As an acknowledgement of this, each year BlueScope’s ‘Living Safety Awards’ honour those in the company who, over the previous twelve months, have set the standard for workplace safety. This year’s winner in the ‘Safety Initiative – Safe Process – Customer Facing’ category, BlueScope’s distribution team in Bibra Lake, was particularly noteworthy. Justin Allen, Operations Manager of BlueScope Bibra Lake explained how the winning nomination, the ‘Load Restraint Initiative’ came about.

He explained that, in the past, the task of load configuration and restraint fell to the truck drivers. In other words, they were spending a lot of time completing these jobs (instead of actually driving their trucks).

He said that, because his team now has “more skin in the game”, the safety and efficiency of the load configuration tasks have improved dramatically. “My team now approaches the loads with the thought – ‘I need to complete that load configuration correctly because I’m the one who’ll be putting the restraints on it. It’s not somebody else’s problem, it’s my problem.’,” he said.

THE BENEFITS According to Justin, the initiative has saved the team 30 to 40 minutes of labour time per truck without the need to add any extra staff. They’ve been able to increase the number of shifts per day from two to three and reduce the number of forklifts they use by one. “This all equates to savings of 17.5 labour hours per week,” said Justin. “The greater understanding of safe load restraint practises at this site has been outstanding. And, by streamlining our shifts, we’ve been able to reduce congestion, remove a forklift and improve the working environment for our picking, packing and loading operations.” Thanking everyone at Bibra Lake for buying into the initiative, Justin made special mention of shift supervisors, John Reynolds, Robert Hawira and Ian Ewen. In addition, he said the project wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of James Rennie and the drivers at Kings Transport, Bruce MacDonald from HSE Professional, and Mayoory Tech Services. In all, in 2018 there were eight categories in the Living Safety Awards program. Congratulations to not only to the winners, but also to all those who nominated for this important program, and indeed to all the employees who recognise the importance of workplace health and safety, and factor it into everything they do. They all truly embody BlueScope’s “Living Safety” ethos.



WINNERS OF THE 2018 LIVING SAFETY AWARDS Leadership & Engagement – Manager Winner: Grant Neilsen, Port Kembla Project: HSM Major Shut Leadership & Engagement – Supervisor Winner: Paul Reville, Westernport

Safety Initiative – Safe People Manufacturing Winner: BOS Slab making, Port Kembla Project: Elimination of Manual Handling from BOS Ladle Coke Additions

Project: Westernport Rejuvenation Works

Safety Initiative – Safe People – Customer Facing

Leadership & Engagement – Employee

Winner: Orrcon Steel, Salisbury

Winner: Ian Bramble, Port Kembla

Project: Leaders Safety Coaching Program

Project: Controlled Drop of Rubbish from Height – Ore Prep Safety Initiative – Safe Plant – Manufacturing Winner: Project Team Port Kembla

Safety Initiative – Safe Process – Manufacturing Winner: Processing & Logistics, Chullora Project: Bay 9 Crane Relocation

Project: MCL1 Pot Replacement

Safety Initiative – Safe Process – Customer Facing

Safety Initiative – Safe Plant – Customer Facing

Winners: BlueScope Flat Steel Products, Bibra Lake

Winner: Orrcon Steel Westall, Westernport

Project: Load Restraint Innovation

Project: Crane Remote Initiative

Health, Home & Community Winner: Orrcon Steel, O’Sullivans Beach Project: OrrCare Mental Health Awareness




J UNE 2019

– G lobal growth momentum remains sluggish, but showing signs of stabilising, highlighted in industrial production activity and PMIs over the past few months. – Global Manufacturing PMIs have shown strong signs of stabilising close to the neutral 50 level across the developed and developing economies, especially China.

– H owever, with US-China trade relations again looking more fractious, a rebound in world trade is unlikely and risks are still tilted to the downside in the months ahead, especially impacting key export-oriented regions such as Asia. Source: BIS Oxford Economics, CEIC, IMA Asia, Dodge Data and Analytics, Conference Board, American Institute of Architects, ISM – Institute for Supply Management, Australian Industry Group (AiG), Australian Bureau of Statistics.



• Economic momentum in China appeared to have slowed in April following a strong outcome in March

• A strong real GDP growth result of 3.2% in Q1, along with solid labour market developments in April, confirmed that the US economy remains fundamentally sound

• Exports weakened against a backdrop of sluggish external demand, while investment and consumption growth also moderated as credit growth eased. That said, overall credit growth remained visibly faster than at the end of 2018, while real estate activity also continued to hold up well

• While the PMI manufacturing index fell to a two and a half year low of 52.8 in April, largely due to global growth softness, trade tensions and a strong dollar, in general, purchasing managers remain optimistic

• Looking ahead, the renewed escalation in US-China trade tension is likely to put more downward pressure on China’s growth in the coming quarters than previously envisaged. But growth is expected to stabilise later in the year in response to the macro policy easing and stimulus measures.

• Vehicle sales slipped to a 16.4m pace in April from a 17.4m pace in March. Affordability is now behind the softer sales, with rising interest rates and car prices. However positive sentiment and rising incomes should support sales over the remainder of 2019


• Economic momentum is likely to cool through the rest of 2019, as fiscal stimulus fades and trade tensions with China potentially escalate.

• At an aggregate level, manufacturing activity across the 4 ASEAN economies in the BSL footprint, continued to stabilise in April with the PMI staying above the neutral 50 level • Political uncertainty has been a central theme across the region in the past year, acting to dampen near-term growth prospects

AUSTRALIA • Political uncertainty continued to impact the general economy before the Federal election, which was held on 18th May

• In Indonesia, Q1 GDP growth edged lower to 5.1% YoY in Q1, as import controls saw investment grow slower. This was partly offset by stronger pre-election government consumption. Going forward, it is expected that GDP growth will improve as infrastructure projects kick off again, boosting investment

• On the economic front, the disconnect between the labour market and other economic indicators continues. Jobs growth remains solid and the unemployment rate is holding fast at 5% but overall sentiment is soft, retail turnover has flatlined, and the pace of inflation has fallen to 1.3% YoY. Building and house finance approvals also continue to fall (especially investor and high-rise apartments demand)

• A stabilisation in the Chinese economy is also critical for ASEAN’s trade and manufacturing outlook, however the recent escalation of trade tensions between the US and China represents a significant downside risk for the region.

• In early June, the RBA cut official interest rates by 0.25 percentage points to 1.25 per cent, a record low and the first change in rates for 34 months. It took this decision to support employment growth and provide greater confidence that inflation will be consistent with the medium-term target.





THE CULTURE CODE - THE SECRETS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL GROUPS BY DANIEL COYLE When successful organisations are discussed publicly, the word ‘culture’ inevitably gets plenty of attention. Whether the organisation in question is a multinational corporation, a sporting team, or small business, the secret to its successful culture is always front and centre.

As Coyle puts it, “Cohesion happens not when members of a group are smarter but when they are lit up by clear, steady signals of safe connection.”

But what do we actually mean by that phrase ‘successful culture’? Where does it come from? And if you don’t already have it, how can you get it?

He says that organisations in which individuals are comfortable enough to acknowledge their mistakes, admit when they need help and talk openly about difficulties, create the best conditions for progress. They allow individuals and teams to learn from errors and move forward to new challenges.

In his latest book “The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups”, best-selling author Daniel Coyle attempts to answer these questions. Using the latest psychological research as a starting point, Coyle then goes far and wide in search of successful organisations. He observes and interviews everybody from the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six, international design company IDEO and the San Antonio Spurs to Pixar Animation, successful start-ups, comedy troupes and even a gang of jewel thieves! The conclusion he arrives at is surprising. According to Coyle, successful culture is not about who you are. It’s about what you do. In other words, success is never unattainable. As long as they develop the necessary skills, any organisation can achieve it.

THE SKILLS NEEDED FOR SUCCESS Coyle identifies three skills he says generate cohesion and cooperation: 1) Build safety Here, Coyle “explores how signals of connection generate bonds of belonging and identity.” In other words, the first step to getting the best out of people is ensuring they feel they belong. Free from the distractions of competing with others in the group to establish status or the anxiety that comes with the belief they may lose their place altogether, they can truly commit as team members.

2) Share vulnerability In this section, Coyle “explains how habits of mutual risk drive trusting cooperation.”

“Vulnerability doesn’t come after trust – it precedes it. Leaping into the unknown, when done alongside others, causes the solid ground to materialize beneath our feet,” explains Coyle. From this perspective, far from being a sign of weakness, vulnerability is a sign of strength. 3) Establish purpose Here, Coyle “tells how narratives create shared goals and values.” He says that successful organisations have an underlying goal; a reason for being. Naturally, these vary considerably from organisation to organisation. For some, like sporting teams or political parties, the purpose may be obvious (i.e. winning), while for other organisations the goal may be something less easily measured or more abstract. For example, a servicebased company may aim to provide customers with the best possible consumer experience. Still, regardless of the organisation, there is one constant. Everybody within that organisation has a clear understanding of its purpose and his/her role in achieving this purpose. Coyle considers each of these three skills separately, then presents real-life examples of organisations that have successfully developed them.

THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS For example, he considers the San Antonio Spurs, the basketball team that has won five NBA championships in the past 20 years and is one of the best-known US sporting teams. According to Coyle, one of the strengths of the team is their attention to detail. They make few mistakes and do all the little things right. This consistency, he says, comes down to efforts of the team’s coach Gregg Popovich, an old-style disciplinarian famous for his fiery temperament. Importantly, temper isn’t his only modus operandi. Despite the fire, he leaves his players in no doubt that they are part of the team. As one of the team’s assistant coaches Chip Engelland, puts it, “A lot of coaches can yell or be nice, but what Pop does is different. He delivers two things over and over: He’ll tell you the truth, with no bullshit, and then he’ll love you to death.”

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT Coyle also relates the story of an experiment in which four groups of four people were each given marshmallows, a yard each of string and transparent tape, and 20 uncooked spaghetti; and then asked to build the tallest structure they could. The first group included four lawyers; the second, four CEOs; and the third, four business school students. The fourth group was made up of four kindergarten students. Which team came out on top? The kindy kids. It obviously wasn’t intelligence, qualifications or experience that won it for them. It was culture. Unlike the other three groups, the winners were a real team. Unburdened by the need to compete among themselves, the children were free to work together with real energy to solve the task at hand.


THE FIVE STEPS TO A GREAT LOGO DESIGN Over time, a well-designed, memorable logo can become your most important marketing asset. Whether you are just starting out as a business or you have been around for some time, when presented with the opportunity to create a new logo, you should grab it with both hands and ensure you get a good one. If you are in this position, here are some logo tips to start you thinking:



The opportunity to create or update your business logo doesn’t come along very often. Given that it is one of the main ways to establish your brand, it needs to be done right. While the questions you need to ask yourself – Who are you as a company? What do you represent? What do you stand for? What are your goals? What can you do for potential clients? – may be obvious, the answers may require some careful thinking. Don’t rush this job. It’s worth taking the time to get it right first time.



No doubt you have seen some competitors with logos that you quite like. Or you may have seen logos from businesses in other industries that have caught your eye. Don’t be tempted to copy them. Your business is unique, and you need to follow your own path. Take this opportunity and create something unique.



When considering a logo, the obvious temptation is to create something that you like. While this is reasonable up to a point, you have to remember that there is no point in attracting yourself to your own business. Create a logo with your customers in mind. This will involve considering what is important to the people you serve. In a sense, it involves putting yourself into their shoes and considering their position, as well their needs, tastes and ambitions.


WHAT ABOUT DESIGN? Logos in the B2B space serve slightly different purposes to those for B2C companies. In general, for B2B companies, simple designs with a sober business feel are the order of the day. So are designs that are scalable and therefore suitable for use in a broad range of mediums (print, online, billboards, letterheads, pamphlets, stationery, and more.) Colour is an important consideration. Choose it wisely, consider your audience and make sure not to choose colours that don’t match.



For businesses just starting out (and small businesses in general) budgets are usually tight and savings have to be made wherever possible. Under these circumstances marketing, as a non-core business activity, often doesn’t get all the attention it needs. Some businesses even try to design their own logos. This is a bad idea. Your business logo goes to the heart of your brand. Through the life of your business, it will change only occasionally, if ever. You need to give the task of creating it the attention it deserves, and you need to get it right the first time. Professional graphic designers, like professionals working in any other field, are experts who know what they’re doing. If you try designing your logo yourself, you are getting your business off to a bad start. Find the savings elsewhere.





SLIPS, TRIPS, AND FALLS When assessing workplace safety, manufacturers have to pay attention to more than just their products, machinery, vehicles, and any hazardous materials they may use in the production process. They have to assess whether their workplaces represent a risk in terms of slips, trips, and falls: incidents which not only carry with them the risks of bruises, sprains, broken bones, and concussions, but can sometimes have much more serious consequences. In fact, according to Safe Work Australia, between 2003 – 2015 slips, trips and falls not only accounted for 23% of serious injury claims in Australia, but resulted in 386 deaths. So, minimising them has to be a priority for all businesses. The first step to doing this in your workplace is to understand their causes.



The use of inappropriate footwear

The presence of slippery substances, such as water, oil, dust or ice on floors

Untidy workplaces with objects left on floors, in corridors, etc.

The use of inappropriate floor surfaces in wet areas

Old or poorly maintained floors with uneven surfaces, cracked tiles, frayed carpets, etc.

Poor drainage around machinery

Inadequate provision of storage areas and the subsequent placing of objects on open floor areas

Poor housekeeping practices and the failure to deal with spills quickly

The presence of potential trip hazards such as electrical cables, pallets and boxes.


Poorly lit stairwells

Unsafe loading and unloading of vehicles

Incorrect use of ladders

Obstructed views within workspace where carrying objects is part of the job

Unexpected changes in floor levels

MINIMISING THE RISKS The first way to minimise the risks of slips, trips and falls is to ensure all staff use footwear that is suitable for their roles and their workspaces. Those working in wet conditions need to use shoes with tread that is deep, and therefore always remains in contact with the floor despite the presence of water. Those working in dry conditions, on the other hand, are better off with a flatter tread that maximises the area of connection with the floor and shoe/boot. On top of that, management should assess the risks in their individual workplaces. In cases where spills are likely, they need to not only ensure the necessary tools are at hand to clean them, but also introduce procedures around responsibilities, timings, warning signs, and so forth. And they need to ensure these procedures are followed. They need to ensure that workplaces are kept tidy and provide adequate storage facilities. Lighting needs to be suitable to ensure visibility, particularly in enclosed spaces, stairwells and so forth. And, where necessary, non-slip flooring should be installed. Finally, in cases where there is a lot of movement and carrying of loads within the workspace, appropriate tools such as trolleys should be provided.

SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS DEFINED: • SLIPS involve the loss of traction between a person’s footwear and the ground or floor. • TRIPS involve falling over objects (e.g. bricks, mats, cables, or tools), which are laying on the ground or floor. • FALLS involve falling from a low height (e.g. falling from stairs or falling into a hole or ditch).

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