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For BlueScope, establishing these types of partnerships is one of our top priorities. Thus, in this issue we feature Sureweld, Lateral Creative, AC Laser, and LGS Solutions (a new division of Melbourne-based company GB Amos) – four businesses with which we have strong, effective and productive relationships. Also, we hear from Jonda Sheetmetal, a company that has been a BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies customer for an amazing 20 years. We talk to the company’s Manager Jake Nikolopoulos about the company’s origins and about its box gutter bracket, which was invented by his father, John Nikolopoulos. Then we profile Isa Sheet Metal (ISM), another long-time Bluescope Distribution partner. As ISM’s Jamie Weston tells us, he recently took his company in a completely new direction. Getting into the spirit of celebrating the 60th Mount Isa’s Rotary Rodeo, he recently became an artist for the first time in his life. He entered a sculpture of a bull made entirely of Hot Rolled steel in a competition marking the event. Continuing the ‘People’ focus, this issue we feature the Go Pink Campaign. Breast cancer continues to have devastating effects on many Australian women and their families but the good news is that progress is being made. Campaigns like this not only raise much-needed funds for research but also raise awareness of the disease.

WELCOME Welcome to the 18th edition of The Edge Magazine. Public figures and others often use the word ‘innovation’ when talking about Australia’s industrial future. At BlueScope, this is music to our ears. Through experience, we have gained a first-hand appreciation of the talent we have in this country. We know that our potential as a nation of ideas is more than just a pipe dream. However, success isn’t only about innovation. It’s also about people and it’s also about relationships. It’s about providing the kind of customer service that gives you, as a business, genuine insight into the requirements of your customers.

In Safety Edge we remind you and your workers to ‘Mind your backs’. Injuries to this part of the body make up 20 per cent of workplace injuries, so whether you work on your feet or behind a desk, you need to look after your back at work. On top of that, we have all our regular features – Economic Update, Book Review and more. So once again, welcome and enjoy!

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Jonda Sheetmetal has been a BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies customer for over 30 years. Jonda’s Manager Jake Nikolopoulos outlines some of the company’s history and explains how the relationship has lasted so long.

In 1974 John Nikolopoulos, then a 17 year-old plumber’s apprentice, spent hours in his garage working with sheet metal and experimenting with the skills he was developing on the job. “He was always like that. He always wanted to come up with easier ways of doing things,” said John’s son Jake, Manager of Jonda Sheetmetal, the family business his parents started. “I think that even back then he saw that there was a good market for some of the little things that he was able to fold up from sheetmetal.” One of those “little things” was an adjustable bracket which simplified the task of holding rainwater gutters on the roofs of commercial buildings and residential houses. “Before he came up with this idea, builders just used a metal strap attached to the walls beneath the roof to hold them up. Dad thought he could come up with a better idea. So he designed the prototypes in his garage at home,” said Jake. The finished product, the Adjustable Box Gutter Bracket, is now one of Jonda Sheetmetal’s most popular products. “We supply it to all the major roofing and plumbing centres around Australia. We ship them out by the pallet load all day long,” said Jake. According to Jake, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies played an important role in the product’s development. He said that, in order to ensure it had all the necessary safety ratings and could handle the loads involved, his father first had the product tested by Swinburne University. He then approached BlueScope to see if they were able to slit the coils at the widths, which would be necessary to make the brackets. “BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies was able to do that and we have used 0.75mm ZINCALUME® steel to make the products ever since,” said Jake. The simple, ready-to-use unit comes in three sizes – 250mm to 400mm, 400mm to 650mm, and 650mm to 1000mm. Now a mainstay of the industry, it is fully adjustable and therefore suitable for all guttering jobs.

JONDA SHEETMETAL’S OTHER OFFERINGS Jonda Sheetmetal is truly a family affair. Dani Nikolopoulos (Jake’s mother) also works there. The company, whose name derives from its founders (John-Dani), has come a long way since its birth in the family garage. Based in the Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg West, it now employs more than 25 people. Apart from the Adjustable Box Gutter Bracket, it offers a broad range of products and services. These include safety cabinets, spa pump covers, and a range of rainwater products such as downpipes, flashings, gutters, rain heads, sumps and trays. The company’s machinery includes a CNC turret punch and a CNC plasma cutter. It has extensive welding, cutting and folding capabilities and, unlike its competitors, can deliver customised roll flashings up to 8m in length as well as customized curved and rolled flashings up to the same length. Jonda’s partnership with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, which started all those years ago with the Adjustable Box Gutter Bracket, is still going strong. “Everything we use here is BlueScope product, either COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel,” said Jake, adding that he has a great relationship with Peter Schepis from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies Sunshine. He pointed to some wall cladding and fencing profiles he recently came up with as an example of how the two have worked together. “Peter gave me the ideas for these products a long time ago. He told me that this was where the market was heading. That’s how our relationship is. He wants the best for our company and we’ve always been able to brainstorm these development concepts.” “He visits us twice a week to do stocktakes and so forth. We always have a chat about business and if I’ve got any small issues that need solving, he either looks at them himself or points me in the direction of someone at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies who is in a better position to help.”

This type of service, said Jake, explains why the relationship has lasted so long. Working together in this way, Jonda wins. BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies wins. Everybody wins.

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Precision laser cutter, AC Laser is proof that progress doesn’t have to mean abandoning your roots. While the BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies client has changed significantly in recent years, it has maintained its focus on family and strong business relationships.

We will continue to move forward. We’re going through a lot of changes, making sure we’re keeping up with technology. We’re making ourselves more competitive and making sure we never slip behind that lead”


Based in the northern Melbourne suburb of Thomastown, AC Laser’s owners Nick and Tony Nicolaci purchased the business about 15 years ago. “Since then we’ve stayed local. We’ve moved twice and both times only about 500m from where we started,” explained AC Laser Director, Daniel Medland. “But apart from that, a lot of hard work has meant we’ve undergone some big changes. Over the past 15 years we’ve quadrupled in size and capacity. Basri Kraja became an owner close to five years ago and then, just over a year ago, I myself became an owner. We now run 24 hours a day, five days a week and we’ve got around 27 full-time staff.” Throughout its history, AC Laser’s varied client base has grown steadily. Today, the company has clients from a broad range of sectors including the construction, machinery, metal fabrication, tooling, architectural sectors and more.

In order to provide the best service possible, the company has always run the latest laser cutting technology from industry leader, Bystronic. “We currently have two CO2 laser cutters and have just commissioned our second fiber optic laser. This new 10kW fiber optic laser cutter is as big as you’ll find in Australia in terms of speed and power. On top of that we’ve purchased a 250-tonnne press brake to expand our capabilities,” said Daniel. In other words, AC Laser is all about progress and being on the top the game (at the ‘cutting edge’, if you like). However, unlike some other businesses, it has continued to expand and develop while staying true to its roots as a family business that values close business relationships. “We’re a tight-knit bunch. It’s all family-owned and we’ve got lots of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters on board. In total, 11 or 12 of our employees are related in some way. I think that helps keep the businesses moving forward,” said Daniel.



“We’ve stocked mild steel for four or five years, but for the last three years we’ve stocked only BlueScope Coil Plate steel in certain ranges because of the quality they provide and the edge cuts. We pride ourselves on our quality and service, so its matched well with what they offer.” According to Daniel, there are clear differences between TRU-SPEC® Coil Plate steel and some imported products. “With TRU-SPEC® Coil Plate steel, you don’t only get a superior cut but you find that your machines run into a lot fewer problems. We get less rejects, less mistake errors and therefore less need to recut parts,” he said. “On top of that, the sheets come a lot flatter as standard so it’s easier to ensure that customer parts remain flat.” But, according to Daniel, there is more to the relationship than just the quality of TRU-SPEC® Coil Plate steel. “We have some big orders and even the occasional panic order. When something like that happens, we’ve always found that Peter and his team are there to help. Asked about future plans, Daniel said the company has no plans to stand still.

Daniel also emphasized the importance of good business relationships, like the one it has established with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. “We’ve been dealing with guys like Peter Schepis from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies in Sunshine for a long time and they’ve never let us down,” he said.

So it would be fair to say that if we were to re-visit AC Laser in five or 10 years, the company would look a lot different than it does today. And yet, Daniel assures us, the company would still include several employees with the same surname and would, more than likely, still be working with strong partners like BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies.

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These are exciting times for Sureweld. The manufacturer of lightweight portable loading ramps and plant trailers, made using aluminium materials supplied by BlueScope Distribution, is expanding and looking stronger than ever. Sureweld was founded in Melbourne in 1976. Originally a small welding and fabrication business, the company introduced the concept of aluminium loading ramps to Australia in the early 1980s. “In 2004, the previous owners decided they would like to move to the country and brought the business with them to Wangaratta,” explained one of the owners of Sureweld, Gareth Hanson. Still based in Wangaratta, today the family-owned company has 16 employees and, after five years of sustained growth, has outgrown its current leased premises and is moving once again. Sureweld manufactures plant trailers as well as portable ramps, which are designed for loading machinery onto (and off) trucks. Focusing on the ramps, Gareth explained that they are suitable for use with mini earthmovers and excavators, mini loaders, mini compact rollers, bobcats, elevated work platforms, ATVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers and more. The key feature of these products is that they are made out of aluminium. This means they are significantly lighter than most competitors’ products – which are generally made of steel – and are therefore less likely to cause back injuries to those maneuvering them into place. In 2017, according to Safe Work Australia, back injuries accounted for 20 per cent of all workplace injuries or illnesses. For sectors like mining, building and agriculture, the problem is even greater. So products like these light-weight portable loading ramps are always welcome.

“Sureweld’s ramps are actually so much lighter than steel alternatives that they only require one, not two people to carry them,” said Gareth. Despite their lighter weight, the ramps can still carry some significant weights. “In our standard off-the-shelf range, we have ramps that can handle loads from 450 kg up to 11.5 tonnes. We also custom build models that can handle up to 22 tonnes,” said Gareth. “When designing a new ramp we have a beam strength calculator that we run everything through to ensure the side channels and the beams are going to withhold the forces. The grade of aluminium we use has similar tensile strength to that of mild steel. We use larger sections, but the actual material and design of channel that we use has the same strength properties as steel.” Sureweld offers five series of portable loading ramps. The ATV Series, the company’s most popular, includes ultra-lightweight yet exceptionally strong products that are ideal for government departments, maintenance contractors, agricultural businesses and serious recreational users. Suitable for use with ride-on mowers, the ramps in the Mower Series have the same design as the ATV series, with the addition of curves. This means they can be used with vehicles and machinery with low clearance. The Rubber Series is designed for use with vehicles and machinery that have pneumatic, air-filled tyres such as front-end loaders; while the Track Series can handle vehicles and machinery on steel tracks. Then finally, the PT Series is designed to load vehicles and machinery with rubber tracks or pneumatic tyres.

FAST LEAD TIMES While Sureweld has been making these ramps for 40 years, the company only started sourcing aluminium from BlueScope Distribution in 2012. Gareth is very happy with this arrangement. “They’ve been fantastic. They have a distribution plant that is just 50 minutes up the road, so we can always call on them. They’re great on backup support if we need something urgently or require technical assistance.” Because of the weights involved, manufacturing the ramps requires an extremely strong alloy that is no longer extruded in Australia. Despite this fact, BlueScope Distribution is able to guarantee Sureweld quick lead times after order placement. This is made possible by the fact that BlueScope Distribution has a robust B2B stock management system in place for all aluminium requirements. Therefore, Sureweld has the visibility of the stocked items they hold in their Albury warehouse, along with what is on order within the supply chain. BlueScope Distribution Account Manager, Brian Dowling is proactive in ensuring there is enough product to draw on that meets the forecast work schedule for themselves and their clients. Weekly deliveries also ensure neither is ever short of the product required for the week ahead. “This is the great thing about our relationship. We know we can rely on them. They hold stock for us, which means we can minimise the stock levels we have to hold here on the floor,” said Gareth.


The immediate future is looking bright for Sureweld. Before the end of 2018 the company is moving to a new, purpose built facility that is almost twice the size of our current premises. “We will have significantly increased production capabilities to ensure we can meet our customers’ expectations. On top of that, Sureweld is committed to employ an extra


10 full-time staff over the next three to five years. We believe this will assist in much needed growth for the region,” said Gareth.

current production. Hopefully we will also begin to do a fair bit more with BlueScope Distribution when we get there,” said Gareth.

This optimism extends to the company’s ongoing relationship with BlueScope Distribution.

That will surely be music to the ears of the people of Wangaratta, Australian manufacturing and everyone else.

“Once we get into our new facility, we will probably be able to handle three times our

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THE ANCIENT SPIRIT IS NEAR Leading indigenous artist, Peter Farmer recently called on Perth business Lateral Creative and BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies to help bring one of his latest works to life. The result has proven to be a great success for all involved. Woodside Petroleum’s new headquarters on Mount St in the Perth CBD, sits adjacent to the Swan River on the location of the old Emu Brewery. The site, which has sat empty since that building was demolished 26 years ago, has tremendous historical significance. It marks the spot where Capt. James Stirling, the founder of the Swan River Colony, first interacted with Yellagonga, a Whadjuk elder who lived nearby. As an act of acknowledgement, therefore, Woodside has named the building Mia Yellagona (or place of Yellagonga). On top of that, the company has made several further gestures of cultural recognition, including the establishment of an ’Elders’ Room’ for use by traditional custodians and the placement of several indigenous artworks in the building. The most visible of these, ‘Maajit Bardook’ (or ‘The Ancient Spirit is Near’) graces the main foyer. Created by artist Peter Framer, the work represents the six seasons of the Noongyar calendar. Made out of aluminium and timber, the sculpture also includes lighting and an audio system that plays the sounds of local wildlife (frogs and so forth).

LATERAL CREATIVE Peter chose Lateral Creative, a local specialist in this field, to help him with the project. As Mike Hartmann, Lateral Creative’s owner explained, this wasn’t the first time he had worked with Peter. “I’ve done another two projects with him. We did quite a big one down at Mandurah about a year and a half ago. It was located at the foreshore, right in front of the theatre and arts building,” said Mike. “And we’re also planning to start work on a new project early to mid-next year.” According to Mike, he has been working on these sorts of public art projects for about six or seven years now. “I get commissioned by visual artists to bring their work alive,” he said. For Maajit Bardook he used aluminium supplied by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies.

“I used 12mm aluminium plate for the feathers and 5mm aluminium plate for the seating. Also, there is an extrusion angle inside the core of the feet to provide strength. There was not a lot of extrusion used, primarily all plate,” said Mike.

Woodside’s new headquarters opened in late 2018, and Maajit Bardook has been very well received by both the company and visitors. Seen by all who enter the building, the sculpture stands as a timeless reminder that ‘the ancient spirit is near’.

He explained that he is very happy with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies and its products. “These days, I work with aluminium 99 per cent of the time. I’ve found that most of my clients prefer it. It’s easy to maintain and easier to paint. It’s lighter and you know that you won’t have corrosion issues down the track,” said Mike. He said the systematic approach he likes to take with his work fits well with the way the team at BlueScope operates. “After discussing the project with the artist, the project engineers draw it up and supply me with a cut file (CAD File) which I send on to BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. From there, it is up to them to arrange the cutting and delivery. We are very much on the same page. They are happy to fit in with how I work. “They’re always on the ball with quoting and when the product is ordered they’re swift to get the material cut or deliver the extrusion I need. I’ve found them to always be on-time and within budget.” Mike is impressed by the level of service he receives from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. “Their service is top notch. Jamie Buchanan (Market Development Manager) drops in every few weeks to see how everything’s going. He checks to see if I’m happy with everything and we talk about what projects I’ve got coming up, and so forth,” he said. “If there’s ever an issue or a problem, they act quickly to solve it. I’ve never had any problem with them. “Plus, I like the fact that I have Paul George (Customer Service Officer) as my go-to guy who I can speak to every time I call. He knows what I do, what I require and what I expect from the product.”

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One-stop steel shop helps



Having found its market niche, the future is looking bright for LGS Solutions, a new division of Melbourne-based company GB Amos. TRUECORE® steel is one of the main factors behind this success. Established 12 years ago in the Melbourne suburb of Springvale, GB Amos is a family business which is primarily focussed on supplying structural steel for large commercial building projects. Founder Gabi Amos still heads the business, along with his two sons, Tal Amos and Ben Amos. As Tal Amos explained, about 12 months ago he came up with the idea to diversify into light gauge steel framing, and thus establish what he described as “a one-stop steel shop” for its clients. It didn’t take him long to follow through on his idea. He, Gabi and Ben agreed that he would lead the new light gauge steel part of the business, to be called LGS Solutions, while his father and brother would mainly concentrate on the original part of the business and the structural steel products. Today, GB Amos employs about 25 people and LGS Solutions employs 12. According to Tal, one year into the life of the new division, business is going well. “The unique thing about us is that we do structural steel and lightweight steel in-house. No-one else is doing that at this stage. We do all the design and engineering right here,” he said. Given that, right now, a lot of builders are becoming more and more open to using light gauge steel, Tal’s timing couldn’t have been better. With the new business, his goal was to not only become a leader in light gauge steel framing but also the best in the field when it comes to integration with structural steel.


“When we were exploring the option of opening the light gauge steel division, we met Dean Manicolo (Account Manager at

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies) through our Orrcon Account Manager. The relationship evolved from that,” said Tal. The company purchased the necessary roll forming equipment, and soon decided TRUECORE® steel would be their product of choice. With its high strength to weight ratio, TRUECORE® steel offers builders the possibility of long spans and flexible design. It won’t twist or warp over time and it is 100 per cent resistant to termites and borers. Plus, its Activate® technology ensures that its corrosion resistance is maximised. TRUECORE® steel is strong, fast to install, and because it is sold as a fully-constructed frame, requires little onsite adjustment. It is made by BlueScope to strict tolerances, and fully complies with all relevant Australian Standards for thickness, width, coating and strength. And, on top of that, BlueScope offers a 50-year warranty on TRUECORE® steel for eligible applicants*.

THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION Tal explained that one of the main reasons he chose to use the product was the reputation of BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. “Whether it’s from personal experience, word of mouth, or even appearances on ‘The Block’, people know the company. They trust the BlueScope brand,” he said. “Also, we knew from the start that BlueScope would provide us things like training and marketing. For example, they pointed us to some TRUECORE® steel training videos which were a great help in getting us started.”

Praising the service he has received from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, Tal singled out Account Manager Dean Manicolo for special mention. “The communication between Dean and us has been excellent. Our orders have invariably arrived on time and he’s always been able to help us out with special requirements,” he said. As an example, he pointed to Dean’s suggestion that he supply LGS with large outside diameter coils as a great idea. He said the measure has reduced changeover time and increased overall productivity. “That’s the type of benefit that comes from good communication. We wouldn’t have thought of that without help from Dean,” said Tal. Even in its first year of operation, LGS Solutions has already started to gain a reputation as a real innovator. Its successful projects, which include house framing, facades, multi storey commercial developments, roof trusses, apartment blocks, floor joists, internal walls, residential framing and sheds, are helping to showcase TRUECORE® steel as a genuine alternative. It looks like the one-stop steel shop is here to stay. * Warranty currently offered for residential applications only and is subject to application and eligibility criteria. Commercial warranties may be available on application. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for a warranty visit or call BlueScope on 1800 800 789. Warranties provided by BlueScope do not affect consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

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BLUE BECOMES PINK According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF), 50 Australian women a day (and 148 men a year) are diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2018, 3157 people are expected to die from the disease. But it doesn’t only affect those with the illness. For every patient, there are several family members, friends, workmates, and so on who are affected by breast cancer. The good news is that, with the help of continued research and early detection programs, we are slowly winning the fight against breast cancer. What’s more, it’s hoped that further research will continue this downward trend, or maybe even eventually eradicate the illness completely. The other good news is that the Australian public are doing there bit to fight breast cancer. In June, for example, NBCF challenged the nation to GO PINK to support those affected by the illness. Sarah Thompson, the wife of BlueScope employee Sam Thompson, is one of these people affected by breast cancer. Diagnosed with the illness in 2014, Sarah fought and beat it. It was her experience that started the BlueScope involvement with GO PINK.

Sam, a Shift Team Leader in the Port Kembla coke ovens, was the first to jump aboard the GO PINK train. In 2015, he wore a pink shirt to work to support the campaign. “In the first year, when Sarah was just out of treatment, it was a massive boost to her, just to know that people cared. In the years since then, it’s just kept growing. I initially had the support of my boss, then the support of the whole department, then the support of the whole site,” said Sam. This year, there were people from all departments of BlueScope taking part. “It was fantastic. I’d estimate there would have been somewhere in the order of 100 people who actively did something in the Go Pink Week,” said Simon Took, Manger Hot Mills of BlueScope in Port Kembla. “We engaged our clothing supplier to help us out with pink high visibility shirts. There were hundreds of them floating around. There were all sorts of activities going on. The Admin staff had a BBQ. The Transport team had a BQQ. Everybody had a lot of fun!” Simon’s Hot Mills team, in particular got into the spirit of things.

Recent visitors to BlueScope may have noticed a temporary change from blue to a bright shade of pink. Don’t worry, this had nothing to do with an unexpected logo change. It was all about raising money to help fight breast cancer. “We had the idea to try and engage more people in the activity. We thought we’d wrap up some of our product in special pink paper and send it somewhere,” he explained. But they did more than that. They brought their transport provider, TOLL who have a pink truck, in on the act; and sent the special delivery from their base in Port Kembla down to BlueScope Plate Supplies at Westall in Victoria - all courtesy of a big pink Kenworth truck. There to greet the delivery was Nancy Crawford, Operations Coordinator at BlueScope Plate Supplies, her team and a pink coffee van. “The truck did a bit of a road show on the way down. It went to a breakfast, a morning tea then headed down overnight to Victoria and was at our site for our fundraising morning,” said Nancy. “Our team was really excited about getting involved in a thing like this. The fact that it was a site to site product transfer that we do every day made it that little bit more special.” The result? Overall, from all departments, BlueScope raised over $21,000 for the GO PINK campaign. “That’s exceeded all expectation. Four years ago, I promised to wear a pink tutu if we got over $4,000. This year I made a similar bet and ended up having to dye my hair and beard pink. The result is fantastic,” said Sam. But it doesn’t end there. The word is that, next year, BlueScope will really turn into PinkScope. for a whole week.






Made entirely out of 3.0 mm Hot Rolled steel, the magnificent sculpture was created by Jamie Weston from long-term BlueScope Distribution client Isa Sheet Metal, as part of the iconic event’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo, the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere and one of the outback city’s major attractions, turned 60 this year. To celebrate, the local City Council’s Scrap Metal Art Competition asked the region’s sculptors to come up with creations that celebrate the rodeo. One of the key aspects of the sculpture competition is its spirit of inclusivity. Everyone is invited to join in. Apart from the open age prize, there is a junior prize for children (from 12 – 17 years), and those who don’t necessarily consider themselves ‘artists’ are also encouraged to take part. This makes perfect sense in an industrial town like Mount Isa where there are plenty of highly skilled tradespeople about; people who may not have any artistic experience but, because of the work they do, have all the talent and skills they need to give sculpture a go.

Jamie Weston of local business, Isa Sheet Metal (ISM) is a good example. A sheet metal supplier and fabricator with over 20 years experience in Mount Isa, he turned artist this year. While not a committed rodeo fan, Jamie explained that he enjoys the annual event and often goes and has a look. He said that the things that most catch his eye when he is there are not the broncos, the rope work, or the clowns but the big, fearsome bulls. So, for his first ever sculpture, he created ‘Barry the Bull’, a big monster that looks just like the ones that throw anybody mad enough to jump on their backs around like rag dolls.

A LONG PRODUCTIVE RELATIONSHIP Not originally from Mount Isa, Jamie moved to the city in 1992 and then established ISM in 1995. “That’s a long time. It almost makes me a local,” he said with a laugh. “We do a lot of air conditioning ducting, but also much more… anything and everything that anybody wants, like flashings for example,” said Jamie, adding that he can always rely on BlueScope Distribution to provide him all the sheet metal products he needs for whatever job comes up.

“I got the idea about four weeks before the competition, when I bought a CNC plasma cutter. It is actually the first one of these machines in Mount Isa,” said Jamie. “Everyone knows who I am but they don’t know I’ve got a plasma cutter. Making the sculpture was a really good way of letting people know that I’ve got it and showing them what I can do with it.”

From the start, the business sourced its sheet metal from Union Steel, which was bought out by Smorgan and subsequently by BlueScope Distribution. In other words, the relationship has remained solid for the entire life of ISM.

As the accompanying photo shows, Barry the Bull does that very well. Made up of 44 separate pieces of black 3.0 mm Hot Rolled steel sheeting that were all cut with the CNC plasma cutter, it clearly demonstrates the precision Jamie can offer his customers.

“They are located just around the corner from us and we can always rely on them for good service. Also, if any of the other suppliers is offering something that looks good, I know I can always count on them to listen and help me out,” he said.

The competition winners of the Scrap Metal Art Competition were announced shortly after the rodeo. Unfortunately, Barry the Bull didn’t win it for Jamie. Still, he successfully showed Mount Isa the quality of work that ISM is capable of.

According to Jamie, this type of attention helps his business run smoothly, efficiently and profitably. It has helped cement Isa Sheet Metal’s standing as a popular and well-respected Mt Isa business.

Jamie explained that, there has been more to this longevity than the quality of the COLORBOND® steel products.

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– W  hile global economic growth appears to have peaked, activity is expected to remain sound heading into 2019. – G  lobal PMI leading indicators continue to highlight positive momentum but are moderating across all regions, including emerging markets.

– S  ome emerging markets, especially Turkey and Argentina, have been negatively impacted recently by the persistent strong USD and outflows back to US as interest rates rise. – World trade growth has also slowed and starting to feel the impact of ongoing trade tensions between the US and China.



•O  verall economic growth and industrial activity momentum are holding up, underpinned by stable investment and consumption. This is highlighted by the PMIs remaining comfortably in expansion territory.

• T he economy grew by 4.2% in the last quarter, its strongest rise since 2014. The solid quarterly advance was driven by rebounding consumer spending and a strong advance in business investment.

• F ixed investment has stabilised around 5.5% growth YoY over last few months, partly reflecting ongoing resilience in the real estate sector.

•C  onsumer confidence is near an 18-year high supported by a strong housing market, and a labour market approaching full employment. Fiscal stimulus and tax cuts are also supportive.

• E xport trade has eased off recently, but continued strength in trade with the ASEAN region in particular has provided a solid footing. •H  owever, growth is expected to be challenged in the coming months on the back of a further easing in world trade, slower credit growth in the domestic economy and escalating trade tensions with the US.

SOUTH EAST ASIA •A  strong global economy continues to support industrial activity and export-oriented economies in the ASEAN region. Foreign investment intentions and appetite also continues at a solid pace.

•B  ut risks to the strong economy are building, namely via pending mid-term elections in November, rising inflation and interest rates, on top of pending trade actions with China.

AUSTRALIA •R  ecent GDP data confirmed that the economy has grown at a strong pace over the last year, with an uptick in government infrastructure spending, and a surprisingly resilient household sector. Potential headwinds in the multi-res are likely.

•O  verall, Asian manufacturing PMIs improved modestly in August to remain comfortable in expansion territory. Notable gains were seen in Indonesia and Malaysia, amongst others in the broader region.

•S  trong population growth is boosting activity, especially on the east coast. As a result, dwelling construction activity has held up firmly and business investment is increasing to meet the needs of a rising population – particularly in Victoria.

• T he solid fundamentals in place in the ASEAN region are likely to support regional currencies in the face of the recent sell-off in emerging market currencies.

• T he strong global economy has also supported the domestic economy, with the manufacturing sector benefitting, seen in an improving PMI.

•H  owever, persistent debt and a large share of foreigners holding local debt, will see the Indonesian IDR stay vulnerable. •H  owever, persistent debt and a large share of foreigners holding local debt, will see the Indonesian IDR stay vulnerable.

•P  rices for Australia’s key commodity exports have also tended to hold firm and helped to reduce the underlying budget deficit. Source: BIS Oxford Economics, CEIC, IMA Asia, Dodge Data and Analytics, Conference Board, American Institute of Architects, ISM – Institute for Supply Management, Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), Australian Bureau of Statistics.








In her latest book, best-selling author Laura Vanderkam says time management is not about doing things fast or efficiently, but working out what is really important to you, your work and your life as a whole.

A lot of time management books are full of tips about how busy people can free up their time by changing the way they complete their daily tasks. For example, when food packaging tells you to microwave the contents for a set time (say 2 – 2.5 minutes) you should always take the quicker option (2 minutes). The logic is that, by shaving time off tasks like microwaving (or shopping or getting ready for work), by the end of the week you will end up with a nice block of saved time that you can put to better use. Off the Clock - Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done by Laura Vanderkam is not one of those books. Vanderkam takes a completely different approach. For her, time management is more about how we, as human beings, perceive time. She says that by changing the way you approach your life (and she is not just talking about work, but every aspect of life), time will become more abundant. Time will seem to expand to accommodate what you need to do. This is not the first book on the subject of time management that Vanderkam has written. Her previous work includes bestsellers What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast and I Know How She Does It. The latest book is based on existing scientific research, interviews with experts, Vanderkam’s own study of 900 people, and her personal experience as a busy journalist with a husband and four young children.

PERCEPTIONS OF TIME Drawing on the work of behavioural economists and a neurologist, Vanderkam explains that human beings are made of the anticipating self (who looks forward to things), the experiencing self (who is in the moment), and the remembering self (who looks back on experiences).

She says that the anticipating self might want to do something like, say, go to the museum after work. This will be a valuable experience that the remembering self will look back on fondly. But the experiencing self sometimes gets in the way and says ‘it will be too much effort’ or ‘I’m too tired’ or something like that. The trick is, if you can ignore the experiencing self and go anyway, once you get there, your experiencing self will see that it was a good idea and you will enjoy it. By applying this to your whole life (family, work, social, private) and working out what your genuine priorities are, you will be better able to plan your time. Vanderkam says that, because living like this is energizing, time will seem to expand to fit what you want/need to do. Sounds wonderful, but how can you apply this philosophy to your own life? Here is Vanderkam’s advice in a nutshell:

1 - WORK OUT YOUR PRIORITIES For Vanderkam, this isn’t just about looking at one aspect of your life (e.g. work) in isolation. You need to consider work, social life, family and entertainment all together. You need to put equal energy into every aspect of your life. Your priorities will be ranked in order of importance. Importantly, working out your priorities will also involve working out your non-priorities. Time to say good-bye to these. There is no need to do boring, stressful or unimportant things.

2 - MAKE YOURSELF A WEEKLY SCHEDULE This should be done well in advance. When looking into the future, you are not yet invested in the tasks and will be less likely to trick yourself into believing unimportant things deserve your time. Note that there is no place for non-priorities on this schedule.

3 - PUT YOUR TOP PRIORITIES IN THE SCHEDULE FIRST Now you know what your top work, family, social, and entertainment priorities are, put them in your schedule first. These are must-dos and therefore, barring major emergencies or time conflicts will not be moved.

4 - DO IMPORTANT THINGS WHEN YOU HAVE THE MOST ENERGY Whether they involve work, play or family activities, you will be better placed to fully participate in something when you have more energy. In turn, you will get more out of the task.

5 - LINGER IN GREAT EXPERIENCES According to Vanderkam, great experiences are what life is all about. By lingering in them, you will not only enjoy the moment but also deliver yourself the memories to keep you going into the future. So in summary, for Vanderkam, improving your work performance isn’t actually just about improving your work performance. It’s about looking at your whole life, working out your priorities and adjusting how you live accordingly. From there, things will start to fall into place, stress will dissipate, and your work performance will improve.



While marketing is about encouraging consumers to buy products or services, branding goes deeper and communicates the core values behind the business selling those products and services. Branding shares everything – from the way you treat customers to the quality of your products, to your very reason for being – about your business. The digital age has taken things a step further and given rise to digital branding. This not only adds further layers to the notion of branding but actually blurs the boundaries of what it means. In this online world, media engagement and digital branding often become one and the same thing. Digital branding is an invaluable exercise that can build one-on-one relationships between you and your customers. How can you go about building your digital brand?

1 2

TELL A BRAND STORY Every brand has a story, not only about how it came into being who set it up and what products it includes, but also what it means and how it fits into our lives. The narrative surrounding your brand should appeal to the emotions, entertain, and always include the audience.

ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE Blogs, case studies, online news, and social media provide the narrative opportunities to not only tell your brand story but also allow your audience, themselves, to be part of the telling. Creativity is the key here. By entertaining and engaging your audience, you can ensure that your narrative is heard and that your brand becomes part of the sector you are trying to reach.





The credibility of your digital brand will be further enhanced when your audience can come to know that your brand has a steady online presence. You should update your social and online posts regularly with high quality, engaging content; and (where practical) always be available to answer feedback and communicate with your audience.

There’s no point having great content if nobody sees it. Google and search engine optimisation (SEO) are key parts of ensuring your content is seen. It’s important to note that maintaining good SEO isn’t a one-off exercise. To ensure the best results, you need to keep up with all of Google’s latest announcements and algorithm changes.


UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF DATA With the explosion of marketing technology (Martech), you (as a marketer) now have access to an increasing amount of consumer data. This information means that you can get to know your audience like never before. You can develop a strong understanding of their online behaviour, their interests and their needs. Data can help you build strong relationships with your market.

WRAP-UP If you follow these steps, your business will start making the most of its online presence. There will be a logical consistency to how you present your business and its story to the world. Potential clients will come to have a better understanding of what makes you tick and therefore be in a better position to judge the value you can provide them.





MIND YOUR BACK In 2017, according to Safe Work Australia, back injuries accounted for 20 per cent of all workplace injuries or illnesses. For manufacturing and building businesses, the problem is even greater. The simple fact is that any job that requires the lifting, pulling or pushing of heavy objects, presents the risk of back injury. While it would be impossible to completely eliminate these tasks from the workplace, the next best thing is to ensure they are done using the correct (and safest) technique. But it’s not only manual workers who are at risk of musculoskeletal injuries. For office staff, working away at your desk for long periods of time without breaks or without the correct office equipment and posture can also be the recipe for a bad back.

LIFTING HEAVY OBJECTS 1. Before lifting, start with a wide support base. Have your feet at shoulder width, with one slightly forward. 2. Squat down as close to the object as you can get. Bend your hips and knees, and have your backside out. 3. As you lift upwards, maintain a good posture – back straight, chest out, shoulders back. 4. S  lowly straighten your hips and knees (not your back). Extend your legs and breathe out as you lift. Make sure you don’t twist or bend forward. 5. H  old the object as close to your body as possible, at the level of your abdomen. Never raise the object above your shoulders. 6. If you need to turn, use your feet. Walk slowly, with small steps. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips. 7. Squat to place the object back down, again using only knees and hips.

SITTING AT YOUR WORKSTATION 1. Ensure you have a good quality office chair that supports your entire spine. 2. P  osition your backrest back slightly, at angle of approx. 10°- 20° from the vertical. 3. Position your monitor approximately an arms length from you. 4. Position the top of monitor at eye level. 5. Ensure your screen, keyboard and mouse are all centrally aligned on your desk. 6. Raise/lower your chair to ensure your knees are roughly at right angles and keep your feet flat on the floor. 7. Leave a small gap of about two finger widths between the back of your knees and the front of your seat base. 8. Ensure your forearms are roughly horizontal to your shoulders. 9. Take regular short breaks and stretch your legs.

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Forty years. I joined BlueScope during the sale of OneSteel in April 2014. My previous roles have included SMS National Operations Manager, SMS State Operations Manager, OneSteel National Safety Manager, and OneSteel Operations Manager.

WHAT ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES? Leading a diverse team in meeting our business goals in safety, sales, customer service, profitability, and teamwork.

WHAT SATISFIES YOU MOST ABOUT YOUR WORK? Working with a great team, both locally and nationally. Seeing potential opportunities for growth achieved. Seeing everyone doing the job safely.

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