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17 JUNE 2018








CASE STUDY Leading cladding supplier rolls out the welcome matt


CASE STUDY BlueScope solutions make a world of difference









business network, to the exceptional service and value-adds our team delivers, to the local technical expertise and support we provide – all are valued by our customers and the strong partnerships we have built with them are considered key in their successes. As an Australian manufacturer ourselves, BlueScope is extremely proud to know that what we do gives fellow Australian manufacturers ‘the edge’ in these competitive and challenging times. In this edition we hear about the success that Melbourne company Australian Cladding Suppliers is enjoying with our recently launched and already highly popular COLORBOND® steel Matt, an exciting addition to the COLORBOND® steel family that uses a newly developed paint technology to deliver a softer, more subtle look for walling and roofing. We also look at an innovative new Roof Spacer product, developed by insulation leader CSR Bradford with the support and technical expertise of our team, which enhances the thermal performance of their market-leading insulation products.

WELCOME Welcome to the 17th edition of The Edge magazine. First off, just let me say how pleased I am to now be a member of the BlueScope Flat Steel Products businesses and how exciting it is to be part of a dynamic business that supplies exceptional products and value-adds that are benefitting great Australian businesses. On looking through the customer stories we share in this issue, and those in past issues, I can’t help but think how aptly the magazine is named. In every case it is clear from our customers’ comments that BlueScope truly does give these Australian companies a definite edge in bringing innovative, quality products and solutions to markets here and overseas. From the quality Australian-made steel products we manufacture and the excellence of the aluminium we source through our international

Among further success stories, we also discover how the ‘can-do’ approach of our team and our high quality aluminium product is helping yet another customer, Aqua Boat Lifts, set sail on their venture to manufacture a costsaving boat storage system more cost-effectively here in Australia. And we also look at how our Steel Efficiency Review™ has improved productivity for Aus Build-Tech as they market their light gauge steel frame solutions to construction markets here and abroad. In Community Edge, we applaud the efforts of BlueScope Plate Supplies’ Victorian branch – people of steel with hearts of gold – who helped raise much needed funds for the Good Friday Appeal which supports the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne in providing exceptional care for sick children. And in Safety Edge, we look at a crucial aspect of staff wellbeing – mental health – and share valuable insights from RUOK, the Australian suicide prevention charity, about meaningful conversations we can have with mates and loved ones that could save lives. I hope you enjoy this 17th edition of The Edge and, as always, welcome you to be part of our next edition if you have any comments, suggestions or interesting stories that you would like to send to us via email at Sam Gerovasilis General Manager – BlueScope Flat Steel Products











Leading cladding supplier rolls out the welcome matt

Flat out supporting local


BlueScope technical expertise helps deliver innovative roofing solution



BlueScope partnership makes new venture plain sailing










BlueScope solutions make a world of difference

Cooking up a good idea to help sick kids







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JAMES MURDOCH Branch Manager, Mount Isa, BlueScope Distribution





Leading Cladding Supplier

ROLLS OUT THE WELCOME MATT After just two years in operation and with the support of BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, Melbourne-based cladding manufacturer and installer Architectural Cladding Suppliers is now supplying many leading projects and is also enjoying tremendous success with the extensive cladding options they offer in the very welcome and popular new COLORBOND® steel Matt finish.


A sister company of Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC), which has had an enviable reputation for quality in servicing both the commercial and domestic roofing sectors across Australia since early 2007, Architectural Cladding Suppliers (ACS) has grown in leaps and bounds since they first began manufacturing architectural cladding in May 2016 to serve the needs of both PPC and the market. The privately owned business, based in Carrum Downs in Melbourne’s South East, has recently moved into new purpose-built premises and acquired more equipment to meet the demand for the quality cladding products they manufacture using products from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, and is now operating 24/7 to do so. “We’ve got a lot of feature projects and referrals, so we’re creating good rapport with our customers and getting a lot of repeat work from cladding specialists,” ACS’ Owner Daniel Bowman explained. “We now have three rollforming machines and one curving unit, plus a range of cassettes which we’ve just expanded so we’ll essentially be able to produce everything everyone else does in the specialist cladding segment – and more. “We’re the only company with a standalone cassette in Weatherboard and we’ve just purchased another 44mm Snaplock cassette with a clip relief to produce cladding and roofing sheets in standard COLORBOND® steel that can be installed without substrates, which is obviously more cost-effective for the end user. “We’ve also purchased a 50mm Standing Seam cassette, which is predominantly used in Europe and the USA and will be the only one in Australia; it’s another profile we chose because it has a higher rib that allows installation without a substrate. “Off the back of that we also bought an automatic notching machine, which is virtually

a plug-and-play unit which connects to our machines and cuts down on labour because it notches out the panel as it’s rollformed, so when we take it to the folders we can fold the stop ends without individually notching every piece; that’s also going to be a big time saver because we do spend a lot of time prepping the ends of the panels for customers. “Basically, ‘No’ is not an option for me, so I will always put the time and effort into ensuring ACS can do what the customer requires.” One key feature Daniel says his customers are increasingly requiring is the striking good looks provided by the new COLORBOND® steel Matt finish. Using an innovative paint technology designed to diffuse light reflection for a softer appearance and true matt finish, COLORBOND® steel Matt is available in a range of contemporary colours and is in high demand across residential and commercial projects alike. “COLORBOND® steel Matt really took off with a bang and is incredibly popular,” Daniel said. “We’re doing a huge amount of work in COLORBOND® steel Matt, particularly in the COLORBOND® steel colour Monument® as that’s the eye catcher that everyone wants. “We used that particular product on a recent install for St Kilda Football Club’s Moorabbin Park Redevelopment, producing a lot of COLORBOND® steel Matt in the Nailstrip and Interlocking Panel profiles which came up really well and made the client very happy. “I’d say a large portion of our cladding orders at the minute are for COLORBOND® steel Matt, including quite a lot of cladding in the COLORBOND® steel colour Surfmist®. Aesthetically, COLORBOND® steel Matt just provides that ‘wow’ factor with its great looks and colour range. “In a lot of instances where customers are looking at a Standing Seam type product, we’ve provided a sample wall option in COLORBOND®


steel Matt and nine times out of 10, the customer has walked away from a lot of other high end products because aesthetically they’re so pleased with the result.” Along with exciting new products such as COLORBOND® steel Matt, Architectural Cladding Suppliers are also pleased with the support that BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies provides. “They’ve always been great. We have no issues with lead times, their turnaround time with all our enquiries is spot on, and their product quality is exceptional; even with the amount of material that we put through, defects are next to none, and that’s important as well,” Daniel explained. “And it is a real collaboration. Given we are heavily on the install side of things, many of the questions we get from the high end commercial sector haven’t generally been asked before; BlueScope work closely with us to come up with solutions and support for what we propose onsite, which has been excellent from our perspective.” Having worked with PPC since 2014, and now with ACS since 2016, Peter Tamvakis, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies Sales Manager, is proud to know BlueScope’s service and quality products are supporting these successful Australian business endeavours. “It’s wonderful to see Australian manufacturers such as ACS thriving with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ service, support and products, particularly innovative products such as COLORBOND® steel Matt,” Peter said. “As with all our customers, we strive to go above and beyond in all we do and we look forward to working with Daniel and his team to provide the best solutions for ACS’ customers in the years ahead.” Visit for more information.


Flat out

SUPPORTIN Located in Lonsdale, south of Adelaide in South Australia, Adelaide Profile Services (APS) is a proud family-owned Australian company which, since its inception in 1982, has grown to become Adelaide’s premier steel plate profile cutting team. APS is also widely known for its avid support of local industry and use of Australian-made steel products from BlueScope Plate Supplies which support their promise of quality and service. Stocking the widest range of steel plate in South Australia and providing Plasma, Laser and Oxy cutting solutions, APS’s complete value-add service offering includes drilling, tapping, bending, rolling, bevelling, machining, surface grinding, waterjet cutting and surface treatment. With their commitment to fast and reliable service, plus their capacity and flexibility to deliver for one-off jobs or major projects and using cutting-edge technology and state-ofthe-art machinery, APS has become the

supplier of choice to major clients across a wide range of industry sectors. Alf DeRoma, founder of APS, established a company which prides itself on customer service, quality and on-time delivery. Today his son, APS Managing Director Lenny DeRoma, continues the commitment to servicing customers better than anyone else in the industry with the longstanding support and close relationship APS has enjoyed for the past 10 years with BlueScope Plate Supplies.

“We share our strategy openly with BlueScope to achieve our goals and targets to our customers. Being able to offer 100% Australian-made steel is something we as an organisation are very proud of,” Lenny stated. APS have recently won projects supplying 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers across the growth sectors of South Australia including government infrastructure, mining, renewable energy, agriculture and defence. This success has been aided by their decision to use BlueScope’s steel plate products, as fellow APS Managing Director Peter Jensen said.



NG LOCAL “Often it’s a requirement for our customers to provide steel plate made to Australian Standards. We always buy Australian-made XLERPLATE® steel and TRU-SPEC® steel from BlueScope Plate Supplies as they are products we and our customers can trust. We also push for local industry participation – local labour, local content, and local support,” Peter said. Delivering the highest quality and superior service is a vision which both APS and BlueScope share, as Lenny DeRoma explained. “We know the importance of quality and service to our clients, and having full certification traceability, strong technical support just a phone call away. BlueScope Plate Supplies’ ability to deliver thousands of tonnes of product annually to a monthly schedule helps APS give our customers the confidence that we can provide them with the quality steel they need, when they need it. It’s a win-win for all involved,” Lenny said.

For Steven Dalidowicz, SA State Manager BlueScope Flat Steel Products, a key feature is the strong business partnership the two businesses have. “It is an open and honest relationship in which we work together to provide a secure volume of product which enables APS to secure major projects. It is also a beneficial reciprocal relationship in which we supply plate to APS and can buy back finished product for our other customers,” he said. Lenny DeRoma agrees with Steve Dalidowicz’s assessment of the relationship and its benefits. “We have great communication between our two teams at every level. Anyone at BlueScope Plate Supplies can speak to the various members of our team about what we need; we’ve got such a good relationship with all the team there and that close crosscommunication definitely makes our work easier,” Lenny said.

“The fact that they hold stock for us, as well as supplying stock on consignment, also helps immensely. It’s an extremely good arrangement that allows us to hold a lot of steel in our yard, but if there are times when we use all the consignment stock before the next monthly delivery is due – or there’s an uncommon plate size we require – they can deliver for us next day from the stock they hold for us. “The quality of the products and support they offer APS and our customers is second to none.” he concluded. Visit for more information.



DELIVER INNOVATIVE ROOFING SOLUTION Working closely with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies and calling on our team’s technical support, CSR Bradford have created an exciting new Roof Spacer product manufactured in ZINCALUME® G500 AM125 steel that will benefit installers, building owners and building occupants alike through its ease of installation and enhancement of the thermal performance of Bradford’s renowned insulation products.


A leading Australian manufacturer of premium energy saving insulation products with a history reaching back over 80 years, CSR Bradford specialises in glasswool, rockwool, foil insulation and specialty products designed to provide thermal and acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Key to ensuring their roofing insulation products deliver the high standard of thermal performance they are designed to provide has been the Roof Spacer System, which CSR Bradford introduced – and in particular their recently launched roof spacer product SpacerX. Essentially, the Roof Spacer System raises the roof sheet above the purlin, creating a defined space between the safety mesh and the roof sheet. This allows the correct amount of space under the roof sheet to ensure the insulation can recover to its design thickness and provide its rated insulation value, as failure to provide sufficient space results in compression of the insulation and degradation of its performance characteristics. Seeking to further expand their roofing portfolio and quality offering to the market, CSR Bradford commenced the SpacerX project at the end of 2016 to invest in developing a new roof spacer product for local production. While CSR Bradford are experts in insulation, they turned to BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies for help and advice on the steel material selection which would be critical to the success of the new SpacerX product for a number of reasons, as Mariana Lai, CSR Bradford’s Senior Product Manager – Commercial Insulation, explained. “Structural integrity of the spacer was crucial because, as part of the roof structure, SpacerX had to meet stringent technical requirements including cyclonic testing, which is principally determined by the material grade and thickness,” Mariana said. “Production cost was also a factor; as the core component in the production of SpacerX, the steel material

has the greatest impact on ongoing cost of goods, so we needed advice on selecting the most economic material grade and thickness combination, without compromising on structural quality. “Material compatibility was also key because roof spacers are installed between the purlins, insulation and roof sheets to form a complete roof system, so it was important that the spacer material and its coating would be compatible with all adjacent materials in the roof at point of install and post-construction.” “With the design details of SpacerX specifically calculated to meet stringent technical requirements, and also to suit a wide range of roof sheet products in the market, material quality and manufacturing tolerance were also critical. The product needed to be manufactured to a high quality with a tight tolerance as these have a direct impact on the tooling requirements and also the assurance that the product will be within spec consistently with every batch of materials. “As a project this was definitely a new step for CSR Bradford in terms of taking it from R&D to manufacturing locally, as we don’t usually manufacture steel roofing materials, and BlueScope’s extensive knowledge of steel materials was invaluable to our design process; their professional advice on the material selection and compatibility assessment gave our business the assurance to continue developing and investing in the new SpacerX product.” “BlueScope’s Market Development Manager, Walter Suber, and the BlueScope team were extremely helpful in every regard. When we undertook in-house experiments related to water ingress and corrosion resistance, their advice was invaluable. “When it came to finalising a design that was easy to install and remove and advice on the method of manufacture, Walter and his colleagues were again very helpful.” Speaking to Walter Suber, it’s clear he and the


BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies team also enjoyed working with CSR Bradford on the SpacerX project. “We have a very good working relationship with the CSR group and it was a pleasure to collaborate with CSR Bradford in developing an exciting, innovative product that will assist builders and installers in producing more eco-friendly warehouse and commercial spaces where the efficiency of the insulation medium is maximised. It’s a win-win situation for building owners and also building occupants, as they both benefit from more energy efficient and environmentally friendly structures,” Walter said. “There were many criteria involved, so our technical group sat down with the customers and assisted them in ensuring they had the correct material selection and looked at corrosion issues or any concerns in that area as well to give them peace of mind regarding the performance of the product they were introducing into the marketplace. “We also assisted in evaluating the best method of manufacture; it all depends on the complexity of the section involved and the tolerances required, which were very fine in this case,” Walter continued. “The replication of the SpacerX sections had to be very true, so one would basically click into the next. The result is a system that is less complicated, easier and much faster to install. When we’ve spoken to installers, all agreed that this is definitely a superior product. “As a proud Australian manufacturer, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies always stands ready to provide quality steel products and extensive technical support to our fellow local manufacturers in creating exceptional and innovative products, such as CSR Bradford’s SpacerX, which benefit their businesses and our country,” Walter concluded. Visit for more information.







With the quality aluminium products, proactive support and ‘can-do’ attitude provided by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, Victorian company Aqua Boat Lifts is now manufacturing an exciting system which benefits not only boat owners, but also fellow local businesses. Based in the suburb of Somerville, 53 km south east of the Melbourne CBD and adjacent to Western Port Bay, Aqua Boat Lifts is owned and run by long-time boating enthusiast David Keenan. Having water skied on the fresh water of Lake Eildon in country Victoria for many years, David relocated to Patterson Lakes in outer southeast Melbourne over 10 years ago and soon became painfully familiar with the damage that can be done to a boat’s hull and underwater gear through immersion in salt water – along with the many drawbacks of using toxic antifoul products to combat this damage. Looking online for an alternative way to protect his boats, David came across an overseas boat lift system which simply and easily raised and stored boats above the waterline. Realising the value to fellow boat owners, David started importing and selling the boat lifts in 2010. However, over time he found that various cost and supply factors made importing the product untenable and 12 months ago decided that manufacturing a product locally was a far better option, not only for Aqua Boat Lifts but also for several other nearby companies which provide components for their new system. “Everyone thinks they’ll get a product cheaper overseas and bring it back and make a fortune, but that definitely wasn’t the case,” David stated. “With the cost of sea freight, fluctuations in the Australian dollar and being at the mercy of an overseas supplier, manufacturing our own product here was a much better option and has proved to be cheaper, effectively, and definitely more reliable in terms of supply.” Having enlisted the services of a highly qualified engineer to design the new boat lifts, and knowing key components of the new system would be corrosion resistant aluminium sections and plate, David asked contacts that manufacture boats who supplied them with aluminium. He was immediately referred to BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies.

“There were many alternative suppliers, but from first speaking with BlueScope, I knew I was talking to the right people and they quickly proved nothing was too hard for them,” David recalled. “They manufactured the die for the sections we required. They sourced quality aluminium, and they were happy to put in mill run product for us, which is protected stock held at their nearby Clayton South warehouse; everything has been fantastic and met our needs.” Indeed, David feels BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies has gone above and beyond in supporting Aqua Boat Lifts. “It has quickly become a close and very good working partnership which we greatly value,” David said. “Other suppliers we’ve used from time to time for various other elements have been okay, but can’t seem to go the extra mile; that’s where BlueScope have been heaven sent for us,” David explained. “They not only provide a quality product and reliable supply; we are still refining certain elements and they are always proactive in providing valuable solutions, such as when we made a slight design change recently and BlueScope quickly confirmed they could router product. Doing this meant real cost and time savings to us.” “We also found that the average size of plate sheets was going to be a problem, so BlueScope determined the biggest sheet and most appropriate size to minimise off cuts and maximise the number of pieces we could get from each sheet; BlueScope has sourced the large plate, they’ve got the router sorted, they’re going to cut out all the pieces we need and deliver them, ready to go. “BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies also recently came up with another solution that will save us many hours of work by suggesting that they can also robotically drill holes in the sections in the correct positions for us. It’s fantastic to know we have a partner in BlueScope that works in step with us as we move forward.”

This support will be invaluable to Aqua Boat Lifts as they prepare for upcoming boat shows and the product enquiries they know will follow – particularly as they have now also been approached by a business keen to distribute their boat lifts in the busy boating region which extends from Coffs Harbour in northern NSW right up along the extensive Queensland coast. “We’re definitely about to get very busy, so it’s reassuring to know we have the strengths and expertise of BlueScope beside us,” David concluded. The BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies team also enjoys the strong working relationship with Aqua Boat Lifts and is pleased to know that they have been of service in supporting yet another Australian manufacturer. BlueScope is invested in assisting fellow local manufacturers to grow and is dedicated to ensuring they support customers on that journey; The company’s role is not just that of a supplier, but that of a partner which is there to help customers in every way they can. They do that in many ways, as in the work with Aqua Boat Lifts where they have provided technical knowledge, supply solutions that enable them to grow without investing extensive capital in stock, plus value adds such as cut to length, pre-drilled material and routered aluminium plate. BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies is proud to be a large Australian manufacturer whose products support their customers’ quality message in the marketplace. Every customer, large or small, can be assured their focus is always on the quality of the support they offer. Visit for more information.


BlueScope Solutions





With the support of BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, the quality of TRUECORE® steel and the improved productivity gained through a Steel Efficiency Review™, Aus Build-Tech’s light gauge steel frame solutions are making a dramatic difference in construction projects across the globe. Founded in Melbourne in 2006 and led by Richard Furnell, who has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Aus Build-Tech (ABT) was created to challenge the status quo and harness innovative construction solutions to improve the construction process. ABT’s core business is the manufacture and assembly of light gauge steel frames for a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial construction projects, using the manufacturing process of CNC rollforming. “The use of light gauge steel for frames allows us to provide the numerous advantages of this material for our clients and also the environment, while CNC rollforming enables a more efficient and rapid construction process. This entire way of construction is innovative and continually improving the way construction is carried out,” said Richard Furnell, ABT’s Director. ABT has proudly pioneered the introduction of this technology into countries where this way of construction was previously unheard of. In addition to Australia, The company has completed projects and also provided consultations for the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as projects in Central Africa, Afghanistan and the Indian sub-continent. The end result has been a high success rate in terms of achieving budgets, along with an extremely high level of productivity. In terms of the materials used, and right throughout the construction process, Aus Build-Tech’s goal is to improve methods of construction.

“Our main aim is to increase the value of each construction dollar by increasing productivity through the use of modern technology and innovative building methods,” said Richard. “Our light frame systems are very simple to erect, and also to recycle, and we work closely with our customers to overcome their challenges, provide tailored solutions and deliver amazing results. “At ABT we use the process of CNC rollforming, enabling a highly efficient and rapid construction process overall which is extremely advantageous for all parties involved.” ABT offers four core services under the umbrella of structural engineering solutions, which include consultation, design/detailing services, supply of building materials and systems, and also installation services. In bringing their products and solutions to companies across the world, ABT are ably supported by the team at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ Sunshine branch – and by the many benefits of BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel product. “BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies is very efficient and there are never delivery issues with the TRUECORE® steel we source, which lends itself perfectly to innovative designs and non-conventional roof lines that help create distinctive, highly individualised builds,” Richard explained. “The quality of TRUECORE® steel provides us with the assurance required to take on

projects requiring the structural integrity this steel offers and, because it is backed by the BlueScope warranty, TRUECORE® steel also provides our clients with the peace of mind of knowing their projects are protected. “Additionally, steel is one of the most recycled materials we use and TRUECORE® steel is 100 per cent recyclable, which fits perfectly with ABT’s values.” Recently, ABT also underwent a Steel Efficiency Review™ (SER®), which offered beneficial insights for the business. “The SER® made me stop and focus on what we are doing, which was valuable. The SER® consultants focused on our core business - light gauge steel frames - and offered practical advice to increase productivity in our processes,” Richard stated. “It was very helpful and allowed us to step back and look into some key processes with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. Having your supplier understand your business provides the added benefits of custom product, scheduled deliveries and support with projects. “Reducing risk in our operations is a key concern and dealing with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies and TRUECORE® steel helps us with certainty of product and service to match.” Visit for more information.





For the last 85 years, the Good Friday Appeal has raised much needed funds to help the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne provide exceptional care for sick children. This year BlueScope Plate Supplies’ Westall branch cooked up the idea of a BBQ fundraiser to support the Appeal, showing that while their minds may be focused on steel, they’ve definitely got hearts of gold. Victoria’s major specialist paediatric hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCH) has been providing outstanding care for Victoria’s children and their families for over 140 years, with that care now extending to children from Tasmania, southern New South Wales, other Australian states and even overseas. With nearly 4,000 passionate, highly skilled and committed staff, RCH provides a full range of clinical services, tertiary care and health promotion and prevention programs for children and young people and is also the designated state-wide major trauma centre for paediatrics in Victoria and a Nationally Funded Centre for cardiac and liver transplantation.

As such, their role is critical – and funding to maintain and improve their capabilities is crucial. Which is why for the last 85 years, RCH’s Good Friday Appeal has brought caring community members together to raise much needed funds to support their wonderful work. To date, over $310 million has been raised helping research teams to push boundaries of paediatric medicine and save the lives of thousands of infants and children. The money raised has gone into funding critical equipment used in clinical care and surgical procedures; supporting innovative models of patient and family centred care as well as supporting education programs and

travelling scholarships which help maintain the highest standards in healthcare. This year, those funds have been added to by the team at BlueScope Westall branch, who banded together to put on a BBQ lunch onsite on Friday March 23 to raise money for RCH. Putting on their thinking caps to consider various event ideas, Amber Prendergast, Account Manager at BlueScope Plate Supplies, and Michael Gerada, BlueScope’s State Manager – VIC/TAS, decided on the BBQ lunch as something the entire branch could participate in and enjoy. Indeed, with BBQs being the popular drawcard they are, particularly for such a good cause, even



KIDS colleagues from the nearby BlueScope Braeside Service Centre came over to support the event. “We definitely got a lot of interest because food was involved,” Amber Prendergast said with some amusement as she recalled the event. “We did sausages, burgers, steaks and chicken, plus salads and cold drinks; it was a good spread and I think everyone was pretty happy. Between the BlueScope Plate Supplies, Impact Steel and Orrcon Steel businesses, we have around 100 staff on the site, but that includes warehouse shifts, so on the day we had 50 - 60 staff members attend plus our BlueScope colleagues from Braeside.

“Supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne is something I’ve always been passionate about, as I have friends, family and colleagues that have had to call on their amazing help, and I believe our team were all pleased to support the cause as well, as we all know we’re very lucky to have such a great hospital here in Victoria,” Amber explained. “You don’t want to see anybody that you love unwell or sick or injured, but when it’s a child it’s particularly difficult and heartbreaking.” All up, the BBQ lunch and donations around the event date, raised $1,152.10 which will be donated in whole to the Good Friday Appeal to help the life saving work of the RCH.

“The Good Friday Appeal lets you take up to 30 per cent of what you raise to cover costs for holding an event, but we felt that rather defeated the purpose,” Amber said. “Our business was more than happy to put on the BBQ and have all the money raised go to the hospital, where it is so needed to help RCH continue to care so well for children.” For more information on the work of the Royal Children’s Hospital, visit and for details on how to support the Good Friday Appeal, visit




MAY 2018

A synchronised upswing across the global economy, commencing around mid-2017, is reflected in significantly higher levels of world trade. Solid economic momentum in advanced and emerging economies is being supported by strong consumer sentiment and demand, significant government infrastructure investment, solid labour markets, low inflation and a lengthy period of accommodative monetary policy.

Country Summary

Volatility risk is rising however, especially associated with recent US trade protection measures and in stock markets, currencies, companies and countries that have become over-reliant on low-cost debt as inflation rises, and interest rates are increased in response - led by the US Fed.

Despite the expected volatility, positive growth momentum is expected to be maintained over the forecast period on the back of a strong US economy, significantly improved economic conditions in Europe and a stable outlook for China, all of which will continue to support world trade.

On the back of the improved global backdrop, the macroeconomic prospects across the BlueScope footprint in FY19 are broadly positive.

CHINA - Growth momentum remains stable at the start of 2018, driven by a steady export performance and healthy domestic demand; growth expected to moderate long-term as government targets a rebalanced economy. U.S.A. - Growth momentum to continue, supported by a solid labour market and fiscal stimulus boost, especially via infrastructure spending, however international trade policy actions by the US government pose a degree of risk for the US and the world economy. AUSTRALIA - Economic growth remains positive but muted. The housing sector is cooling but detached sector is showing resilience, whilst the engineering sector is picking up on the back of government public infrastructure spending plans. South East ASIA - Strong world trade and FDI inflows, together with significant gov’t infrastructure plans and growing demand for housing is translating into positive growth across the region. However, political uncertainty exists over next 12 months with several pending elections. Sourced: FY19 ECON Update BSL Budget Notes.





“In the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, The ONE Thing, Gary Keller has identified that behind every successful person is their ONE Thing. No matter how success is measured, personal or professional, only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and your goals. The ONE Thing is about getting extraordinary results in every situation.” We all know business (and life) is tough and hectic. It’s the new norm. The days of coasting along are gone. More demands on our time, more things to be done, more issues to be dealt with. So, in this maelstrom of distractions and opportunities how do we make sure our efforts are best directed at the things that really matter. In Gary Keller’s opinion, it all comes down to focussing on the “ONE Thing”.

THE ONE THING The core thesis of this book is FOCUS – why should we focus, what should we focus on and how we can maintain a commitment to focus when we’re being pulled in all directions. Keller asserts that focussing on the ONE Thing is the best approach to getting what you want. Throughout his career where Keller has had huge success. He recognised that he had narrowed his concentration to one thing, and where his success varied, he identified his focus had too. Keller proposes that if you want the absolute best chance of success then the approach you should take is always the same – drill down and focus on the key action, the ONE Thing.

through the day, not a way of making each day a stepping-stone towards building a successful life.

establish it… success is about doing the right thing, not about doing everything right.”

Keller says that instead of a to-do list that captures every possible action you’re confronted with, create a success list - a list that is created specifically around achieving extraordinary results.

It takes time to develop the right habit, so Keller implores us not to give up too soon. Decide what the right one is, then give yourself all the time you need and apply all the discipline you can summon to develop it.

This applies no matter the task, mission, or goal - big or small. Start with as large a list as you want, but develop the mindset that you will whittle your way from there to the critical few. And don’t stop until you end with the essential one.

So how do we drill down to identify the One Thing? We ask questions.

2. Multitasking

And the quality of the answer is directly determined by the quality of the question. Ask the wrong question, get the wrong answer. Ask the right question, get the right answer. Ask the most powerful question possible, and the answer can be life-altering.

We all know multitasking doesn’t work. There have been innumerable studies to prove it, yet many of us hold to the notion that we can do many things at once. As Kellar puts it - “Multitasking is a lie”. The reality is that when we try to do two (or more) things at once, we either can’t get anything finished or won’t do them well. Researchers estimate we lose 28 percent of an average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness.

FOUR BIG IDEAS Keller’s book covers a broad range of ideas and techniques that he believes can help us achieve extraordinary results. Four fundamental ideas stand out:

To give yourself the best chance of success focus on one thing at a time – the ONE thing.

2. Multitasking is a lie. 3. Discipline is a result of habit. 4. “The Focusing Question.” 1. Not Everything Matters Equally It’s been said - “Our greatest danger (in life) is in permitting the urgent things to crowd out the important.” If we look at the real achievers they always work with a clear sense of priority. Many people “prioritise” using to-do lists which in reality are little more than a survival list to get us

4. The Focusing Question

By identifying the ONE Thing, you identify the most important thing.

You can do two things at once, but you can’t focus effectively on two things at once.

1. Not everything matters equally.

Those with the right habits seem to do better than others. They’re doing the most important thing regularly – the ONE Thing.

3. Discipline is a result of habit Fundamentally , the ability to focus comes down to discipline. Keller proposes that building the stepping stones to success is a process of adopting disciplined behaviours until they become a habit. “When you discipline yourself, you’re essentially training yourself to act in a specific way. Stay with this long enough and it becomes routine - in other words, a habit.” Studies have shown that it takes on average 66 days to develop a habit. Keller says - “The trick to success is to choose the right habit and bring just enough discipline to

Voltaire once wrote, “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Keller says that how we phrase the questions we ask ourselves determines the answers that eventually become how we live our life. He says - “The Focusing Question is so deceptively simple that its power is easily dismissed by anyone who doesn’t closely examine it.” The Focusing Question aims to force you to do what is essential to success - make a decision. To stay on track for the best possible day, month, year, or career, you must keep asking the Focusing Question. So, what is the Focussing Question?

“What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” Most people struggle to comprehend how many things don’t need to be done if they would just start by doing the ONE Thing. Gary Keller is the founder and chairman of the board for Keller Williams Realty, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count.



SOCIAL MEDIA? Even though it’s influence in B2B markets is lagging behind the trends in B2C, social media is steadily becoming an important part of the marketing mix for most B2B companies. Most companies now have some social media precence, be it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or a host of other social media networks. And like any part of your businesses’ marketing program your social media presence needs to be planned, managed and measured to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. When looking at your social media activities here’s three important questions you should consider to help get the most out of your online presence:

HOW ARE WE DEVELOPING CONTENT AND WHY ARE WE DOING IT THIS WAY? It’s important to understand not just what you’re posting, but also why you’re posting it. Is it relevant to your target audience? Is there a strategy behind your roll out of content and is there a healthy mix of content being posted? In addition to understanding the kind of content you’re posting, it’s also important to ensure what’s being posted in supporting your broader business activities and goals. If you’re using an agency to manage your social media share your business objectives with them so they can align their plan with yours.


The more defined the audience, the higher the chances of a successful promotion.

There are varying ideas on what makes a successful social media presence. Long gone are the days where number of followers you have is enough to be considered a success. Metrics such as views and numbers of likes are still important, but much more is needed to measure real success on social media.

Second to this is a call-to-action (CTA). Whilst not every single post needs a standout CTA, it’s wise that your promoted content does. Consider what your campaign is about, what is the next step you want people to take after they see your ad? Make sure the next step for your audience is clear and easy to follow. This, coupled with targeting the right audience, primes your promotion to deliver the strongest possible results.

Make sure the people looking after your platform are reporting on metrics that translate into customer loyalty and engagement, not just vanity metrics. Set realistic KPI goals for the metrics that matter the most and track progress regularly. If you’re not performing where it matters, you may need to adjust your strategy.

ARE WE UTILISING PAID ADVERTISING AND IF SO, HOW? Having a dedicated advertising spend on social is a good plan, assuming your promotions are set up correctly. Promotions should always be set up with a defined audience and a call to action. Without a defined audience, you’re essentially throwing money to the wind with no guarantee that you’ll see any real results. Defining the audience goes past selecting age and location. What type of person do you want your promoted content to reach? What are they interested in? What profession do they work in? Is there a buyer’s journey to consider? If so, at what point in this journey do you want to capture them?

WRAP-UP Answer these three simple questions and you’ll be well on your way to ensuring your social media activities are not only getting “likes” but also delivering real, tabgible business outcomes. Source: Kathryn Jennings IMA - B2B Marketing Agency






ASK R U OK? BlueScope is committed to a philosophy of “Zero Harm” for its employees, contractors, communities and other stakeholders. Like all responsible businesses, BlueScope has various programs in place to identify, eradicate and manage the physical risks associated with our workplace environment and practices. At BlueScope we also recognise that attention to their mental health is of equal importance to the well-being of our employees.

2. Changes in mood Does a colleague seem more irritable or ‘snappy’, do they fly off the handle when they never used to?

3. Changes in behaviour Is an employee more withdrawn than usual, not enjoying hobbies/interests like they used to?

4. Changes in how thoughts are expressed


Is someone communicating in a way that catastrophises everything, seeming to interpret every situation negatively?

As you are reading this, one in six Australian workers will be experiencing a mental illness. Many others will be experiencing the initial signs of mental illness including insomnia, worry and fatigue.

If you have noticed two or more of any of these for any team member, that person might need some extra support. It’s time for you to start a conversation.

Depression and anxiety are now the leading cause of long-term sickness absence in the developed world. In Australia alone, poor mental health at work is estimated to cost the economy over $12 billion each year, including over $200 million worth of workers compensation claims.

Before you can look out for others, you need to look out for yourself. To help you decide whether you’re ready to start a meaningful conversation, ask yourself:

HOW DO I KNOW IF SOMEONE NEEDS SUPPORT? Identifying potential mental health issues is fundamentally little different to how we identify other safety risk factors within a business. There are a number of tell-tale signs that may indicate a person is in need of support.

Be relaxed, friendly in your approach by asking questions like: “How are you going?” or “What’s been happening?”

LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGEMENT Take what they say seriously and don’t interrupt or rush the conversation, don’t judge.


Am I ready – are you in a good head space with


the time available to listen properly?

Am I prepared – are you ready if someone

Ask: “How would you like me to support you?” or “What’s something you can do for yourself right now? Something that’s enjoyable or relaxing?”

Pick your moment – have you considered the

If they’ve been feeling really down for more than two weeks, encourage them to see a health professional.

answers “no I’m not” and are you able to provide support without necessarily trying to ‘fix’ their issue? right time and place for the conversation?

1. Changes in their physical appearance Does someone look more tired than usual, seem ‘flat’ or drained of energy?



Lifeline (24/7 crisis support) - 13 11 14 Suicide Call Back Service - 1300 659 467 beyondblue (info about anxiety and depression) - 1300 22 4636 SANE Australia (info about mental illness and referral): 1800 18 SANE (7263) More contacts: The information contained in this article is an excerpt of information available at Please visit the website for more detailed information and support.

Pop a reminder in your diary to call them in a couple of weeks. If they’re really struggling, follow up with them sooner. Stay in touch and be there for them. Genuine care and concern can make a real difference.

1800 010 247

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Total end to end branch management, encompassing all business disciplines. What satisfies you most about your work? Sharing my knowledge, developing and upskilling my team, getting the deal done, maintaining a safe working environment, satisfying customers and building long term relationships, growing our brands, overcoming challenges in a highly competitive market, whilst earning credibility with both our suppliers and customers. How do you relax? Spending every spare moment with my Wife Daisy and four children Jessica, Rebecca, Adam and Gabriel. I also love watching Rugby, Formula 1, motorcycling, being outdoors in general and cooking. What book are you reading right now? Never Give Up by Jack Ma, in his own words.

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The Edge Edition 17 Jun 18  

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The Edge Edition 17 Jun 18  

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