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16 NOV 2017








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Welcome to the 16th issue of The Edge magazine. In this edition we once again proudly feature exceptional case studies that highlight the broad range of markets our customers are involved in. From infrastructure construction to transport, agriculture to ship building and building to food production, our customers are leading the way with innovative thinking, design and manufacturing methods to deliver better solutions to meet their customers’ requirements. I’m particularly excited that in this edition we are not only featuring customers who use our Australian-made steel products but that we’re also including two very different users of our high-quality aluminium product range. Upton Engineering’s state-of-the-art pivot irrigation systems and Aluminium Dynamics’ premium quality aluminium kits for boats and shipbuilding are two great examples of how BlueScope’s service offering extends beyond our traditional steel product range. We’re also congratulating one of our own in this edition, with a story that recognises the outstanding performance of Nancy Crawford from our Westall site in Melbourne being named a finalist in two categories of the recent Women in Industry Awards – we’re all extremely proud of her.


In Product Edge we reveal the latest addition to BlueScope’s prepainted product range with the recent launch of COLORBOND® steel Matt. This exciting new product uses a newly developed paint technology to deliver a softer, more subtle look. It’s already gaining popularity in architectural circles and you can expect to be seeing it on more and more commercial and residential projects in coming months. Our book review this edition features “How to Have a Good Day”, a book that the AFR recently included on its “The 23 best business books to read before the end of winter” list. And in Safety Edge this edition, we borrow some best-practice learnings from another BlueScope business – Lysaght – and provide some easy to implement truck-loading practices that can help ensure loads are securely transported at all times. I encourage you to consider reviewing the “Do the 5 before you drive” concept as an addition to your own safety procedures. I hope you enjoy this final edition of The Edge for 2017 and as always if you have any comments, suggestions or interesting stories please contact us via email at contributions@bluescopesteel.com. Daryl Mann Manager Sales & Marketing











Innovative design bringing water to the world

Serving up a better way to Melbourne Park Advantage Shearform

Leading semitrailer manufacturer on the road to success




Smart modular bathroom solution on tap










Home grown manufacturing provides sweet rewards

A winning way at work

Support and quality helps keep things ship shape


















Supported for over 30 years by BlueScope Distribution’s Ballarat branch, and producing their renowned, high quality trailing transport equipment using Australian-made TRU-SPEC® coil plate steel, MaxiTRANS has won a legion of loyal customers and also recently won a significant order which will contribute valuable work for Australian manufacturing. Since its inception, MaxiTRANS has brought together decades of experience and excellence, through the acquisition of numerous leading trailer brands, to become a highly successful ASX listed company and Australia’s largest manufacturer of trailing transport equipment and solutions. It’s an exceptional business journey which BlueScope Distribution’s Ballarat branch has proudly shared since the two companies first partnered together in 1983 - and one which the branch is now supporting through the supply of a range of steel products, in particular TRU-SPEC® coil plate steel. Synonymous with road transport in Australia and New Zealand, MaxiTRANS is Australia and New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of high quality engineered road transport equipment for the general freight, temperature controlled freight and bulk transport market sectors, supplying the leading trailer brands Freighter, Maxi-CUBE, Hamelex White, Lusty EMS and AZMEB, as well as the rigid truck body brand Peki. Producing a large volume of trailers annually from its two Australian trailer manufacturing facilities in Ballarat, Victoria, and Richlands, Queensland, MaxiTRANS is also a leader in repair and service support through its network of company owned and operated repair and service divisions, its franchised dealer network and its MaxiPARTS division which has 21 wholesale and retail parts outlets across the country. MaxiTRANS leads the way in manufacturing and supporting superior trailing transport equipment; a fact which recently led to them winning an order for the supply of almost 400 trailers for a leading Australian supermarket

chain. This has resulted in the company adding 100 new Australian jobs, most of which are based in Ballarat, to enable fulfilment of the order. It’s an impressive win for an Australian vehicle manufacturer and one which BlueScope Distribution is pleased to have played a part in through their years supplying steel to MaxiTRANS and the supply of the TRU-SPEC® steel now used in the manufacture of MaxiTRANS trailers. Produced on BlueScope’s Port Kembla coil plate processing line, which utilises stretchlevelling technology, TRU-SPEC® steel delivers an industry-leading standard of consistently flat and memory-free coil plate products which improve consistency of cutting, bending and press forming performance. These are product qualities that have greatly benefitted MaxiTRANS in manufacturing the high quality equipment which their customers rely on, as Anthony Roder, MaxiTRANS Group General Manager Manufacturing, explained. “TRU-SPEC® steel has proven to be superior in quality, particularly in regard to plate flatness and it has been a good product for MaxiTRANS,” Anthony said. “We use it in the main rails and some of the cross members in our trailer chassis’ and have converted our larger thickness plates from pattern plate to the TRU-SPEC® steel, delivering a cost saving and an improved aesthetic finish on our trailers without loss of strength.” Along with quality products, quality service is also a key factor in the successful partnership, and something BlueScope Distribution’s Ballarat branch works hard to deliver, as Branch Manager Neil Grieves explained.

“It’s about understanding what’s important to a customer’s business and really drilling down and ensuring the product meets their production line when it’s required - everyone knows that is paramount,” Neil said. “We have regular meetings with MaxiTRANS to discuss upcoming projects, what’s likely to be impacted and what products are likely to spike, to make sure we always meet their requirements. “In terms of delivery, the majority of the time it’s morning for afternoon production or afternoon for morning production, however we have also loaded product and had it on their door inside an hour when required,” Neil stated. “Everyone here understands if our customers have an urgent requirement, then we need to make it happen; we’re all tuned in to the fact that we can never negatively impact our customers’ production line.” The close nature of the working relationship between the two companies is definitely appreciated by Anthony Roder and the MaxiTRANS team. “The partnership with BlueScope Distribution has been terrific; over the journey of 34 years we’ve taken the good and the bad together by being honest and transparent on both sides, so it’s been a good relationship. “We consider the BlueScope Ballarat branch to be part of our team; it’s a partnership where we know we can call on favours and they’re also clear they can do so from us, so it’s a bit more of a family relationship than a supplier relationship,” Anthony said. “At the end of the day we know they work hard to look after us, but we appreciate the work they do for us, so we work hard to help them kick the goals where they need to as well.” For more information, visit www.maxitrans.com




Made using quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium tube from BlueScope Distribution, Upton Engineering’s state-of-the-art centre pivot irrigation systems are in great demand not only across Australia but also around the world - with supply for yet another overseas project, this one for a customer in Saudi Arabia, currently in the pipeline.



“The strength and consistency of the BlueScope product has allowed us to develop the longest and largest diameter aluminium pipe spans of any irrigation manufacturer in the world today.”

Founded in 1944 in Corowa, a NSW town on the Murray River, Upton Engineering is a thirdgeneration, family-owned company that has established itself as one of the most versatile and complete manufacturers of agricultural irrigation in Australia. That’s not surprising when you consider the company’s deep roots in agriculture and the fact that Upton is a household name in rural Australia as a result of their pioneering developments - first in heavy duty 2-wheel drive tractors and now in their renowned centre pivot irrigation equipment. Centre pivot irrigation is a method of overhead sprinkler irrigation consisting of multiple sections of pipe joined together to create long spans, with sprinklers positioned along their length, which are supported by trusses and mounted on wheeled towers. Moving in a circular pattern, they are fed with water piped to the pivot point at the centre of the circle, and can be either fixed systems or can be specifically built as a completely moveable system which can be towed from one site to another using a tractor. With experience unmatched by any other company, Upton Engineering manufactures fixed and towable centre pivot irrigation systems at their two-hectare industrial site in Corowa, producing machines that can irrigate areas from 10 hectares to 60 hectares in size under one ‘circle’. Dedicated as they are to producing innovative, quality equipment with a service life and warranty exceeding other brands, it’s not surprising that Upton Engineering rely on quality products from BlueScope Distribution to manufacture their premier systems. Key among these products is the marine grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium pipe, supplied by BlueScope Distribution since 1999, that Upton use to form the backbone of the main span section that carries water out to the sprinklers.

“Around where we live, underground water sometimes has salt in it which is very corrosive on galvanised steel pipes. That means a shorter life span, a faster depreciating asset and more cost to farmers, so we make equipment from superior corrosion-resistant materials and also engineer tailor-made solutions for specific needs, soil types and water conditions,” Paul Upton, managing director, said. “The fact that we’ve been very successful in using aluminium on what might be termed slightly salty underground water has made our equipment extremely popular across Australia. We distribute machines basically to every state and even as far away as the north west of Western Australia, on the cattle stations, as the cattle market up there is booming because of the live export out of Broome to Asian markets. “We’ve also recently been approached by another overseas pivot manufacturer to fabricate and supply pipes for their machines for delivery into Northern Africa,” he continued. “That particular area they’re moving into has saltier water than they’re used to, and their galvanised pipes aren’t successful in that salty water, and that’s one of the reasons why they’ve approached us to fabricate and supply pipes by the container load to that market.” Supporting Upton Engineering in delivering their highly durable irrigation systems across Australia and the world is the enduring relationship they have with BlueScope Distribution’s nearby Albury branch – and Market Development Manager, Brian Dowling – who supply the company with essential aluminium and steel components and technical advice.

“The aluminium we provide is mainly tube and plate to make their big irrigation systems, and we do supply steel; basically almost everything but the tyres,” Brian said. “Paul got into aluminium quite a few years ago because it’s lighter, so the machine doesn’t have to work as hard and obviously it doesn’t corrode. To support Upton Engineering, I actually had our aluminium mill manufacture the dies for them, to the size and thickness they needed, and they’ve been held at the mill ever since, ready to supply product as required. “Paul knows he can call on us at any time for anything Upton requires, because he knows that we’ve got Upton’s interests at heart,” Brian concluded. “We feel we have a strong partnership with BlueScope Distribution; they’ve always been exceptional to us,” Paul Upton said. “Whether it’s unique product requirements or technical support I know that if I need anything, Brian and the team will do whatever it takes; they definitely look after us. “Our business has a strong focus on placing customers’ needs first and developing long lasting relationships with them. From our experience, we know BlueScope Distribution is the same and that makes our partnership a very good fit.” For more information visit www.upton.com.au


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It was game, set and match as the doubles partnership of Shearform Pty. Ltd. and BlueScope Plate Supplies delivered a superb performance in meeting the challenging steel requirements of Melbourne’s exciting new Tanderrum Bridge.

A major challenge for developers, particularly when building in high profile areas, is to install infrastructure that is not only functional, but also architecturally and aesthetically pleasing in nature. Melbourne’s Tanderrum Bridge is a case in point. The pedestrian and cycle overpass is the centrepiece of the $338 million Stage Two redevelopment of Melbourne Park and significantly reduces the time taken for visitors to make their way from Flinders Street Station and Federation Square into Melbourne Park. The Tanderrum Bridge is a unique and complex bridge design not only for Australia but the world. Visually striking, a key feature of Tanderrum Bridge’s multi-angular design is the extensive steelwork employed for both structural and architectural purposes; steelwork whose demanding construction fell to leading local fabricators, Shearform Pty Ltd. Situated on a 10-acre site in Dandenong, Victoria, Shearform is a leading steel processing company offering complete steel supply solutions to industry across Australia and have been operating since 1980. With their workshop home to some of the most impressive machinery available, and manned by skilled tradesmen, there is little Shearform cannot do. These facilities allow the majority of work to be completed in house, pointed out Sean Rumler, Managing Director of Shearform. Shearform is renowned for their metal processing services and custom fabricated products - and their strong commitment to quality. Because of this commitment, Shearform source their steel plate requirements, comprising pattern plate and TRU-SPEC® coil plate steel, from BlueScope Plate Supplies. “We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with Shearform over many years, and in recent times this partnership has grown further following a visit by Sean to BlueScope’s Port Kembla Steel Works,” said Alex Salins, Sales Manager for BlueScope Plate Supplies. “During that visit we were able to demonstrate how we too are committed to the same high standards of quality and service excellence.” For more information, visit www.shearform.com.au

The decision to partner more closely with BlueScope Plate Supplies made good commercial sense for Shearform. “There are many benefits when using locallymade steel. We’re a proud Australian company and to be able to manufacture these iconic projects using Australian steel is something we should all be proud of,” Sean Rumler said. Never was this partnership more critical than in the construction of the Tanderrum Bridge, which allowed only 10-months production time, required 30,000 man-hours and had to be completed in November, just in time for the 2016 Australian Open Tennis Championships. As expert metal workers with broad fabrication capabilities and experience, Shearform were ideally qualified for the project - but that’s not to say the difficult build did not present its challenges. “Because the bridge would form an important part of helping spectators arrive and leave from the Australian Open, not meeting our deadline was never an option,” Sean stated. “Having the bridge spanning out in three directions over 180 metres, there were many challenges and none more so than the manufacture and transportation of 45 metre-long sections. Weighing around 100 tonnes each, the 8 metre widths were split in halves to maximise the transport envelope around the tight accesses in and around Batman Avenue. “The balustrades were fabricated from 9000 extruded tubes each requiring up to 5 CNC bends; with almost 45,000 individual bends controlling the dimensional tolerances whilst meeting the architectural expectations was very challenging,” Sean said. “That meant to hold to our production schedule we needed absolute certainty from our steel supplier - and of course, BlueScope Plate Supplies delivered.”

Across the life of the project BlueScope Plate Supplies supplied Shearform with over 400 tonnes of pattern plate, over staggered deliveries to work in line with strict delivery requirements. “The fabricated components required feed plate sizes of up to 9.6 by 3.1m in a range of thicknesses, which we were able to supply direct from the mill in Port Kembla,” said Alex Salins. “Delivery co-ordination needs a lot of patience and understanding by all parties involved, especially with the nature of the parts being oversized and long length; skills and experience are required to get the job done safely.” Reflecting on the project, Sean said: “Sourcing Australian-made steel from BlueScope Plate Supplies gave us confidence in meeting the critical requirements of this project – we knew we’d be getting quality product, delivered in full and on time. “To be able to trust material quality and supply is something we are lucky to have here in Australia. BlueScope Plate Supplies were fantastic with their ability to meet deadlines but also showed flexibility when required - which went a long way to helping us achieve project goals.” Fortunately, the hard work has been worth it; since the bridge’s official opening in January in time to for the Australian Open, the structure has proven to be a popular addition to the sporting and cultural precinct. With the Tanderrum Bridge completed, Shearform is now working on its next major project supplying Signal Gantries for the Citylink Tullamarine Widening project.

What’s in a name? The name of the bridge honours Victoria’s indigenous past and pays homage to a ceremony enacted by the Kulin people and other Victorian aboriginals. A Tanderrum is a welcoming festival of song, dance, trading and cultural exchange allowing safe passage and temporary access and use of land and resources by foreign people.



ON TAP FOR SMART MODULAR BATHROOM SOLUTION One of Australia’s pre-eminent construction groups, Hickory Group is renowned for providing “best for project” solutions. One such solution is SYNC by Hickory, prefabricated bathroom pods produced using frames built from ZINCALUME® G550 steel, which provide a premium, convenient, trades-free bathroom construction solution for major building projects.

| Based in Richmond in Victoria, Hickory Group has forged a reputation as an innovative and dynamic company that partners with clients, subcontractors and suppliers to provide the most effective and efficient construction solutions. As one of Australia’s largest multi-unit builders, Hickory has also built thousands of bathrooms and knows well that these smaller rooms can make a huge impact on schedules due to the large number of trades required. Their solution, which is proving highly beneficial to builders and developers, is Sync Building Systems, a technology that manufactures high quality, modular bathrooms which are easily installed and connected on arrival to site. Hickory’s premium Sync bathroom pods are built off site to provide a faster, simpler and more affordable construction solution. Yet while simplifying construction, they still cater to the most complex bathroom requirements, being built with any floor plan, finish or fitting a design dictates. One example is V by Crown, a landmark 29-storey luxury apartment development in Parramatta, NSW, which required 710 bathrooms to service the 519 one, two and three bedroom apartments, executive studios and exclusive penthouses. The bathrooms featured ceramic floor and wall tiles, recessed mirror laminate wall cabinets, stone vanity tops, lavish bathroom accessories and LED lighting. Impressive as that was, it is somewhat overshadowed by the magnitude of their latest project, as Kate Hogan, Marketing & Communications for Sync by Hickory, explained. “We are engaged on our largest project to date at the moment, Ryde Garden in NSW, where we are producing 2,049 pods for three residential towers of 13, 23 and 27-storeys. In addition we’re also doing laundry pods, which we haven’t done before, but we can really prefabricate anything - it’s only limited by the imagination. “The Sync bathroom pods are first conceptualised with our clients, then made to their design and specifications off site at our factory, where they are completely finished before we truck them to site where they’re connected to essential services within about an hour and ready to go. “It eliminates all those trades from site that are usually involved in a bathroom, such as joiners, waterproofers, tilers, painters, plumbers, glaziers and electricians. Because all the work from frame to finish is done in our controlled factory environment, we can also ensure the standard of quality is consistently very high,” Kate said. “Our production progresses in parallel with site works, as the builder gives us their schedule and we deliver when required. This makes their life easier because there are no interruptions


on site, plus there’s also just one supplier and one invoice for them to deal with.” The simple Sync bathroom pods solution is so popular that Hickory Group is now building a new purpose-built facility in Laverton North, where they estimate they will be able to manufacture 8,000 pods a year - crucial when they are producing 5,500 this year and approximately 1,600 are also currently in negotiation. With timely delivery of quality bathroom pods essential, confidence in their own suppliers is also crucial and Hickory appreciates the peace of mind offered by their partnership with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ Sunshine branch, who supply the ZINCALUME® G550 steel that forms the strong frames that are the structural backbone of their popular pods. “We definitely have a good relationship with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies and they serve us well on a number of important levels. In terms of the ZINCALUME® G550 steel product they supply, being a 100% Australian-made product you have the peace of mind that it will be good quality,” Kate Hogan said. “Because we can’t hinder our customers’ site schedules, it’s also good to know we have surety of supply and never have to be concerned that we’re going to run out and have to wait months for a boatload of steel to arrive. “Those are the 2 major factors, however the fact that BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies are local as well and we can call on them easily. It gives us peace of mind that they’re always there to help. Plus we know from experience that they genuinely stand behind their products.” For his part, Peter Schepis, Account Manager at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ Sunshine branch, says the relationship with Hickory Group is equally pleasing from the supply side. “Hickory Group is a great company to work with because they’re very smart, organised and project driven, so they know what products are required 2 to 3 months in advance and give us enough lead time to organise stocks and supply them,” he explained. “We buy in the feed, we slit it and we hold it on the floor and send it in to Hickory as they need it, to ensure they get specifically what they need at the time they need it. “We’ve been working with Hickory for over 2 years and supplying them with the ZINCALUME® G550 steel for just over a year now. We’ve also provided technical assistance in supplying the ZINCALUME® G550 steel with the specific AM150 coating they require to meet the building standards for these bathrooms. It’s a pleasure to assist a fellow Australian manufacturer in bringing truly game-changing innovations and quality products to the construction industry,” Peter concluded. For more information, visit www.hickory.com.au




Supported by the efficiencies offered by BlueScope Distribution, Australia’s leading raw sugar producer is using Australian-made steel in a large-scale cane bin manufacturing project that is not only using Australian materials - it’s also boosting direct and indirect employment along the Queensland coast.

Milling company Wilmar Sugar turned its focus to making its cane bins in-house two years ago, after previously trialling external contractors both in Australia and abroad, in a multi-million dollar manufacturing project that’s delivering a sizeable cash injection to the North Queensland economy through supply contracts and job opportunities. As the owner and operator of eight sugar mills – four in the Burdekin, two in Ingham, one in Proserpine and another in Sarina – Wilmar Sugar employs more than 2000 Queenslanders, produces about 60 per cent of Australia’s raw sugar exports across these mills and is also the country’s largest producer of renewable energy from biomass. Wilmar Sugar’s Works Program Manager Vito Giarrusso said manufacturing the cane bins in-house allowed the company to maintain and increase its skilled workforce.

“We made the strategic decision to bring manufacturing in-house as a way of up-skilling our employees and providing further employment opportunities within the small towns in which we

operate our mills,” Vito said. “Last year we were able to take on 12 new boilermakers to assist with the project and our apprentices are being given the opportunity to learn high standards of welding during the early stages of their careers.” Producing about two million tonnes of raw sugar annually across its eight mills, Wilmar Sugar relies on its fleet of cane trains and cane bins to transport 16 million tonnes of harvested sugar cane to its mills. Wilmar Sugar has a fleet of 20,000 cane bins, each with a lifespan of approximately 40 years, meaning the company must replace its bins at a rate of 500 per year.

“We require different sized bins for use at different mills, meaning our teams are not simply working to a one-size-fits-all template,” Vito said. “Our cane bins range in size from four-tonne capacity units all the way up to 11-tonne capacity.” The bins are manufactured in pieces at five of Wilmar’s workshops, with the sides, ends, chassis, bogies and centre arcs for the bins produced by Wilmar’s qualified and apprentice boilermakers. Wilmar’s teams then assemble the



cane bins and attach consignment number plates, with the finished units able to be pushed off the production line at a rate of approximately one per hour, ready for life in the canefields. Manufacturing the cane bins on-site at its workshops has also allowed Wilmar Sugar to conduct stringent quality control tests, ensuring that the bins sent out to its cane railway lines meet the highest safety standards possible. In bringing the project back in-house, Wilmar Sugar sought out a steel supplier who could keep up with the tight deadlines and mass steel supply that the project would demand. For Wilmar Sugar’s Procurement Category Manager, Tony Fillingham, BlueScope Distribution met all of the requirements. “The partnership with BlueScope Distribution came about from an effective tender process we conducted last year,” Tony said. “BlueScope Distribution came out on top overall because of the safety procedures in place, the capability of its employees and its ability to deliver quality products within our deadlines and budget. “During the tender process we visited all of the tenderers’ premises to see how each business delivered on safety, productivity, quality, and ability to supply, deliver and deal with issues,” he continued. “At BlueScope Distribution we were impressed at how everything was


Providing the foundation for the successful partnership was the Steel Efficiency Review® BlueScope Distribution conducted after winning the tender.

managed, from the way visitors sign in at the front desk, to the safety PPE they gave us, to the sort of training they gave their employees. Their workshop also impressed us with its professional set-up and safety features. “We’re very proud to be able to support the local economy with this project and are proud to be using Australian-made BlueScope steel,” Tony said. “Since the tender with BlueScope Distribution began, Wilmar’s cane bin manufacturing project has used around 500 tonnes of BlueScope steel.” BlueScope Distribution’s Townsville Branch Manager, David Gurry, said the partnership with Wilmar Sugar started when we saw the opportunity to replace imports with a locally manufactured end product. We had a common goal in that sense.

“We worked through the key components of a Steel Efficiency Review® with Wilmar Sugar to make a full assessment of its special requirements and have ensured we met and surpassed those requirements,” said David Gurry, BlueScope Distribution’s Townsville Branch Manager. “They included cutting to size with tight tolerances, marking and packing product for easy product identification, and adherence to a strict delivery schedule – all measures which ensure we help make production quicker and more efficient. “We supply tubular products to manufacture the sides of the cane bins, plus merchant bar, plate and structural steel for the base frame and bogies. We also supply LYSAGHT BONDEK® structural steel decking used in the base of the cane bins manufactured for Wilmar’s Herbert region mills. “With the vast amount of steel required by Wilmar Sugar, the efficiencies we offer provide value that goes well beyond price. The tender with Wilmar Sugar proves that BlueScope steel products can absolutely compete with national and international competitors,” David stated. “We’re also very proud to be seeing our Australian-made steel playing a role in Queensland’s iconic sugar industry.”

For more information, visit www.wilmarsugarmills.com.au


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Nancy Crawford’s cheerful, upbeat, can-do approach has not only seen her move from Customer Service at BlueScope’s Braeside Service Centre to a challenging new role as Operations Coordinator at BlueScope Plate Supplies’ Melbourne branch – it also saw her named a finalist in two categories at the recent 2017 Women In Industry Awards. Recognising and rewarding the achievements of women working within the mining, engineering, manufacturing, process control industries and commercial road transport industries, the Women In Industry Awards aims to raise the profile of women within industry and promote and encourage excellence. At a gala awards ceremony at the Peninsula restaurant in Melbourne’s Docklands on Thursday June 22, BlueScope’s own Nancy Crawford was joined by fellow former team members Tracy Baulman and Jacki Rogers, who had nominated Nancy, to celebrate her being named a finalist in two of the ten awards categories. These were Rising Star of The Year, which recognises individuals who show significant promise within their chosen industry or who have reached new goals at the start of their career, and Social Leader of The Year, which recognises those individuals who have significantly effected positive change within their local or regional community. Nancy and Jacki had first met in 2013 when the two worked in the Customer Service team at BlueScope’s Braeside Service Centre, and both Nancy and Tracy had a separate duration together in the Customer Service team during 2005. Tracy works now as Procurement Specialist – Logistics and Jacki works as Procurement Analyst – Logistics, however it was their previous experience working directly with Nancy that prompted the two to nominate her.

“Nancy was an exceptional Customer Service Coordinator whose enthusiasm and gung-ho nature in tackling problems really inspired everyone; she made some fantastic changes and always, on a daily basis, brought positive vibes to the team to keep us all going,” Jacki explained. “In nominating her we wanted to touch on that incredible effort - and something more of late that we’d been hearing indirectly in regards to the positive environment she’s creating and the work she’s doing in the Plate Supplies business. For a young woman to step into that sort of challenging task, to step into operations itself, is a big jump.” “Nancy was the first person that popped into both our minds for the awards because she was a big personality around the site and always willing to give new things a go. Even where others might hesitate, such as on an exceptionally challenging account, she’d go in and make a success of it,” Tracy said. “Nancy’s one of those colleagues who’s always smiling, giving 120 per cent to everything she does in the workplace and often volunteering to do extra, like organising special lunches or morning teas or fundraising for things – something she also does in her local community in the Warragul and Gippsland areas.” For Nancy’s part, she was very surprised and pleased by the nominations.

“I don’t tend to carry on about what I can or can’t do, so I was very surprised to be nominated – particularly as I haven’t worked with Tracy or Jacki for a while, so their thought in doing so was very kind,” Nancy said. “Also, in my new role where I am the first woman in the shed in an operations leadership position, it’s been challenging and perhaps I don’t see myself as the confident person they spoke of. “Being a team member who progressed up into a 2IC role where I now manage the maintenance on site and support the two shift supervisors, I’ve had to work on how I do things, speak and react. I’ve had to call on additional strengths, but my welcome was very good and the team here has been very, very supportive. “The Women In Industry Awards are fantastic in recognising the contribution of women in an area that isn’t historically our typical work arena and I was overwhelmed to be a finalist. Mind you, it wasn’t an event to preach ‘girl power’, but an event to celebrate hard work - that’s the distinction.” Nancy explained. “In the end we all just get in and do our best while supporting the other members of our team. I think that is something we can all aspire to do.”





Being in business in today’s competitive commercial environment is seldom plain sailing, however with the extensive support and quality aluminium plate provided by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, South Australian company Aluminium Dynamics continues to deliver for its clients in a truly dynamic fashion. Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Aluminium Dynamics is part of the family owned Kemp Group which also includes the companies Calibre Marine, Hypac and Oceantech Design. Established in March 2003, Aluminium Dynamics’ primary role was to supply the aluminium boat building industry in the form of fully cut CNC aluminium kits and particularly to support its fellow Kemp Group shipbuilding and design companies. These are Oceantech Design, a multi-disciplined marine design company specialising in the design of stern and prawn trawlers, as well as large aluminium craft, and Calibre Marine, a leading Australian aluminium boat builder specialising in high quality aluminium vessels for the commercial markets. Aluminium Dynamics also supports Hypac, which designs and manufactures specialised hydraulic systems and equipment for industrial, marine, mobile, mining, agricultural, construction, defence, winery and vineyard operations and is renowned as the world’s leading supplier of lightweight deck machinery for high speed ships. Since its inception Aluminium Dynamics has expanded its engineering and machining capabilities to include several CNC routers and a 3 Axis machining centre and now services the defence, marine and general engineering industries with aluminium components and fabrications. One of their most recent projects, which required over 50 tonnes of aluminium plate supplied by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ Wingfield branch, was a large commercial fishing vessel.

“It was a catamaran longliner for a NSW fishing company,” explained Grant Kemp, Managing Director of Aluminium Dynamics. “It was designed in QLD and all the processing, fabrication and fit out - from start to finish – was done here under the one roof. It was a big project and there’s a second vessel to follow for a local client that is similar in size and capacity.” Aluminium Dynamics is greatly assisted in meeting the demands of such impressive projects by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies Wingfield branch, which carries large 2200mm x 9000mm aluminium plate in thicknesses from 3mm up to 50mm that is supplied on consignment. “We’ve been working with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies for 14 years now and we have a great working relationship that offers several important benefits,” Grant Kemp said. “The consignment stock arrangement we have works really well and the stock level they can hold on the floor, being an international operator…that volume of stock allows us to be competitive. “We also get the quality product we need as they only deal with the high profile European mills that produce DNV Certified aluminium, which is a worldwide standard that we require. And we get great support from Ian DeAraugo, who manages our account; he’s a good operator and has exceptional knowledge of the product and what’s required.”

Quality product and quality workmanship are not only of key importance at Aluminium Dynamics – they have also been key factors in the company’s engagement on many major defence projects. “We supply heavily to the defence sector and have a great working relationship with BAE Systems Australia, one of the country’s largest defence contractors,” Grant explained. “We worked with them on the M1113 fully tracked armoured personnel carrier, we’re currently working with them on Over-The-Horizon Radar (OTHR) and will be working with them on the AMV35 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle for Phase 2 of the Commonwealth’s LAND 400 program if awarded to BAE. Speaking to Ian DeAraugo, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies Business Development Manager, it’s clear he also values the strong and mutually beneficial business partnership that the two companies enjoy. “Aluminium Dynamics is a great customer which started as a small company but has continually grown in leaps and bounds; they’re good for Adelaide and we’re very proud and pleased to support them,” Ian said. “It’s also a reciprocal arrangement which helps us support our other smaller accounts, because if they need a cut piece we’ll source it from Aluminium Dynamics. We also put customers onto them directly as well - so it’s win-win all the way round.”

For more information, visit www.aluminium-dynamics.com.au








COLORBOND® steel, Australia’s favourite steel building material for over 50 years, introduces an elegant new matt finish to complement the latest building design trends. Harnessing new paint technology to deliver a naturally inspired finish that diffuses light for a soft, textured, designer look, COLORBOND® steel Matt is available in Surfmist® Matt, Shale Grey™ Matt, Dune® Matt, Basalt® Matt and Monument® Matt. Lisa Dent, Manager of Marketing and Market Development at BlueScope, says: “The COLORBOND® steel Matt paint technology was developed to give the industry an accessible, yet highly attractive and versatile design material that provides a softer finish to complement the move towards more natural looking materials in residential building. “The new COLORBOND® steel Matt collection offers builders a range of neutral hues and a colour palette with the depth and versatility to adapt to any house type.”




The ideal solution for roofing and walling systems that demand design versatility, COLORBOND® steel Matt has recently been used by John Adam Architects, “We used COLORBOND® steel Matt within the existing architecture on a Mount Barker project in Stirling, South Australia. The versatility of the COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt delivered a beautifully natural looking zinc like finish and provided streamlined uniformity to the upper level of the residence.” Tested for over a decade, COLORBOND® steel Matt has been designed for the hot Australian sun. The result is a product which maintains its Matt finish, looking even better for longer. COLORBOND® steel Matt is also manufactured in Australia and is compliant with relevant Australian Standards. Incorporating BlueScope’s unique Thermatech® solar reflectance technology, COLORBOND® steel Matt reflects the sun’s heat on hot sunny days and benefits from Bluescope’s industry leading metallic coating technology, Activate®, for enhanced corrosion resistance. COLORBOND® steel Matt is made and backed by BlueScope, one of Australia’s largest steel manufacturers, who offer a variety of warranties of up to 36 years, for peace of mind.1 1.Warranties subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for the warranty visit bluescopesteel.com.au/warranties or call BlueScope on 1800 702 764.



THE 5 STEPS TO HAVE A GOOD DAY We all have those horror days at work - missed orders, upset customers, your computer picks up a virus and then there’s a two-hour traffic jam to navigate on the way home. While we may think that days like these just happen and are inevitable, in her book “How to Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Life”, executive coach and former McKinsey partner Caroline Webb contends that we have far more control over how we experience our workday than we might think. Based on extensive research and written with a strong understanding of the neuroscience behind why we behave the way we do, “How to Have a Good Day”explores how small tweaks in our behaviour can help ensure that the good days will outnumber the bad. WHAT IS A GOOD DAY? As Webb outlines in her book, a “good” day is not a day free of distractions, stresses or challenges. Rather, Webb proposed that a good day is when you can answer yes to three key questions:

Two of the distancing tactics Webb describes are: First, ask yourself: “What will I think about this a month or a year from now?” It’s a powerful question that can help you reflect on the eventual outcome of an issue and thereby put some context around how you should respond. The second tactic is to pretend you’re advising a friend. Most people find it much easier to help a friend solve a problem than address their own issues. It can be as simple asking yourself: “What would I say if I were giving advice on this same situation to a friend?” Simply removing yourself from the situation can help you gain a clear perspective on the issue. 3. Plan strategic downtime: Research shows that we make better decisions when we give our brains a break. Webb uses this research to propose that you’ll be far more productive when you schedule small breaks throughout the day.

• Did you spend your time and attention on things that matter?

According to Webb a break every 90 minutes where you detach from the tasksat-hand, socially engage with a colleague, go for a quick walk or simply get up and stretch your legs will do wonders for your ability to make decisions and progress complex tasks.

• Do you feel that you did a good job and had the support of others?

4. Focus on one task at a time:

• Did the day leave you feeling more energised than depleted?

Although Webb doesn’t claim credit for discovering this, she reinforces what many researchers have found: Multi-tasking is a myth and it makes us less, rather than more, productive. When we constantly switch between tasks, error rates increase and output decreases.

5 STEPS TO HAVE A GOOD DAY Webb’s book contains many in-depth strategies and case studies, however there are 5 key actions we can all implement as steps towards having a good day. 1. Set intentions for your day: Webb explains that the human brain can only actually consciously perceive part of what’s going on around you at any given time. What you tend to specifically notice is whatever matches things that are already top-of-mind. It’s a phenomenon researchers call “selective attention” and it’s why Webb suggests you become more deliberate about setting your intentions for the day. Webb suggest the following daily intention-setting routine to start your day: • Get clear on your goals by asking: “What really matters most in making this day a success?” • Acknowledge the concerns dominating your thoughts and ask: “Do these attitudes and assumptions help me achieve my real aim, and if not, can I set them aside for now?” • Ask: “Given my real priorities, where should I focus my attention? What do I most want to look out for?” • Practicing this strategy will help ensure you pick up on cues that foster the kind of outcomes you want, as opposed to those you don’t. 2. Practice distancing: Unfortunately, no matter how good you get at “setting intentions” there will always be unexpected challenges and obstacles to deal with. Distancing is a deceptively simple technique to help give you perspective on the issues at hand.

Webb provides a number of suggestions to help us focus, including not continually checking our email Inboxes (have set times throughout the day when you do this), actually plan (and diarise) a block of uninterrupted thinking time to work on your most complex task, and batch similar tasks together. 5. Practice gratitude: Ultimately however, Webb concludes, one of the key things to determining whether we have a good day is our attitude. When you make a point to note the good things (however small), your brain gets into the habit of scanning for positive things and your mood improves. So Webb suggests making it a habit to actively notice the good around you. At the beginning of each day, try to notice three good things. For example: your morning coffee was just how you like it, you got a seat on the train, a colleague greeted you at the office. Then at the end of the day, reflect on the three best things that happened and write them down or tell your partner about them. The more you practice gratitude, says Webb, the happier and more productive you’ll likely be. With practice the ideas in this book could help you “Have a GREAT Day”.

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State Manager VIC/TAS BlueScope Flat Steel Products

responsibilities of their roles, come to work and have a bit of fun and leave at the end of the day knowing that we have all put in a hard day’s work together and achieved the highest possible standards.

How long in your current role? Two years.

13 72 82 The Edge is the official publication of BlueScope Distribution Limited. The Edge newsletter has been prepared for information purposes only. BlueScope makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in the newsletter. You must make your own assessment of the information contained in the newsletter and rely on it wholly at your own risk. Published by BlueScope Steel Limited. ® are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. TM are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. © 2017 BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058

How long with BlueScope (where were you before that)?

How do you relax?

I have been with BlueScope since the acquisition from Smorgon Steel, I have lived through many acquisitions of our distribution business from Union Steel, Email Metals and others. What are your responsibilities? I presently look after approximately 80 people across two states moving more than 130,000tonne through the region. My responsibility is making sure that we all go home in the same way we came to work and that everyone is contributing to the best of their ability to ensure we provide each other with a positive working environment and deliver value to our shareholders. What satisfies you most about your work? To see each of member of staff including myself deliver on their promises to their customers, deliver on the key

SAFETY EDGE Our industry often involves the transport and handling of heavy, ungainly materials and manufactured products. Most of this transportation is done using trucks that share the crowded roads and highways of this nation with other road users, so ensuring our loads are securely transported at all times is vital. BlueScope has recently undertaken an extensive audit of potential safety factors in load restraint and has identified the following 5 factors as the most common mistakes made when it comes to load restraint. 1. Packaging

Products should be combined into single units to strengthen and improve the stability of the load. Small parts should be unitised, palletised and/or contained to minimise the risk of dislodgment during transit.

I enjoy spending time with my wife Simone and three daughters Emily (13), and twins Charlotte and Audrey (10) We all enjoy quality time together at the beach and Emily, Audrey and I also love watching our mighty Saints play! Yes, we are used to going to every game full of excitement and believing we are the best team on the park only to come home heartbroken again (I am still heartbroken that Charlotte followed the Bulldogs with her Mum and got a premiership before us!!!). What book are you reading right now? Another true crime story from the Australian underworld “How Melbourne Was Born”. I enjoy reading about a world we truly understand very little about!


2. Load Configuration

4. Dunnage

Load configuration plays an important part in the stability of the vehicle and the load, and the effectiveness of the load restraint system. Items should be loaded so that restraints can apply a down-force to all materials. Make sure to eliminate all gaps across the trailer to keep the restraints tight.

3. Friction

Ensure adequate friction between items. Eliminate steel-on-steel loading as it will increase the risk of load sliding. Improve friction by using materials with higher coefficient of friction such as anti-slip matting or timber dunnage.

Don’t use just any scrap materials you find. Use solid square or rectangular dunnage on its long edge to minimise the risk of rolling dunnage. Always ensure there is no loose dunnage on the load.

5. Number of restraints

Follow established guidelines for your load. If the first four criteria are successfully followed the driver will be able to put the number of restraints prescribed in the guideline. Use the more stringent of the length or mass based rules for determining the number of restraints needed.

These recommendations apply to load restraint by tie-down and are provided by BlueScope for general information only. They are not meant to provide complete load restraint instruction nor replace more detailed guidelines and instructions as available from local State Road & Traffic or Transport Authorities. All drivers should ensure they are aware of local legislation and requirements.


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