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BOLD AMBITIONS The CaMpaign For penn Law


Today Penn Law graduates work not only as attorneys, but also as policymakers, deal-makers, corporate executives and entrepreneurs. They head multinational companies and health care institutions, advise government officials and forge market-changing mergers. They manifest a fact of 21st century life: legal analysis is increasingly the framework by which society navigates its most fundamental problems. And lawyers, properly educated, are uniquely geared to chart our course. This is why we are launching BOLD AMBITIONS : The Campaign for Penn Law — to expand the breadth of education and the direction we offer for challenging new times. Our campaign will raise $175 million in new resources for Penn Law. Join us as we redefine legal education. And, in doing so, take great satisfaction in being on that cutting edge, knowing that you are helping our profession — and our society — move forward ... BOLDLY.

Something momentous is happening here — and we invite you to be part of it. At Penn Law, we are educating lawyers who will be decision-makers in resolving the major issues of our time. Legal education in this complex world requires an extraordinary assemblage of thinkers and doers. At Penn Law, we have them: eminent faculty, impassioned students, illustrious and dedicated alumni. This gives us the power to pursue the boldest of ambitions. Now, with this campaign, we take up that challenge, determined to shape the future in every way we can. Paul S. Levy L’72 Chair, Board of Overseers Chair, Bold Ambitions: The Campaign for Penn Law

“A school is defined by its people, but resources are critical in supporting both faculty and students. Imagine what we could






with the quality of our people and programs.� Michael Fitts, Dean

getting to the goal Here is what the campaign for penn law will support: A top-notch and expanded faculty, second to none: $63 million So much depends on faculty who move the mind and stir the spirit. Additional endowment will give us the means to draw more of the top talent, with professorships in a variety of legal disciplines. Student aid to keep the best and brightest coming: $65 million Penn Law students are remarkable by any standard, and most choose among the nation’s top law schools. More endowment will help us offer competitive financial aid and relieve the burden on our operating budget. Cross-disciplinary institutes that will be to the legal world what think tanks are to government: $4 million Cross-disciplinary institutes stir new thinking and help us educate people in the role of integrator. We look to establish new institutes in areas such as Law and Health Sciences, Law and the Constitution, and Law and the Global Community. Modernized facilities that foster a challenging but personal experience: $15 million Penn Law has invested heavily in facilities in the last decade, but more projects await: renovations to the dean’s suite, the lower floor of Silverman and Pepper Halls, “The Goat” and adjacent areas. Additional renovations will create seminar-style classrooms that foster interaction and the free flow of ideas. Program support and increased annual support to sustain every day excellence: $28 million While endowment provides us with a financial foundation, term gifts - those we can expend immediately - sustain the every day excellence of our efforts. During the campaign, we plan to grow annual giving at 5 percent a year. We will also direct increased support to the Biddle Law Library, the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies, and the Institute for Law and Economics.

right place, right time Penn Law is the right place at the right time to educate decision-makers who can see from multiple perspectives. Within the University of Pennsylvania, we are physically adjacent, and intellectually connected, to as fine an array of law-related professional schools as you will find in the country. In this right place, we foster a culture of collegiality and collaboration that helps our students take advantage of this rich mix of professional excellence. Our students understand not only what lawyers can do in our society, but also how to work with other people to get things done. Penn Law creates advocates, not adversaries. Now in the same spirit of community, we turn to our unfailingly generous alumni and friends, who have so strongly supported Penn Law’s growth and expansion to its current eminence. Every gift penetrates into the life of the Law School, keeping it vibrantly alive and vigorously moving forward. We invite you to be part of The Campaign for Penn Law. We invite you to help us realize our bold ambitions for the School and its graduates. For more information about how you can support bold ambitions, please contact: Elizabeth C. Brown, Vice Dean for Development and Alumni Relations at 215-898-7489 or, or visit our website

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UPenn Law campaign summary brochure  
UPenn Law campaign summary brochure