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How do we build a new future for our church? We are continuing our series on Nehemiah today and looking at chapter 2. Here Nehemiah inspects the walls and then he comes back to the people and lets them know what the true situation is and what needs to be done. It is tempting to be a bit in awe of Nehemiah. He was a fantastic leader and maybe you would think, that he would want all the glory for himself, or that the people would think, well he is so amazing, perhaps we can leave this all up to him. In our culture too, we often look to Superheroes as the ones that get things done. Despite all the odds, the Superhero wins the day. Completely on their own, they overcome all the obstacles and triumph. I don’t know if you have a favourite Superhero that you admire? In our house Dr Who was the one that we watched avidly each week, to see him conquering the next evil enemy. 13 t h October 2019

But the wonderful thing about Nehemiah is that despite all the gifts of leadership that God had given him, he was anything but a Superhero. In verse 17 he says, “Come let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem”. Yes, as a leader he encouraged the people, but they were all being asked to work together to rebuild the walls. This was not a Superhero project; this was all of the people working together to restore Jerusalem. The same applies to us, God wants each one of us to play our part in building our church. It is not just something for the leaders alone (the Superheroes if you like). God is calling each one of us to get involved. The challenge for each one of us is what is God calling me to do and am I willing to answer His call?

Liz Fry

New Vicar – Rev. Jema Ball

Volunteers Needed!

St Mary’s Stoke Bishop We are delighted to announce that the licensing service for our new Vicar, Rev Jema Ball, will take place at St Mary's, Stoke Bishop on Thurs 5th Dec at 7.30pm. Please do join us for this special service and refreshments as we welcome them.

Light Party 31st Oct 4:30-6pm The Light Party is taking place at the end of October. This has been a wonderful success in past years and a key part in our vision as a church, but we need your help to enable it to happen this year. If you can help with refreshments or with set up, clear up or running the party itself, please speak to John M.

Jema has spent 4 years as Associate Vicar in Oundle, a small market town in the Peterborough diocese. Previous members of the St Mary’s congregation, Jema and the family look forward to returning to Bristol. For more info on Jema visit Our_New.aspx

ASMA Celebration Evening 16th October 2019 at 7:30pm Please join us at St Edyth’s, Sea Mills as we celebrate all that God is doing through our partnership. Refreshments will be served from 7pm.

Street of the Week Please pray for the following streets this week: The Crescent. Pray for God’s blessing, pray for spiritual and social transformation, and pray that people come to know Jesus.

Women’s Fellowship Tuesday’s at 2pm – Church Hall We welcome women of all ages and walks of life every Tuesday afternoon from 2pm. We offer fellowship, prayer, Christian speakers and more, plus tea and cake for all.

Weekly Prayer Meeting Every Tuesday at 7am We meet at 10 St Edyth’s Road and pray for a move of God to draw people to come to know and follow Jesus. Come and join us!

Parish Giving Scheme A good way to contribute regularly to the life and ministries of St Edyth’s is through our Parish Giving Scheme. If you wish to start or vary your giving please see the forms in the foyer or speak to our treasurer, Peter Marks.

CHURCH DIARY Sunday 13th October 2019 8:45am Holy Communion 10:30am Morning Worship 6:30pm Guest Service Weds 16th October 2019 10am Holy Communion Sunday 20th October 2019 8:45am Holy Communion 10:30am Morning Worship Weds 23rd October 2019 10am Holy Communion

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Sunday 13th October, 6:30pm Invitation Guest Speaker St Edyth’s Church Weds 16th October, 7:30pm ASMA Celebration Evening Refreshments from 7pm. St Edyth’s, Sea Mills Thurs 31st October, 4:30 to 6pm Children’s ‘Light Party’ St Edyth’s Church December 2019 Christmas program coming soon….

Going deeper.... small group or personal study Nehemiah 2

Jot your notes on the sermon:

1) How did Nehemiah give evidence of having a wellthought-through plan in verses 1-9? 2) What is the difference between the praying Nehemiah does in this chapter and what he did in chapter 1? 3) Often people fall into one of two categories: (1) thorough planning or (2) going with the flow. Which do you usually follow and why? 4) What do you see as the connection between Nehemiah’s praying in chapter 1 and his confidence in chapter 2? 5) How can Nehemiah’s example of praying, planning and boldness help you to take risks and action?

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St Edyth's Church - Sunday 13th October 2019 News Sheet  

News, notices, readings and more. St Edyth's Church, Sea Mills, Bristol.

St Edyth's Church - Sunday 13th October 2019 News Sheet  

News, notices, readings and more. St Edyth's Church, Sea Mills, Bristol.

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