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St Edyth’s Church, Sea Mills

Worship – Making Jesus known – Discovering God’s purpose for our lives

We’re exploring today, the fourth purpose with which God has put us on the earth, as part of our ‘What on Earth?’ series. That is, ‘Ministry, you were shaped to serve God.’ Paul writes, ‘It is he who saved us, and chose us for his holy Work…’ (2 Timothy 1:9). We are saved for a purpose here on earth. We explored our Bible passage from Ephesians 2, a few weeks ago during our all age service, and the amazing verse, which we attempted to learn off by heart, using all the actions! ‘We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do’ (v10). Rick Warren, the author of the ‘What on Earth?’ series, offers the helpful acronym S.H.A.P.E. to help us think about what sort of acts of service God is calling us into in the local church, and on our frontlines: Spiritual gifts - over 20 are listed in the New Testament

Heart - what are we passionate about doing? Abilities - what are we good at? Personality - how has God wired us up? Experiences - what does God want to use from the past? Every member of our church is gifted to serve in many, many different ways. Often people have to get stuck in and try many different ministries to serve in, as a way of testing and getting clarity on the best areas for you at this season. God will guide and show us, but the important thing is that we are a church of servants not spectators, contributors not consumers, an army building God’s kingdom not an audience standing on the sidelines. Serving in God’s church means we are available, grateful, faithful and generous. We love because Jesus first loved us. Here I am Lord, use me. Amen.

15 t h July 2018

Reverend John Monaghan

Canon White BristolAndrew & Thornbury Sunday 7th October, 6:30pm Dance in Worship

We next haveBristol the privilege of hosting a The and Thornbury specialinservice at 6.30pm with Dance Worship afternoon willour be guest speaker Canon Andrew held here at St Edyth's on Sunday White who is well known around 15th July at 3.45pm. The afternoon the world forahis courageous finishes with time of fellowship Christian witness in Baghdad at and a ‘bring and share’ tea. Please the height of ISIS activity there. speak to Anna Arnold for more There will also be an opportunity details. to receive prayer for healing. Please invite your friends.

CHURCH DIARY Sunday 15th July Fellowship Women’s

9am Holy Communion We have fun and friendship over 10:30am Morning Worship tea and cake, and we would love you to join us. Age is no barrier! Sunday 22nd July 9am Holy 2-4pm Communion Every Tuesday in the 10:30am Morning Worship church hall, all are welcome.


90th Sun 5th Year to SatCelebration 11th August Service St Edyth's was consecrated on New Wine week away 15th December 1928. We are hosting a special celebration Sat 1st September service with the new Archdeacon Church away day of Bristol, Michael Johnson on Sunday 9th December as part of Sun 7th October, 6:30pm our 10.30am service, followed by Canon Andrew White, ‘Vicar of a ‘bring and share’ lunch. If you Baghdad’ have any memories, photos, stories or testimonies (old or Sun 9th December, young) you would 10:30am like to th 90 year celebration service with contribute, please speak to Chris Archdeacon Michael Johnson. Wright.

HouseOffice Groups Church Hours

Last week weschool handed out our During the summer rd house group questionnaires holidays, 23 June to 3rd to all that attendedthe theoffice 10:30am September, will be service. These questionnaires will open Tues, Weds and Thurs 9:30help us to decide what will work 2:30pm. If you have an urgent best in the future. query outside these hours please contact Rev’d John or our Church House Groups are a great way for Wardens, Di Goodison and Andy us to meet together to study the Wyatt. Bible, to pray together and to care for one another. If you have not done so already, please complete a questionnaire and hand it back DAILY READING into the church office, or pass Monday direct to me. Feel free to put Psalm 1; you 1 Samuel 10.1-16 whatever think about house Luke 22.24-30 groups on the form, on a strictly confidential Tuesday basis, and there is no obligation join a group. We Psalm 5; 1toSamuel 10.17-end really your input. Thank you, Luke value 22.31-38 Liz Fry Wednesday Psalms 119.1-32 1 Samuel 11; Luke 22.39-46

Church Day Away Thursday Saturday 1st September

1 Samuel 12be held at OurPsalms church15; day away will Luke 22.47-62 St Helen’s Church, Gloucester Road, Alveston, Bristol BS35 3QT from Friday 10am-4pm. Please do come if you Psalms 19; 1 Samuel 13.5-18 are able to we can spend some Luke 22.63-end extended time seeking God for his vision for our church, and getting to Saturday know each other a little more. Psalms 23; More details 13.19-14.15 to follow. 1 Samuel Luke 23.1-12

Ephesians 2:1-10

Jot your notes on the sermon…

1. In verses 1 and 5 think through what dead in our transgressions (sins) means. Have you ever felt “dead” like this? 2. What do you think Paul meant by deserving of wrath in verse 3? 3. In verses 4-8 Paul talks about grace. Can you describe what grace is and how God shows His grace to us? 4. Verse 9 explains that we can’t be saved by works - what does this mean practically in our lives? 5. God says that we are His handiwork and that He has good works for us to do in verse 10. Praise Him for the fact that you are His masterpiece and ask Him to show you what good works He has planned for you using the gifts that He has given you Additional Reading: Matt 20.20-28

Going deeper....small group or personal study Contact Us Parish Admin: Katharine Wiltshire: 0117 9686965; Vicar: Revd John Monaghan: 0117 9687124; Hall bookings: Sandra Wyatt 0117 9687514;

St Edyth's Church - Sunday 15th July 2018 News Sheet  

News, notices, readings and more on this coming week at St Edyth's Church, Sea Mills, Bristol.

St Edyth's Church - Sunday 15th July 2018 News Sheet  

News, notices, readings and more on this coming week at St Edyth's Church, Sea Mills, Bristol.