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“Writer's in rhythm...� this chapbook has not been intended to win awards!

A Hungry Pack of Wolves I amended to personal arguments by made against amending personality, establishing of the guilt, putting lions in it their cage. Animals. Sealed, from Conferencing With (bird). Bleached. the bread, replicating domesticity, tonic made elixer, from the tame eyes. Rich reflection. Addendum. Meaning to wrench a tree from the Earth, or transplant roses, clones. Without storms from the War of the Roses – wisdom. Being the lion, the history of majesty, as much learning Zoology, as personalizing nature's beautician, Gaia outsources sunlight from Nemisis' head. I was healing too. Two healers done and distinguished. The lion, whom stood alone. Or, shading the brothers' grove, gathering beneath the alive, olive tree; who's frozen branches grow mistletoe wreaths. When the huntsmen act, being as townspeople. They throw leer, they are conferencing with wolves, who shed from summer, any compassions for any other pack. Finally, they have ceased the finance of the zoo, allow for loyal subjects a perish from the old king's ghost. Why awake the wait, their knight's judgment for one fights for their evaluation, sense the need of a new king. Like wolves, I AM as cold. I too am jealous. I love for anything more than myself, the recognition of a singularity, a purpose. Under guestimation, guestimating how truly I loved seeing them grow.

Hebrew Heirarchy Clued in by apprehension breaking tension Whisps, muse communes make to mention Lobbies learn, an ensuing growth of time's bide lengthening, there is struggle, of rules' abide, Forbade, from learning genius - in it's hope whispers are clues, the few can emote repeating prayer, catching theologians, without the power, of their true emotions. Ledging a broad scop, speaking books talking calculation, and so it is waste; looks! Receive from skies, turned inside out; flipped, the sphere once secular; or flat? Geos of grey, gold and green; miner found behind once flat Earth, declined. To an East, becoming over-abundant with straw a Gin to assist in cotton trade haul. Where dead serfs rest, new found fray the Materialized vanguard, against lethargy. Wonder hidden fearlessly fleeing coward Black shadow looms, in unknown shallow. Bedded break down, in the furious of storms encompasses together like tazmanian devil's arms Pawl picking, fortune, the Earl of cats where splendor has a cost, no-more than that. Each four corner will pull away, from center the eye from above, time's test mentor Walk, fight, rest; walk, think, entertaining Work, talk, eat, drink; work, thinking...

Rage Man Rage Man, thought then it was in a cage – like a crab his shell protecting his cajun; a redneck more savage. It is perposterous for Rage Man to rage, man. He has something to say; if there was one muscle to stretch. Here, he is both wise and ready, entreat condemnation and submit both pride and will. Unwilling change to his chains, of unbreakable rage; the biproduct thought. What was thought had done here, both well thought prior to the respites's capture. The captive, relentless as ever. The last captor, knows not his rage's origins. Outrageous hearing Rage Man and likely destruction. Rip tides like moon cycles, and going away's oceanic current – Rage Man is a small tidal ecosystem where his spawn should flourish, if only rage would not rage.

The Texas Resistance Sightly honored men. Washing ashore. why? Conform the business of fleeing war their women, driven from home and land, and stop a' trecking to and from where? Catacombs as described – place of subject eventually leading to honorable retreat. Distant land's people's civility stuck, once more; inbetween pursuit of Wars. Between the tribes' leaders; upon once conquested great speech, like language. Anguish. Surviving the change of leadership and vanquish the assault by Pancho Villa. Whom follows ghost, of that confidence - same man's dream, once precedence once governance, all the spoken word. Of Rome, a place where disobedience is unheard. Fight. In union and Southern Pride Virtuous, pride is a force they felt and hid. Crumbling shadows falling away of the past. Maiden tremor, of danger on door-step quickly, gunfights left the streets to Duel out, as France or Spain. Once more, without the English. Odius young blood in moving moon-lit stirring against fear vs. insight, sailor's flat water, the deadly fight. Once, rattled swords, now sheilded rights battered women by emotional sway; Know a friend from those who lead you stray.

No More And, he was a vengeful God. Demeter was Virgo, and arriving at apparation, re-capitulation of both vibe and authority. Full with wrath – penant payable paid in forgiveness: weaver leaves. Her lioness' indulgencey. Predict this, wearing a seer mask, seer: marks for peace, trade crowns are brief; both galleons and duckets absolve. The words of the wise for truce; valued expository of corruption, Preemptive Assault on errant quintessence, central to forgiving in carving tools, read Pharaoh's carved ivory, not compare Damascus shipping logs. Divine will, not law; Stolen legate as long-hand has written by: Ahab, Malachi, Isaac. The youngen's worst nightmare, boogieman; Byzantines and Persians grow silent, black pestilent, silence atypology stigmata. The monster of wise mouths will praise-from walnut wood throne read from beneath halo. Forgetting the name, at the time, to place the rationalizing of who robs graves, robs the feudal system, robs the letter. Who was the king, our unturned stone, where the shadow divine now's broken form? Emissary of Hecate, substantiate polytheism agency admitting division occurred omssion. accents of infamy

One Mind Cannot Be a River I am staring again, at my goals, her success; patronizing directly, her face, through all remembered failures. She is forgiving -the great means to forsaking; condemning; what I want. Beauty's reflection, within a cheap deniable inquiry. Shames to immitate me, and answer my staring. To smile back at secrets, kept quiet. I am staring, again; I return, segmented by secrets, private inside whisper -It will escape, I fear. Only, it is me staring, and now looking back, a scowl. This is no simile I surely describe as cynical. As is observing self-conceit, like public appeal is instead, thus, Not thinking facts – I am staring. you see. Your eyes are pensive and you think of which judgment I have stared through an escape of bias, the eyes of my heart are easier to steal than what is left to judge; staring back, who's expense? Maybe I am interested.

Spree Bounced around like window walls, bird calls, and silence is shattered. Rattled, looks fulfilling request, answer to rhetoric – empty laugh's spit. Hollow cores, brave and war ripened stipen the rested speech respite, heightened, out from method; the wait, outbreaks common sense's commonplace. Empathy of detained laughter, to discuss again harsher warning, before learning, how hard headedness, and unbreakable condesention earned this title. The known fool matured response able to sail at the tide readies scooners with supplies go on a wild ride. One wild ride, over requested spurn, inevitable oust, outbreaks, pain repaid. Side splitting, the waste, trouble real; keel to young blood, shaken to life and rife, with new dependency. Responsibility gave in an uncontrolable fit, of laughs Of course, about orientation; as-if, hence consequence as fore-warned becoming a bant, constantly remind, unwind the largest twine-ball of -Feoline dependencey is all of the edge depressing to a poet's lost wedge? The weeze, breathing fresh air, I hope on hope you found your quiet.

Perforated Edge A fold in a broken sun beam's shine Shadows align, a'foot; bright and fine! Between the covers, of day marked nine years Kwanza pass, revering one new face loosing to miliseconds, to second's place. Running race, to shadows meet, leant in to kiss and abridge the sun, in moon shade's death here lies commemory, To a glowering green and birth's consumate rests Neat solice served girthing citidel's wall. perspiring formality breaching sun's sprawl They see line now where once no line at all. In her intimacy, an impressive show of class into through a welcome, in Sharing her kiss from the midnight gray; Encompassed light, as expected did stray Her sale of beauty, the daughter's festival, May Gone cold her skin, she sees warm winter again Wintered gray, young critic hearing youth Questions, arrows, missiles; prophecies come true From the field of flowers, request and enter Quarters, hers, where those shadows lay She is a palm tree bowing down unto soft resistance in mother's tone. As expected, the day, it will come to claim her own

9 A dry patch will grow just as fertile – Plantation talk in perilous streets acceptable debtors, repayment Sin seen religious, US famed streets! Life support as ordered by court, support malicious envisioning streets. Riveted the resount inside voice whisper choice refracted noisey streets. Extended favors long yonder bounds inforcing edge in common ground streets. to ghosts in privacies of accord appeased they paid devils' street rewards. Lechery! Awbrey! the prey, the lust Go ahead, kick rocks, kickin up dust!

Self-Portrait Giving One Fourth the Effort Either burdon or oath Bear what has saith done together? ...have not time for her.

Habituate outwitting deed But none other become is so fowl – my other eight cat lives

Her poet and paint hand Alure divine so adjacent _________ She lest been spoken for

hints into a smelly tomb because power breaths our same air and we soon both see!

And “de” on her teeth en resting unusually lax mouth so she fills

Return home on fair days rumaging for locks for a princess entombs, tombs have no doors.

Open tomb doors like causeway London's briches are falling down to low'ed jaw bridge

Seven fold he stands four-square in itching confession her face –

Split in retired crime the stollen retired time, trading – no, iconoclasm good!

Obligated to explain the empty sarcophagi we found Before, lights out!

Seven fold he stands four-square in itching confession her face –

Chaotic unity in these treasures A God from his toys as-if Pharoah unless to see Ramses again, beauty's eye a beholder, Post script, I love you! Am somwhere on a beach.

Chrysanthemum He stuck his thumb in a plumb – Plucked the tree where fruit comes. Peirced the skin of how fruit grows, Oh! How now the boy's face glows. He stuck his thumb in a plumb – Ran through streets of bazaar, Reived along the sidewalk color Passing the historical facade's gutter. He stuck his thumb in a plumb – Removing all color out from the sun. Livid his ears surrcomb a ring He hears birds and cannot sing! He stuck his thumb in a plumb – And, thinks to cabinets of jars of jelly, The molases of gall makes toothache, headache forces the stop and wait. He stuck his thumb in a plumb – Suddendly caught by a cat's meow, a ritual song and nuisance, now. But, to remedy his heart's desires.

Office Space Outside of a snowcone stand, shaking discontent how ominous the Snow Angel, and his Snowwoman Inside of the drag-behing trailor. Having had the aches of my teeth being pulled Know, from my hot air, I exhaled from my ears A deflatable feeling of remorse, shivered; and, into my crevices, that made me ignorant, selective of my inner-thinking, about a snowcone stand first date. But, she traded with me truth! AND! I was full with the disillusion of co-worker, because she knew better, then everyone and I would talk talk about snowcone dessert, after lunch and water cooler talk, with co-workers. Had I given the others, in their Oxford ties, still milling about copy machines at our office, the dignity of hearing me call it a date... Recognizing this is what made me. It made it much easier to respond to them like I was the only person snow balling my work, here mid-July. Fiscal comeuppance will get them, November driving to the snow couple's sugar delights “up North, they work weekends September to January; you're fired!�

It's five o'clock somewhere, 4 am at UPS in Texas. She made no plan to realizing I had no more -like conforming to Cambridge dummies, usual student life, reaping benefited hazards of leadership. Hazing turn ties, turn tale back into neck ties inflating the heads of below standard pluralizing; determined to live single forever, the difference between the gay, dyke co-workers and the smilers. It kept them warm and snug at night. I tucked them in, before I rolled out my rap sheet, so someone had a record, of just how many people got left in a shallow grave somewhere with dirt thrown on their head, hypothermia from waiting Over snowcones... pshh - I had enjoyed the snowcones over the Rocher chocolates blown in. While we were out, a guess mother forgot to pick-up after her children, or the snow man walked in leaving wrappers in the reaping wake of the boss. In the break room, they spoke more words of my temporary state of... of common-sense, than did the sword-fights take place still between key stroking the flat maze where mouses course through.

The Knock of Revision Dormitories filled with students, a third of them practising the other third with game controllers, reserve seating for the five eighths meant to ask the question: What did he say, meant; Faulkner thinks people should use tobacco? Madden is the popular game they play - these athletes of words, squabbling over cleaning up their messes, growingup and taking care of their responsibilities – investing in angst, later inspiration for drama syndicate unrelative then. Fighting the same evils, that guess what goes wrong?! Will you always go wrong? Be here, take advantage of the time well spent. Less is known then caricature drawings, there little is said that is on your mind. Speak clearly now, as I detect the Xenophobia in your study. When they do get to the problem, finally search for the solution, will they call thy audible!? Art thou, given to the nature of the giving game, literally how many time it-is mentioned, using the 'n' word in terms of Pope's affinity? Then, the test: if you are going to do what you said that you were going to do, thus problems are not in maddening solutions, forgetting, WHO THREW THAT QUESTION I would know; the lack of courage to blame the blameless. Checking the work a third time. and the third time it-is still right, maybe he speaks to these sketches and black and white photos better than I, to begin with? But my leige, it is an ivy leaf, not time we recite, wrather we re-write. The lines of scrimage appear, as they always do, and vibrant ladies listen for the annunciation of corrections, done without record because an apparent computer glitch. “It is called changing the play at the line of scrimmage!” I guess she is a poet too...

An Indulgence Growing out of measure to like-ness my shadow What haunts the miscalculation disconcerned, the watch out at midnight, captor's ringing tones A light-load left luminesce to the day, to the day Set in settings' nostalgia; without pair, alone Together with mother death, back to Mexico “You follow me?” Ritual childhood memory's gaunt laying predator “Now, I am scared” - “Aren't you ever?” This chlorophorm potion, she rags at with my sensibility. My noble sensitivity, cowers down to the power of enjoying this flowered maze. Strolls, deep upon memory lane; each cut and weave turns, allergenic stupidity knows better than to learn. Is known, my way home, down alley without beauty's flutter'd lead; but, sense does follow, entrapt by that initial gaze. And, into that maze I had followed. Teased, like flowers' inner petals by bee's wings; what hits the spot, like honey – no sweet be better than as naturally thought about. As a music, so seductive, to detract from being devout, low I due the trapping powers, as mezmorized, seduced, I by flowered maze: lost, loving, need more The Turk met a blood drenched Christian, while it was in a church he prayed to God, to ask if the devil failed him what, it, in he himself saw as he does. ”Do you find it to be love,” the Turk asked, “To see a victim you saved. Or, does Allah wish to only punish you for those murdered up til'” “Today?” “No,” he responds, “I call that an indulgence”

Digital Chapbook "Things I DARe to (not) speak"  

In accord with a grant with Saint Edward's University, the advanced poetry class produced a set of single volume chapbooks. This chapbook re...

Digital Chapbook "Things I DARe to (not) speak"  

In accord with a grant with Saint Edward's University, the advanced poetry class produced a set of single volume chapbooks. This chapbook re...