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International Baccalaureate Programme

Our Global Perspective Quick Facts


IB courses offered


current juniors/seniors taking at least one IB Course


IB trained faculty members


Since 2010, all valedictorians and salutatorians have been involved in the IB Programme

We recognize that our family extends worldwide, requiring our students to have a breadth of knowledge and perspectives that extends beyond our local community. As an IB World School, it is our goal to provide a high quality education which encourages the development of skills to live and work with others globally. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a 2 year collegepreparatory curriculum which requires sutdents to study across all disciplines. IB graduates leave the Prep well versed in what it means to be a college student and prepared to meet any challenge they face at the college level. In their Junior and Senior years, IB students are required to take classes and comprehensive exams in six major subject areas inculding English, foreign language, history, science, math, as well as a course called theory of knowledge. In addition, they must independently write an extended research essay and complete 150 hours of service to their school and/or community. Several of our students who have earned the IB Diploma have been granted junior standing in their second year of college. We are currently the only Catholic secondary school in Brooklyn to offer the Programme. The IB Programme is well suited to our family environment, in large part because it requires from students a unique style of learning through which they receive strong support and guidance. IB teachers coach students through their challenges, facilitating the learning process while allowing students to create their own avenues for learning. Our IB teachers provide students with the support that they need to exceed the high expectations of the IB, which include developing superior writing and speaking skills, forming educated hypotheses and defending solid theses, and doing extensive lab work and research.

“As a Petroleum Engineer I am presented with problems daily and am expected to come up with a set of viable solutions based on the information available. As an IB student, I was presented with course material and challenged to think critically, draw my own conclusions, and form well-justified opinions in each subject. This curriculum changed the way I think about learning from simply absorbing information to analyzing and interpreting information. The IB Program made me a strong independent thinker.”


Alex Lambros ‘13 Texas A&M University ‘17 IB Diploma Recipient

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2018-2019 St. Edmund Prep Viewbook  

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