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The classroom is at the core of the St. Edmund family. Our faculty create safe, structured learning environments and design lessons which place individual students at the center of the learning process. Students are taught how to learn, how to articulate clearly their own opinions and ideas, and to value the opinions and ideas of their fellow students.


In order to help each individual student achieve success, our faculty members are available to students before and after school to offer extra help and review material in each subject discipline. This one-to-one level support fosters the strong faculty-student relationships which have become the foundation of the St. Edmund Prep family. These relationships continue throughout their time at the Prep, as our faculty members continue to mentor individual students and help them to navigate the various challenges they face on their journeys to achieve success.


St. Edmund Prep offers a wide variety of academic programs that meet the needs of students across all grade levels. Students will have the opportunity to partake in courses ranging from those in the honors program to the most demanding Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes. All students are encouraged to enroll in the most rigorous classes and take full advantage of the college prep experience.

AP courses in History, English, Math, Science, and Foreign Languages

college credit courses offered in partnership with St. John’s University


Featured Educational Initiatives • Chinese/Mandarin Language Program • Future Educators Association Program • Comprehensive Music Program • STEAM Partnership with

• Travel Study • Internships • Sequential Arts Program

students currently enrolled in our Honors Program

Technology is a key part of the 21st Century classroom experience at SEP. We have adopted a 1:1 Device program in which students use Chromebooks in conjunction with the Google Apps for Education in our classrooms and utilize our Wi-Fi network, making information available at their fingertips. Smart Classrooms, Google Classroom and student/faculty portals make learning more accessible to students. Two computer labs with over 70 workstations are available to students. ST. EDMUND PREP l 6

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2018-2019 St. Edmund Prep Viewbook  

Learn more about our school with this look into St. Edmund Prep

2018-2019 St. Edmund Prep Viewbook  

Learn more about our school with this look into St. Edmund Prep