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How to Buy Property in a Retirement Villages Seniors at all levels of independence may choose to buy property in a continuing-care retirement villages. These communities can offer a vibrant social environment, a packed schedule of activities, help when needed, and the opportunity for transition into a more assisted living environment should needs change. They're also a good choice for people who simply want to live in an adults-only community.

Instructions 1. Consider your present needs, and think about what lies ahead. Your goal may be to hold on to your independence for as long as possible. 2. Be aware of the costs beyond the cost of the home or apartment purchase (which may start at $150,000). Monthly maintenance fees can run into the low thousands.

3. Ask for referrals from your doctor, a social worker or a senior support group. You can also get lists of nearby communities online or in your phone book.

4. Tour as many properties as possible. Investigate the upkeep and safety of the facility. Find out about special amenities, from sports facilities to dining options.

5. Ask for a typical schedule. Does it offer activities both on and off the site? Does it reflect your interests? 6. Talk with the director about the staff. Is the facility properly staffed with well-trained and -screened people? What's the turnover? Talk to the employees, too. Are they happy? Do they enjoy working there? 7. Find out exactly what the fees include. If you have special meal requirements, ask if they can be met. Inquire whether

the fees will change as residents find they need more assistance.

8. Chat with residents and ask for their honest opinions about the facility. If everyone is hiding in their home or apartment, that's not a good sign. Also, what is the average age of the people you see? Is that the stage you're at? Source: Images:

How to Buy Property in a Retirement Villages