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An A to Z of Post 16 Life St Edmund Campion Absence: If you are unable to attend Sixth Form you must phone the school on 0121 675-7628 before by 8.50am. After this time we will send a text home. If you are absent through illness or an unavoidable family emergency, you also need to bring a note and pass it onto Mrs Jaremko. The pace of lessons in the Sixth Form is much faster than at Key Stage 4. When you return from an absence you need to catch up on all missed work. Please remember that attendance data is based on attendance in registration and we use this data when we are asked to provide references. If you regularly miss registration, but make it to school for your lessons, this would show as poor attendance and will be reflected in a reference.


Assemblies: You are required to attend all assemblies. On alternate weeks you will join the House assemblies and each week you will attend Sixth Form only assemblies. In addition to this, your Form will be required to lead assemblies so get thinking of ideas! Assessment: This is a key part of helping you move forward. There will be six data entries made by your teacher and these will enable us to monitor and track your progress. An effort grade is also included on the print-out sent home. You will be involved in setting and agreeing your KS5 targets and will have time to discuss your targets at the start of the year. Your progress will be measured against the targets. Attendance: You are required to attend all lessons/sessions on your timetable. We expect 100% attendance. You need to arrive promptly each morning for registration at 8.50am. If your attendance falls below 95% this will be viewed as a breach of your contract and will jeopardise your place in the Sixth Form. To succeed you need to be here. Please refer to the attendance traffic lights so that you clearly understand the process. Alcohol: No students should enter the school premises in possession of or under the influence of alcohol. This is strictly prohibited.


Behaviour for Learning: We expect exemplary behaviour from you as role models in our House System to ensure that you and those around you are able to be successful in your studies. Our Five Campion Standards for Success are: 1.Be Present 2.Be On Time 3. Appear Smart and Professional 4. Work Extremely Hard 5. Behave Extremely Well


Sixth Formers follow the school behaviour system and C2, C3 and C4 are always logged on ePortal. These are checked daily by Miss Ryan. When you sign your Sixth Form Contract at the beginning of the academic year you agree to a certain standard of behaviour. If you fail to meet the Standards for Success, you will be supported in correcting the areas with which you are struggling. If problems continue to arise, you will be interviewed with your parents or carers on your commitment to your place at our Sixth Form. Ultimately, if you are unable or unwilling to comply with this contract, your place in our Sixth Form may be terminated. It is very simple: you are here to learn and we expect exemplary behaviour. Beneficium: This is our Sixth Form Commitment to Service. Beneficium is a Latin word which means ‘to serve’. We would like you to think of ways in which you can show service and benefit others. Blog: We have a Sixth Form Blog which we encourage you to follow. It will provide up-to-date information regarding aspects of Sixth Form life. The blog address will be displayed along with other notices on our plasma screens. Bursary Fund: The 16-19 Bursary Fund provides help for Sixth Formers facing financial hardship or living in a household with a low income. Details and application forms are available from Mrs Jaremko. If your parents’ total household income is below £25,000 you will be eligible to apply. Careers: Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to investigate and research further careers. Planned events are built into our academic calendar. You will each have timetabled Careers Lessons and guidance from the team and Mrs Rasmin. Champion Mind-Set Day: This is an exciting event with Action Jackson and University providers who will help you think about what is required for success in Year 12 and 13.


Changing Subject Choices: This needs to be discussed with Miss Ryan and can only be done with the written permission of Mrs Quoroll. Common Room: Our Sixth Form area is for the use of our Year 12 and 13 students exclusively. It provides a university style study experience in an environment of success. Your facilities include: • A defined Study Area with a member of staff present • Breakout soft seating • A Quiet Study Space for independent study time • A Bistro to allow you to access food and drinks • A Sixth Form ICT suite in G1 It is our hope that this space can be used for study and recreation and that students who wish to work in small groups should be able to. The Quiet Study Place will be as the name suggests.

The rule is simply to respect your area. Vandalism or poor use of any of the Sixth Form areas will be viewed as a breach of your contract. All rubbish must be put in the bins provided. Please treat your area with respect. Core RE: In both Year 12 and Year 13 you will complete a Core RE qualification. This is a compulsory course which is assessed. DIRT Time: DIRT Time stands for ‘Dedicated, Improvement and Reflection Time’. You will be given time in your lessons to reflect and improve on your work. You are with us to make progress, learn well and achieve your goals. We know that DIRT time will support you in doing this.


Dress Code: We expect you to dress smartly. Remember, you are setting the standard for the rest of the school. You should at all times be dressed in such a manner that they can be called on at short notice to make a visit to a work place or another school. Smart casual wear as opposed to leisure wear is required. No shorts, cut offs, flip flops, strappy tops showing midriff or shoulders, no ripped, torn or offensive clothing and no tracksuits – these can be changed into for your sport lessons. You need to remember that you are dressing for work, not for leisure, in line with normal professional working practice. Facial piercing is not acceptable. DRICE: Is a lesson evaluation and planning tool. It stands for: Deepen Thinking, Role-Model the Learning, Impact on Progress, Challenge and Engage. We will encourage you to identify these aspects in your learning and Post 16 experience. Exams: For dates of practical assessments, coursework submissions, in-house assessments please see your subject teachers. Whole school exam dates will be posted on the Sixth Form notice board and on the main school website. Your Personal Tutor will provide you with your individual exam timetable. Please see Mr Evans regarding any exam queries.


Extension Studies: Takes place once a week. Extension Studies provides a unique enrichment. A range of subject staff have been selected this year to ensure the availability of a broad range of enrichment activities. Activities across the year may include: language leadership, yoga, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, cycling, football, arts based/creative project in school or within the local community, chaplaincy work or work in the community, learning to cook for university, Forest Schools community work, producing (and keeping live and up to date) a Sixth form blog, volunteering for a (local) charity, working with ENVISION, supporting our local primary schools or engaging with pre-planned Work Experience. Feedback: As a Post 16 student you will be required to comment when your teachers mark your work. They may pose questions or give you targets. To show you have taken on board their comments and have engaged with the feedback you will be required to make a comment. Having a learning dialogue with your teachers is very important.


Fire drill: Go directly to the Fire Assembly point on the playground. At the assembly point please line up quickly and sensibly with your Personal Tutor group and wait for a register to be taken. G1: This is the computer suite for the Sixth Form. Please look after this room. No eating or drinking is allowed in the Computer Room. If you are in G1 you need to be using a computer and working independently.

Head Boy and Head Girl: These elected students will work alongside you and will represent both our Sixth Form and the school.


Help: Most students need help at some time or another and it is on offer, so don’t hesitate to ask for it. Holidays: We do not authorise holidays in term time. Houses: We have four school Houses they are Maryvale, Harvington, Chad and Oscott. You will be leaders in our school community and will play a key role in the House System. Identity badges: Please ensure that you always wear your I.D badge as a young adult on site. This is to support our safeguarding procedures.


Illness: If you are taken ill during the school day, you must sign out with Mrs Jaremko and see Mrs Quoroll before going home. iPads: We will have invested heavily in Sixth Form iPads. These will be used in the Common Room and in your Post 16 lessons. Library: this is another learning resource that is available to the whole school and to the Sixth Form. It is to be used for independent study and research. Silent study is expected and required at all times. Learning Resources: The Common Room, Library, G1 and the Quiet Study Place are all available for Sixth Form students to study in. School Map: See map at the back of your A-Z.


Mental Health: We understand that at times during your studies you will feel under pressure. The Sixth Form Team and your Personal Tutors are always here to listen to and to help you when you need advice. We recommend the Headspace app to help you to relax and unwind which is available online and from iTunes and the Android Marketplace. Some other numbers you would find useful are: Childline: 0800 1111 The Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90 Relate – Time for You: 0121 643 1638


No Excuses Campaign: Is at the heart of Sixth Form philosophy. Keep an eye out for our Poster Campaigns. ‘No Excuses’ leads to ‘Successful Sixth Formers.’

Online Safety: At St Edmund Campion we recognise the importance of the effective use of ICT. We have a school policy on responsible use of the Internet. Further to this we offer the following advice to help keep you safe online: •


Be aware when entering any personal details online - you could be at risk from identity theft. • Remember you have a digital footprint and should therefore act as a responsible internet and social media user. Future employers may view social network sites • Be careful when accepting ‘friend’ requests from people you do not know – people are not always who they say they are • Review privacy settings – to avoid everyone seeing your profile. • Never release your current location. • Do not put up or make inappropriate comments/photos regarding School/Sixth Form/other students or teachers. This will result in disciplinary action. Paired reading: A paired reading scheme runs in school and we ask for Sixth Form volunteers to get involved and support the reading of our younger students. This is an excellent opportunity to support the literacy of our younger students. Parents’ Evening: This will be held in the Father Knight Assembly Hall and takes place in the first term.


Personal items: Personal items of value are your own responsibility. The school is not liable in cases of loss or theft. It is common sense to keep valuable items with you, or better still, leave them at home. Do not leave your items unattended – lockers are available for you to lock things away. Personal Tutors: Are your first port of call and will take registers and facilitate Progression Time. They are here to help you. Questions/concerns will be dealt with in the first instance by your Personal Tutors. Personal Tutors will pass on further concerns to Miss Ryan. If Miss Ryan feels there are more serious issues/concerns she will then pass them onto Mrs Quoroll. Progression Time: Is what we will refer to form time as. It is designed to help you ‘progress’ further on your chosen pathway, whether this be through Study Skills, PSHE, Current Affairs or UCAS preparation.

Reading Matters: In the Sixth Form we have a ‘Reading Challenge’. This has been created to recognise the importance of independent reading in preparation for University and the world of work. We are challenging students to read at least four of the fiction and non- fiction books from our published list. Reading is essential for academic success and we want to inspire you to read for pleasure and to expand your reading horizons. Review Days: Are timetabled for both Year 12 and Year 13. They are an opportunity for you and your parents to discuss your progress and current attainment with your tutor. An appointment time and the date will be given to you.


Year 13 Review Day: ____________________ Year 12 Review Day: ____________________

References: Whether you progress on to University or employment, in most cases you will be asked to give the School as a referee. We always seek to give students accurate and supportive references, but we can’t provide a reference which is not based on fact. Therefore we are very keen to write references that praise your commitment to study, to the School, your excellent attitude to work and exceptional attendance and punctuality, but we can only refer to these things if they are true. UCAS references are written by the Sixth Form team and are based on comments from your subject staff and provide subject specific information in support of your application. Your attendance record will be entered on any references for work places and university. Sampling Students’ Work: As part of our monitoring process – to support you and check that you are organised and on top of your studies – your subject teachers will take in a student’s files and exercise books overnight (chosen at random) and give Mrs Quoroll and you, feedback on any improvements that could be made. This is in addition to your ongoing subject feedback.


Successful Sixth Formers: This is our other campaign which is designed to help you model effective learning behaviours and success in our Sixth Form. Behaviour for learning is required of all Post 16 students. School day: Please see the timings of the day at the end of the A-Z. Show My Homework: This is our school’s online homework record where students can access outlines of all home study set by subject teachers and any resources that your teachers upload to support the completion of the task. You need to make a note of your password and user name so that you can log in. Sixth Form Security Fund: This is collected from all students and is used to contribute towards any repairs or damage to items by individuals in the Sixth Form. We know how important a positive learning environment is.

Skills Bank: This is an electronic document which tracks your use and application of key study, personal and thinking skills across your time in our Sixth Form. You will be expected to keep this up-to-date. It will also help support your UCAS personal statement writing. Smoking: This is not allowed on the site or anywhere near the entrances to the school. This includes e-cigarettes. Specifications: All of the courses taught in the Sixth Form have specifications which give students and teachers a breakdown of the requirements of the courses and examinations. It is a good idea to download the examination specifications from the examination board websites and to have these to refer to. The specification should contain all of the information to help you keep on top of your studies and ensure that you are well prepared. This will be supported by your subject handbooks which are available on our school website. St. Edmund Campion: Edmund Campion (1540 – 1581) was an English Roman Catholic martyr and a Jesuit Priest. He is our school’s patron saint and role model. Campion was renowned as a scholar and admired for his wit, energy and chivalrous gentleness. Every tradition of Edmund Campion, every remnant of his written words, and not least his golden letters, show us that he was nothing less than a man of genius; truly one of the great Elizabethans, but holy as none other of them all. Although, we are a Catholic School we welcome students from all faiths. We know that young people can achieve in an environment that is tolerant of beliefs and which encourages the exploration of faith in a supporting environment. Sixth Form Student Leadership Team: The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team is made up of students from Years 12, our House Captains, and Year 13 who hold the senior positions. Roles on the leadership team are very important to our community and are vital in the running of a successful Sixth Form; we are passionate about ensuring you have your say and student leaders have the opportunity to act as a voice for their fellow students as well as helping to support the House System in the wider school. Applications for these positions will be accepted in the Autumn Term. Tuesday Mass: This takes place at 8.30am in the School Chapel. All students and staff are welcome. It would be great to see you there.


Truancies: Truancies of Sixth Form or of lessons will not be tolerated in Sixth Form and are severely detrimental to your chances of success in your studies. If you are having difficulties at home or in school that are affecting your attendance to Sixth Form or to lessons then please ensure that you speak to us to let us know and enable us to support you. Attendance and punctuality will be recorded on any references you require for work placements or for university.

UCAS: Stands for University and Colleges Admissions Service. UCAS preparation will be the main focus in the first half term of Year 13. You will be supported through the process in your Careers Lessons and in your Progression Time.


UCAS eCard: This is a free card from UCAS that will ensure you are sent regular, relevant information about your options, alongside key information on the UCAS application journey. The card also provides discounts at a range of stores, both online and in the high street. You can register for the card at and will then be sent a monthly newsletter, concise emails about interesting courses, details on key application dates and the free discount card. Volunteering: There are many opportunities to volunteer your help and to get involved, both inside and outside the curriculum; it is an important part of being a Successful Sixth Former. Try and get involved and play an active role in our community.

Zero tolerance: You are required to follow the same basic rules as the rest of our School community. Therefore, please be punctual and well equipped to all lessons. You should be ready to learn and need to model effective learner behaviours.

A to z of Sixth Form Life  
A to z of Sixth Form Life