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5 Bridal Gown Shopping Tips for Plus-size Brides The biggest concern a plus size bride has while walking down the aisle is whether she looks stunning or not. Are her bridesmaids looking more ravishing than her? Is her perfect wedding reception in her dream city MELBOURNE ruined by her BRIDAL GOWN? Shopping for a PLUS SIZE BRIDAL GOWN can be a daunting experience. But here are five easy tips to make sure you find the perfect plus-size bridal gown for you.





1. Find the right fabric: The general rule of fashion is that fabrics that have more weight to them are flattering on the plus-size bride, as they do not hug to the body. Also, as they are firmer, they allow the dress to maintain its form. Dodge materials such as chiffon and crepe since they have a tendency to show dreaded lumps and bumps. Highlight your assets: A curvaceous body is something to be proud of and should be celebrated and flaunted. An A-line shaped skirt is flattering to most curvier figures or women with heavier bottoms, as it can skim over the voluptuous hips. A v-neckline on a busty woman can add a beautiful touch to the gown. Sleeves and strapes: Although the popularity of strapless dresses is widespread, many curvy women are afraid to wear them. To cover up flabby arms, cover them with sleeves made from sheer materials. They cover the not so firm biceps and at the same time, the see through material makes it look elegant. Get it altered: Factory made gowns don’t exactly fit all brides perfectly. No matter what size you are, a bride should look her best on her wedding day even if it means getting the wedding dress altered a few times until it fits her perfectly. Sometimes the smallest of the changes in lengths can make worlds of difference. Try on the wedding gown a week before the wedding to be sure it fits you well. Be comfortable: Being comfortable on your big day should be your number one priority. A wedding gown that is too tight to walk in or dance in will make you more conscious and make you nervous. If the dress is too stiff for you to breathe well, Consider getting the next size up just to make sure the dress fits you well.

There are numerous bridal boutiques and retail stores looking for your business, so don't give up until you find that perfect dress! Take your friends and family along and make this shopping experience a memorable one.

Plus Size Bridal Gowns  

Imagine your wedding day - slipping into your heavenly one-off gown, created just for you, knowing that you feel and look beautiful.

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