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The Meeting Industry in the CEE Countries: Specifics & Trends Dr. Zuzana Adamson Director MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE magazines No. 1 in the CEE region for B2B MICE media

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MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE B2B magazines & webplatform +

Quality professional readership worldwide: UK, Western Europe, Northern Europe, USA, Russia, CEE countries. Asia – Singapore, China, India, the Asean countries. In total about 6,500 MICE professionals. Now growing number of readers from China, India and Russia - Corporate travel and meetings managers, managers of incentive agencies, luxury TO and TA, associations and international institutions, PCO’s, DMC’s - Sectors: medical, pharmaceutical, IT, industry, banks and insurance companies, chambers of commerce, governmental institutions, etc. + We are Media Partners with the 15 most important MICE expositions, congresses and MICE business meetings worldwide: EIBTM, IMEX, IT+ CM, IT+CMA, ECECIBT, MICE Forum Moscow, MIBEXPO, EMI-BCM, MICE Europe Congress, ATF Travex, etc.

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Specifics in the CEE • Increase of demand for the CEE countries from international MICE organizers and buyers • Problems with collection of statistics and data about the industry • Profesionalization of the meetings industry • Prices are still lower in general – attractive « evergreen selling point » of the CEE, but the reality slowly changes • Specific problems with interpretation for big congresses in Russia • Development of new MICE facilities and « full service » infrastructures in the CEE

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Trends in the MICE industry • • • • • • • • • • • •

Influences of the global economic crisis Long haul destinations are less demanded; profit for destinations with shorter distance: it is the opportunity for CEE countries – to attract more Western European buyers Generally meetings are shorter but they increase in number Prices and location are the most important factors for decision makers, together with the quality/price ratio Search for new destinations, new hotels and venues: for example Croatia has become interesting – cheaper than France and offers beautiful nature background and new, modern MICE infrastructures MICE events are connected with local events, festivities Accessibility, visa politics – „easy going“ destinations Safety and security are very important Important MICE expositions are attracting more visitors, more exhibitors and professional delegates! Corporate responsibility, Eco and Bio and interest in helping local communities Profesionalism – the generation Y Specific differencies between Western and Eastern Europe

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