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Bob Thomson, Sandra Landes Golden and Ron Sorey

Mike Fugate and Jean Callandar Staubach

Patty Eddy and Ron Sorey

Belinda Sullivan Brunner and Tom Severski

Jean Ann Bussell and Don Bussell

Cheryl Pacquette, Greg Pacquette and Bob Issac

Jim Ellis

George Jenkins shows his moves

Bev Wright Palmer and Bob Thomson

Beverly Wright Palmer

Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’

The Locomotion

This Train is a-rollin’

Lisa Roseberry Chance and Jim Ellis lead the train

Elijah Buell and Deborah Hunt

Ron Sorey reviews the ’74 classmates that have passed away.

Ron Wukeson and Ron Butcher

Debbie Lea Graf and Bob Thomson

Tina Diorio Border and Don Warner They were voted “Best Dimples” in the ’74 Popularity Poll.

The class of ’74…. I’m not even going to try…

Gary Rose and Karen Westwood Pollitt

Chris Greenawalt and Bob Issac

Chris Greenawalt, Randy Palmer, Lisa Roseberry Chance and Bev Wright Palmer

Bob Issac and Patty Eddy

Paula Schiebrel Mangan and Sarajane Doty

Dave Hunt and Marina Beaty-Lewis

Mark Casella and wife Mary

Karen Westwood Pollitt

Tina Diorio Border and Ron Wukeson

Jean Callandar Staubach and Bob Thomson

Don Leonard, Audrey Childers Leonard and Belinda Sullivan Brunner

Bob Thomson and Phyllis VanOver

Phyllis VanOver, Gil VanOver and Gary Rose

Patricia and Mark Siekierka

Lil Dexter and Mike Fugate

Peggy O’Neill, Lisa Roseberry Chance and Sue Elam (’73)

Barb Chambers and Jeff Chambers

George Jenkins still got the moves.

George Jenkins and Susie Berry

Ron Sorey and Lisa Roseberry Chance

Lisa Roseberry Chance cuts the rug

Gary Rose has a hernia and Ron Sorey dances the night away

Karen Westwood Pollitt gets down on the dance floor

Marty McGreevy, Bob Issac and John Warner (’73)

Ron Wukeson and Sandra Landes Golden

Peggy Wirt Martin and Bob Thomson

Jeff Chambers and Sarajane Doty

Harold Witt

Ron Butcher and his wife Terri

I’ll drink to that

Carolyn Wright

Donna Gorby Winchester

Diane Woods

Sandra Landes Golden

Ron Sorey, Karen Westwood Pollitt and Bev Wright Palmer

Barry McCune (’73) and Gary Rose

Karen Westwood Pollitt

Mark and Marilyn Siekierka

Mark Henry

Mike Ward and wife

Jean Callandar Staubach and Bob Thomson

Debbie Anderson Hunt and Dave Hunt

Ron and Terri Butcher

Paula VanOver, Lisa Rosebery Change and Gil VanOver

Donald Brunner and Belinda Chambers Brunner

Barb and Jeff Chambers

Mary and Mark Casella

Greg Pacquette and his wife Cheryl

Carolyn Wright, Bob Thomson and Bev Wright Palmer

Bev Wright Palmer and Carolyn Wright

Carmen Golden Gay and Bob Thomson

Peggy O’Neil, Ron Wukeson and Lisa Roseberry Chance

Lisa Roseberry Chance and Karen Westwood Pollitt

Mike Miller (’75) (center) crashes the party… I swear I’ve seen Mike more this year than our senior year….

Mike Traylor

Dancing to the YMCA

Debbie Strickland and Bob Thomson

Stebbins Class of 74 reunion  

Walter E Stebbins Class of '74 35th reunion

Stebbins Class of 74 reunion  

Walter E Stebbins Class of '74 35th reunion