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NOVEMBER 10, 2010

Welcome to Issue 4! Wherein !esh starts exist alongside otherworldly moors.

Staff List Publisher Onyx Plutonian Chief Editor Kitsuko Pelazzi Assistant Editor Gordon Soliel Hello all and welcome to a new issue of Steampunk Adventures! In this issue there is a photo safari of Steelhead, including the new art nouveau meets gothic fantasy sim of Steelhead Nevermoor! We have an interview with one of the managers and builders of Steelhead as well TotalLunar Eclipse - in addition to the creative works and pieces you have come to enjoy.

For December, the theme is ‘home and travel’, as many are traveling during the end of year holidays.


We’re planning on bringing you the January issue a bit on the early side, but the theme for January is ‘time’ - looking forward, looking back, or even sideways!

Alana Steamweaver

Tehanu Marenwolf Zebrati Merricks Dakk McDunnough

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A NOTE CONCERNING STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES We plan on opening a magazine office in the new The offices will also be open to drop-ins and sim of Steelhead Nevermoor, a gothic nouveau visits. As of now, the house opposite (745 Steelhead themed sim in the region of Steelhead. At print time, Nevermoor) is also open for visits - please contact the property was rented but the office build Kitsuko Pelazzi for more details. unfinished - if you wish a Steampunk Adventures kiosk, do not hesitate to let Kitsuko Pelazzi know!




NOVEMBER 10, 2010


Traveling the Byways of Steelhead Written by Gordon Soleil Photography by Zebrati Merricks When the order came down from the redoubtable Ms. Pelazzi to start another photo safari, I must admit to a bit of trepidation. As dedicated readers of the Steampunk Adventures blog know, the last photo safari I was involved in – the disastrous journey to the Legacies 1891 sim – resulted in my nearly being murdered by animated corpses. I had just gotten over that particular traumatic experience when Zebrati and I were told to pack our bags and head out. Upon hearing that we were to head to Steelhead, though, I began brightening up. Based on the 19th century Pacific Northwest, Steelhead is a lovely city, with a tremendous diversity of architectural styles, from the ramshackle buildings of the rural mining camps to the gothic styles of conventional steampunk to the Chinese-inspired buildings of Steelhead Shanghai. While the city was sparsely populated when Zebrati and I made our journey through the area, what few people we did encounter were quite friendly, one of whom even went so far as to instantmessage me from a few kilometers up to say hello and welcome us to the city.!




NOVEMBER 10, 2010

The above is the point in the harbor where we disembarked, where a copy of the local paper and a walking guide to the region can be found quite easily. Please excuse my scandalously skimpy outfit; I had a made a wager with Zebrati during the voyage that one of the men on our ship would shoot the albatross following us with the crossbow he kept lugging around the ship and caressing in a quite disturbing way. I lost the bet, so I had to wear this and call Zeb “Lady Merricks” throughout our stay there.

The first thing we found, to our tremendous displeasure, was the Krimson Karnival. This supposed funfair, populated as it was by sharp-fanged clowns seemingly drawn from my coulrophobic nightmares, reeked of dead fish and despair. In the foreground, you can see the clown that followed us through the fair, chomping menacingly on raw fish and leering at us in a thoroughly disquieting way. I wanted to give him a good telling off for commenting lewdly on my ankles, but Zebrati reminded me that completing this assignment would probably involve not being eaten by facepaint-wearing servants of the Man-Goat, so I demurred.




NOVEMBER 10, 2010

The dockside homes were at the quality one might expect from folk who must live so close to their place of work. Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me that the landlords let their properties lapse into such dilapidation. As one particularly colorful longshoreman said as we passed, “Why doesn't that (expletive removed) ever fix these (expletive removed) stairs? This is the sixth time I've put a (expletive removed) foot through this (expletive removed) thing! (long string of expletives, including some Zeb and I didn't know existed)!�




NOVEMBER 10, 2010

Moving on from the dockside, we chanced upon the Evil Tiny Kitty Laboratories, which is apparently a cat food factory of some sort. It wasn't too terribly awful, but the bloodstains on the walls became disquieting after awhile.

This is the Sun Pagoda. At least eight stories high, and quite beautiful inside and out. Zebrati and I never actually got to go inside the higher levels, since we were busy avoiding the attentions of...




NOVEMBER 10, 2010

...this delightful creature, about the size of a carthorse, which chased us almost to the St. Helens area. We managed to get it stuck in an opium den's doorway while we made our escape. I think it's still prowling around the dockside area, so I offer this warning: do NOT say the word “cheese” around it.

This delightfully rustic town is situated at the base of the local mountain, and is apparently dedicated to mining it. I've been told there's gold in the hills, and that someone with the right claim might strike it rich, but I'll take my chances with my job here for the magazine. My dresses might get dusty on the trail!




NOVEMBER 10, 2010

We ended up in the moorland (future site of our new office, just in case you ever feel like dropping in and saying hi), and were greeted by this statue and several others like it, in various poses displaying emotions. This one didn't have a plaque displaying what emotion it was supposed to embody, but I like to think of it as “Dark Triumph.” I have read far too many fantastical novels. At the base of the Dark Triumph statues, where we ended our tour and decided to head home, was a display, showing various locations around the island. Again, I apologize for the fact that you can see my knees in this; I know it's lewd, but Zebrati was the one taking the pictures, not I. I hope you have enjoyed the photo safari of Steelhead and we look forward to doing more!




NOVEMBER 10, 2010


encountered a German airship engaged in similar business. Even though it was quite well A Damning Dereliction. known that His Majesty had suspicions that the I have been remiss in my duties and so cannot leave a note Kaiser had ambitions on His personal continent, suitable for butlers of the Empire to leave; but, in light of it wouldn’t have done to slight the Germans, and previous incidents, perhaps the story can speak for itself this so the ship had hove to and invited the Germans over to dinner. once. -A. Jeeves

Aboard his Majesty’s Airship Mungo Park the adventurers were, for once, idle. The vessel had departed Europe at last, after mishaps involving pirates, psychics, vampires, and Violet Jessup (though none of those last incidents were represented in the reports being sent back to Her Majesty’s Royal Exploratory Service Headquarters). “Mongo Boy” had turned south, leaving behind more civilized lands (and France) behind to cross the Mediterranean, heading for the Dark Continent. “Why do they call it “The Dark Continent?” Violet asked.  Unlike the collection of reformed pirates, unreformed soldiers, mad scientists,  journalists, and woman-disguised-as-cabin-boy, the service staff was quite active.  Violet was busily sorting silverware in the galley. “I mean, doesn’t the sun shine there too?”  “I think it has something to do with the natives,” Elizabeth responded. She was quite used to Violet’s flights of fancy, and took it all in stride.

“Miss Jessup,” a rich, familiar voice spoke from behind Violet. She turned to see the ever so precise and sharply dressed figure of Alfred Jeeves, the Head Butler. “Yes, sir?” she asked.  “Walk with me for a moment,” Jeeves indicated the passageway with a refined gesture of his white gloved hand. Violet set down a spoon and curtseyed slightly turning to leave the room.  “Sir,” Elizabeth spoke up. She was a braver soul than Violet. “Are you quite certain?  We need to ensure all the silverware is ready for our guests.”  “I’m quite certain you will complete the task with your usual excellence. I require Miss Jessup’s talents elsewhere.” Jeeves smiled pleasantly, causing Violet to immediately discover that her knees seemed to contain a great deal of water and her stomach seemed to suddenly have discovered the presence of several stones in her earlier lunch. “Besides, those Teutonic twits probably don’t know what fine silver looks like anyway.”

The matter resolved, Jeeves led the way out into the passageway, Violet walking a proper step behind.  The passages had specifically been designed in His Majesty’s Airships to permit  “Well, it’s not as though they have gas lamps on the streets there, now do they? So the natives proper dress and decorum at all times. After all, it wouldn’t be British otherwise. After several have to wander about in the dark all the time.” steps, Jeeves opened his mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by Violet.  “Oh!  That rather makes sense,” Violet replied, and continued sorting spoons.  It was important that they ensured they had plenty of  “Did you just insult our guests,” Violet asked, silverware prepared. A few hours earlier they had shocked at Jeeves’ uncharacteristic behavior.  “Really?” Violet paused, giving Elizabeth a curious look. “Whatever do you mean?”



STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES! Jeeves paused dead, causing Violet to almost walk into him.  His eyes widened.  “Oh dear…”  He shook his head.  “Do forgive me, Miss Jessup.  I’m afraid I’m feeling a touch ill.”

NOVEMBER 10, 2010

“Oh dear,” Violet responded. “I do hope it’s nothing serious.”

Violet reached up, and quite improperly, placed an arm around Jeeves’ waist. She colored up a great deal while doing so, but she swallowed and made herself take hold of his far elbow, her other hand resting on the near, and began guiding him down the passageway towards the sickbay.  “Yes, sir.  You’ve said so.”

“I’m quite alright, Miss Jessup,” Jeeves smiled. “I have a task for you.”

“Quite right,” Jeeves muttered. “You really are a sharp one, Miss Jessup.  Very sharp.”

Violet nodded as the two started walking once more. She smiled politely, awaiting instruction.  She continued to smile politely, and continued to wait as they made it down the passageway.  Her smile started to slip as they turned a corner into another passageway.  “Sir?”

Violet staggered, nearly toppling and pulling Jeeves down on top of her. “Sir, I…”

“Yessss…” Jeeves slurred.  “And I have… a task.”  Jeeves smiled.  “The wine...  pour the wine…”  And with that, Jeeves quite properly rolled his eyes into his head.  “Oh, this is a most “What?” Jeeves shook himself and looked down at unfortunate dereliction,” he muttered, and then Violet.  “Oh, Miss Jessup.  Good.  I have a properly passed out. task for you.” “DOCTOR JACKEL!” Violet shouted, certain Violet blinked.  Twice, feeling that the first blink that Jeeves was in no condition to object.  From was probably insufficient.  “Sir?” she asked, a hatch just a few steps away a head stuck out.  feeling a touch confused. The man in control of that head caused it to turn towards Violet, contemplating her, and then “The Huns gave us a gift of some French wine to turned it to look down at Jeeves. serve at dinner tonight.” “Oh dear,” Doctor Jackal said.  “This just won’t “Sir? Are you certain you’re alright?”  Violet do.”  He put the head back into its jar on his peered at the butler, who seemed to be sweating.  desk, then stepped out into the corridor.  “I “You’ve insulted our guests again.” couldn’t see at all through his eyes.  That certainly makes things more difficult.”  He “Have I?”  Jeeves looked a little confused.  shrugged his lab coated shoulders.  “What seems “Well, it’s not like it matters.  Everyone knows to be the problem, miss?” the boche are after Africa.  Proper behavior towards them is quite a waste of good manners.”  Violet pointed at her feet. Jeeves reached up and tugged at his collar a bit. “Oh my.” The doctor leaned down.  “Hide!” “Mr. Jeeves?  Sir?  You really aren’t well,” Jessup spoke, concern filling her voice.  “Perhaps I Violet dove into the closet next to her. should take you to the doctor?” “Yes, Doctor?” A short little man came trundling “Yes,” Jeeves responded, reeling a little.  “But out of the sickbay to stand next to Dr. Jackal.  before you do, I have a task for you.” “You called?”



STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES! Violet stuck her head out of the closet, feeling rather sheepish. “What do you make of this, Hide?”

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 sticking out of the top. Even more pointy were the moustaches each of them wore.  She was positive that one could have hung hats off them and they would have stayed stiff.

“It appears to be a butler, Doctor.”

Captain Morgan stood at the for of the Mungo Boy’s complement as the Germans came aboard. “Obviously.” Doctor Jackal cried out, thrusting a Behind him stood the various soldiers, mad finger in the air. “And as the genius doctor scientists, adventurers, journalists, and aboard the Mungo Park, of course it falls to me obligatory-woman-disguised-as-cabin-boy that to treat him!”  The doctor kneeled down next formed the important parts of the ship’s crew.  to Jeeves and immediately began examining him. As the Germans stepped aboard from the minidirigible they’d used to reach the Mungo Park, “Whatever is the matter with him?” Violet Captain Morgan extended his hand.  asked, worried. “Welcome, Captain Schwarzesherz.  It is a privilege to have you and your crew aboard.” “Oh, it’s nothing. He’s just suffering consecotaleophobia!” “It iz our pleasure to attend, Herr Kapitän zur Hide shook his head. “We’re nowhere near Taiping.” Doctor Jackal harrumphed.  “Yes, yes. Of course. I was just testing you. He’s really suffering from cervical effacement.” Hide arched an eyebrow and coughed. “Lupus?” “It’s never lupus.” Doctor Jackal sighed. “Well, let’s get him into the sick bay so we can ask him inappropriate questions concerning his backstory in order to discover the actual cause.”

Luft Morgan.” The man’s slate grey eyes stabbed out as he took in the crew. “I vish to thank you und your crew vor der invetachun. You received our gift?” “Yes we did, thank you sir. It is my hope that together we may use it to drink to the health of both His Majesty and to the health of your Kaiser Wilhelm.” Captain Morgan smiled. Captain Schwarzesherz shook his head gently. “Dot vould be nice, ja. However, ve Germans vould prefer to raise a toast vith beer. I do hope you vill not be displeased if ve do so? Ve are not drinkers ov Vrench vine, you see. Ov course, ve vould nefer insist you give up vine to drink the toast. Tradition, ja?”

Hide rolled his eyes. He patted Violet on the “Oh, quite alright,” Captain Morgan smiled. arm. “He’ll be fine, miss. Trust me. Now, just run “We shall then raise toasts in whichever drink along, won’t you?” we prefer. The spirit is the thing, don’t you see?” Worried, Violet wandered down the corridor. A short time later she was standing with the reception party when the guests from the German airship came aboard. They were all uniformed with extremely stiff jackets and collars, and wearing peculiar hats with points !

“Ja, I do. Thank you. Und now, Fritz!” The German turned to the enterage behind him and snapped his fingers. “Die Papiere, bitte!” One of the younger Germans ran forward with a large stack of papers.  He handed them off to


STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES! Captain Schwarzesherz, then presented a pen and bottle of ink.

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 stains from solvents and lubricants, or any strategically placed tears.

“Danke, Fritz,” Captain Schwarzesherz nodded to the man, then turned back to Captain Morgan. “If you vould be so kind, ve should do der papervork bevore ve turn to dinner, ja? Alles in ordnung.” He tapped the top sheet. “If you vould chust sign hier, hier, und hier, this authorizes us to exchange pleasantries during der meal. On de next page ve haff der authorization vor us to assign seating at der meal according to rank, vith military rank und rank of peerage cross referenced on table Vun. Then ve haff…”

As she had helped serve and then clear away first the entrée, and then the salad she had listened as the two crews had regaled one another with tales about their relative adventures. Violet had thrilled at the stories of daring do the Germans had experienced, even if the telling of their stories had sounded almost like a report being read from official correspondence. The British stories had been more flowing and lyrical. They had also embarrassed her rather badly, as it seemed that many of them somehow included her, such as the incident with the gargoyle, the bucket of soapy water, and the automated loom, Violet was no longer present to see this take the one featuring the attempt to steal the Giza place, however.  At the word “wine” she had Pyramids using ten thousand gallons of coffee, immediately slapped her head (quietly and three left over iron-clads, and a particularly subtly. It wouldn’t be properly British to make a angry midget, or the one with the submersible scene after all) and snuck out of the room. She captain, the white smock, and the very large hurried down the corridor, her mind in a bit of a highly visible reef no one had seemed to notice. dither. Fortunately for Violet the stories had ended, as “That’s it! That’s what Mr. Jeeves was trying to she began serving up the main course of curry.  tell me.”  She hitched up her skirts and rushed Instead the talk had then turned to politics.  past the galley.  “He needed me to pour the This had bored her far more, and so she’d found wine because he was going to be indisposed!”  her mind wandering a bit. She dashed past the wine cellar (which was actually not in a cellar, this being an airship, after “You understand, ov course, Herr Captain.  all). “Fortunately, I have just the thing!”  She Germany is becoming a great nation. It is only sped past the pantry with the wine glasses, cork natural the ve vould require colonies ov our pullers, and ice buckets and threw herself into own.” Captain Shwartzesherz said as he scooped one of the mechanical workshops, pulling the up a forkful of curry. He popped it into his door to with a clang. mouth and immediately began to sweat. In spite of the complications caused by having to marry up a copper pipe to a leather sprocket, trying to find suitable high temperature left handed tuber flanges, and an escaped wombat that had nothing to do with the project until after the fact, Violet was able to make it to the dinner in time.  She’d even managed to make it back to her quarters first and change into an outfit that didn’t smell of smoke, have numerous


“However, you must acknowledge that the German Empire has only just gotten a start. Would it not be better to get your own house in order before you take over the management of another?” Captain Morgan smiled as he sipped a glass of rum, one of the few things the Air Service and the Navy could seem to agree on.



NOVEMBER 10, 2010

“To the contrary,” Captain Schwartzesherz cork was pulled free, and the machine poured responded. He contemplated the curry with an the wine into a container mounted on it’s back. expression that spoke of grim fascination or A hose extended and began filling Captain horror. “This is der best time vor it. Ve can Morgan’s cup. reorganize everything at vonce. It iz much more efficient dot vay.” Wielding his fork as though it “How fascinating,” Captain Schwartzesherz were a weapon he plunged it into the curry once commented. He leaned down to stare at the machine. “It is driven by belts on der vheels?” more and then placed further Indian food into his mouth, chewing with determination. “Quite right,” Captain Morgan responded, “I still suggest that you might want to get a little taking it all in stride. “We have a very inventive crew on board the Mongo Park.” experience first,” Captain Morgan suggested, then tossed back a shot as though fueling “I see. Vhat do you call this thing?” himself on high octane alcohol. “Ve have manuals,” the German rejoindered.  He then shot the curry a look. “Do you eat der curry all der time in England?” he asked.

“Well,” Captain Morgan eyed the parts. “A tank, Captain.”

The machine trundled along to the first mate, and then the top spun to realign the hose “Pretty much,” Captain Morgan replied. dispensing wine. The red liquid flowed into the “Delightful little dish, isn’t it?” First Mate’s cup, filling it precisely, then began rolling along once more, heading for the next “Er… Ja…  Zehr Gud.”  Captain esteemed member of the dinner party to be Schwartzesherz smiled disingenuously.  He popped out a pocket watch. “Himmel!  Look at properly British. der time! Ve have a schedule. Ve must be Violet beamed (privately) with pride. It was prompt, ov course.” working! By golly it was! It was her most “Oh, quite right,” Captain Morgan responded.  successful device yet, and it had even impressed Captain Morgan’s guests! Why, if only Mr. Jeeves “But first, a toast.” had been here to see how well things were going! “Of course, Herr Capitan.” Captain He’d at last admit that she really was a splendid Schwartzesherz reached for his tankard of stout.  maid, and well deserving of… Beside him, Captain Morgan reached out for his A grinding sound broke into her thoughts, and wine glass, then waggled it slightly towards her face congealed. Smoke was beginning to Violet. come out from around the bearings holding the With a well repressed squeak, the maid wine tank in place. The machine appeared to be immediately leaned forward and tripped the in some distress, as it’s tracks whirred back and switch on her little contraption. The thing fourth spastically. Wine began to slosh out the trundled forward towards the Captains, a bottle top of the tank, splashing onto the floor. of wine held between two pincers that had once “Gott in Himmel!” Captain Schwarzesheartz been engine mountings. It stopped beside the captain and extended a corkscrew that had once exclaimed. “Vhat is der meaning of this?” been a corkscrew. With a resounding pop the !



NOVEMBER 10, 2010

The machine gave a particularly violent lurch Hide sighed, shaking his head. “Jeeves was immediately after that question, spinning about poisoned.” madly, and slinging a spray of wine that The room gasped. Jeeves rolled his eyes. “I was splattered everywhere. Both Captains ducked trying to avoid a scene, sir,” he commented as he for cover, deftly avoiding being splashed. Across the table, however, most of the Germans stood amidst dripping curry, smoking machinery, and wine stained tablecloths. and half the Mungo’s officers were bathed in crimson. Before they could object they were “Impossible!” Captain Schwartzeshertz shouted. themselves dashing for cover as the machine smashed through the table and began slipping and sliding madly in curry, the treads spraying it “Not at all,” Jeeves replied. “When your esteemed crew brought the gift of wine aboard, I everywhere. immediately sampled it in order to ensure that the curry would suit it. Of course, I realized at “Oh dear,” Violet muttered quietly. once it had been poisoned, and rushed off to ask Suddenly and without warning, an apparition in Ms. Jessup to pour the wine overboard.” black stepped out of the hall and, making it look very ordinary, flicked the machine’s switch off.  Violet winced. The machine gave a sigh and promptly fell apart. “Unfortunately I was derelict in my duties, and “Forgive my dereliction of duty, Captain.  I see did not properly instruct her.  I will, of course, be tendering my…” now that I have failed in my duties and will tender my…” “Impossible!” Captain Schwarteshertz shouted “Mr. Jeeves!” Violet cried out, then immediately once more. “If you vere poisoned, how is it you are standing heir?” clamped her hands over her mouth.  The aforementioned butler turned towards her and arched an eyebrow.

“I am a proper British butler, sir,” Jeeves responded. Every English head in the room nodded.

Flushing, Violet contemplated her exceedingly shiny black shoes. “I thought you were sick, sir?” The German captain broke into a string of swearing that shall not be recounted here. Suffice it to say that it cast significant aspersions “Not sick,” Doctor Jackal responded, stepping into the room. “He was suffering from an acute upon His Majesty, Jeeves, the British Empire, and upon British Imperialism in general. case of Aquagenic Urticaria.” “What?” Violet asked, looking confused. Hide stepped into the room from behind Doctor Jackel. “Doctor,” he said. “Why don’t you run along and play with your forceps.” “Oh! Splendid idea!” Doctor Jackal responded, dashing off in a flurry of pink fuzzy bunny slippers and labcoats.


Captain Morgan frowned at Schwarteshertz. “Poisoning the crew of one of His Majesty’s ships so that we would be unable to explore Africa while you swooped in?” He tsked.  “You realize, of course, that this means war.” “Nein,” Captain Schwarteshertz replied.  “Dere vill be no var yet.”



NOVEMBER 10, 2010

“Whatever do you mean?” Captain Morgan sounded rather affronted.

this up, and then respond to the scullery for extra duty.”

“Ve are running on a very tight schedule,” Captain Schwarteshertz replied. “Fritz!”

“Yes, sir,” Violet responded.

One of the Germans came slipping through the muck. “Javohl, Herr Capitan!” “My planner, Fritz.” The young man reached into his crimson stained jacket and brought out a black dayplanner. He slapped it into Captain Schwarteshertz’s hand. The Captain flipped it open, and examined several pages. “Gott in Himmel,” he muttered. “There ve are. Ve haff an opening on the 4th of August, 1914?” “Splendid!” Captain Morgan exclaimed. “We’ll have tea.” “Zehr gut,” Captain Schwartzeshertz replied.  He quickly scribbled something down in the day planner, then closed the book with a snap, handing it back to Fritz.  “Until then, Herr Capitain?” “Of course,” Captain Morgan replied. “May I walk you to your dirigible?”

More adventures are planned for Violet Jessup, so keep watching for Steampunk Adventures to deliver you the butler’s notes and the fascinating chronicles of her and her clever devices! If you want to help in the adventures, and are of an artistic bent, please submit art based on these adventures to! We look forward to them.

“Danke sehr,” Captain Schwarteshertz nodded, and with that the entire entourage departed the room. Violet turned to walk with them, as it was only proper to see guests off. She was stopped, however, by a barely audible “ahem.” “Yes sir?” she responded, turning demurely to face Jeeves. “Miss Jessup. I am aware that I have been indisposed, and thus remiss in my duties. But may I remind you that this is a King’s Ship? I expect things to be proper at all times.” He pointed to the disaster in the room. “Clean !


STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES! INTERVIEW WITH TOTALLUNAR ECLIPSE Self-described “mad builder” and co-manager of the Steelhead estates. I managed to seek out my new landlord (as noted previously, the Steampunk Adventures office and dance ha( are in Steelhead Nevermoor) and sent several questions by aetheric post. I hope this enlightens some and, by a( means, do visit! -Kitsuko Pelazzi Note: Throughout this interview, my questions are in italics and M Eclipse’s responses are in Steelhead blue. -

For starters, for those new or unfamiliar with Steelhead, how would you describe the region and the sims that make it up? Steelhead is a themed city based around the history of the Oregon and Washington Territories before they applied for statehood to the union. Steelhead is not by the book historical, it is a themed city where its buildings and facades are loosely based on real life places. Because of Steelhead's size and growth and its presence of non humans, mad scientists, furries, tinies and everything else one could possibly be we are an alternate universe of historical fact. Steelhead was established in 1853, current setting is late 19th c. in the 'Guilded Age' of the US. (The US version of the 'Victorian era') Each sim of Steelhead represents different aspects of the Pacific Northwest as far as demographic and geographical locations. One sim is not identical to another but they flow together incorporating the geography of the Pacific Northwest, Capital City is the capital of Steelhead and its buildings are majestic and towering; Harborside is an upscale Victorian setting as Boomtown is a thriving mining community; Port Harbor is the central hub of import/exporting via ships; Shanghai is the first Oriental Steampunk concept on the grid due to the massive amount of railroad builders from this side of the US to Tremonton Utah where !

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 the midpoint from east to west for the railroads met and our last sim was St Helens which is a frontier undeveloped settlement that is nestled on the foot of Mt. St Helens and soon to come, Nevermoor. For two, what is your vision of Steelhead Nevermoor? How does it fit in with the rest of the sims/region? We're introducing fantasy and art nouveau in a dark forest setting. I have high hopes for it. There has always been one aspect of Steampunk rarely thought of or done because of the controversy behind the acceptance of non human species. Nevermoor is my answer to Steampunk Fantasy integrating fantasy creatures such as... well myself for one elves and other species specifically looked over that do not fit the narrow Jules Verne vision for some sim owners. I am going to quote Captain Robert of Abney Park's definition of 'Steampunk'. Steampunk is anything you wish for it to be, as it is all encompassing it can be part of every genre out there or vice versa. When we start defining Steampunk, we start loosing its 'definition' for what it stands for. How it fits into the sims/regions? Although it has a catchy name it is quite simply geographically the moors. In the pacific northwest there is no shortage of forests, because of the dense vast rain forest that is still in existence today the dark forest theme fit perfectly in Steelhead. What role(s) do you see the inhabitants of the new sim playing to help shape it, if any? ( - this is a question about the community in Steelhead and how you see it interacting with Nevermoor, basica(y) The community of Steelhead has always been strong and extremely supportive, this was in place long before myself or my wife stepped foot into the city and has remained the same the bigger we get and the more people move in. I



NOVEMBER 10, 2010

also consider Nevermoor like St Helens to be a quiet place, where if one wishes to hide in the forest one can hide in there. A bit of background as far as the city structures are concerned if anyone saw our Relay for Life builds myself and Tensai Hilra (my wife) created an entire designer sim concept around Alice in Wonderland, we are going to be using bits of that in this sim. And fourth, what do you consider to be the highlight (or highlights) of Steelhead? Each sim has something unique about it, one point of interest that stands out. Capital city has tons of massive structures, the ballroom, the station, the library and the town hall are all buildings based o of RL builds. Harborside has the Steelhead Narrows Bridge, Boomtown has an extensive network of mines underground and Mt Hood, Port Harbor has the docks, Shanghai has Sun Pagoda and St Helens has Mt St Helens. Many thanks to TotalLunar Eclipse for taking the time for the interview! If you wish to see more photos of Steelhead, please refer to our photo safari earlier on in this issue.




NOVEMBER 10, 2010

POETRY CORNER This month we only have one poem by Stereo Nacht. Remember, you are free to submit pieces for consideration!

Harvest in the Duchy Those fields are mine, said the land’s Duke

Yet his mind kept giving a twitch:

And they are rich, see their produces

“But how to give the man a chill?”

But the mill’s fee has no excuses

“When you get close to the old mill

It’s time to serve up some rebuke!

“Your Grace may want to throw this switch!”

So he paced briskly to the lab Where his resident spark resides “Put all your other works asides, “The miller needs a little stab.” “You have one week to come upon “A way to mill the grains for free” “Your Grace, you can have faith in me: “This battle is already won!” So for a week noise kept coming From the lab, orders shouted clear And grinding from adjusting gear... A symphony most endearing! As the sun rose, the seventh day, The scientist stepped outside, worn out Black with dirt, soot and oil throughout His newest clank put on display! The Duke was quite impressed indeed: Not only it could grind the grains And process the harvest’s remains; But to the next farm would proceed!



STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES! The Puppeteer War A Serial Adventure Novel By Gordon Soleil

graduates have done with the water system, I'm more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, no matter what Chapter I: Farewell to color his skin happens to be. Normality ! Frankly, diary, I'm getting bored. The routine of Miss Jennifer Stone's Diary the farm is starting to get to Pine Hi(, Colorado me, even with the steady supply April 1, 1881 of books from Mr. Williamson's cart. Perhaps because of it, I ! Dear Diary, should say. I've been thinking ! Life on the farm is as about asking Father for leave to dull as ever. Keeping the pigs apply to the Denver School for cool was fairly easy thanks to Girls; perhaps I could persuade the new water system the him by reminding him that men county put in; no matter how these days want a wife to be Father complains about how educated. the backup pipes cost too much ! I'll raise the question at of his tax money, it's nice to be dinnertime. Wish me luck, able to get water without diary. having to pump it by hand or haul a bucket to the stream. Later that day Feeding the chickens and cows was as pleasantly mindless as it ! Well, that didn't go very always is, which gave me time well. I was just about to start to think about the books I'd get talking to Father about the from the book wagon Denver School, when suddenly tomorrow. I do hope it's got a there came the sound of horses few more dime novel riding up from outside. Father collections. Mother says they'll grabbed the shotgun and rot my mind; I say that they walked out, prepared to deal can't possibly be less mindwith whatever the bandits rotting than the boredom of wanted, while Mother, Andy persuading old Dobbin to plow and I went and hid in the attic. just one more row. Father A few minutes later, we were all doesn't trust Mr. Williamson, surprised by the sound of the book wagon driver. I think Father laughing. I had never it's because he's a Negro, and heard him laugh like that aside Father fought on the from a few times when he was Confederate side of the war. sharing war stories with his Mother doesn't think of him friends down in the saloon. one way or the other, and Soon he was calling us down Andy's too young to think of it and introducing us to James one way or the other, but after Patterson, his old commanding seeing what the local Tuskeegee officer, and his gang. !

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 ! To be completely honest, I don't like them. Patterson certainly acted like a gentleman, but there's just something about his eyes that gives me the shivers, and not in the nice way that Jon Schroeder does when he smiles at me. At least he's polite; his gang looks and acts like every Johnny Reb joke I'm not supposed to have heard. The younger ones keep staring at me like I'm a piece of meat, and it's starting to get to me. ! After dinner, Mother, Andy and I headed into the reading room while the men started discussing things. Since my chair is closest to the door, I got to hear what they were saying while I decided to transcribe their conversation into this diary. ! “Franklin,” Mr. Patterson said, referring to Father, “the boys and I are just on our way to a new fort up in the Rockies. I've just received word from General Forrest about-” ! “What? I thought he'd retired to run that railroad in Tennessee.” ! “That's just a cover, Franklin.” There was the sound of a chair being scraped against the floor, and the sound of cavalry boots pacing slowly. “Now, I need your promise that this won't leave this room, alright? You breathe one word of this to anyone, and I don't think I'll be able to protect you.” ! Father snorted. “I think PAGE 18

STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES! I can take care of myse-” ! “No you can't. Not against these people. They've got their fingers just about everywhere, and they won't hesitate to snuff you like a candle if they think you'll be a threat to them, no matter how minor.” ! There was a pause that went on for just a little bit too long. Then: “Alright, you know I can keep a secret. What is this whole plan?” ! “Well, further west, in the Rockies, our...benefactors have been busy setting up a factory to build a new kind of war machine. I don't know what it is yet, but I've been assured that it'll be absolutely invulnerable to any Yankee attempt to destroy it.” ! Father sighed. “And you really think one machine will be enough to win this?” ! “Of course not; we're going to be building dozens of them. With the help of our new friends, we'll be able to take our country back from the wheelers and dealers who put the Negroes in charge of our fair state.” The pacing of the boots stopped, and Patterson's voice began swelling with emotion. “Our home will finally, after all these years, be the way it was before the war – the way it was meant to be, without Yankee carpetbaggers tampering with institutions they don't understand. I want you to be a part of this, Franklin. When you took command of my unit when I was captured, you kept !

the men in the best order I've ever seen them in, and managed to pull off that victory against the Illinois irregulars that I would've considered impossible. I want you to captain the first of them off the assembly line. You'll be at the head of the army that will save this nation from its own mistakes! Will you join me?” ! It was a fine bit of impromptu oratory. It was just too bad Father spoiled it as he so often does. “James, are you out of your mind? Even if I wanted to go back to fighting the Yankees, the cause is lost. Hell, the cause was justified by something that was wrong in the first place; I might not like Negroes all that much, but those Tuskeegee boys built a system in town that gets hot running water wherever it needs to go.” He sighed. “Besides, I'm a family man now; I can't just run out on Martha and the children.” ! There was a pause. Then: “But you spoke so eloquently of the cause when you had to take command while I was in Point Lookout! The men said you made them weep with your devotion to duty-” ! “My duty was to keep our boys alive, James. No more. I didn't even want to take command; I just had to when Galveston charged the Union lines by himself after he was informed you got taken prisoner.” ! “Very well, then. I really didn't want to do this, but

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 you've given me no choi Miss Jennifer Stone's Diary Location Unknown -Colorado April 3, 1881 ! Alright. Now that I'm done having hysterics over what happened last night, maybe I can write down what happened. The last entry's cutoff happened when Patterson burst through the door and aimed a pistol at my head, saying “You're going to come with us, Franklin. If you don't, the girl dies, followed by you and the rest of your family. Ah! Leave the shotgun where it is, or I kill her.” ! “James, this isn't like you. You never stooped this low, even when we were about to be captured by those irregulars in Virginia.” Father approached slowly, trying to get close enough to grab the gun. ! Patterson cocked it. “You stay where you are, Franklin. And I'm only doing what the situation warrants. We're in desperate times, Franklin; soon the white race will be polluted beyond any hope of reclamation, unless we act now. You wi( be coming with us, and to help you get into the right frame of mind, your daughter will come with us as well. No harm will come to her as long as you cooperate. Now, will you be coming quietly, or do I have to...cut your ties to the place?” His eyes flickered toward the mirror on the wall. “And madam, if you PAGE 19

STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES! don't lower that poker, you'll be the second person to die in this house tonight.” ! There was a long, dangerous pause. Mother dropped the poker, and Father said, “...alright. Alright, damn you, I'll come with you. For Jennifer's sake if nothing else.” ! And so that was it. I managed to pack the diary and a few changes of clothing, but that was it. We left the farm within the hour, Mother trying to comfort Andy about losing both his father and sister, and quite obviously trying to keep from bursting into tears herself. I myself had to be put into the back of this wagon as I panicked, to keep from hurting myself. I know I don't take unexpected disruptions to my routine very well, but throwing me bodily into a wagon filled with hard surfaces was just cruel. The two men driving the wagon I'm in keep leering at me and asking to see my ankles. I've never understood why ankles are supposed to be so alluring, but I'm tucking my feet in under my skirts, just to be safe. The two keep talking about the hot air balloons the Union used during the war to scout out enemy conditions, but I fail to see how that connects to some sort of unbeatable war machine Oh my God...there's an enormous thing that just came into view. It looks like some sort of combination between a naval frigate and a hot air balloon, it's bristling with cannons and guns !

all over its body, it's almost as big as the town we just left, and it...dear God in Heaven, is this what Patterson wants Father to captain for him? How did they manage to build this thing without anyone knowing? ! We're being wheeled up into the belly of the thing. Dear's even bigger close up. I have to find a way out of here, to get Father off of this thing, to get word of this to the newspapers. ! I can overhear them talking about putting me in a stateroom and assigning me someone to take care of me. I can only hope there's a blunt instrument of some kind inside the room. Wish me luck, Diary; I'm almost certainly going to need it.

NOVEMBER 10, 2010

What is the diabolical plan of James Patterson? Who are the Confederates' new benefactors, and what motives do they have for fueling a second Civil War? What book was Jennifer planning to hire from the book wagon if she hadn't gotten kidnapped? These questions and more shall be answered in the second chapter of The Puppeteer War in the next issue of Steampunk Adventures! Don't miss it!



NOVEMBER 10, 2010

STAFF SPOTLIGHT - GORDON SOLIEL Having drifted from community to community since his joining Second Life on August 2006 on a whim, Gordon Soleil was oered the post of co-editor of Steampunk Adventures while working as the publisher's maid. He jumped at the chance, as his typist possessed a bachelor's degree in English, an over-active mind which needed something to do, and a dead-end job with a certain big-box retailer which shall remain nameless. He has been working for the magazine ever since, writing articles, editing submissions, and generally making the magazine work as best he can. His insistence on wearing Lolita dresses, as opposed to the clothing characteristic to those of his sex and age, continues to mystify the sta here at the magazine. When pressed, he told us that "If someone can make a suit that's as cute as my dresses, then I'll consider wearing pants."

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Steampunk Adventures Issue 4  

The November of Steampunk Adventures, featuring the Second Life region of Steelhead and also original fiction and poetry.

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