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By Tamma Hicks, STEAM Magazine


Greek philosopher Pluto said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Well, I believe that music is the brother to reinvention, at least in the case of Travis Parker. Here’s a man that was climbing his way up through the Texas Country music scene ranks, fell (and it was a hard fall), and now he has made his way back to where he was but this time he’s got his priorities straight and has new music to show for it. We talked with Travis about the Losing Few, his new album, and how his positive outlook has changed him. Did you play before your dad gave you the guitar at the age of 21? No and I’m not sure which song I learned first, but I’m sure it was one by Chris Knight. That’s a pretty original band name, how did you come up with it? We named the band after a song I wrote called “Losing Few’” It’s an anthem for us as a band; a battle cry and, more or less, a biography of us. The song is on the full band album being released this month. Currently The Losing Few are Kayton Rickman (Drums) and Chris Medrano (Bass). In some of your videos you didn’t have a bass player. How did you cover the low

end in the rhythm section? We had an incredibly hard time finding a bass player. We played as a 3-piece for almost 2 years, so during that time I wrote more folky, fast bluegrass songs that didn’t demand so much low end. I understand you play a rather unique guitar. For those of us that are not guitar knowledgeable, what is it? It’s a 1977 Lawsuit Alvarez. The guitar company “Alvarez” was making copies of Gibson guitars in the 70’s; they used the same body and headstock templates, woods, and signature branding indications as Gibson. Alvarez was sued by Gibson and the guitars from the era are referred to as “Lawsuit” guitars. Tell me about your last EP. The songs on “Bent Leaf Sessions” were part of a group of songs I wrote in a 6 month span. I recorded them at Bent Leaf studios in Denison, TX where it was produced and engineered by Jesse Sims. The “Bent Leaf Sessions” Ep is available on all streaming platforms as well as Amazon. You’re releasing your new album on Thanksgiving and knowing how long this process has been for you it seems pretty fitting. The full band, full length album titled “Wrecked” is being released November 22nd 2018. The album recording started in 2015

with Adam Odor at Yellow Dog Studios. Although most of what made it to print came from Yellow Dog the album has continuously been worked on for four years, brought into 9 different studios, and includes recordings by several past band members (Levi Travieso - Drums Levi Miller - Guitar & Bass, and Spencer Whitney – Guitar). The album got a final mix and master by Kayton Rickman and was sent to print September. The album release party will be on Thanksgiving, November 22, in Denison, TX at Tupelo Honey’s “FriendsFest”, where we will have physical copies of the record. The next day, November 23, is when it will be available on all digital platforms. (Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, etc.) What inspires the music you write? I’m mostly inspired by the scenarios I learn of in people lives. I’ve been writing short stories and poems since grade school, so writing songs was a natural progression. At 11 years old, the first album you bought was Metallica’s self-titled album. Who else are your influences and how do they influence you? Performance and singing style I am moist influenced by James Hatfield of Metallica. And my first influence in my writing style was Chris Knight and currently my writing style is influenced mostly by the Scottish band, Frightened Rabbit.

In 2015 your career was gaining momentum, but unfortunately you made some choices that were detrimental to your career and personal life. I think a lot of musicians can relate to the problems that you went through. I also know many musicians that don’t think it can happen to them. How do you handle music and life now and do you have any advice for others? Figuring out what you want in life is hard. Finding who you are is even harder. Staying focused, keeping a cohesive goal between the two and finding a way to achieve it is damn near impossible. Stay honest and be good to yourself. Try to be healthy, physically and mentally. Find out what really matters and burn your energy for that. One of the most self-destructive things I’ve done is treat my mind like garbage, using it as a whipping post, taking every battle there, locking it up and expecting my mind to somehow archive the unwanted feelings or erase them from memory. Thinking my mind can handle all the negativity I could possibly conjure with no effect was a huge mistake. Your own mind needs positive support. If you constantly think about and say negative things to a person, if you always expect the worst from them, shut them down and continuously disregard and mistreat them they will leave you… your mind is no different. If you could put together the perfect concert, besides you who would play and in what order? At The Drive In, Todd Snider & Frightened Rabbit


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