STEAM Magazine South Texas Entertainment Art Music volume 8 issue 1 April 2019

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Reviewed By Brian “The Kid” Kelly


I have played trumpet since I was 8 years old and I've always played traditional BFlat trumpets, never a C trumpet. STEAM Magazine asked me to take a look at the Tromba Trumpet and I didn't know quite what to expect.

This is your first month in a new state and city. What does Austin represent to you? Austin represents so many amazing possibilities for growth. I’m also really inspired by the strong sense of community amongst the musicians here. I just feel incredibly fortunate for the chance to immerse myself into the local scene. Are there any local artists that you’re a fan of? Gary Clark Jr. is fantastic. Also, Shakey Graves’ sound is high voltage. Aaron Behrens with The Midnight Stroll and Ghostland Observatory has an incredible voice and stage presence. What does playing music do for you? It takes me into a different state of being. When I’m performing, I feel like I’m at my most authentic. Music allows me to share my truth and you can see it in peoples’ eyes when a certain song resonates. What do you strive to do with your music? I want to inspire connection and get people to think. On one hand, we’re all overly connected through technology but more isolated than ever. We’re lost in our phones and social media. It’s this collective societal illness. My music offers commentary on those issues while forging a momentary connection with the audience. My song ‘Feelin Lonely’ is about technology and the selfie culture. The photo for that particular single shows the reflection of the phone in my sunglasses. I sing about those issues, but I also sing about romance and heartache. How would you describe your style of music? I’m influenced by anything soulful. I’d say my style is really eclectic. I borrow from a lot of different types of music. Tell us about some of your favorite artists and why? For me, Jeff Buckley was one of the greatest artists, probably one of the most underrated too. There’s so much depth to his music. Patty Griffin; she has a real earthy and refined style. Sam Cooke was thriving during the Civil Rights movement, and his influence is timeless. Outside of music, what other projects are you working on? I wrote a short film that will feature two songs from the EP on it. To find out more, you can visit my website. ADAM JAMES LIVE.COM



JUST STARTING OUT IN AUSTIN Austin attracts musicians from all over the world, and Adam James is one such artist, fresh on the scene, and looking to build an audience while collaborating with local musicians. At 27, James has cultivated his eclectic musical style while living in New Orleans and Albuquerque, New Mexico. He describes his sound as a “fusion of Blues, Jazz, R&B and Pop.” Adam believes that Austin has a rich blend of diverse music, which is lending itself to “some of the most innovative sounds in the industry right now.” We spoke with James to find out more about his music and how he hopes it will evolve in this new chapter of his life.


I've always wanted a trumpet in the key of C, but a traditional steel trumpet is very expensive. I had played a P-trap trumpet in the key of B-flat at a music store once and was very impressed at how light weight it was, so I looked online and found Tromba. Not only was the C Trumpet under $175, in the key of C, it was also in my favorite color, silver! My hope, in getting a C trumpet by Trumbo, is to make playing easier to play with the rock n’ roll and country bands that I play in. We ordered and received it in the mail within a week and I haven’t put it down since. Light and responsive with good valve action. The only weight you feel is from the valves, which have springs that are easy to open to put valve oil in, and the slide moves in and out correctly and easily. The bright silver finish gives it the shiny look of a traditional trumpet. The accessory package that is included with each purchase is fantastic. You get a lightweight padded carry bag, fold up desktop stand, 7c and 5c mouthpieces, and a cleaning kit. Really, it’s just an unbelievable instrument and package for an amazing price. I think the best part is that I can take the Tromba Trumpet places where a traditional one isn’t suited - see my beach picture below! And it’s great for kids too! I’m still getting used to playing a C Trumpet and there are some differences in the intonation that will take some practice as the material performs slightly different than the traditional steel. However, intonation is right on the money with a good ear and a good solid lip and I am positive with practice I should be able to do this in just a matter of weeks. Tromba Trumpet's high range is very easy and though it’s not as bright sounding as I would like, it is plenty for playing with country, rock, gospel, or other groups as its sound cuts through well. I think it might be a challenge in an Orchestra environment, although any good trumpet player would be honored to play the Tromba Trumpet. I absolutely recommend the Tromba Trumpet for any player, from beginning to advanced and professional. In fact, I'm the proud owner of one! ONLINE: TROMBAINSTRUMENTS.COM & TOCAVIVA.COM

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