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house ad #20686258 color


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Sharon Beaupre – 970.846.8257 Shelley Stanford – 970.846.2991 Colorado Group Realty



A Steal Near Lake Catamount Offered at $849,000 #129492 Just 15 minutes from downtown Steamboat on paved roads, this 4 bed/ 3 bath home on 35+ ac. provides room to spread out. Open floorplan, large moss rock fireplace for curling up on snowy nights, and big views from inside. Fenced with corrals for horses, plus creek. Large detached garage with heated area, perfect for hobbies. You must see this gem! Call Kathy or Erik Steinberg at 970-846-8418 Prudential Steamboat Realty

Superb Family Home 4 Beds, 2.5 Bath Too many features to list! $593,500

STEAMBOAT:MUST SELL! 2BD, 1BA with large den addition, new floors, wood stove, insulated windows, nice appliances. 13 West Acres. Call for Pricing, 970-879-1708. FSBO. Call Lisa &DOO/LVDRQRU Olson or Beth Bishop at 970-875-0555 to ďŹ nd out more or see virtual tours at Prudential Steamboat Realty



Prestigious Marabou Offered at $1,950,000 #129542 Lose yourself in Marabou, an exclusive ranch preservation community encompassing 1,717 pristine acres and two miles of the Elk River. Owners enjoy outdoor Master Guides, Owner’s Cabins, spa, and fitness center. Homestead F7, 6.23 acres with unobstructed views of Sleeping Giant. Call Kathy or Erik Steinberg at 970-846-8418 Prudential Steamboat Realty



Make this your family’s mountain vacation get-away. Perfect location just ½ mile from ski area and nestled in the back of a quiet cul-desac. Expansive views of the ski area from the great room, open layout and multiple bedroom suites providing room for everyone. Attached caretaker unit offers an opportunity for income without disturbing your residence. Seller may consider trade as part of the sale.

STEAMBOAT:On River-2BD, 1.5BA, $16,500. 4BD, 2BA, New Roof, Porch, Bathroom, Furnace, Entry. Financing $25k. Paul Hands, Mountain Home Realty. 970-846-9783.

itie RO ste m (97 970-8 IK Call ALL-P ed. Annu SERV otes from t: su nte ERMUS years.9-8715. guara oneEagleIn TION aterial qu ing projec KINekDly. Ages 0-5 $475. www.L 970-81 TRUC and m follow we e New!ssage. at Y sses n rt. Lik m ONS sub bids rs for the 9 cla ic sta , leave me Je UNIT electr 57 -06 Miss ountainsofm OMM ENTS Ex 8HP, PCL Cis requestinorgs and supplie 26�, 98, 970-846 start. RN C MTD ctric www.m ct 79-03 ESTE PROVEM 24,� ele-7565. ontra 970-8 , 5HP, subc IM RTHW chine . 970-879 Husky, O NO CAMPUS o Yard ma $500 nds, MTD condition, sed R AD ad t Dachsu DA licen ed. COLO E CRAIG ig, Color 12, 2010 cellen US ipp ahuas, EG Chihu from top Micro-ch RY Cra regula A d d U Cup COLL ppion rtified, an ass an Original Tea DT) FEBR ih, Pa Ce n. 33 r, Comp . offer. DUE Havash . Health 0-824-39 conditio m. (M mpute Hos, INC ers 97 us, Co excellent or best inary ary BIDS t 2:00 p. Breed ve Pets Octop ICES es, 0 r Veter A bru D, Dri V tim rne Fe 00 50 BC . Baker ed 25 king $5 Mt. We ne Clinic ed. Call N SER Suite tor. Us as uir gie ntal at Hy req CTIO Tower II, 0, tantle De UARY hesia $100 -1912 ., h Adjus STRU K-9 Ge the FEBR No anest -5956. 46 70 ops wit 970-8 CON ado Blvd o 80222 pital for th & 25th. nt 619-3 tball Ho -8948 PCL ad 13 n or 70 Baske pointme bru11th, S. Col ver, Color Jesperse nding ch. 970-8 for ap ig- Fe 07 e Sta Angel 2000 -15 rts. Cra 2 Fre s $100 ea orn Den .com op ng Sta er 970-629 4189. Traini CT: Bj ble Ho 4n@pcl Puppy Laura Tyl 970-82 CONTA bjesperse 5-6453 Start ct Head nd. Conta czek : 36 Kru ary 22 EMAIL NE: 303- 6418 rktrai s Sandraotalteamwo omote PHO 303-365and pr www.t 12

View for info! Pleasant Valley Ranch is just past Catamount Lake! Now ½ price at $1,299,000!

Bruce Tormey, Broker Ski Town Realty, 970.846.8867

Classifieds STEAMBOAT atCLASSIFIEDS your fingertips.



STEAMBOAT: MIXED USE/RESIDENTIAL LOTS IN TOWN. $49,900 & $79,900. Call Scott Eggleston 970-846-7471 at Prudential Steamboat Realty. Call Lisa Olson or Beth Bishop at 970-875-0555 to ďŹ nd out more or see virtual tours at Prudential Steamboat Realty



yer FAX: Emplo rtunity VOSB. l Oppo d an Equa VOSB an , Inc. is BZONE, SD Services , HU truction , SDB, WOSB SB

Here is your chance to own a brand new home with the best views in Routt County offering an expansive backdrop of the ski mountain and lush valley. Not a detail missed in this timber frame home with exceptional craftsmanship & designer finishes. Well designed floor plan & sits on just over 2 acres outside of the city limits of Steamboat.

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Live Here Now – Build Later Offered at $949,000 #126774 Rare 10-acre farm only 2 miles from town. Charming 3B/1B home with new kitchen & wood floors. 360 degree views of ski area and the entire Yampa Valley. Property includes the exclusive right to build an additional custom home of any size.Call Kathy or Erik Steinberg at 970-846-8418 Prudential Steamboat Realty

Immaculate Single Family Home NOW PRICED at $599,000 #128670 This home offers the ultimate location close to Whistler Park, minutes from the Ski Area, and easy access to the Core Trail. Interior remodel features a great open floor plan with vaulted T&G wood ceilings and luxury appointments throughout. This home is warm and charming and is complimented by a beautifully landscaped yard. Truly a MUST SEE residence. Call Kim Kreissig at 970-846-4250 Prudential Steamboat Realty

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Ranch Short Sale Offered at $2,500,000 #129947 The 7600 sq ft, 6+ bedroom home offers spacious rooms for family gatherings and separate bedroom wings for privacy. Finishes include hardwood floors, solid granite counter tops, rock and tile. The enormous great room has a cozy feel with vaulted wood ceiling, wood trusses, rock fireplace. The great room wet bar includes sink, icemaker, under counter refrigerator & wine refrigerator. The six stable barn includes a 2 bedroom, 2 bath caretaker apartment. Call Peggy Wolfe at 970-846-8804 Prudential Steamboat Realty

Antlers – Ski In, Ski Out Offered at $1,875,000 #129895 Luxury fully furnished residence next to Christie Lifts. Literally ski in/out from your front door with this 4 bedroom, 4 bath unit. The finishes include granite countertops, slate tile floors and high end appliances! Owner amenities - on site shuttle service, airport transportation, private owner’s locker with lounge, steam shower & ski valet, pool and hot tub. Owner will consider trade up or down. Gross income over $120k. Call Darrin Fryer at 970-846-5551 Prudential Steamboat Realty

Colorado Base Camp at the Meadows Offered at $2,350,000 #126065 Secret “Colorado Quintessential Masterpiece!� describes this unique 5,776 square-foot hideaway surrounded by 351 private acres. Features include: Great Room w/ Massive Rock Fireplace; Entertaining Gourmet Kitchen and Hearth Room; 3 covered porches (one with fireplace), 2 decks and 2 patios. With exclusive trails abutting this estate, you have direct access to the National Forest to bike, hike, horse-back, or snow shoe. Call The Busch Team at 970-870-7900 or Pam Vanatta at 970-291-8100 Prudential Steamboat Realty

Priced to Sell Fast! Offered at $259,900 #129141�This 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Woodbridge Townhome is in great condition. Enjoy multiple decks, ski area views, 1 car attached garage and a wonderful floor plan. Secure your future investment/home for the lowest interest rate possible as seller will pay to have your mortgage rate reduced up to 1/2% interest contact your broker for details. This is the lowest priced townhome with attached garage on the mountain - don’t miss this opportunity! Call Darrin Fryer at 970-846-5551 Prudential Steamboat Realty

for the right medical home for your child? FSBO-9.6 acre horse property, on river, 3400 sqft., 5BD, 3BA, 2-car garage. Heated shop/ barn, water rights. $437,000. 970-326-7760,


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Steamboat Today, Jan. 1, 2011  
Steamboat Today, Jan. 1, 2011  

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