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Features You’ll Find In The Best Restoration Equipment Hurricanes, floods and heavy rains will often cause immense water damage to businesses and their facilities. Restoration equipment is designed to restore these facilities back to their clean and safe state and have features that will achieve a quick and efficient cleaning process. These features are: 

Multiple settings – Different applications will require different levels of power. Multiple settings allow operatives to adjust the power of the device to suit the cleaning job. For example, with air movers, operatives are able to set various drying angles and positions so that the air flow may be directed at different wet areas. Operatives are also able to control how much or how little air flow is vented from the air mover.

Low amp draw – With the current economic climate where every dollar spent counts, low amp draw is essential to reducing running costs. Because restoration equipment such as dehumidifiers will often operate for long periods of time, low amp draw is designed to ensure that the machines use as little energy as possible, but still get the job done.

Durability – A lot of the time, restoration devices will be required to work in challenging conditions and for long periods of time. The best restoration equipment will have a durable build that’s constructed from solid and robust materials. This will protect the internal parts from water damage and ensure a machine that has a long working life.

Easy storage – The available space to store restoration equipment is usually quite limited. Contractors and specialists will often need to fit multiple devices on one single truck or van and therefore, restoration equipment that has features for easy storage is important. While air movers and air scrubbers are stackable, dehumidifiers are built with fold-away handles. Most restoration devices are compact and lightweight.

Ease of use – You don’t want to be spending massive amounts of time on figuring out how a restoration device works or training staff to use it. The best restoration equipment will have user-friendly control panels for ease of use so that more less time is required for training and more time is available to get the job done.

Powerful filtering systems and low noise levels are other features that you’ll find in the best restoration equipment.

All in all, only restoration equipment with the right features will get the job done. To make short work of your restoration tasks, look for equipment with multiple settings, low amp draw, a durable construction, easy storage, ease of use, powerful filtering systems and low noise levels. Restoration equipment with those features will save you considerable amounts of time and money. About The Author Steamaster, run by Managing Director Tam Le, has been in business since 1959. This is a company that has built a solid reputation for customer service and top quality equipment. Always innovating, Steamaster listens to customer suggestions and uses them to improve and move forward. For further information and to view their complete line of cleaning services, visit

Features You’ll Find In The Best Restoration Equipment  

Restoration equipment is integral to dealing with water damage caused by floods, heavy rains, hurricanes and other natural disasters. The be...

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