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How To Choose The Best Drain Cleaner Drain cleaners are used to clean drains and sewers of debris, sludge, and other wastes to prevent problematic blockages from occurring. Most of the time, these devices will undergo challenging conditions and frequent use and so choosing the best quality drain cleaner is integral to getting the job done. The best drain cleaner will have the following features: Heavy Duty Frames Often powder-coated, these frames work to protect both the outer and internal parts of the machines to prevent them from becoming damaged. They are corrosion resistant so that drain cleaners won’t rust when they come into contact with water and their presence will ensure a durable machine that won’t require much maintenance. Independent Motors For a portable solution to be had, independent motors are essential. Given that drain cleaners are normally expected to operate in tight narrow spaces where trailing electrical cords will simply pose too much of a hazard, an independent motor will provide the power and mobility to get the job done. They maintain the safety of the operatives and usually come in either petrol or diesel. Mobility Easy transport and movement of drain cleaners is also important. This is understood my manufacturers, which is why the best drain cleaners will come attached to robust wheels to provide maximum mobility. Plunger Pumps By using ceramic plunger pumps, drain cleaners offer a durable and efficient solution. Of equal importance is the fact that this helps to prolong the life of the machine. As a result, the device becomes a reliable investment for the cleaning specialist. Powerful Pumps How powerful a drain cleaner is will depend on the power of the pump. The more powerful the pump, the more efficient the cleaning process. And since drain cleaners are used in situations where cleaning contractors and specialists are often faced with mass accumulations of thick dirt, grime and muddiness, choosing a drain cleaner with high power ratings is critical. Also, pumps should be built to a high specification so that they can be relied on to get the job done whenever the situation arises.

There’s no doubt that the investment in a drain cleaner is a significant one. The best drain cleaner will deliver consistently high cleaning results, provide a strong level of performance and last for a considerable amount of time. Looking for a drain cleaner that has the aforementioned features will make for a worthwhile and profitable investment. About The Author An extensive range of drain cleaners is currently available from Steamaster, one of the leading providers of cleaning equipment. With over 50 years of industry experience along with a team of friendly and professional staff, Steamaster is a company that customers can rely on and that can assist you with all elements of the buying process. For further information, head to

How To Choose The Best Drain Cleaner  

The best drain cleaners are those that are built to a high specification and that have features that will provide for an efficient and effec...