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How To Choose Surface Cleaners Surface cleaners are designed for cleaning large industrial and commercial areas. Modern-day machines are built for ease of use, and quiet operation. They also come with various other features that vary by model. Knowing the features and capabilities of each type of surface cleaner will help you to determine which one will best suit your cleaning needs and assist you in getting the job done. The main points to consider when choosing a surface cleaner are the size of the surface to be cleaned, the nature of the substances to be removed, whether cleaning procedures will be carried out in noise-sensitive environments and whether portability is required. Surface cleaners can clean practically any hard surface and are effective at removing substances such as stubborn dirt, built-up grime, gums, and graffiti. Certain models are designed for cleaning ground surfaces, while others are used vertically on walls, or on uneven sloping roofs. Some tips on choosing the right surface cleaner are shown below: 

Surface cleaners are a good choice for companies that are looking to reduce their cleaning times and create savings on energy use and money. They are able complete jobs within a shorter time frame, lessening cleaning times by a factor of eight over a standard pressure washer. They also produce less waste and excess spray and use less energy.

Some models are designed for flat surfaces, while others are made for cleaning uneven surfaces such as sloping rooftops. Which would make the ideal for you, is dependent on what type of surface you’ll be cleaning.

For gum removal, make sure you choose a surface cleaner with this specific capability. Because gum is one of the hardest materials to remove, you’ll need a surface cleaner with particularly high levels of cleaning power. Only the appropriate models will make light work of gum removal.

Choose a machine with the appropriate cleaning speed. Most models have a quoted cleaning speed in square metres per minute. Keep in mind that although higher speeds clean faster, they use more water.

If you’re expecting to clean surfaces where there is water present, opt for a vacuum surface cleaner. These particular models are able to clear up water as they go, which is ideal for indoor use or if waste needs to be collected for environmental reasons.

Surface cleaners are the tool of choice for cleaning any surface, due to their high cleaning power and speeds, rapid cleaning times, and ease of use. The right surface cleaner is the one with the capabilities and features that best meet your requirements. Whatever the frequency of use and cleaning requirements, there is surface cleaner model to fulfil your requirements.

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