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The Best Types Of Tile Cleaning Equipment The task of cleaning hard surfaces such as tile, grout and stone often poses many challenges. Tile cleaning equipment is designed to make such tasks easy, making short work of even the most difficult jobs. The two best types available are truck mount tile cleaning equipment and portable tile cleaning equipment. Overviews of each of these types that detail their features, applications and advantages are listed below: Truck Mount Tile Cleaning Equipment Truck mounts are designed to handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks and are therefore excellent for use by professionals and cleaning experts. They clean large industrial and commercial hard surface areas efficiently and effectively so that’s what’s left is a clean and safe environment. Combining heavy pressure with high heat temperatures, truck mount tile cleaning equipment cleans deep into tiled surfaces to remove any deeply grounded impurities. To allow for manoeuvrability and easy transport, truck mount tile cleaning machines are mounted on the back of a truck, van or trailer with hoses attached to the unit for better access to areas in need of cleaning. They are built to be robust and durable to prevent damage during transit and feature instinctive control panels for ease of use. Portable Tile Cleaning Equipment The key word here is “portable,” which means that portable tile cleaning equipment is designed to provide maximum cleaning mobility. Although much smaller in size when compared to truck mounts, these tile cleaning machines are still able to produce high levels of pressure that blast away dirt and grime that’s caked on tile and other hard surfaces. Portable tile cleaning machines have a user-friendly design that makes them easy to operate, they reduce the labour that’s required to complete tile cleaning tasks so that more work can be done and therefore more productivity can be had. Portables perform to a consistent standard and produce clean finishes, making them a popular choice amongst specialist contractors and professionals. Facilities that would advantage from the use of portable tile cleaning equipment include warehouses, factories and other commercial and industrial complexes. When looking to invest in tile cleaning equipment, consider what your needs are. If you’ll be handling heavy-duty cleaning jobs on a regular basis, then opt for truck mount tile cleaning equipment. For a powerful and portable solution that provides high levels of pressure along with maximum mobility, then select a portable tile cleaning machine. Once you’ve done that, an efficient and effective cleaning process can be had.

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The Best Types Of Tile Cleaning Equipment  

Tile cleaning equipment is designed to clean dirt, mud and sludge from hard surfaces such as tile, stone and grout. It comes in two main for...

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